Mass Exodus From Fox News Following Shameful Election Coverage: Here’s What Ex-Viewers Are Saying

(Liberty Bell) – If you want to know what happens when any business completely betrays their base in favor of going along with the mainstream, establishment narrative, just take a look at the comments section of any post from Fox News or its anchors.

It’s a virtual bloodbath.

Now-former viewers are infuriated at the coverage that what was once known as the only conservative-leaning cable news network, the only 24-hour news channel where President Donald Trump and his supporters could get a fair shake.

No more.

Not only did anchor Chris Wallace give one of the worst and most biased debate performances of all time for the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but the Election Night coverage was so shameful, some even suspected them of trying to influence the election in Biden’s favor.

It’s not like leftists are about to start switching over to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, so what gives?

Breitbart John Nolte explains that “What should worry Fox above all is that they appear to have forever lost their core viewers, the people who were once the most loyal.”

“The backlash then went nuclear after Fox News maliciously and erroneously called Arizona for Joe Biden on Tuesday night — a state that is still too close to call,” he continues.

While Nolte thinks the channel has “stunk” for years, over the last few months it has gone from simply stinking to “out-and-out betrayal of its loyal viewers, especially with its presidential polls that are not simply incorrect, they are bald-faced lies.”

Well, viewers have had it.

On Saturday, anchor Brett Baer tweeted “Join me + @marthamaccallum tonight 8pmET on @FoxNews” and got absolutely scorched on Twitter.

Just take a look at the tweet and read the comments for yourself—they’re almost all negative, with many declaring that they stopped watching Fox and switched over to Newsmax or OANN for good on Election Night.

Some examples:

“Uh…no way! @newsmax @SchmittNYC ALL THE WAY!”

“That’s a big negative.”


“You have lost this loyal viewer! Trying to influence an outcome that is clearly not legitimate!”

“How about no! Done with Fox!!”

Juanita Broaddrick, I believe, speaks for many….

Copyright 2020.


  1. I stopped watching Fox the night they cut off Newt Gingrich for talking about George Soros. He was told he could not mention Soros name. Newt was saying Soros was paying for all the rioters, Antifa & BLM. They just shut him off.

  2. Hey JusticeforTrump! – It’s painfully obvious that you’re some kind of a leftist shill. Your posts are so f _ _king goofy and contrived that it’s readily apparent that your sole purpose is to just piss off the other commentators, each of whom have well-stated issues with the disappointing unraveling of FOX over the last few years. You, on the other hand, only display your inability to write a cogent sentence, and instead resort to the kind of crass verbiage usually reserved for schoolyard bullies or street thugs! Is somebody paying you to be a jerk? I’ve got a suggestion: why don’t you post your real name and address, so some burly friends of mine can pay you a visit? I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to change your political orientation.

    • Why don’t you put your name hypocrite so we can have you arrested for threatening people, you effing thug like your master Trump. You and Trump are losers, loser people, loser husbands, loser wives, loser sons, losers in business, losers in personality, both of you are losers in society, both white trash, only he is the anti-Christ that vicious nobodies like you absurdly called Obama. Get the eff off the site if you have to be a bully ahole.

  3. I agree with all comments above saying Fox News betrayed us Republicans. I thought it was the most fair news and turns out they are actually playing both sides. I stopped watching after they called Arizona for Biden soooo prematurely. I found Newsmax on my wow cable package. Does not have the big names or flashy back drops. It does have fair conservative news. Over 71 million people and there families that voted for President Trump should support Newsmax. Lets make them number 1 like we did Fox.

    • There is no fair conservative new on Newsmax, or OAN or Limbaugh, just biased information, with many lies, including crazy conspiracy theories

  4. Fox News, it used to be Shepard Smith who sort of lost his direction, but now, almost the whole network is dropping off the cliff. I enjoyed it until now, bit it is getting harder to keep from clicking you off.
    From the strictly financial point of view, you can be assured of ongoing support from the conservative corner of the country.
    Whatever you chose, I wish you continuing success.

  5. I never watched Fox News… Just Tucker, Hannity, Judge & Levin. The rest is not something I’m interested in. I like Ingram Angle and Waters & those 5 guys except for the democrat guy but all in all… News is crap no matter the channel these days! Stick with the knowledgeable winners! And don’t waste your time… You’re gonna NEED IT to get another job if Joe gets to “be” POTUS! He’ll tax you outta house & home!

    • You mean their I would think. You Trumpsters sure are ignorant cultists. Fox is Trump’s personal network, he has done countless interviews on there. Meanwhile Newsmax and OAN are the official Nazi Party networks, great choice you are making.

  6. We have watched Fox for over 17 Years and were deeply disappointed in the coverage of this election. I was shocked at how defensive Bret Bair was when scolded for calling Arizona for Biden when it was days too early! Also so saddened that Judge Jeanine is no longer on the air. Neal Cavuto really did an injustice by not allowing the press secretary to be aired when she was stating information we NEED to hear! Fox has changed and not for the better… no longer fair and balanced! We will no longer support this news organization as we have. We will only watch Tucker, Hannity, and Laura. Please Fox hear the voices of your once very loyal viewers! Linda and Dan G.

  7. It’s time for Tucker, Sean and Laura to move to Newsmax or better yet, start their own conservative network. That would but FNC on life support where it belongs. Chris Wallace should be unemployed, he’ a loser and a liar.

    • Agree, 100%. Fox is on the scale as cnn, msnbc,cbs, abc, and the rest of the socialist/communist news talk shows. I’m done with them.

    • Your master, your god, your Mobster-in-Chief got his ass kicked and the coward who is responsible for countless thousands of negligent homicides is a bully who won’t let go of his evil bullying and power.

  8. As long as Tucker, Hannity, Steve Hilton, Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney and a few others are on, I’ll watch those but everyone here see’s it right in my view. Watch them step back some as the ratings go down. Money talks. Biden lost, we all know it. Our side got censored & Fox wasn’t clean on that either.

  9. I watch the FIVE every day. If I’m going to be out I tape it
    JESSE is my favorite. Juan is TERRIBLE (get rid of him – he never says anything positive)
    Dana & Greg are good too
    I feel bad for FOX NEWS

    • Jesse is also my favorite and I agree with you on Juan. I have to mute the tv when he speaks or my husband goes ballistic! As for Dana I was greatly disappointed with her on election night. She was part of the team calling Arizona as early as they did! I really like Greg too! He’s really smart and I can’t imagine him moving over to the left!

  10. I stopped watching because of Juan and Donna and also Marie. What really broke the camel’s back was Election night when they called it for Biden in Arizona too soon. I am now with Newsmax. I only check in on Mark, Tucker and Laura. Like Katie P also

  11. 71 million loyal fans smelled a rat on election night as the voting machines abruptly stopped in six states with Trump ahead, and what was Fox doing ? They were arguing about calling Arizona for Biden at 1 %.
    We quickly figured out that Trump had been set up and the fix was in. After all, a few nights later ,Martha was wearing a blue dress as she and Bret and all the other media outlets declared Biden our President Elect. Then Martha goes on gushing about Kamala Harris and we all in our individual homes grabbed the remote and found OAN and NewsMax and never looked back.

    • I agree with you on that call. Martha is probably one of the most left leaning on Fox right now. “Spanking” Judge Janine, at least twice, tells you where the …holes who are now running Fox are headed – OUT OF BUSINESS !

    • You are part of the far right lunatics, the Democrats voted by mail and Republicans wanted all those votes counted after the same day votes. You need to understand current events and you won’t watching Fox or reading these right wing rag sites.

  12. I would add a few others I would like to see jump ship: Jesse Watters, Emily Compagno, Katie Pavlich and, for fun, Greg Gutfeld. Other than most already mentioned, the rest are sheeples who should stay on Fox.

  13. Sharon, you have choices, try OAN (One America News), or Newsmax, great conservative american stations. You are correct when you say that the media has become communist, China has made a ton of headway in our nation in the past 40 years, hence why so many dems and rinos and the media and the educational systems all hate Trump, they know he will expose them! China has bought and paid for many people in our nation.
    When I try to post this they say that I have already said this and I haven’t, what is going on?????

  14. Sharon, you have choices, try OAN (One America News), or Newsmax, great conservative american stations. You are correct when you say that the media has become communist, China has made a ton of headway in our nation in the past 40 years, hence why so many dems and rinos and the media and the educational systems all hate Trump, they know he will expose them! China has bought and paid for many people in our nation.

  15. Many formerly great Foxnews hosts became liberal Democrats the day the Republicans passed state and local tax reform in the federal tax law. The rich, in liberal states, for years, got away with massive tax breaks at the expense of low tax well run states. The spoiled Fox millionaires, living in New York and New Jersey, didn’t like their taxes fairly going up instead of their lifestyle!!

  16. As a loyal FOX NEWS watcher since the beginning I remember the slogan they repeated over and over and over: “We Report – You Decide.”
    Looks like those days are over.
    Now there slogan must be “We Report – We Decide.”
    Well not for me you don’t.
    I don’t need the chubby little Leftist Neil Cavuto deciding for me what I should see and what I should hear. I wanted to hear Kayleigh McEnany’s statement but Cavuto said no. He decided I shouldn’t see or hear it because he didn’t agree with what she was saying.
    FOX NEWS will NEVER be on any TV in my house ever again.
    I will miss Tucker and Levin but they will survive and eventually leave that cesspool and all the liars that populate it.
    It’ll be nice not having to listen to the likes of Donna Brazile or Marie Harf anymore.
    NEWSMAX is where I go now along with OAN where they tell the truth.

  17. I no longer watch any Fox programs !! I now watch OAN ! Tucker, Hannity, and others are all traitors unless they all come out and condemn Fox !!!!!

  18. Mike L.

    I fully agree with the comments from many who were willing to post them. Many of my friends including myself are very much disgusted with the direction Fox has taken in the last few months and have been watching OAN and Newsmax for some time.. As mentioned previously, Fox’s decision to hire Donna B who has no credibility, integrity or honesty due to her performance in the 2016 debates, along with her unscrupulous actions , by providing questions to Hillary Clinton is just appalling. She is not creditable in any way and just takes way from fair reporting. Chris Wallace’s performance during the recent debate, was just awful and among the worst I’ve witnessed in a debate moderator. Fox’s Martha McCallum used to be very creditable, but her whole style has changed for the worse, not allowing her guests to complete their thoughts before abrupt interruptions and less than honorable manners. Sad for Fox and I hope soon to be lower ratings will be a wake up call for Fox who is falling to the doldrums much like their competitors CNN,MSNBC,NBC. We along with many have gone to OAN and Newsmax in big numbers who have provided honest news reporting.

    Shame on you Fox for losing your once coveted and esteemed position and falling to the level you are now earning, among corrupt news organizations.

    Very sad.

  19. FOX has forgotten what built it into a powerhouse. The Owner’s kids are liberal and running it into the ground. Won’t be long before Tucker, Hannity & Ingram are silenced just like Judge Jeanne. MSM glad to see their opposition come in line.

  20. Fox is owned by the main stream media – always has been. My theory is the reason for the conservatives like Tucker is to prevent another non-owned channel to carry the conservatives and that would be out of their control. F fox. OAN and Now Newsmax seem to be the only honest news sources. There are individuals like Ben Swan at ISE.MEDIA and Jon Rappoport from nomorefakenews that are must watches. We need a real honest news channel free from MSM for all good people, but it might be too late.

  21. I don’t have OAN or NEWSMAX on Direct TV. Can someone tell me where I go to pick them up or can I only get them on the internet??? My husband and I have watched only FOX for years but lately they have been leaning more and more to the left and we are done supporting that!!! I think they have Ron Williams on the 5 to show that they are fair and balanced, but he has nothing to say that means anything, so it’s just a sham.

  22. I have a few favorites on FOX, but I don’t watch FOX unless it’s them. I can’t stand Chris Wallace. He is nothing like his father.
    The network owner/partners Murdock’s wife posted her glee Biden won, and they hired never-Trumper-Ryan.
    I don’t know how TV networks determine ratings; no one has ever ‘surveyed’ me. I am clueless about how they know who is watching, but I guess their advertisers do.
    Vote with dollars. That’s their god. Stop spending money on them in any way you can find and they will eventually get the message.

  23. Murdochs were never good people, neither is Paul Ryan the traitor and liar. ABC/Disney ruined ESPN and destroyed their newsroom credibility (imagine the loss of value in ESPN for shareholders). Now your ass of a host cuts off Kayleigh? Cavuto is now the arbiter of what you can hear?
    He should work for Twitter or Facebook. I’m loyal to Tucker, Laura and Hannity. My favorite of all time is Mark Levin. Now you fire Piro? OANN and Newsmax for me. Patriot channel on radio. Bye Bye FOX!

    • You’re right, Murdoch is a Hitler type person, a far right winger, his children aren’t as conservative but when you have a line up of Ingraham, Carlson, Pirro, the Five, the Morning Idiots and Hannity and that isn’t enough than you are also a Hitler type person. And Mark Levin is Jewish and with his right wing ideology is a traitor to America and all Jews.

  24. I so agree with the above comments. I have to say I really like the crew on Greg Guttfield, and love The New Revolution as well as Levin. I also like most of the regular anchors and guests, Bongino, Perrino,Tammy Bruce, and some others I can’t think of their names. I will miss all the old crew and hate it that the left-leaning ones mentioned in comments above have soured so many of us on Fox. So glad we have two REAL conservative stations to turn to.

  25. The very last straw was Neil Camuto yesterday! That after being upset Saturday when I turned on to watchJudge Jeanine only to find out her show had been canceled and she as suspended . Wow it didn’t take long for all of them to take off the masks. I had already stopped watching Outnumbered because of the disrespect with which they treated wet Gringuich (spe?), also Kennedy was extremely wrong when she compared Guliani with Christopher Steele, of all people, because of the Hunter laptop, the difference being the laptop has been confirmed to be Hunter’s. No one from Fox apologized in either case. Love Tucker, Sean and Laura, also Greg Gutfeld. No more reliance on Fox for the news.

  26. I would love to comment. HEY Disney, let me tell you that Walt is TURNING OVER IN HIS GRAVE at how you have scorched his legacy. #1 SUPPORTING INFANTICIDE…seems pretty freakin stupid to vote for killing your customers on the day they are born. #2 YOU are responsible for RUINING the once very respected ABC News and ABC Programming. #3 YOU have made sports damn near unwatchable on ESPN #4 And now, you have just set a blaze, one of your most successful brands mind you, with FOX NEWS and you hurt a lot of God Loving, American Patriots that work there. You hurt a lot of loyal, PRESIDENT TRUMP LOVING citizens. But then, that was the point right? You hate one man, who has done more good FOR THIS COUNTRY in his sleep that any of you bastards have done in your lifetime, so much, that you will help destroy America with these leftist Marxist? SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!


  27. I quit Fox as well. I enjoy Tucker, Hannity, Laura,Levin, Pirro, and Gutfield. Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, Donna Brazile, Bret, all are traitors and belong on CNN or MSNBC.
    Too bad they use to be on my TV every day. Now I watch OAN and Newsmax.
    I cannot believe after Disney took over the shift in the direction to the left.
    I hope the good ones leave and maybe come over to the Trump News Network. They really did not think that Trump would fade and go away did they!

  28. Good grief! I read every comment. Each and every one of you obviously paid no attention to grade school grammar and punctuation. I do not consider myself the “grammar police” but reading many of these comments is painful. Have any of you tried your spell checker? Would help somewhat. I wish there was also a punctuation checker.

  29. Why does FOX employ people like Juan, Donna Brazil, and others who are clearly very leftist to their very core. They are caustic and belong on radical left news outlets where they can spread their fake left message. I guess FOX must view Republican voters as deplorables now that they embrace the Democratic Party and seem to be trying to help their agenda with the exception of Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingram, and Jeanine Piro. So for most former FOX loyal viewers FOX died and is no longer relevant to Republican viewers.

  30. The most alarming sign that Fox was going into the tank was the hiring of Donna Brazile! I still cannot believe they actually did that, because it was tantamount to hiring Omar as a priest.

    • FOX is owned by an extreme leftist, Rupert Murdoch and they recently allowed Rand Paul the RINO on their board. He’s been a Trump hater since day 1. Juan sucks, Chris Wallace belongs on CNN and they constantly have Buttigieg on spreading his lies and BS several nights a week. Unlike when Conservatives are on the Fake News channels and are challenged whenever they speak favorably for Trump, no one on FOX ever challenges anyone, other than Martha. The only real Conservative news station left is NEWSMAX. Hopefully Laura Ingram, Tucker, Judge Jeanine and Hannity will leave FAUX and move to NEWSMAX. I can’t even watch FOX anymore. It has been going anti-Trump since the first of the year and now I think they’re at the point of no return.

    • I agree, that was the moment for me. Prior to Brazille being hired, I could tell there was a shift, but I gave it time and discovered OAN, but fox continued to go towards the left more and more, especially when they allow juan williams to use the hateful rhetoric that is favored by him. My husband was a watcher of fox
      , and I would go in the other room and watch OAN while he watched fox, then I found Newsmax and I was in heaven, I had 2 honest news programs to watch. But I ramble, the point is, I was very loyal to fox, until they weren’t loyal in turn,. Now, after the wallace debate debacle, and then with them calling Arizona for biden on election night, we now watch OAN and Newsmax together, they succeeded in losing him also.

    • This Art calls Murdoch an extreme leftist, obviously he is another very ignorant person, Murdoch is a far right winger, right out of Nazi ideology as is Trump and many of his racist supporters. Pam thinks OAN has fair news people, obviously they don’t, they are at least as far right as Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham and even Pirro and Levin.

  31. Very, very disappointed in Fox News. Neil should not have cut away from McEnenny. That was a CNN move. Goodbye Neil. I enjoy Tucker, Hannity, Laura and Harris Faulkner. Even they won’t make me stay with Fox News. They were on almost all the time at my house. Now, no more than 2 minutes.

  32. Was a bunch of interviews for CNN positions.
    The election is rigged and now Fox is complicent…Hope Tucker, Hannity and LaurA Ingrahm split before they are beheaded!
    The cold War in America is going to warm up!

  33. And what about Shannon Briem or whoever the hell she is! What what what is going on here Trace we already called it! Caught on hot Mic! We the people choose our President and the electors certify not you the media people who think you are better than everyone else! DISCUSTING!!!! DONE will watch Hannity , Pirro , Tucker only!

    • Sharon, you have choices, try OAN (One America News), or Newsmax, great conservative american stations. You are correct when you say that the media has become communist, China has made a ton of headway in our nation in the past 40 years, hence why so many dems and rinos and the media and the educational systems all hate Trump, they know he will expose them! China has bought and paid for many people in our nation.

    • Yes sharon. As pam has stated. Excellent news channels. Some opinionated but they say they are before there shows. But their news isnt opinionated.

  34. I agree with all you say!!!! I to like Tucker Hannity and Laura and of course Judge Jennine Would love to know more about OAN I watch Newsmax great channel

  35. I have been a loyal watcher of of FOX news for the last fiive years watching them become more leftist leaning during that time! Their antics lately is just more than i can stand ! I have now switched permanently to OAN !

  36. Jeff Bezos is owns part of the Fox parent company and it took no time at all for him to destroy Fox News as he did Washington post! Makes sense huh! Farewell Fox News and business. I sure won’t miss you you are traitors to the truth! Sean Ingraham and Tucker flee their clutches and find a better venue. Ta Ta! No friend of mine!!!!

  37. I too am disappointed. I will only tune in to the true conservative supporters like Hannity and judge pirro and the like .
    Why does fox put on Juan and the other crooked commentator that gave Hillary the Questions to make her look good in the debates? She has no business being on ever again.
    If CNN had conservatives on regularly , ok then I can see having a like amount of liberals.

  38. Oh my gosh, I totally agree with all of the above. We believed in you, Fox. We thought you had our President’s back and the American people’s backs. BUT YOU DID NOT have anybody’s back but your own. YOU betrayed us. You betrayed Our leader, Donald J. Trump. You betrayed our United States of America. It is no longer your America. How can you live with who you have become? I will continue to pray for you. I pray you find your way back before it’s too late. Tucker, the judge, Hannity, and Ingram, y’all continue to stay true and fight for our America. We still believe in y’all. The rest, I will continue to pray for you but it’s with a very sad and heavy heart. God continue to bless all of us. Even those who have deserted our America, our President Trump, and the truth.

  39. Some George Soros “mole” must have infiltrated or penetrated FNC somewhere along the line during the campaign. How else can one describe Fox’s seemingly abrupt switch from center-right to center-left (?) in ideology and reportage?

    • Early 2009 following the election of Obama, Glen Beck had a daily show on Fox. I remember Beck telling his audience about a meeting that had occurred between the Murdocks and Soros and Soros’associates. Murdock apparently was told by Soros
      that Fox needed to get on board with the other networks or be left behind; the ship
      was sailing.

    • It was far right and now is still far right except for a few people with integrity like Cavuto, Juan Williams, and Wallace.

  40. I join the millions of other conservatives who have been faithful to Fox for years!
    I will only continue to watch Tucker, Hannity and Laura Ingraham. If those 3 left Fox, there would not be anything left worth watching. I hope those 3 see this landslide coming and get the hell out while they are still loved by their base!! Conservatives will NEVER forget this betrayal by Fox.

    Marlette Cullen

  41. Bye bye FOX!! Watched you for years.
    Switched to NewsMax! After debate I switched channels every time Wallace was on. Now can’t stand Martha or Brett. It’s like breaking up with a friend! Time for me to go!!!!

  42. Fox News has been going down hill for several months. After election night and call for Biden win, we dumped them and went to Newsmax. Could not stand Chris Wallace, Juan or Donna B. We wonder if traitor Paul Ryan who is on Board has had an effect or even if George Soros is involved. We are watching Newsmax and will only watch Tucker, Shawn and Laura as long as they report news and stay fair. Otherwise, suggest they go to Newsmax. Brett, Neil, Martha have become anti Trump, fake news commentators. No better than the other fake news that they have criticized. My husband emailed several days ago and no response. I have contacted publisher of local newspaper for their AP left leaning news and will be dumping them. We conservatives have got to take a stand before we lose our once great America.

  43. They have always been wolves in sheeps clothing. Not even disguised for a good while. It is about greed and liberal approval. The dollar, power and an ideology drives them all. Just like the me too movement. People are just grease for their Grist Mill. They have sold their souls and don’t even know it.

  44. I agree with all of the above comments. AND I just heard that they fired Judge Jeannine Pirro ! She’s tough, honest, and Correct in everything she says and does. What the hell is wrong with those owners (whose father left them in charge)? I guess I’ll quit FOX as well. I think, by the way they’re going, that one at a timeTucker, Shawn, and Laura are next. Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and Donna Brazil will be kept on while the station turns further and further left. Too bad.

  45. Very disappointed with Fox coverage! Wallace and Williams were their usual pathetic selves! Very surprised with Baer and McCallum and their tainted slant for Biden! Mishkin and cronies had it out for Trump! “You” don’t speak for the 71,000,000 Trump voters! Even Gore had 30+ days to get fair tallying in 2000. Carlson, Hannity, Ingram can do better elsewhere. Goodbye Fox!

  46. I always watched fox news it so sad they now have changed their agenda,,Bret baer and martha mccallum really showed their bias….I will not watch fox again so sad because i really trusted them to give the truth on all levels. I will miss a few of them but when they cancelled Jeanne Piros show that was it. This election is not over yet and will not accept anything until its proven the Democrats didn’t interfere . Then and only then will the american people trust the vote again…We knew there was something fishy with all the mail in ballots. I vote by mail legally I signed up for mail in voting…like I said if the recounts show there was no hanky panky so be it. Again i trusted Fox news to be fair and honest.unbaised but they now have caved …If this is not cleared up any election iwill not be trusted. Do not sweep this election under the rug they have proof
    dead people voted ,,etc….So quite saying no proof. Jeanne Pirro should of been able to have her show on voter fraud. I am so frustrated with everyone and do not trust anyone I want American back not these people who want to socialize America..
    Ill close with if all the legal actions and recounts show everything on the up and up
    will accept the outcome whatever it is. But I will not watch Fox news!!!!!!!!!!

    • I knew something was up when for so many years we used the electronic voting booths and this year they made us do paper voting.

  47. We need Hannity and Tucker and Laura andJudge Jeanine need to go to Newsmax. I hate any open else at Fox. They betrayed the country.

  48. I was one of the loyal FOX watchers who stuck with them through thick and thin. No more, I’m done with them forever. When the liberal commies took over from the elders, I didn’t think they would last and I continued to watch Donna Brazil, Juan Williams and that POS Chris Wallace. Now the main stream fox people have become lefties too, towing the line for the brass. Screw them I’m gone for good. Newsmax for me.

    • Are you part of the nazi party. You must love Ingraham and Levin, they are also far right wingers ala Hitler.

  49. I agree I have been watching FOX for a very long time, but after watching Chris Wallace on the debate I lost it,he treated Biden with kid gloves and treated Trump like the enemy, it was all one sided.
    Also When Neal broke away from Kaylee that did it.
    It looks like they’re joining CNN
    I like listening to Tucker and Sean but I don’t know how long they will be there

    • Wallace gave Trump chances to be civilized but Trump is an uncivilized thug like many of his followers, blame Trump for being an insane vicious bully.

  50. I only watch Carlson, Hannity and Ingram any more. I’ve even gotten tired of The Five. That stupid Juan, all you hear is this poll says this and this poll says that, what poll is my question. He’ll never say, because it’s his opinion and no poll. And I’m getting tired of them allowing to lie and say the people think or are saying. How does he know what I think or say. And who is he to think he can talk for me. I’d just once would love to see one of the others just shut him up once.

    • I am surprised by the more I see Juan Williams the more he shows his low IQ. He just can’t form his own opinions based on the facts that are known.


    • All those people you like on Fox shout out lies and conspiracy theories, they belong in the sewer with their effing lies, just like Trump was impeached for dishonest acts.

  52. Totally agree. I was a Fox fan since it began and I now refuse to turn to that channel. I will miss Tucker but I can live without him.

  53. AFTER NIEL DECIDING WHAT WE SHOULD HEAR… AND after years of the morning news.. and lately thinking fox news has changed and become LEANING LIBERAL.. We
    are gone… only OAN , local news.. and just started NEWSMAX.. if we wanted liberal only we could go to CNN… NEVER go there… Goodbye Fox News.. will miss Pete


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