Mark Levin Brutally Exposes The Real Reason The Dems Are Impeaching Trump

(Liberty Bell) – There are a lot of reasons why the Democrats want to impeach Trump, and none of them have anything to do with wrongdoing on the part of the president, that’s for sure.

But radio host Mark Levin may have touched up on the biggest reason that they’re trying to thwart the Trump presidency however they can.

They’re desperate to prevent him from getting another Supreme Court pick, which would ensure that his legacy would continue for decades.

Levin shared a conversation that he’d had with his neighbor about how the Democrats are could refuse to vote for any justice that is selected by an “impeached president.”

Could this be the real secret?

“A neighbor of mine came up to me … and said something that was quite profound,” said Levin. “He said to me, ‘I’m convinced one of the reasons they’re impeaching the president is the Supreme Court.’ I said, really? What do you mean by that?”

“‘Well, the president has less than 11 months to go,’” Levin’s neighbor responded. “‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears to be very ill.’”

“‘Should she have to leave the bench, by hook or by crook, they want to be able to say that not only will we not allow this president or, for that matter, any Supreme Court Justice in the remaining — whatever number of months — of his presidency, but we will never allow an impeached president to appoint anybody else to the Supreme Court, whether he wins reelection or not.’”

Levin said that he’d agreed with his neighbor that this was one of the principal causes of the Democrats’ impeachment efforts and why they decided to go for it knowing full well the Senate was entirely guaranteed to acquit him in the blink of an eye.

Nancy Pelosi, who is sitting on the articles of impeachment and refusing to send them over to the Senate until they comply with her questionably constitutional demands, could also be trying to delay the trial to give her party more chances to issue subpoenas and come up with something else they can try to use against Trump.

Levin also recently noted that with the precedent that the Democrats are setting with this sham impeachment will allow for any future president to be impeached.

The Democrats are fools!


  1. Thank God, the Senate has complete control of approving Supreme Court Nominees. The Republicans are finally growing a pair and are not bashful about standing up to the democrats. Wonder where that came from? If something happens to RBG or another democrat leaning Justice, the President will nominate a replacement and the Senate, using the Nuclear Option will approve that nominee, end of story.

  2. I read that Chelsea Clinton is married to Soros’ grandson or something. Time is telling us a lot. Go after Soros. Freeze his assets and punish those who have any kind of money transactios with him. Brussells already has because they deemed him a threat to national security.

  3. It’s not only Buzzy G. Thomas and Breyer could retire and Sodemayer is not in good health either. The mere specter of this scenario terrifies the Left. Stay strong, remain resolute and be patient. MAGA is a winner!

  4. Like a two sided coin; hate and anger on one side; (a cover=up for) fear and exposer
    of corruptive actions on the other side !

    • Yes, we have hate and anger on the left, but no coverup, fear or corruption on the other side. You have the wrong president in mind. The corrupt, criminal one was the Indonesian who occupied our White House for 8 years, and is even guilty of murder! NEVER FORGET BENSHAZI!!

  5. If mark Levin’s neighbor is correct, there may be a viable solution. I think it was Rush Limbaugh who said that if Pelosi withholds the articles of impeachment from the Senate then all McConnell has to do is call for a vote to dismiss and the Chief Justice signs off on it. Hope they do it soon.

    • He got caught exposing the bidens get it right and yes mark is right. I hope it goes to court and trump impeaches lair schiff and him along with his cronies all go to prison.

    • Bernard Kreiger, spruce up on your reading comprehension skills; then you’ll realize POTUS Trump did nothing wrong to deserve impeachment. But you’ll soon learn that our Justice System will not be kind to many corrupt Democrats that will soon be justly convicted of many serious crimes requiring penalties and jail time!

    • He didn’t get caught at anything, you idiot! He did nothing wrong! There was only one of schiffty’s witnesses who actually had first hand information, and he very plainly said the President said NO QUID PRO QUO was what he wanted!! You dems and not only EVIL, but STUPID, too!!

  6. Trump doesn’t and didn’t owe Ukraine military aid. That is a gift, a privilege to receive from the American people. Joe Biden is not exempt from being investigated of crimes the he admitted to just because he has decided to run for President. President Trump has every right to demand investigations into corruption in a country before we give them a dime of taxpayers money. Why shouldn’t the American people know if Biden is guilty of the very crime they accuse Trump of. So if we will impeach the current President for the very crime Biden openly boasts that he himself is guilty of then how can Biden even run for office? Ukraine also openly admits to corruption and election meddling in 2016. Is everyone on the left and I. The media Deaf, dumb, and blind? No, they are just corrupt liars! If Biden is elected he should be impeached on Inauguration Day. How about that discussion?

    • Here here glad to read the hole truth but you left one thing out, the bidens took millions of embizzeled money we the american people gave to Ukraine that my friend is a big crime that needs to be looked into.

    • This can’t be true, old Hillary, is out of the game now, for darn sure, she never had a chance before, and certainly not now, for pity sakes, lady!

    • Maybe they do not care who wins, as long as it is a Democrap. Our President has cut out a very high percentage of the graft and free-bees the Democraps and RINOs had been receiving before he was elected. Just look at how many of them become millionaires in their first two years in Congress. Then look at the political appointees.

  7. Impeachment means trial. Nothing else. When you impeach someone you are taking that person to court, that is all that means. It just sounds bad.Even if the person is found guilty they can remain in office just like Clinton. I agree with Mark Levin on this one. Because that’s the only excuse the Dems. need to prevent Trump from appointing another Supreme court justice. That in its self should scare us,because we can see what is really wrong with our justice system and how the different parties are trying to control it for own benefit.

  8. A Common misnomer,Dems DON’T hate Trump,they fear him.,for their traitorous activities. See Hillories Massive Meltdown of OCT 18 2016″If that f…ing bastard wins,we all will hang from nooses” 3yrs ago.On tape, multiple sources,utube ,quoted Hillory..fear of exposure.Indictment of her will get them all.She’ll sell them all out to save herself.She is the instigator at the center of it all.BUT not mentioned.


  10. If it is so important to protect and hide the “whistleblower” AKA Adam Schiff, because he is an agent for the CIA, then why was it not important to protect Carter Pages identity during the Russian hoax FBI/Muller investigation? Did Schiff or anyone in Congress raise any concerns for protecting his identity due to the nature of his job? Keep in mind that his name was all over the news before and during the Muller investigation even though they knew and covered up that he was working for the CIA! But we have to hide the whistleblower for his own safety? But wait, isn’t there a law that protects whistleblowers from retaliation already? Yes! So how is the whistleblower endangered by questioning by the Republicans if it is done in a secret closed door meeting, non televised, in the basement of the Capitol? He should be called as a witness by the Senate and if they can’t meet with the Whistleblower then this whole thing is a proven LIE, sham, witch hunt etc…. get this to Mitch McConnell to raise as a televised talking point and make the Dems provide the “whistleblower” to the Senate for questioning. Schiff can’t hide the Whistleblower now that this rest in the Senate and the Dems are DEMANDING a continuation of the trial and more witnesses. Give us the “whistleblower” Or you the Democrats are hiding something from the American people, not the President! Schiff is the F’ing whistleblower. He is a liar. It’s all made up. Call their bluff!
    They won’t do it! And if they don’t then the Senate has every right to not hear any witnesses. IF THEY WANT A TRIAL THEN THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW ALL THE RULES INCLUDING RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED
    “the right to confront witnesses against you”

    • Why should it matter if they have the “whistleblower” testify? All that has been attributed to him is simply “hearsay” testimony. Hearsay is not admissible in courts of law.

  11. You can’t impeach Trump, without the Republicans! Even if you did manage to impeach President Trump, He would just keep on doing great things for Americans, and wear that impeachment like a badge of courage with us behind him! Obama who?

  12. Eric Holder was running guns for the SLA, the domestic terrorist group in the 70’s who kidnapped Patty Hearst, and committed armed bank robberies! Now Holder thinks he’s somebody because he was that Kenyan, Obama’s Attorneys General. Holder worked for America’s first UNCONSTITUTIONAL POTUS! Holder ran guns for Obama, and don’t you think that the entire FBI is behind you, Holder! You are nothing but a glorified hood rat!

  13. All the while Dems and VP Biden had oversight of China they made millions while China continued to destroy our manufacturing, farming and steal our intellectual property. In addition they did nothing to fix NAFTA! Dems had their chance but instead got rich and screwed America. TRUMP 2020! VOTE RED Senate, Congress, State and Local 2020!

  14. It is time, for a call to arms! You can’t reason with fools! The DNC wants the Power, but they are idiots! I’m ready to WAR!

  15. WE THE PEOPLE, run this damn Country! The DNC thinks they do! WE THE PEOPLE, have been through this before, and we will damn sure do it again! Nancy Pelosi, you antiquated female dog, you are about to open a can of worms you can’t close! WE WILL FIGHT A WAR, TO STOP YOU!

    • Speaker Pelosi should be impeached for abuse of Power with this Sham Impeachment. My biggest concern is how long we the Patriots would put up with this attempt to have a coup of our duly elected President Trump. Nancy Pelosi don’t have a clue in how bad this can turn. I pray for the best.

  16. The DNC has gone too far! They think that because they say over, and over, that President Trump, committed crimes that the People will believe them! The People are tired of the liars, and hypocrites, in the DNC making up trash as they go! What the People want is a Government who obeys the Constitution, and doesn’t try to alter it to suit their coup attempts! They lie about caring about their oath of office and they act like a bunch of idiots with no class! The People are ready for CWII.

    • Hillary operates on the premise that the ‘rank & file’ Demon base are stupid and easily manipulated. She is correct on this one thing. What the ‘rank & file’ fail to grasp is that they will whine and snivel and say “WHAT HAPPENED”! The NWO crowd wants a population reduction. If THEY get into power the population reduction will speed up.

  17. Ha, well that could be one reason. Which by the way, I would applaud. Sadly this is not the main reason. Sometimes it just is what it is….. I guess no one told this guy that you really do need a reason or two for impeachment. If future Presidents choose to ignore our constitution or break laws, or abuse their power, or simply ignore a 3rd branch of government asking for answers, well then let them impeach. So many willing to look the other way for the sake of their party. That my friend is shameful!

    • What is shameful is treasonous Democrats who do as they damn well please, and no body puts a boot in their ass for it!

    • You are right on one thing, you brainwashed “useful idiots” of the left “look the other way” with your self imposed ignorance! The two “articles” they used to “impeach” are not viable articles to impeach. When are you brainwashed zombies going to hear the real truth rather than the propaganda rhetoric by MSM?

  18. The DNC is a criminal organization with an Un-elected leader, George Soros leads the DNC and everyone knows it! Then you have Ayers, Dorn, Holder, all three, domestic-terrorists, and they manufactured Obama! Harvard is known as the elite-educational, entity in the United States, they are quoted daily in commercials and everyone acknowledges them as such! Harvard has Obama listed as Kenya Born and Indonesia Raised! The DNC knowingly supported a foreign born individual for POTUS! It’s the DNC who should be wearing the black eye, and everyone should be saying we will not allow such a bunch of treasonous, traitors to impeach anyone!
    Who the hell do they think they are? They can’t just make up things to impeach any POTUS! Why aren’t we fighting back on the criminal DNC? Obama sent teams of Lawyers to Israel to interfere with their election! HRC, and BHO, rigged their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election! Biden bragged about holding up taxpayer funds for Ukraine! This is insanity, the left, actually does the crimes they falsely blame the President for!

  19. Bottomline A house that is divided will not stand. In other words America will get weaker and weaker with the corruptions and fights of the two parties!!!

    • Jesus taught in parables, he was speaking to his disciples about serving 2 masters, and said, “a house divided will not stand!”

  20. Don’t underestimate what the radical Democrats are up to. They don’t care what facts are presented. They have mega dollars behind them and this is not a game to them. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide.

    • Watched it and yup they have a seriously dangerous agenda that can bring us all down !!!
      Don’t let them win !!!
      Arm your selfs and get ready !!!
      They have really thrown gas on the fire in Virginia!!!! It could begin there !!!

  21. All I know is everyone screaming about the call has personal or their family has skin in this taxpayers cash for Ukrainian gas! Pelosi’s is protecting her family not our future!

    • Exactly right. A case of CYA.
      The were in shock when Hillary lost, especially since they had the election rigged on so many levels. In their minds, there was no way that she could possibly lose.
      Then they crapped their pants out of fear that Trump would uncover the DEEP corruption of previous Administration’s eight years of lying, cheating and stealing.
      After the results rolled in on Election Night, November 2016, Hillary was too busy raging to show her face to her supporters (I can’t comprehend how anyone with open eyes and ears could possibly support her) on stage, so she sent out that perverted demon, John Podesta. She threw a vase across the room which landed on Bill’s face and shrieked, “If I’m going down, you’re all coming with me.”
      That is not the statement of an innocent person.

    • You are right on one thing, you brainwashed “useful idiots” of the left “look the other way” with your self imposed ignorance! The two “articles” they used to “impeach” are not viable articles to impeach. When are you brainwashed zombies going to hear the real truth rather than the propaganda rhetoric by MSM?

  22. Supreme Court appointment could be one reason but the real reason is that President Trump does not have a globalist mindset in alignment with the objectives of the Learned Elders of Zion. Globalists want to destroy this country in order to set up a one-world government.

  23. When they impeached Trump for not allowing any of his workers to testify and then expect him to not to stop the other 4 requested of them from testifying in the Senate, this shows us all how looney these liberals really are. Presidential power to do this is the law.

    • They think that they have the numbers to pull it off! Consider the fact that the Islamist’s want a One World Government with the Qur’an as the ‘rule book’s! The globalist’s want One World Government and both want a smaller population. I can’t figure out if it is two groups or one group. If it’s two then one group is encouraging and allowing the terrorism set the stage for the other group to come in and “save” the day. The Demon’s just might have the numbers because of all the Muslim’s that have been allowed and encouraged to emigrate here.

    • Yes, they are looney, C, Clifton.

      You made an excellent point; one I had not considered.
      Thank you for expanding my thoughts on their corruption.

  24. Helen, your story has too many Dems to be believable. Dem running against a Demo, who died. But nobody let this be known, so he could be replaced by a Demo. SMH

    • So that the dead Dem who won could be replaced by the Dem of their choosing who, apparently, wasn’t the Dem who ran against him.

  25. The only thing I’m having a hard time with is, why is it taking so long to put Comey, Clinton, Obumerang, Strzok, Clapper, or the entire Obumerang administration for that fact, in jail for treason. With all this information coming out, it should be a slam dunk !!

    • Political theater sponsored by the Demon’s and RINO’s! Again, Trump refuses to be part of that game! If our laws were enforced, the Demon’s wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance!

  26. I agree with Levin’s neighbor. I think that is why Senator Graham wants to end it quickly. Senator McConnell is our Presidents best ally right now. Leave it to the senate to decide. I am sure they already have it figured out. As for RBG, it ain’t over till it’s over. She made it thru 2019. She can make it another 10 months. Have faith in our duly elected President. He is not going down. He is not going to let us down. PRAY !!!!!

  27. All of you people need to take a closer look at what is happening. Half of you on this site is probably two weeks from being poor. Your president is only making sure that his family is wealthy the rest of their lives. He could care less about any of you.. He already said that. The man is old and can barely remember his own name and lies and you all are backing up what???? There’s nothing in it for you guys so get over it and vote for someone else that can take us all somewhere. We are suppose to be a rich country not… only a few rich people.

    • Wrong you lier he does not need any more money, in fact, remember he is not even taking a paycheck but your lord and savior Obama sure did she got rich of our sweat!

    • Life forms like you were born without merit, worth, value, morals, honor, or integrity.
      you have lied, cheated and begged for handouts for 50 years.
      The only answer for you is to by weapons and ammo, you are unikely to get to the next election before the civil war starts.

    • My oh my. Here is an example of a nasty case of rich-envy. You say “Trump is “only making sure his family is wealthy the rest of their lives”. This notion is the basis for your entire political philosophy. Don’t you realize how utterly inane is this comment? Do you actually think that Trump’s fortune is threatened if his political agenda is successful? If so the only possible logic you could be following is the country should be electing a government that would confiscate the wealth of people. That makes you a communist, and you may have heard that communism kills innocent people. And in the end the last thing you would be worried about is rich people.

    • Obviously socialistic argument. Destroy the economic system and impoverish the population. Then move forward, to the rescue, with your desired system. They will be desperate for hope and relief from poverty, and accepting of your alternative. Violence is acceptable to establish and maintain the new order. This has be utilized for nearly all marxist-oriented countries. You are only paraphrasing Alinsky’s plan. The ground work was well established by Obama.

    • Where do you get your information from? This president don’t have to make his family rich, they worked for their money. Do you know this President donate his salary to different charities. Get the facts on the past president and his administration and follow the money. Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, McCains, Romney, Maxie Walters, let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi, just to name a few, they were all broke at one time, now they are all Millionaires and Billionaires. They all care more about Power and Money over what’s good for the people and this country. The Washington swamp is so corrupted that it would take President Trump several terms to uncover it all.

    • Oh please! Refusing to see the facts just makes you part of the problem. Or you know the facts and your job is obfuscation, denial, and distraction! We do know better, so stop wasting your energy!

    • Just another deranged CNN troll ! People like you need help !
      Your sick
      Wanting to collapse our economy
      Unsafe Open borders
      Healthcare for everyone including illegals ie murderers, rapists and drug dealers !!!! Seriously??? Are you that stupid!!!
      You arseholes woke up the Republican Party and I hope you pay the price !!!!

    • Avoid the MSM; it’s bad for your brain, as it makes those who listen less intelligent. Their M.O. is to brainwash
      and, sadly, it’s working.

      It’s bad for your mental health, as well, as they try to create hysteria. Their tally of Trump’s lies is totally bogus because they include Trump’s opinions as lies.
      Their have their viewers’ heads spinning because “nothing is fair” and they want everything and everyone to be equitable, which sets people up to believe that Socialism is the answer. It’s not the answer; Socialism is the antithesis of the founding of these United States of America.

    • Your either snorting or shooting up. You are a MIND numbing FREAK. IF YOU DON’T LIKE LIVING. DON’T BE CASUALTY .GET HELP.

  28. Justices are justices many think on their own as they should. Maybe the real reason for this impeachment is a diversion and a smokescreen for the true corruption of the democrats and possibly some republicans as well?
    It seems to be beginning to become exposed- all of the crimes of the CIA FBI and DOJ and it probably includes many of the congressmen and their families and goes all the way to the top including Obama Biden and Clinton!
    They should all be thoroughly investigated Pelosi Schiff Holder etc that’s what the FBI and an independent press is supposed to do and that’s the number one problem here- they were all in bed together!
    Hopefully Barr and Durham will expose it all. The integrity and future of our great country depends on it!

    • I agree 100%. This is the MAIN reason for impeachment. It is a COVERUP for their own joint and individual corruption. They should all be in jail for the fraud and crimes they have committed, especially Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Obama, Jarrett, and numerous others including RINO ‘s. They hope to delay a Senate trial as long as possible to keep the truth about themselves from being exposed. Pray for our nation. Our almighty God is in control and hears our sincere prayers. He alone is this nation’s great hope. 4 more years!

    • Rob: 👍
      PatriotRN: 👍
      Irwin Silver: You’ve got a thorough grasp on this charade. Charade is actually too much of a benign word, but you nailed it.
      I was confused when Dems were celebrating IG Horowitz’s report, as I had heard the truth about it. Now I understand. Thank you!

    • I will never vote for a member of the radical democrat communist organization that the democrat party has openly become. The GOP has it’s rinos and never Trumpers but the party of te jackass logo has nothing to offer America but destruction.

    • Bounce NANA out of D.C. and out of the House and back to San Fran !! Give her a pooper-scooper, let her clean the sidewalks, something she’s been shoveling all along. She has been a Christmas present to Trump’s re-election in 2020, but enough
      is enough!!

    • Ming, you see your problem is that if you hate somebody you think everybody else does too. I believe that relates to megalomania, but don’t worry, you can always get a brain transplant, but this time get something smarter than a chicken brain.

    • There is no doubt that the dems hate Our President that’s for sure!

      But if you pull your head out of what ever hole you have it in.

      You’d know that Pres. Trump is LOVED by not the Russians as your post claims!

      But by Americans, those who believe in what this Country stands for.

      What it was founded on.

      What our forefathers believed in when they came here!

      Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong, this impeachment is as worthless as a wet paper bag!

      They’ve been trying to dig up anything on him since day one.

      And after using up thousands of man hours.

      Used unlimited resources.

      Spent millions of tax payers money and still coming up with what did I hear correctly . . .

      Yup that’s right they came up with . . .


      The millions of dollars they spent in this tranvisty could have gone to something far more worthwhile like let’s say . . .

      To build housing for our homeless.

      Which by the way is made up of a while lot more then . . .


      If you do your research a VERY LARGE portion of those homeless, that you ignore, walk past, won’t look at, dont have a nickle to give them . . .


      Those who did a job, that has given each of us the freedoms we enjoy today !

      What most people try to convince themselves of, all so they can walk past them without giving them so much as a dime.

      Is that these are not people who one day woke up and said to heck with it!

      I’m tired of getting out of a nice warm bed, taking a shower, putting on clean clothes, getting something to eat, having juice, coffee, tea.

      Before they go out get in there car, drive to a job that they make enough money at to live a good life!!!

      No I’m going to quit my job, walk away from my comfortable life, and go live in a cardboard box ! ! !

      No instead the dems want to allow as many illegals into our Country, give them all free health care, food stamps, money, section 8 housing, andbto heck with our homeless, our vets, our military!

      Pres. Trump has worked his butt off doing everything he can to make this the Country it used to be ! ! !

      And he’s doing it all for free !

      He has not taken one dime, he has donated his income as President to a different organization every payday !

      Yet there are still people like you out there screaming about how horrible he is.

      Wake up, take the moth balls out of your brain.

      Look at the facts instead of what the media, the dems, people like the witch at the head of this joke of a hearing, who now wants to know every person, every question that the Senate will be asking and of who they will be asking questions of before she will send it to the senate.

      Excuse me that’s called . . .


      As well as more then a few other legal terms.

      To all who support Our President, thank you, please continue to do so, he needs us as much as we need him ! ! !

      Merry Christmas

    • Poor ming…hahahahahaha you sound like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum. Where do you get this junk? Grow up or go back to your little lala land of the shudda cudda wudda. Geesh`

    • Comrade Ming, you repeat the New Order mantra, but must offer contrived facts to seem authoritative. Just saying.

  29. I have thought the same thing all along! NO whisleblower! It is Adam Schiff that started this. He is evil to the max! They can’t stand that they lost the election. Big news for them. They are going to lose again. President Trump 2020!

    • The pig john brennan is the fake whistle blower. He’s been at the root of the anti Trump hysteria and sedition from the start.

    • Trump will win in a fair and honest election, but the Demonrats are not fair and honest. They will stop at nothing to lie, cheat and steal.
      Lots of voter fraud.
      There are a couple of counties in California that have voter registration at 105% and higher. That’s not possible without voter fraud.

  30. There has to be consequences to some if not all of the Democrats, but especially Obama and Clinton. They both have violated the wishes of our founding fathers of our Constitution written to avoid exactly what the Democratic Party has become. They are traitors to the people of these United State, all with the motivation for them alone to hold and keep the power of self serving.

    • I could be wrong, but I think that the Founding Fathers said that corruption would be strong around the 200 year mark of our country.
      Time to clean house and start afresh.
      Trump can stay. He’s doing as much as he can to clean house, but it’s a difficult task when there are moles in the White House.

  31. I worked a Dem campaign where the Dem I was working for was running against another Dem who died before the election. Would you believe the Dems kept secret that he was dead and the dead guy got elected? That allowed the Dems to pick his replacement. There should be a law that dead people cannot appear on a ballot. Maybe that law exists?? Does anyone know.

  32. The way the Demorats perform these days, there’s no second guessing them. How can u talk or reason with idiot’s and if they think that we the people are so stupid as to not know what they are about every second they breath, then they are brain dead. And they are brain dead cause all they think if Get Rid Of Trump every waking minute. I have lived on this earth a long time and I have yet to see or hear such corrupt lawlessness. They should have be tried for treason cause it’s for sure they have all committed it and that includes HC and BO and E Holder. Trump must be the strongest person walking to live through this. This Country belongs to God Almighty, he must be watching over our President. Everytime he steps behind the podium, he holds God’s name up to the world. We didn’t hear that in the 8 yrs of BO.

    • When Obama gave a speech at the so-called “Catholic” Georgetown University, he demanded that the crucifix behind his podium was covered up.
      If that doesn’t tell you how repulsed he is by Christianity, I don’t know what does.



    • Got that right.
      Those were all impeachable offenses, yet they decided to impeach Trump before he was even sworn in. They are grasping at straws, hoping to find something that he does so that he can be impeached.
      I think it’s time to wipe the slate clean, start all over with new people and most definitely implement term limits so that there is no such thing as a career politician.

  34. Re: whistle blower. My husband had a thought. Has anyone ever thought that there may not be a whistleblower, that that so call whistleblower is Adam Shiff. No one except him has seen this so call person. He could have wrote the so called letter. He refuses to bring the whistleblower forward out in the open.

    • I worked a Dem campaign where the Dem I was working for was running against another Dem who died before the election. Would you believe the Dems kept secret that he was dead and the dead guy got elected? That allowed the Dems to pick his replacement. There should be a law that dead people cannot appear on a ballot. Maybe that law exists?? Does anyone know.

    • I have said this from the start. He thinks his angry words and those evil eyes are going to throw off the inevitable. He’s a fraud to the highest degree. He is the “whistle blower”.

    • I have, I have no doubts Shif for brains invented this so-called “Whistleblower”, today’s Democrat party is made up of God-less Communists, they would despise JFK, JFK did love America, had he not he would not have been assassinated, there were many lies put out about JFK by the controlled MSM Whores just like they’re doing to Trump, back then most of us had no idea that the media was corrupt and had a pro-Communist agenda. JFK was set up to fail in Cuba by those he trusted. Taking control of the media was conceived back before their ideology was named Communism, back in the 1800s, these ideologues knew they must get control of the newspapers and magazine. Very long story but we’re dealing with people who hold an ideology conceived back in ancient Babylon and passed down from generation to generation, their goal is “World Conquest” I have also posted that they’re terrified that Trump could conceivably appoint another justice to the Supreme Court, possibly even two more, now wouldn’t that be great?

    • I have two thoughts regarding the “Whistleblower.”

      1. There is no Whistleblower. Said Whistleblower is Adam “full of” Schiff

      2. The whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella, whom Schiff coached.

      Helen: Unbelievable, but believable at the same time.
      They also manage to get dead people to vote, so I don’t put anything past those deceitful crooks.


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