Salon Owner Reacts To Minneapolis City Officials Getting Raises While Businesses Go Under

(Liberty Bell) – The coronavirus pandemic is still killing small businesses and American’s livelihoods. Despite the fact that there is now a vaccine and much better treatment protocols, the lockdowns continue.

The most frustrating part of the lockdowns is the fact that those who are mandating them haven’t missed out on so much as a penny of their salary. These tyrannical lawmakers get to determine who can continue to earn a living and who cannot all while maintaining their own salary.

In some cities, small businesses got dealt a double blow over the summer of 2020 when they were not only dealing with absurd lockdowns but also destructive and violent riots. Cities like Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis saw explosive riots that resulted in millions of dollars worth of damage.

While leftists lament over the supposed “insurrection” attempt on Capitol Hill, small business owners across America are still reeling from the violent summer that saw many of their businesses totally trashed and even burnt to the ground.

In Minneapolis, while businesses lay in ruins, top city officials are slated to receive raises this year. That includes Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and all 13 City Council members.

The Star Tribune reported, in fairness, that the raises were approved and scheduled four years ago when a resolution was passed in 2017 that put a formula in place to determine future raises for the city’s elected leaders.

“Based on that formula, the salary for council members is set to rise this year from $103,590 to $106,101, and the mayor’s salary is set to increase from $132,804 to $136,011.”

The only problem is, many small business owners and city residents are still feeling the losses of the pandemic and the riots with, what appears to be, no help from the city.

While several of the city’s officials, including the Mayor, have said they plan to refuse the raise or donate the extra money, one salon owner has rightfully spoken out over the injustice of it all.

Flora Westbrooks, the owner of Flora’s Hair Designs, spoke to Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Sunday and said that the idea of city officials getting raises right now is “not right” and asserted that it’s only happening because they “can do whatever they want.”

“It’s not right. … [They do it] I guess because they can do it. You know, they’re the higher-up, and they can do whatever they want, while small business owners are still struggling,” she said.

She went on to call for more action on the part of the city in helping the community rebuild and helping small business owners who have literally lost everything.

Westbrooks is one of many business owners in Minneapolis who lost her entire business after it was intentionally set on fire during the George Floyd riots.

Local station KMSP reported on June 8th, that Westbrooks “has called the 900 block of West Broadway on the north side of Minneapolis home for nearly 40 years. On May 29 her building was intentionally set on fire during unrest in the city.”

Her business, which she says she built from scratch without any loans or grants, has been taken from her and still lays in ruins. It would require a minimum of $500,000 to rebuild and Westbrooks has started a GoFundMe which is currently up to around $250,000.

Nonetheless, her business is still sitting in Minneapolis burnt to the ground.

When Hegseth asked if there was any effort made on the part of the city to help her rebuild, she emphatically said “No.”

“No, naw, naw, naw, there’s have been a talk about maybe help cleaning up, you know, the site there, but nothing has been, you know, they haven’t did anything yet. Not anything,” she said.

And now city officials are slated to get raises. While the city wants to defund the police so that more mayhem can ensue and more innocent, hard-working Americans like Westbrook can suffer and pay the price, City Council isn’t missing out on a single penny.

This is what is truly wrong with America. We can only expect it to get much, much worse under Joe Biden.

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  1. I wonder how she votes ? I don’t know of coarse but it’s typical for dems to whine but then turn around and vote in the same vile and corrupt politicians.

  2. These POS LIBTURD Dummyrat’s are a Cancer on the World. And we know there is only one way to get rid of Cancer “ABORT IT “. It will take the Abortion of 10 to 100 million of these POS to MAGA.

    • The elections are undoubtedly as corrupt in Minneapolis as anywhere on earth. Did you watch the Project Veritas segment on the ballot harvesting in Minneapolis? If we don’t fix this situation we won’t have a voice in government anywhere.


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