Media Reacted Hysterically To Vindman’s Firing, But Here’s What They’re Forgetting

(Liberty Bell) – On Saturday, President Donald Trump reminded the nation exactly why Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who the left is currently praising as a hero, exactly why he deserved to be terminated.

As Western Journal explains:

On Friday, Vindman’s White House assignment with the NSC was terminated and he returned to duty at the Pentagon. Also on Friday, Gordon Sondland, who as the U.S. ambassador to the European Union was a central figure in the administration’s dealings with Ukraine, announced that he was losing his job, according to Fox News.

Many celebrated these firings as both men were key witnesses on behalf of the House Democrats in their partisan impeachment sham.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted this out about Vindman:

“Fake News @CNN & MSDNC keep talking about ‘Lt. Col.’ Vindman as though I should think only how wonderful he was. Actually, I don’t know him, never spoke to him, or met him (I don’t believe!) but, he was very insubordinate, reported contents of my ‘perfect’ calls incorrectly, &….was given a horrendous report by his superior, the man he reported to, who publicly stated that Vindman had problems with judgement, adhering to the chain of command and leaking information. In other words, ‘OUT’.” Trump tweeted.

He’s absolutely right.

As WJ continues:

In November, as Breitbart reported, Vindman’s then-boss at the National Security Council, National Security Director of Russia and European Affairs Tim Morrison testified to Congress that he had concerns about Vindman’s judgment, that Vindman had a tendency to go outside the chain of command and that he was suspected of leaking sensitive information.

“He did not always exercise the best judgment in terms of the policymaking process,” Morrison said, according to Breitbart.

Vindman’s lawyer quickly dismissed Trump’s comments in his own tweet.

“The President this morning made a series of obviously false statements concerning Lieutenant Colonel Vindman; they conflict with the clear personnel record and the entirety of the impeachment record of which the President is well aware,” attorney David Pressman said in a statement, according to Fox News.

“While the most powerful man in the world continues his campaign of intimidation, while too many entrusted with political office continue to remain silent, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman continues his service to our country as a decorated, active duty member of our military,” he added.

Too bad his client is a partisan-driven hack who has no place in such a sensitive position.

As Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said on Friday, there’s no reason at all to oppose removing Sondland and Vindman from their positions in the administration.

“If freshening up that team going into the new post-impeachment era is helpful to the country, I’m all for it,” he said, according to Fox News.

He specifically noted that Sondland did not impress him during his testimony before a House committee.

“Whether that meant exceeding the scope of his authority or whether it meant just sort of the bungling of assignments, I do not think he came out of the impeachment looking like some great diplomat,” Gaetz said.

“I do not think it’s a surprise to see the president choose to make a change there [and with] Lieutenant Colonel Vindman,” he continued.

He also explained that Trump has every right to desire trustworthy people on the NSC.

“There have been a lot of concerns that the NSC may have emanated other leaks,” Gaetz said. “That’s obviously never something you are always able to track down and fully prove in evidence, but I think you want a president, and national security advisor to have full confidence in the NSC.”

Even Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, also of Florida and no fan of the president, also defended Trump’s position.

“Well, I’m not happy with him. Do you think I’m supposed to be happy with him? I’m not,” Trump said, according to a White House media pool report.


  1. Why is it that no one has pointed out that former Ambassador Yovonavitch’s term was expiring (3 yrs) in? July, 2019. She was appointed by O’bozo Aug. 15, 2016. So she came home ? 8 or 9 weeks early…How Outrageous! Give me a break!
    She refused to put up Pres.Trump’s picture in the Embassy, continually worked the back channels against the Administration and mocked and spoke deferentially against her employer. She denied visas to Ukrainian individuals who wanted to testify FOR Pres. Trump during the Mueller investigations, etc.
    And she was outraged? I am a woman, worked for large corporations, been in many Boardrooms, VP of a small corporation and I resent her actions a woman. It is because of women like her that the rest of us have had such a hard time making it in the male dominated world of big business. Making things personal and emotional is absurd! and then lying about it to her peers is unforgiveable.

    Sondman was just an outspoken, narcissistic jerk that was in a p—sing contest with Mulvaney and John Bolton, trying to prove to his buddies how important he was. (NOT) Who would put his personal conversation with the President on speaker phone in a restaurant with his cronies??!

  2. For the last time, Col. Vindman was not fired; he is still in the Army. He was merely transferred. I understand he is now in a very important position in the Military: in charge of sanitation of all the Army’s field latrines.

  3. He should be court-marshalled. I think he is a complete disgrace to the country amd the Commandering Chief.
    He loyalty does not belong to the USA, it belongs to himself and Ukrain.

  4. Joesp & Maxx, Both of you are only scratching the surface . If all aspects of this situation are exposed, I believe both Vindmans , Yavonavitch ,Sondman, and are “Moles” for the Russians !! ; as well the deep state crookacrats / traitors ie. Barrick Obama , Hillary Clinton , Joe Biden , John Kerry , and all their underlings in the FBI and others involved!! A FULL investigation will most likely find Large amounts of CASH being funneled back to this despicable group. from the 150 BILLION DOLLARS ( of American Taxpayers Money) Barrick Obama sent to IRAN !!!! “Little Joe Biden” (Hunter) has them caught redhanded if anybody bothers to simply PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER !!!!! Putin is laughing his Ass off !! AS for the Russia / Trump HOAX ; Anybody with even Half a brain should know that Putin /Russia would NOT want a strong Republican leader in the US White House.!!!!! Think about it !!

  5. As a Marine in the Corps I was under the Articles of the UCMJ as are all service members, from recruit all the way to 5 Star General. Since LtCol Vidman and his brother are still serving in the US Army they are subject to the UCMJ. I believe he violated alot of the Articles in the UCMJ Mr. President have them investigated by JAG since they are both LtCol in the Army they should be held accountable!!

    • Jerry; Unfathomable, is probably a better description…. Until you consider who first put them there !! (ie. barrick ,hillary ,joe ,john , etc. )

  6. Civilians, especially media talking heads don’t understand that in the military “Fired” means being removed from a position. Note reduced in rank, not discharged and maybe not even non-judicial punishment. It’s hard to believe that with his past performance reports and the way he’s been throwing around sensitive information, that there’s not already UCMJ action against him. Being relieved of his position isn’t nearly enough. Before MRE’s the common expression to describe his situation would be that “the soldier sh*t in his own mess kit”. If CSI made an effort and may be for all we know, I would hope they find evidence to justify busting him Pvt and assigning to Ft Leavenworth for a period commensurate with his actions.

    • The actual military term is “relieved of his duties due to…”
      If nothing else it does mean that he will never be promoted again and I am damn glad of it.

  7. He serves “at the pleasure of the President” and can be dismissed at ANY time for ANY (or even NO) reason.

    What a complete crock of Bovine Scatology.

  8. What’s the problem, people, for our president getting rid of someone in his cabinet? Whatever the reason, he has this right, but from what was happening against him, our president would be totally stupid if he didn’t rid himself of these self-serving jackasses (or worse!).

  9. You know, If you are going to testify against your boss, you had better bring absolute proof of a crime. Not the supposition, innuendo, and speculation, that was brought against Trump.
    Strange how the Democrats are accusing Mr. Trump of the very things their own people have done, and bragged about. Project much?
    Even outside of politics, whistle blowers usually had better find another line of employment. Simply because, neither their boss, or coworkers will ever trust them again.
    Also, I would be willing to bet neither of the Vindmans will ever see a promotion in the Army again, and will more than likely be retired shortly. As an officer in the military, you just don’t go up against the CNC without iron clad evidence.

  10. What we all seem to be forgetting or in some cases ignored is that A. VINDMAN violated sections of the UCMJ which governs the behavior of ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL in regard to his leaking of classified/sensitive information, insubordination, and who knows what other violations his lack of judgment will lead to. His twin brother is also a LtCol and worked in the NSC office that vets and clears books and other written materials for publication such as books written by people with security clearances who are writing about their jobs or impressions there of (John Bolton comes to mind) where TS/CODE WORD, SECRET CONFIDENTIAL, OR OTHER SENSITIVE INFORMATION MAY BE COMPROMISED. Did the so called “leaks” of extracts of this book to the NYT come from this office? We will never know. If this Vindman is not involved in wrong doing he is clear. One of the prior commentators is exactly right. LtCol A. Vindman has seen his very last promotion. Unfortunately, as too often occurs in our Military, a few of his commanding officers early on in his career did not pull him up short and council him as a junior officer always needs in order to develope that judgement and discipline so needed to become a true, trusted senior officer and leader of the men and women who count on them. Both of the Vindman brothers are still subject to the UCMJ as serving officers and are still in the Army. They haven’t been “fired” as the hysterical libs and the unhinged MSM are screaming to the roof tops.

  11. If you found your wife or husband cheating on you, would you want to have them around? The sacred trust between avowing partners is lost and can never be recovered. How can the President ever trust Vindman, Sondman and Yovanovitch again. How ridiculous to even suggest keeping people plotting against you on the staff. In his place, would you? It is of utmost importance to the President and the country that the staff he chooses to lead America are committed, hand in hand, to pursue the goals set forth by the President and accepted by the people. No ‘one man’ can run the country and dispose of all it’s needs so he needs people he can trust to follow and perform his instructions without constant contradiction. There should be only one ‘Boss’.

  12. I think the president did what he should have done . These people did not perform up to standard an should be replaced .thank God we are in America other wise they would have kneeled and received a well placed bullet .
    If people would spend the time supporting the country and president the swamp would have been drained long ago.
    Want to find some thing up setting check Senators and Congress people who increased there salary again but retired people on S S RECEIVED LITTLE increase ,these same people received medical an retired people received little.
    I 1950 the Russian leader stated we will take America down with out firing a shot with all the giveaway programs being stated by Democratic it is happening .
    Keep knocking the president and vote for the give away party

  13. As a Veteran, when you lose trust in the people around you, you don’t want to wonder what you need to do in a do or die situation. You just get rid of the trash around you. And why was Vindman telling Ukraine leaders not to listen to our President? That was not his job to do.

  14. Now when you publicly humiliate a Military person for doing what they are instructed to do, the only signal it sends is do not say anything about Trump, who would like to be the Autocratic ruler of this USA, against all norms or laws of this USA.

    • Robert, obviously you are a Democrat since you accuse those you don’t agree with of being guilty of the very things that Democrats are famous for, and the opposite of what is actually the truth. Can you offer one example of Trump attempting to be an autocratic leader? He has done absolutely nothing that was not in the best interest of America and Americans and well within his authority as president, which is much more than anyone can honestly say of obama. Certainly not the case with Democrats…open borders, freeing violent criminals and reinstating their voting rights, murdering innocent babies, taxpayer money theft, unlimited government power, providing free benefits to the lazy, undeserving and noncitizens at taxpayer expense, etc., etc., etc. You sir are just one of the multitude of illogical pawns who are destroying our great country.

    • he was telling the ukranians to ignore our president!!! he really deserved a beating… get vindman out of there… he’s a traitor…

    • he disgrace his oath military are not suppose to get involved in Politics he should have been charged by JAG

    • You got that right. He even looks like a beady eyes little weasel. As they said, he was known to leak sensitive information. Why would Trump or any president need someone like that on his team. Good riddance. The only thing I would have done different is made sure I kicked him in the rear as he went out the door.

  15. He is an obama stooge and every employer has a right to trust the people working for him. If you were an employer you would feel the same way. Drain the swamp!!!!!

  16. President Trump has every right to know where the money is going.
    Not to do so is irresponsible. Anyone with any business sense would do the same.

    rant, pay grade, and retirement apparently – so where is the punishment ? Sounds like
    he is the kid from grad school always telling lies about fellow students to gain favors !

  18. Court martial him then investigate him for treason. If these people don’t start getting prison time this will not end. The slap on the wrist approach doesn’t work there needs to be real consequences jail time.

    • Except this slap on the wist will cost him any possibility of future promotion. That, my friend, is a big deal.

    • Absolutely agree! There must be punitive action for all of these “obama-holdovers”.
      My question is, why didn’t President Trump begin the process of draining the swamp immediately after taking office? He had every right to do so, and no one could have blamed him, and not doing so, was/is a huge mistake.

  19. What is it that people don’t understand that if you mess up in your job enough then you are let go he seems to have messed up a lot lol so OUT THE DOOR YOU GO !!!

  20. Here’s what this ‘featured’ article is forgetting. Vindeman is an expert on Ukraine affairs including preserving freedom from Russian annexation and overrun. The citizens there have overthrown corrupt presidents and ousted corrupt government officials that the president manipulates for his reelection. Acquitted from impeachment bribery, Trump will now purge his Oval from patriots who align with American before than an individual president. Too bad un-patriotic Trump is so vindictive with Vindman, his brother who is totally innocent and Sondman who are so protective of this nation in the face of subversion by Trump and his pal Putin.

    • Wow you Know so much about Both of These Men.If I’m wrong Please explain your knowledge of these Men.Thank you in Advance

    • Here is what you don’t know Dr., Officers in the military are appointed by Executive Orders by the President their commission states By order of the President of the United States so in so is promoted to A-rank and serves at the pleasure of the President.

    • Doctor? That explains a lot. There’s still some good conservative doctors out there, however they are in the minority. This “doctor” probably wants the Second Amendment removed also. Liberal POS.

    • The Vindman brothers along with Marie Yovanovitch all should be investigated for espionage. Despite working as government employees or in military means nothing. They all sound like they hold allegiance to Ukraine. The Vindman that appeared as a witness was so arrogant and proudly claimed that Ukraine tried to hire him to be a government official he should have gone. All of these actors should be fired and sent back to Ukraine.

    • Dr. Bill, I see you are still around spouting your typical leftist garbage. The ex ambassador to Ukraine is being investigated as she should be. The Vindman brothers are both people of concern and should also be investigated for possible espionage activity. No matter how long they have been here, their actions need to be scrutinized.

    • Vindeman was born in Ukraine, then under Russian rule. As in the mafia, children are groomed to play roles in an organization well into the future. He was brought here by his father whom we know little about. Is that a stretch? We may/may not ever know the answer as to where the real allegiance lies. Apparently the Pentagon trusts him.

    • I have no idea about his expertise in Ukrainian/Russian affairs so how do you? As far as I can determine he speaks Ukrainian, an accident of his heritage. I have read no data that Vindman’s brother was fired just that he left at the same time as his twin. It stands to reason that he didn’t see much of a future in the job his brother had blown up with his lack of professionalism as ascertained by his superior, Morrison. Sondman is a political appointee serving at the discretion of the President, no Ambassador has job guarantee, not a single one of them. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, in fact, lost his life as a result of the Democratic politics in 2012. Keep some perspective Bill it helps with critical thinking.

    • Regardless of their knowledge/expertise, if they worked for you and did to you what they did to their boss – lying, consorting with your enemies, leaking, etc. all to overturn the will of the American people, would you have looked the other way and left them in their positions?
      That would speak volumes of your lack of leadership.

    • Here is a reality check for you. Whenever a military member, and particularly an officer, is assigned to a position outside of a normal military post on some manner of “civilian component duty” such as an embassy assignment under the auspices of the Foreign Area Officer program, he/she is subject to the approval and confidence placed on him/her by the entity to which assigned. If the subject officer is removed from that position because of a loss of confidence by his/her chain of command, he/she can be returned to the parent organization (Army, Navy, Air Force etc). A greater concern for the officer involved is the ensuing Fitness Report or Efficiency Report which will surely be written after being removed. While they may remain of active duty and receive pay and benefits, a rock bottom report will be a career ender. No more promotions and possibly involuntary retirement. I have seen this happen for even lesser reasons.

  21. …If someone in the private sector went around ‘bad-mouthing’ their boss, they’d be ‘fired’ not reassigned. Therein lies the primary problem with the federal government: Once and employee, always an employee. Trump did what any boss would do, “Kick the bum out!”

  22. Why not fact check how many military officers from flag rank down were dismissed by previous administrations for political reasons?? I’m sure the numbers will surprise you.

    • I seem to remember the number was in excess of 100. And I believe the charges against them for dismissal were extremely feeble bordering on fiction.

    • Obama decimated the upper levels of our military when he was president. I mean decimated. No complaints from the demonocrats or press when Obama was doing that to our military.


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