“Monopoly” Google’s Stranglehold On Information Is Getting Out Of Control

(Liberty Bell) – According to a new report from the group News Media Alliance, Tech Giant Google is “abusing” its position as the largest search engine on earth, and grossly so.

They say that Google is forcing news industry publishers into unfair agreements, furthering their stranglehold on the free flow of information.

Considering everything at stake in the U.S. and the world stage today, this should concern you more than ever.

The New York Post first detailed the report in an article published in the New York Post on Tuesday.

“The news publishers speak with a collective voice in demanding that Google stop abusing its market dominant position in its interactions with them, compensate them fairly for the value of their content to Google, and give them meaningful control over the specific uses of their own news articles by Google,” the News Media Alliance said.

“Many of Google’s current uses of news content likely exceed the boundaries of fair use under the Copyright Act. Given that reality, Google should have to negotiate an appropriate use-specific license with news publishers for each use of their content.

“Google has exercised its control over news publishers to force them into several relationships that benefit Google at the publishers’ expense.”

The report maintains that Google “effectively gave the news publishers no choice but to implement Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages standard — or else lose critical placement in mobile search and the resulting search traffic.”

The tech giant also “forced the publishers to build mirror-image websites using this format.”

The report said Google has “misused its monopoly power to remove the ability for news publishers to have adequate control of the use of their content.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, a group of state attorneys general will be meeting on Friday to discuss what the next possible steps would be to bring an antitrust case against Google.

The case would be based on allegations that the company is using its position ot suppress their competition.

Google has played a massive role in influencing the free flow of information for far too long. It is time they are held accountable.

In 2018, we learned that Google may have been actively working to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

As Fox News reported at the time:

A Google executive’s leaked email that was exposed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed efforts to increase Latino turnout prior to the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the executive’s “surprise” at Donald Trump’s performance among Latino voters – but the mainstream media don’t seem to care.

“This Google scandal is a bombshell! We are looking at a whole series of possible violations of federal law. Apparently, there was election collusion, after all. It just didn’t involve Russians,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell tweeted on Tuesday.

Bozell added that he knows the “collusion scandal” is significant because the liberal media members are already in “damage control mode” or ignoring the story altogether.

“The only collusion they care about is the kind they can use against Trump,” Bozell wrote.

If they tried to meddle in 2016, how much more will they try in 2020?


  1. Someone needs to let the campaign committee know they are actually turning people off. I love Trump but 8 emails a day shaming me for not sending money is harassing. Lots live on SS and do not anything extra to contribute. But we DO vote.

    • I agree the Trump campaign is sending too many requests for contributions. I would like to see an opt out option for those requests, but still be able to read their posts. If we can select the frequency of those requests, it would make their requests seem less obnoxious.

    • You need to be very careful and do your research because some campaigns that look conservative Republican are actually fronts for the DEMOCRAT PARTY!!!

  2. When a company works solely for the purpose of enriching themselves and screwing their customers, it’s time for the government to investigate them. Usually the customers will just take their business some where else, but in this case Google has control of every where else. There is no place else for the customer take their business. It’s way past time for the government to use the Sherman Anti Trust Act against Google like they did against A.T.&T. and Standard Oil. Beside that, Google’s smart phones are a piece of worthless %$#@.

  3. If the past is prologue, then what Google attempted during the 2016 election (which President Trump was fortunately able to overcome, by the way) is child’s play compared to the manipulation and chicanery involved in the rigging of the 2020 election forthcoming! No Thanks to all the Marxist meddling by the CCP, the Russians, and the DEMOCRATS (!), the upcoming election will be the most controversial of ALL US presidential elections, and the final tally will be the most hotly contested in history! If Biden should come out on top in the end, then God help this country, because Biden sure as hell won’t and wouldn’t even if he could! His muddled mind is too far gone, and he is too much under the sway of the lunatic Left of the Democrat Party. His eventual choice for VP will tell us all we need to know about who will be running the show after the election and how they plan to go about it!

  4. They aren’t educated in anything but PC info, but they have become social globalists , instead of the information highway that they used too be! They are run by a billionaire who has sought too change the world for his idea’s and not for the people who seek out unbiased information.


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