“Manager Swalwell: Tell Us About Fang Fang” Ted Cruz Tweets Out Hilarious List Of Questions Senators Were Set To Ask Before Dems Panicked At Impeachment

(Liberty Bell) – To say the Democrats overplayed their hand with their second witch hunt impeachment against now-former President Donald Trump would be the understatement of the century.

That they did, and they blinked on Saturday, moving into closing arguments and the final vote which ultimately acquitted Trump because they weren’t ready to hear from witnesses.

As the Democrats panicked, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted out a list of questions submitted to be asked at the impeachment trial which were, predictably, rejected by the Democrats and they are positively side-splitting.

As was his description of “pandemonium” at the Senate as it appeared that witnesses would indeed be called forward to testify from both sides of the aisle, potentially extending the trial by weeks, as BizPac Review explained.

The Senate had earlier in the day voted 55-45 to allow witnesses to testify, which the Dems apparently didn’t really think through.

Cruz passed the time very productively, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

“Thread: Chaos at the impeachment trial. Dems had agreed to know witnesses, then House Managers changed their mind this morning. Schumer blindsided. Pandemonium. They’re negotiating now to figure out next steps.”

He proceeded to explain as they waited to figure out what would come next, he would share some questions that had been rejected the day prior.

All the questions were actual questions proposed by senators whose names he kept anonymous.

Here they are, in order:

“Where’s the short, fat guy?”

“Can we build the Keystone Pipeline if we add Hunter Biden to the board?”

“To Manager Swalwell: Tell us about Fang Fang.”

“(generic) Have any of the House Managers had sexual relations with a Chinese communist spy? Please explain.”

“If we put him in a burlap sack & throw him in the river, and he does not float, must we convict?”

The thread instantly went viral as conservatives cracked up and liberals hysterically attacked Cruz for the revealing list of questions.

I’m sure no one on the left opted to actually answer the questions as to why a man with a history of sleeping with a CCP honeypot was leading this circus of an impeachment or form any satisfying argument as to how the whole charade in any way didn’t resemble a witch trial.

Good grief.

“OK, this shouldn’t be an anonymous question, I want to vote for them. Hopefully it was one of the Texas Senators that asked it,” noted one user.

Cruz also pointed out that, were the witnesses called, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have been called to testify.

“Nancy Pelosi is clearly a relevant witness to this matter. Speaker Pelosi can testify as to when she knew about the threats on the Capitol and what she knew specifically,” Cruz revealed.

“And in particular, she can testify that we heard already that the House Sargent at Arms turned down National Guard protection for the Capitol on January 6, because of ‘the optics.’ And I think Speaker Pelosi can testify as to whether she made a decision based on optics, based on politics,” Cruz said.

Now you see why the Democrats were more willing to move to acquittal than allow this to happen! It completely destroys the House managers’ entire argument that Trump incited the breach in his comments given on January 6th, two miles away from the Capitol, as the activists were first breaking into the building.

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  1. “Eric Swalwell belongs in GITMO” with the fellow members of his Committee and the stupid Floor so called Mismanagers”! “These” “Fools are supposed to be “Law Makers”?! C’ MON MAN”?! GIVE ME A BREAK”?! “No wonder there is a “Barbed Wire Fence” around the “CROOKS”! Dmoncrats “FEAR” FACTS” and “THE TRUTH”

  2. I really hope he gets removed he has crossed the line with dating a communist. What the hell was he thinking. Probably with his small brain (penis) instead of his brain.

  3. John:

    Keep in mind the “total fools” were elected by their “total fool” followers who are not capable of following “good news” sources. One cannot be informed if they follow the news posted by CNN, MSNBC, ABC and NBC.


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