Michigan Attorney General Flips On 77-Year-Old Barber. His Statement Will Sicken You.

(Liberty Bell) – The Whitmer administration has been widely slammed for their draconian response to the coronavirus, and they’re only stoking the flames now that they’ve engaged in a pitiful battle with an elderly barber who defied governor Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdown measures.

On Friday, Whitmer’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel slammed Karl Manke, who opened his shop in spite of being deemed a “non-essential” business, going as far as to claim that Manke is not a patriot.

How sick!

“We’re not looking to throw people in jail,” Nessel of Manke.

“That is, to me, a very, very, very last resort. We want him to discontinue his conduct, which we think is aiding and abetting in the spread of the virus,” she went on.

This is where she hurled her particularly low blow.

“Mr. Manke, he’s not a hero to me,” she declared. “He’s not a patriot. A patriot is a person that fights all enemies, foreign and domestic, and does everything possible to protect his fellow countrymen and countrywomen. And to me, Mr. Manke is doing just the opposite of that, and he’s being selfish in his behavior in that what he’s doing is allowing the virus to spread.”

She went on to claim that it wasn’t clear when the state would allow businesses like Manke’s to “reengage” with the community. In other words, when Americans can begin to earn a living and feed their families again.

BizPac Review notes that not only is Nessel a despicable human being, she’s not even right!

There is no evidence for Nessel’s medical claims, and in fact, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest she’s wrong, considering that other businesses — grocery stores, for instance — have remained open throughout the pandemic and have not been blamed for ‘spreading the virus.’

Besides, if anything, Manke’s more susceptible to contracting the illness than most other people simply because of his age; we know the virus strikes (and kills) older Americans more easily.

Then, of course, there is the issue of legality, and whether or not the state’s demand that some businesses be shut down until the governor says they can open is enforceable.

The law may not be on Nissel or Whitmer’s side. At least one state judge has said that the order isn’t even legal.

“Today, the Shiawassee County Circuit Court denied the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ request for a temporary restraining order seeking to have Karl Manke cease all business operations at his Owosso barbershop,” Nessel’s office announced on Tuesday after they failed to obtain a temporary restraining order against Manke.

“The courts are going to be deciding these things. Are these executive orders legal or not. It’s our position that they’re not,” an attorney for Manke said after the order. “Certain businesses are favored, they can open. Other businesses are unfavored, they stay shut and their businesses get destroyed. That’s what we’re fighting in this case.”

Manke added: “I had to get back to work, I feel it is my right to work.”

“The government charged Karl with criminal misdemeanor violations for allegedly violating Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders (EO),” the law firm representing Manke said in a statement.

“All the EOs issued by the governor after April 30, 2020, however, are illegal and unlawful because the Legislature refused to extend her declared state of emergency past that date,” they added, going on to note that citations were “personally served on Karl at his barbershop by six Michigan State Police Officers.”

In a statement from the Shiawassee County Sheriff, where Owosso is located, the department said they will not be enforcing Whitmer’s order.


  1. The Michigan governor needs to resign along with the Attorney General. There was no need to shutdown the entire country. Isolation of the sick would have checked the spread of the virus. This country has always used isolation of the sick as a way to stop virus spreading, go back an review history on how we handled the serious diseases before vaccines were available. The number of people who have died of this virus are overstated and it wouldn’t surprise me if all the numbers are all inflated to make this virus worse than it really is.

  2. Our Democrats sure do show how much they care for the people who elected them don’t they? Do you ever wonder how many more insults these subhumans will hand out before EVERY voter just makes them disappear?

  3. What else can you expect from a crazy azz DemocRAT bytch who can’t even keep her own marriages together??? She needs a good cadre of shrinks who will listen to her vast number of visions of DemocRAT, Communist, Socialist, Globalist, Bull S*it grandeur which the smart American’s will not tolerate before they take things into their own hands! If she wants another Civil War she’ll get one!!!

  4. “His statement will sicken you?”

    Please fix this story’s headline: The AG is a she not a he.

    People will mistakenly think the Barber’s speech is suspect here when in actuality it’s that terrible Michigan Attorney General Nessel’s words which are offensive instead.

  5. The domestic enemy is Witler and Nessal both need to be locked up for the blatant abuse of power. They are not above the law. Witlers EO is not legal. She likes to twist everything about the protesters as the demon rats do on EVERY thing that goes against there plan for world domination. She will be the first one term governor we have had in a long time. We the people for the people by the people .period

    • If you legally recall the Bytch by a vote of the people, she’ll be gone sooner and from what I read the, voters already want her gone!!!

  6. The people of Michigan need to throw the morons out of office they are elected to serve the people not take there lives away they were elected to office they can be removed

  7. SHAME on Whitmer and Nessel. They’re protecting ABORTIONISTS who violently torture and kill defenseless unborn human beings and tormenting our state’s citizens.

    Would it help if the Barber said he was aborting hair instead???

  8. I think Governor Whitmer should be declared a “non-essential” service, laid off, stay at home, sign up for unemployment, and wait for her stimulus check.

    • She doesn’t deserve to be paid one dime, in fact she should be made to repay everything she has received an unearned salary since she was “elected” by how many phony votes!!

    • You can pat the unions on the back for her being in office. They, along with African Americans and other minorities who will forever believe that the founding party of the KKK is their good buddy and friend.

  9. Michiganders “NOW IS THE TIME” to impeach your state government and request AG Barr’s help and SCOTUS help. GOOD LUCK you all are living in a Gulag environment.

  10. Fewer customers pass thru Karle Manke’s barber shop in an entire month than pass thru any Lowe’s, Walmart or big chain grocery store on any given Saturday morning yet small businesses like his are somehow deemed more dangerous and forced to close. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. That is until you look at how much money the big corporations that own the giant retailers contribute to PAC funds. Then you begin to understand why they are allowed to operate business as usual for the most part while the little guy gets shafted again.

  11. And SHE is on the short list for Biden’s VP????? REALLY????? I would vote for Timothy Leary in his “hey day” over her

  12. There is a gradual rising and threatening movement by Socialists in government against the American individual who has fought for and enjoys the rights of our freedom, the spirit of free enterprise, and functional capitalism!

  13. I think she should be fired and banned from office and to revoke his license is just childish and petty.he is an american buisnessman trying to make a living in the greatest country on the planet to me that’s a patriot.

  14. Karl Manke is a partiot. Whitmer is the rebel. She is defying the science. Isnt it interesting the only states suffering from extreme lockdown are demoncrat states. Think about that in NOV.

    • Start a petition to have them removed from office. California is doing that now, many other states that have dictators for governors should follow suit. If you continue to vote for demo rates you will continue to get more of this. They want to remove the freedoms and the constitution. Wake up and fight back before this turns into civil war.

  15. The kicker is that Whitmer has had the licensing bureau revoke his barbers license!
    Time to restore his license and pull the plug on Whitmer!

    • Apparently she has no legal basis on which to revoke his license because he wasn’t obligated to obey an illegal edict. Keep cuttin Karl.

  16. How the heck does Ms. Governor know who’s a “patriot” and who’s a “hero”? Geez, it seems to me that she is not a patriot, nor hero. Has she even looked to see if he’s taking precautions? With her strange attitude towards her constituents, I would think those in Michigan are in trouble. I think it’s time to reconsider your voting habits Michigan! So sorry Mr. Manke has to go through this trouble. To keep working, and helping those of us who want to go on with life, I’d say “thank you” Mr. Manke!

  17. Karl Manke is a true American patriot! He has the guts to stand up against a tyrannical governor and look at the amount of support he is getting. He is a true American and I pray that more Americans have the guts to stand up like him!

    • Thank God I’m in Florida . I was born in Michigan . I’d sure hate to uproot now in my 50s. I sure hope you all up there stop drinking the kool aid !!! Start watching real News Fox.


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