Mainstream Media Repeating Chinese Line Of “No New Cases.” Do You Buy It? You Shouldn’t.

(Liberty Bell) – Over the last few days, you may have heard the “good news” out of China that there have been no new cases of COVID-19 reported in the nation of the novel virus’ origin.

If you’re a discerning person, this may have struck you as suspicious.

After all, why should we take the word of the Chinese at this point? The communist regime lied about when the virus started, they kept it from the public and the international community, and Lord knows if they’re even telling us anything near to the truth about the number of cases they’ve had or the number of their citizens who died.

The oppressive Chinese government is well-known for their animosity towards the free flow of information and the value of human life and their affinity for censorship and shadowy authoritarianism, so why on earh should we take their word for anything?

And why does the American media?

Lately, it’s as though the mainstream media in the US is getting all their talking points from China.

They accuse Trump of being racist for referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus.”

They glowingly report the reduction in new cases without even asking questions.

Why is our own press in the freest nation on earth suddenly acting like a state-run media arm of the Chinse Communist Party?

It’s absolutely unbelievable.

The Epoch Times reports:

The Chinese regime is pushing a new narrative on the global pandemic, claiming over the past few days that there have been no new local infections of the CCP virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, in an increasingly aggressive disinformation campaign.

As part of this propaganda push, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also alleging that it now faces a bigger threat—infections imported from overseas. A number of state-run media, many of which have English versions of their websites, are pushing these stories, and some U.S. media are repeating these stories verbatim.

A March 19 headline story published in CCP mouthpiece Xinhua said there were “no new infections of the novel coronavirus” in Wuhan, the origin of the virus, adding that the news sends “a message of hope to a world grappling with the pandemic.” A March 18 article in The New York Times reported the same narrative, with a headline titled “China Hits a Coronavirus Milestone: No New Local Infections.”

Experts say the international community shouldn’t believe any numbers coming out of China due to the regime’s efforts to cover up the outbreak. Internal government documents obtained by The Epoch Times have highlighted how the regime purposefully underreported cases of the CCP virus and censored discussions related to the outbreak, helping to fuel its spread.

“The Chinese propaganda machine is going to tell us what they want the rest of the world to hear and not necessarily what is fact,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) told The Epoch Times.

The CCP is set to expel U.S. journalists based in China who work for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

“That was an act of informing the rest of the world that they [China] have no intent upon being transparent,” Banks said. “Any statistic or anything that you read coming out of China should be readily dismissed simply because of that.”

“They don’t want the real story to be told because they know that they are culpable and they know that this coronavirus will always be associated with the current regime and the CCP leadership in China today.”


  1. The societie that’s being Created in todays age only values and hearing what they want to hear and no longer values truth and fact nor do they too

    Remember this is coming from the same people that say that mankind is a plague on this planet and should be wiped out that were overpopulated and we’re destroying this planet

  2. If Chinese are not lying why they kicked the reporters out of the country and they blocked Internet in the Wuhan city. Because they want us not to know the truth.Whatever they say I believe exactly the opposite. Especially when they try to feed us Chinese food related items. I stay away from every garbage they sent us especially if they are food related. Boycott all the junk They sent us and that’s a message they realize. Have you seen the videos and the pictures of their wet markets? It’s disgusting. I don’t feed animals with that food.

  3. Sure the Red Chinese government has killed 50 million innocent civilians and enslaved billions more.

    That hardly shows they’d be unprincipled enough to lie about the Wuhan coronavirus.

    • China’s communist government has demonstrated time and time again that they can’t be trusted. They have brutalized their own citizenry. They are guilty of cultiral genocide with Muslim Uighurs. People’s Liberation Army are guilty of theft of intellectual property of other Nation’s and corporations. There are so many other immoral and evil acts that China commited.

  4. You can lie about a lot of things where no one can prove you a lier, but when Chinese bodies are piling up in the streets, all the propaganda in the world won’t convince anyone they don’t have a problem.

    • Dolt! Your outlandish description of if what you think is going on in China is disgusting and shows your ignorance of the facts! Get infirmed befire you spout such nonsense!

  5. If This truly true that China has no ‘NEW’ cases, then either they have a vaccine or a medical cure and are not sharing it with the world OR they are lying through their teeth….. I believe they drastically under-reported the numbers and they also waited 2 months before announcing the problem to the world stage… Personally I believe they are lying through their teeth but wouldn’t be surprised if they did have a solution and are not sharing it….. I do not trust the Chinese Government period!

  6. There you have it, the Chinese Communist government and the Full of Shit main stream propaganda machine locking arms and kissing each others ASS! The Fools that believe these 2, may some day wake up and sense some sort of reality. Until then, I bet they have a hard time with simple every day tasks.

    China, Russia, and Iran becoming best friends and then they expect normal people to believe everything they say. Ya, right.

  7. Trump stands up to China for the benefit of America. (Biden probably is the Democrat candidate to run against Trump in the coming election.) Biden would sell America to China to benefit him and his family. Of course, China wants Biden to become president and has him under its thumb. China has sent lies and faked news to the medias in China and Hong Kong. (Someone from HK sent me the anti Trump faked news). American anti Trump main stream medias want to be on the good side of China and report whatever it reports.

  8. Really, like corporations do what’s best for stockholders and customers and not what’s best for their bottom line and every cent is saved, earned and passed directly on to the customers and investors. Horse hockey! Corporations do what’s best for themselves and keep most of any saving and pad their margins. So it’s not the customers, the stockholders that push manufacturers to push production outside of their market of origin but pure greed.. Any assertion otherwise is an expression of ignorance.

  9. I do not believe the media on anything any more. Don’t believe the china numbers or any info.
    Don’t believe the American numbers either. 2 days ago they were hyperventilating on the news that we now have 75,000 test kits. And that was the miracle for the day. So how can you even begin to guess how many cases of virus there are when we only have 75,000 test kits and well over 300 MILLION people. So, even IF 75,000 came back positive, it WOULD BE A MINUTE PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION AND TOTALLY UNTRUSTWORTHY DUE TO FAILURE TO TEST EVEN A REASONABLE PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION.
    I was shocked that this was put out as hopeful.


    And the VENTILATORS, of which we have hardly any at all. ALL MADE IN CHINA.





    Even Coca Cola came out with a notification that the sweetener in Diet Coke is a CHINESE PRODUCT PRODUCED IN WUHAN. Time to kick the Coke habit or bring the production back to the US.

    • Look only to the American people for the problems of having things manufactured in China.

      Why! Because we are always looking for a bargain or wanting our stocks to go up. So companies went outside the U S borders? And China accommodated the US companies, by even putting buildings up for those companies and “forcing” there population to work in those factories at “coolie.wages”

      When Trump lowered the corporate tax rate to 21% and enticed some of those companies to come back to the Us, it still does not compare with Ireland which booming with US companies, Why? Because their corporate tax rate is 17%. It’s all about $$$$.

      So that’s the rest of the story,

  10. Yeah and your going to believe the media in the US ? They lie just as bad as China !!!
    Media is exactly what destroyed this economy!!!! Great job liars !!! Now to elect Biden so the Cabal can control him and destroy the rest of this country !!! Well done democrat shitbags !!!

  11. Of course their are no new case’s in China. Why ? Because everyone over their has the virus. Like they say dead men tell no tales,

  12. Just unbelievable! The medical assessment is that sometimes the sickness does not even start for 14 days after someone is infected, or start the 2nd day! So, how did the Chinese Communist Party know one day that all the 11mill people in the Wuhan region, leave alone the entire, what, 1.5 billion Chinese, were not infected! Not one of them! It’s just incredible that they, the CCP, can be so narrow minded to spread this kind of…lies! What’s even more incredible is that our “so smart, know it all, media just swallows that pos!



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