Michael Bloomberg’s New Gun Control Plan Destroys The Second Amendment In The Worst Way

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(Liberty Bell) – The Second Amendment is perhaps one of the most important God-given rights we have. Without it, it becomes impossible for us as the citizens of the United States, the regular folk, to defend the other rights that we have enumerated in the Constitution. If the right to bear arms falls, the others are soon to follow.

Which is one reason why the left has been on a mission to wipe the Second Amendment off the Constitution through vigorous gun control laws that restrict the law abiding individual’s God-given right to own a weapon to fight off theives and tyrants, who, for the most part, often come in the form of the government.

The latest assault on the Second Amendment comes from Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg who recently unveiled his new gun control plan, and boy is it extreme.

Here’s the breakdown from Summit News:

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has announced a radical anti-Second Amendment program, calling for outright bans and a requirement for every gun buyer to obtain a permit.

Appearing in Aurora, Colorado Thursday, the location of the 2012 movie theatre shooting, Bloomberg vowed to put an end to a “nationwide madness” where firearms are concerned.

“I’m just getting started,” Bloomberg declared, adding that “As president, I will work to end the gun violence epidemic once and for all.”

“I promise you I will never back down from this fight,” he said. “That’s the kind of president this country needs and you deserve.”

Bloomberg went on to outline a gun control plan that includes every proposal that has ever been attempted, and has failed.

These include proposals to:

— Reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

— Require every gun buyer to obtain a permit before making a purchase.

— Require point-of-sale background checks on all gun purchases while closing the gun show loophole.

— Institute a new age limit of 21 for those wishing to buy handguns, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

— Require a mandatory 48-hour waiting period for all gun purchases.

— Institute a federal “red flag” law to deny permits to “troubled people who pose a danger to themselves or others.”

— Institute a temporary ban on gun possession for those convicted of assault or other violent misdemeanors.

— Ban all guns in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, except for law enforcement.

— Reverse the law that gives gun makers and gun dealers immunity from lawsuits.

— Create the position of White House gun coordinator “to mobilize the public to fight gun violence and launch an inter-agency hub to fight gun violence.”

“My agenda is not some johnny-come-lately list of borrowed ideas,“ Bloomberg claimed, adding “This is part of my life‘s work, and I‘m just telling you I will get this done whether I get elected or not.“

Addressing the proposal for permit requirement, Bloomberg attempted to conflate the idea with voting rights.

“Now I know critics will say that Americans shouldn’t need a permit to exercise their constitutional rights. But voting is a constitutional right, and we require people to register to protect the rights of all citizens, and this exactly the same idea,” he argued, “because a criminal with a gun can destroy our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Critics argue that Bloomberg is redefining the notion of inalienable rights and misconstruing the US Constitution to frame his agenda.

Second Amendment activists also argue that the ‘red flag’ laws Bloomberg is proposing are unconstitutional and would allow the government to confiscate an American’s firearms without due process.

If Bloomberg, by some act of the devil, were to actually win the presidency and occupy the White House, and actually attempted to put his plan into action, he would be tasked with collecting a whopping 422.9 million guns from the hands of American citizens.

Good luck with that.

Gun control laws have been on the books for a long time now and have proven to be largely ineffective and curbing violent crime and mass shootings. Perhaps it’s now time for a different approach? Like letting folks exercise their rights more and not less?

Just a thought.

Source: summit.news/2019/12/06/bloomberg-unveils-extreme-gun-control-plan/


  1. 1968 was the year the 2nd amendment died. That year they decided anyone convicted of a felony could not own or possess or sell a gun. Sounds good right. nope your wrong!
    See this ban was for people who committed violent and non violent crimes. for people who did their time for their crime. Before that they actually handed your gun back to you as you left the prison. listen folks if you did your time what you choose to own is your own damn business. Full rights should be restored and only new crimes should be punished. lets face it that law did not help decrease crimes and guess what it was not suppose too. in fact it did the opposite it increased crime. it gave crime networks a new way to make money . it is called gun running. That is all it did. Then slowly but, surely they added prohibited people to the list until we get to where we are today. you already gave up your rights. Game over. WE get the government we deserve.

  2. The Jews, in nazi-occupied Europe, had to register with IBM (yes, that’s correct) to be placed on a job list. Later, IBM turned the lists over to the nazis who then knew where the Jews lived, the size of their families, and more information which made it much easier for them to gather and kill them.
    If it ever comes to obtaining a permit for a gun, one should get one and then purchase guns for everyone NOT on the list.
    And why does blooming bloomberg wear 1517 on his shirt? Was that the year he was born?

  3. Bloomberg was not a good mayor of NYC, in fact he brought his third term by paying the right people. Bloomberg is out only for Bloomberg and doesn’t care about anybody but his fake legacy of lies and deceit.

  4. Bloomie conveniently fails to mention the latest FBI crime statistics, which state that over the last 25 years violent crime has dropped 48%.

  5. If you keep poking the bare he will wake up then you are in trouble so these idiots keep on they might have more trouble than they want! 2 hundred million guns i would guess they might be about 75 to 100 million men and women are behind those guns and if you are a police officer or one of out great military who swore to uphold the constitution would be braking their own oath to uphold the constitution and you might be trying to kill your brother or sister maybe dad!

  6. NO he doesn’t have armed guards. Now since he is a presidential candidate he has AN ARMED SECRET SERVICE DETAIL! We the taxpayers are now footing his security bill. Now help me with this being a study of history . Why are Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, all Jewish people are so Hell Bent on gun control. Especially considering a certain German head of state who banned private gun ownership and then marched millions of Jews off to the concentration camps to their deaths. Have these three leaders learned nothing from that great gun grab. The answer is painfully yes. I for one will never give in or give up . You can’t ever have my gunder..

  7. NO he doesn’t have armed guards. Now since he is a presidential candidate he has AN ARMED SECRET SERVICE DETAIL! We the taxpayers are now footing his security bill. Now help me with this being a study of history . Why are Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, all Jewish people are so Hell Bent on gun control. Especially considering a certain German head of state who banned private gun ownership and then marched millions of Jews off to the concentration camps to their deaths. Have these three leaders learned nothing from that great gun grab. The answer is painfully yes. I for one will never give in or give up . You can’t ever have my guns, but I’m willing to share some bullets.

  8. I bet Bloomberg has private, armed security guards around himself so guess they will have to give up their weapons too since they are not law enforcement.

  9. Hey, Bloomberg, do you know what an inalienable right is? It’s a right that cannot be taken away–by anyone. We, The People, will not allow this. So try something else.

  10. Bloomberg, like so many ignorant politicians, by design or mere stupidity, is misleading the public by playing on their lack of understanding when it comes to the terms, words, and phrases he uses when speaking. The untrained and ignorant people do not know the legal difference of being a “citizen” or being one of the “people.” Most think these two terms are interchangeable, but they are not in law. Citizens have been led to believe they have constitutional rights, which are in reality mere privileges from the government. If this surprises you, try googling “Twining v. New Jersey” 211 US 78, 98-99, which is a US Supreme Court ruling showing citizens have no access to constitutional protections. When you consented to become a US citizen, you gave away your God-given sovereignty to the government. No one in government, including Bloomberg, has the constitutional authority to alter or infringe the rights of the People as protected by the Law Of The Land, our Constitution. It takes a majority of all the states to alter that document through a Constitutional Convention. So Bloomberg is again misleading the uninformed public. The President is, after all, just a government employee, not God and is sworn to honor, uphold and protect the Constitution.

    You now may be wondering which are you, a citizen or an American sovereign? The government can only control by consent what it has created, so are you a living man or woman, or are you a “person” created by the government w/o rights, who are only given government-created privileges and are always asking for permission to please not take our guns away. It is well past time for America
    to wake up and deal with a tyrannical government and stand on your God-given inherent rights.

  11. This gun control foolishness has got to end its dangerous to the Americqan public! With no private weapons in the hands of Americans the government can make a change ‘on a dime” and leave us with no recourse to prevent it . No the Courts and Congress are no protection they can create buffers and out right untruths with no stoppers. We have an acquaintance in Austrailia who warns us not to allow guncontrol and conficscation like they did in Austrailia ! Now in many cities (not just small ones) citizens are afraid to leave their houses after dark because the criminals are controling the streets and there are not nearly enough law enforcement personnel because the crooks have illegal guns and when they know there is no way for them to be shot robbing they then do it with impunity !!

  12. I believe I’ve never felt this good about my fellow Americans! We come together in time of need, and I love all of you! My brothers and sisters in arms!

  13. Bloomberg = Soros, same unamerican pig wearing the same lip stick. Crooked is as crooked does. The looney, koolaid drinking socialist, communist, progressive rotten to the core democrats are all the same. Unfortunately there are some republicans that fall in the category too.
    God bless President Trump and the USA. God help us.

  14. I just finished reading the article about the election buying tactics in Virginia and controlling the governor’s push on gun take away programs. I did my time in Navy in Gulf of Token in Nam . Also have 100% disabled from agent orange . THIS 81 year old won’t give up my guns besides that there aren’t enough Feds to collect all 423million and if necessary I can still resist and there are about 150 million ex swabs /grunts/and jarheads plus flyboys and lady vets so bring it on Bloomberg You will find out how we’re all brothers and sisters an have each other’s back (6). 2nd amendment for ever

  15. The truth is, Money greases the political wheels in America. M. Bloomberg, perfect example.
    All you folks should be sure to, along with your often illiterate whining, open your wallet and CONTRIBUTE MONEY to support
    your favored Republican candidates, VOTE and educate / influence others on why your candidate is best, and JOIN organizations which support our cause (defending all components of the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights), such as the NRA Institute for Legal Action (NRA-ILA) and the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR.org), among others, both through the campaign and election process, as well as in the courtroom, where many outcomes are decided. Incessant belly aching
    Accomplishes nothing, however actions will. Remember, with politicians, the most vehemently supported position often determines how they cast their vote on a particular piece of legislation.
    So, also intelligently CALL and or WRITE to your elected representatives.
    To answer the as yet unspoken question; Yes, I personally do all these things.

  16. Bloomburg is Anti- American, he wants to take our rights. What needs to be done is , find out what makes these people go around and just shoot somebody, They have to be unstable , they need help. And many people know these kind of people. We don’t need change we need to fix the problems. We sure don’t need a person who is going to try to BUY his way to the OVAL OFFICE. Bloomburgs way is IF I CANT HAVE IT , I WILL BUY IT.


    • Bloomberg is just another Blooming idiot poking at a sleeping dragon with a pointy stick. That didn’t work out well for the last people that did that either. He along with the others will find out the hard way because he like the others think they are above the law……Well the dragon makes its own laws!

    • Be very careful with what you post as those who are truly in power are watching closely.

      Thank you for your service and be careful.

  18. There was a poor misguided woman in Texas that fell for Bloomberg lies. She ended up shooting her three children and then herself. He plays mindgames on weak minded people.

  19. I’ve been WATCHING my firearms for nearly 60 years, and by golly, they have never once became VIOLENT, they just sit there until I decide to go PRACTICE with them. STILL waiting for them to get VIOLENT!

    • I left mine sitting out on a table in my house and they never went and shot anyone. In fact they never even moved.

    • I got together with a few other members of my gun club, and together we brought 57 handguns to the firing range. We set them all up on a table in the range house and went about doing fall cleanup at the range. After four and a half hours not one single gun tried to shoot anyone, in fact they never even budged an inch……….you’d think with that many guns in one place maybe at least one of them might try to get violent….but NOPE not a single one………..!

  20. With all the criminal acts being enacted on innocent citizens this opportunist is saying take away our guns so criminals can do what they want to us.
    Really this man is dangerous as he does not care about us, only himself.

  21. Try this on for TRUTH! Anyone trying to “infringe,” the ONLY amendment which closes with the rejoinder that it “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,” who is an elected or an apostate trying to become such, ARE in violation of Chapter 18 of the U.S. Code. As such, they are subject to arrest, indictment and prosecution for at least 3 impeachable offenses if in office; 1( violation of their SWORN oath to defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, NOT TO BECOME SUCH! 2)doing so makes them malfeasant in office and 3) derelict in duty and obligation to the ONLY constituency they are sworn to serve, but rarely if ever do; AMERICAN CITIZENS, and THAT is a matter of readily provable and pitiful PERFORMANCE RECORDS. While treasonous trolls and seditious swamp slime of the left work to end the office of DULY ELECTED Donald Trump, they are Shirking their Congressional Responsibilities to ALL of us. They need to address immigration, the budget, trade and other items but are too consumed with hate and PURE APPLICATION OF THE MARXIST DIALECTIC IN THEIR EVERY THOUGHT WORD AND DEED, THAT NONE OF THEM BELONG IN THE OFFICES THEY HOLD. PERIOD. I am a 100% Agent Orange Disabled 74 year old Vietnam Veteran and Tet Offensive 1968 Survivor of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. I served as Chaplain’s assistant to MOH awardee for valor, Chaplain (CPT) Charles Angelo Liteky. I had a GOVERNMENT degree then, now nearly 53 years old or, much longer than anyone serving in Congress has been serving in it; 8 years longer than Senator Pat Leahy of VT, and 20 longer than Nasty Pelosi’s tenure in the House; let alone her time as Speaker. After Vietnam I spent 2 years as Staff at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center, then on Georgia Ave. N.W. in Washington D.C. a showcase hospital for Congressional patients as well as our wounded. I worked on the “30 Wards.” all multiply wounded traumatic amputees. Across the hall were Congress cretins demanding and receiving preferential treatment as members of the Oligarchy of the politically powerful and privileged which STILL sees itself as far superior to we peasants they are SWORN by oath to serve but didn’t then and STILL DO NOT~! Billionaires like Bloomberg and Steyer , like all career parasites in politics, spout drivel rather than Constitutionally compliant and Rule of law Adherent policies, Their MONEY may well buy them positions for which they are NOT qualified; Billionaires or not and seeking to end the 2nd Amendment is a direct attempt by the left to end a Citizens’ RIGHT to defend and protect what is theirs and which GUARANTEES all the other freedoms and choices we have. It is a Globalist backed effort to implement U.N. Agenda 21 HERE and make our Government a sham and a puppet which would put total control of all resources, human and natural under U.N. control, end all private property, confiscate and redistribute all individual wealth to 3rd world nations, force you to live in vertical only constructs like insects in a hive and make your children wards and property of the State. These pond scum parasites are the ENEMY WITHIN, should be recognized as such and anyone who values the freedoms, choices opportunities and rights which Trump has defended and expanded is a FOOL if ever they vote for a Progressive Democrat whose pitiful performance records have nearly TRIPLED the national debt inherited from George Bush in 2008. NO NATION CAN EVER SURVIVE SUCH RAMPANT CORRUPTION IMMORALITY AND STUPIDITY! REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU GO TO THE POLLS NOVEMBER NEXT AND VOTE TO SAVE, NOT DESTROY AMERICA. TRUMP AND MAGA 2020!

  22. Everyone one knows that Mike Bloomberg, along with the other left wing candidates are all flakes and eleven cents short of a dime. Just look at Bernie, that proves my point. The best and only way to tell these flakes to get lost is at the ballot box. Remember, 2020 is not Republican against Democrat, but Democrat against the 2nd Amendment.

  23. Why doesn’t he start by enforcing our voting laws. When 500,000 Californians decline to serve on juries because they claim they are not citizens, yet the voter registration lists are the source of jury summons, you got to wonder. No wonder they are fearful of a wall! If their not citizens do they get to keep their guns?

  24. Bloomberg is just someone who believes in the Democrat agenda and is cleverly increasing their chances of control by running as a Republican. He was a Democrat until 2002. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

  25. I have read the comments here and one thing comes to mind: If the left outlaws guns, then they, as well, have to abide to this ‘edict’. With this in mind, nothing here makes sense, given the history of the world; Nazi Germany confiscated ALL firearms from it’s citizens. Their leader, Adolf Hitler, ran their beautiful productive country into wrack and ruin, costing some fifty million lives in the process. Look at France; their country outlaws firearm possession/ownership, and remember ‘je sui Charlie’? Or even the French Revolution? If there is a terrorist attack here, I at least, have the ability to protect my property, dog and family.
    Nothing man-made is perfect-we are imperfect creatures in an imperfect world, but I will take our Constitution AS IS-STRAIGHT, NO CHASER-and deal with the imperfections as they come. My firearms stand ready to protect said entities. Michael Bloomberg the Nazi can go jump in the lake!! In fact, I hope he does-wearing a sack of concrete!

  26. Bloomberg is a “One World Government” guy, that’s why he wants the Citizens of America, vulnerable! The world is over populated, Bloomberg wants to cull people! This guy is an atheist-Jew, a walking, talking, contradiction! anti-Christ!

  27. Hey Bloomberg, you are a complete moron! We will not give up our guns so dirty nazis like you can have guns and control us! You are a damn communist and we will keep our guns to protect ourselves from tyranicle morons like you! We have seen the horror in other countries when the peoples guns have been taken away, no thank you, go peddle your nazi ideas somewhere else! And your crap about wanting more criminal illegals in is also evil because you want to take our jobs away and give it to them for cheap labor! Even though they cause high crimes and put us at risk! You are an old tyrant and we will not allow you to rule over us!

  28. Did you notice? Not one of his ideas cover added punishment for the use of a gun in a crime. Everything is to disarm the honest citizen. And how much would this cost? Who pays for it? Is this part of his plan to increase taxes on the poor?

  29. Demonrat politicians in Congress have all broken their vow, to defend the Constitution! They forget the Second Amendment is part of the Constitution! Without this amendment, we the people will be slaves!

    • The 2d Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights; The first ten amendments to the US Constitution!~!
      Bloomberg is a Dictator in the making – He knows what’s good for the rest of us!
      His buddy George Soros would love to bankrupt the US so he can make his dream of a one world financial heaven for his bank account come true!
      These men and people like them are poison to democracy and freedom!

  30. One: you will never be president and two: go find yourself a useful hobby that doesn’t involve the infringement of rights on others!

  31. Marty Wrock; sounds like you have never been in a war zone or ever had a gun pointed at your head. if you ever did you would have a mouth full of hair, that would be your ass hole, just swallow hard,if you dont you wont have a brain. The dnc doesnt want gun safety. they want people control. wake up idiot.

    • you are correct. it’s not about crime control. never was. it”s about the progressive liberal leftist agenda to control YOU

  32. where is Hitler when we need him? Philip Smith,,, i am with you. That little jew boy needs to take a flying f – – k at the moon and watch the stars j – – k off. i m ready for Lexington.

  33. BS to the above replies. This in not about the 2nd Amendment. It is about public safety. When one of yours is killed by a high powered gun you may think a little differently.

    • Never needed a gun to protect yourself,have you. I needed
      one years ago when a gang come after me,my wife and 1 year old child. I did not have to shoot because just showing the gun,they left us alone.

    • You do know what the term “Criminal” means right?

      They don’t follow laws now. What makes you think they will later? Are you that Shallow to not get this?

    • I call B.S. It is not about public safety (that lie has been debunked several times). It about turning Citizens, into “Subjects”. For anyone with more than a single digit I.Q., it is not hard to see.

    • You are the one who is “all wet.” if you think your theory were correct then how do you explain that the states with the strictest anti-gun laws such as CA, IL, NJ,MA and NY have the highest violent crime rates while states with the fewest anti-gun laws. e.g. SD, NH, VT, ME, ID, MT and WY have the lowest rates? Beto O’Rourke, in one of his speeches said that he would ban ***all*** guns and he knew what the result would be: “That means that you will be totally defenseless when someone enters tour home with a gun.”

    • Actually, I have had two people in my family killed by guns and I am still in favor of the 2nd Amendment. I too, have been attacked with a gun and it didn’t change how I felt about the right to bear arms. It just makes me more aware of the evil walking among us and, therefore, the need to be able to be armed so we can all protect ourselves from the lawless elements that infest our society. Not to mention the fact that our government is increasingly trying to nix the 2nd and there will come a time when true patriots will have to fight to protect our constitution .

    • My heart goes out to all who have lost a loved one due to any cause, and especially when that cause was violent and/or totally unexpected.

      Let’s be logical about so-called “gun-control” legislation. It.Does.Not.Work. Laws do NOT apply to criminals. Criminals do not care about or adhere to laws. If they did, there would be no crime, violent or otherwise. Isn’t murder against the law? Isn’t robbery against the law? Isn’t rape against the law? “Gun-Control” laws are obeyed only by the law-abiding – so please explain precisely how they will reduce any form of violent crime. Cite facts showing when any gun-control has ever reduced violent crime.

      In my opinion, any person who harbors the intent to willfully inflict pain or death upon an innocent human has an evil and/or a sick mindset. If the desire is truly to reduce violent crime, then this is where legislative action should be focused.

      If we start disarming the innocent law-abiding (and making it more difficult for them to own/possess/carry a firearm is an effort toward disarmament), the criminal element will become more emboldened as they soon realize that their targets are less likely to be able to fight back effectively – increasing violent crime.

      Much of what Bloomberg is “proposing” is already law in some form and in most states, if not federally.
      – Until recently, all schools were “gun-free” zones – only law enforcement was allowed to carry/possess a firearm on school property. That law didn’t stop the criminally ill from violating the law.
      – All firearm purchases from a licensed firearms dealer already require a NICS background check, regardless whether that purchase is in person, at a gunshow or over the internet. Plain and simple. (Exception – the former administration’s “Fast & Furious” scheme”)
      – The recent, hastily written so called “Red-Flag-Laws” are violating at minimum, the 2nd and the 4th Amendments. They do nothing to address the issue. Anyone can file a complaint that says you are a threat to yourself or to others, and without any due process, and with you having committed no crime, law enforcement can storm your property and forcefully confiscate your firearms. Please explain – How does this resolve the issue at hand? If you are truly a threat to yourself or others, are you no longer a threat simply because your firearms have been removed from your immediate possession? No – absolutely not. The actual threat was left free to continue to be a threat. Only one type of tool was removed – and then only what law enforcement was able to find, leaving you with all other means to carry out your threat. Proving that these laws are written only to confiscate firearms, not to reduce violent crime.

      There are approximately 422.9 million legally owned firearms in the United States. If guns are the problem we’d sure as hell know it. Guns do not commit crimes. People commit crimes. The problem is a people problem. If we could remove all firearms from the entire planet, or if firearms had never been invented, there would still be violent crime. There always has been and always will be. It can be reduced only by addressing the real problem – criminal mental illness – not by further infringement of the God-given rights of law-abiding citizens.

    • Wake up and stop drinking the kool aid. This is Germany all over but this time it will take place here in America if you keep listing to the lying demorats that is the new party of Hitler. Oh but you probably think communism is good. And if so why don’t you take a trip to the UN they have communism and control of their people. They took the rights from them and their fire arms and still they have a lot of crimes and the people can’t defend themselves. Sometimes bad thing happen but it’s not the gun that does it. It is the idiot behind it. Us law abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms and as written in the Constitution that right shall not be infringed upon not even by any government. And that is our way We The People can defend our country from this tyrannical government today they are all corrupt and crazy. Can’t you see the truth? These traitors we have running this country into the ground for their own power and greed I am sorry I ever voted demonrat but I tell you never again will I vote for any corrupt person trying to shred our Constitution and I mean never again. Look they took people’s gun in Chicago and made gun safe zones and look at all the crimes that take place their everyday. Why because law abiding citizens can’t have their guns to protect. Know I have one last question: Say if you and your family where out having a nice time and a couple of thugs came up to you and your family to do you all harm and rob you. Wouldn’t you like the right to defend them and possibly save your family’s lives? Just think about that ok. I have kids too I do worry as a parent but me and my wife did a great job raising them. They have respect for others. They know gun safety in our home I taught them all about guns and gun safety. That is what is wrong today we have a lot of cray people due to video game violence. So I say let’s ban that not guns that we use to put food on the table. Guns don’t kill people stupid people kill people. You can’t wait for a policeman to help it would take them time to get their by that time it’s too late. Anyhow try to have a great day

    • Your loss doesn’t trump my 2A rights! It’s the the mentality of the person holding the tool! NOT the tool!
      It’s ironic how the libs want to honor the Constitution for their purpose but trample on it other times! Any of the losers that take the oath and go for our guns is immediately a traitor and domestic terrorist to this country! Bloomberg is nothing without his money!

    • You should go back to the basement of your mothers house, and smoke another bowl. Leave the thinking to adults!

    • Anyone named Marty should just be quiet! No NRA Member has shot up a school, or anywhere else, and we deserve to keep our rights!

  34. And the Dumbocrats call DJT a king or Hitler. Right. The Dems are the ones wanting to take away our rights or give more and more to illegals.

    • No kidding. These polticians and tv,movie star and singers
      need to get rid of their armed guards. But they think their
      are better than everyone else.

    1) Democrat
    2) Republican to be NYC Mayor
    3) Independent to appeal to all minorities for RE election
    4) Democrat again to enter the CIRCUS of Clowns seeking Nomination to Potus
    5) As Clown contestant turning Progressive Socialist to End the SECOND AMENDMENT””””””””””””What have we got here a MIDGET LURCH KERRY??? or just another POWER hungrey Stupid PIMP looking for “GLORY”????

    • He isn’t a Socialist. He’s a downright Communist. He know’s best.
      -no guns.
      -no speech.
      -no large sodas.
      -Tax the poor.

  36. Bloomberg is the most dangerous kind of “benevolent dictator” who thinks he knows best what is good for us and will mandate it. He lives and operates in an ivory tower.

  37. People with a lot of money think they are smarter and better than everyone else, just ask them. They are the elite. They need to tell you how to live. You’re to stupid to figure it out.
    They may be right. Look how many people just follow their lead and never ask a question. How do the same politicians get elected time after time?
    I think We The People need to start doing our job and demand our Constitutional Rights are not destroyed.

  38. this pompus sob is the one that created every town for gun safety you don’t see much of them anymore why is that???? also if you even think about any of this congress will shut you down if that fails remember we the people are armed and it will be time to revolt and your left wing pansies are not enough to stop it and you know it deep down that cops and troops are not going to shoot their families, piss us off go ahead we’ll make lexington and concord look like a walk in the park

  39. Dems/libs cannot finish the destruction of the USA until they unarm ALL Americans. That’s the very simple reason for the dem gun control mania.

    • 2nd Amendment gone. So will be all others. At this point why would the government need to give you Anything like even Social Security ?

  40. This is the mindset of the DNC, and the elitist mindset! Hypocrisy! Bloomberg is running for President, and blatantly touting his plan to become a dictator! He knows that the Oath Of Office is sweating to defend the Constitution! Well, he is running on abolishing the 2nd Amendment! That is as bold a contradiction as there ever was one! This is absolute proof, that Democrats are a direct contradiction to American values, and the reason the DNC should be abolished!

  41. Michael Bloomberg you will never succeed because the People run this Country you pompous bastard! If you swear an Oath Of Office to defend the Constitution, you cannot turn and abolish the 2nd Amendment!

  42. Sounds like he wants to be the next Hitler. We absolutely do not need anyone that thinks like he does in the White House or anywhere else in authority.


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