Look Which RINO’s Consultants Are Now Working To Help Biden And Harris Take Florida

(Liberty Bell) – Well, we all knew, back in 2016, that former Forida Gov. Jeb Bush was a RINO, or Republican In Name Only, having clearly abandoned many of the most important values and principles of the conservative movement in order to become a more milquetoast kind of candidate and hopefully continue the legacy of the Bush family by becoming the third to sit in the Oval Office.

Bush was humiliated during that race numerous times by then candidate Donald Trump, who basically obliterated his campaign by exposing Bush for the low-energy compromiser he truly is.

You’d think that anyone associated with such a massive failure of a political campaign would hang it up after such a crushing defeat, but not the “Republican Voters Against Trump” organization. No, they are determined to ensure that Trump does not receive a second term.

In fact, these individuals are now working to ensure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pull off a major victory this November.

Via Breitbart:

The group “Republican Voters Against Trump,” funded by Never Trump’s Bill Kristol, Sarah Longwell, and Tim Miller, is spearheading an initiative to flip Florida blue this election cycle. The group has tapped former Bush consultants Mike Murphy and David Hill to help elect Biden.

The Miami Herald reports:

A group of Republicans who want to rid their party of President Donald Trump is making a hefty investment to turn Florida blue.

And they have help from one of ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s former top political strategists.

Officials with Republican Voters Against Trump, a national super PAC, said Monday they would begin a campaign aimed at persuading politically moderate Floridians to back Joe Biden, hopeful that the support of those voters can swing the battleground state — and possibly the presidency — toward the Democratic presidential candidate this fall.

The former Bush consultants and Never Trump group have branded the effort “Project Orange Crush,” spending between $8 million to $10 million in the next couple of months on advertising targeted to moderate Republican voters and swing voters.

“Our plan is to surgically target the key 450,000 Independents and soft Republicans who will decide the election,” a memo obtained by the Herald reads.

These former Bush consultants aren’t the only traitors in the conservative movement to jump ship and try and elect Biden and Harris to the Oval Office. There are hundreds of former staffers for Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush who have signed initiatives dedicated to ousting the president come November 3rd.

Apparently, the fact that Biden and Harris are raging socialists who also believe it acceptable to murder children up to the point of birth and even beyond isn’t much of a moral issue to consider in choosing a president for the folks involved in these “initiatives.”

That, to me, is far more disturbing than anything Trump has said or done while in office, which, frankly, hasn’t been that bad. Most of what he has said that is controversial is just him speaking his mind plainly, something that really seems to bother polished, professional politicians.

Also involved are former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials, Miles Taylor and Elizabeth Neumann, who both worked for former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the Trump administration. Breitbart News first named the two officials as opponents of the president in an exclusive report on the agency’s personnel in May 2019.

The Republican establishment, based almost exclusively in Washington, DC, and made up of consultants, donors, and political operatives, has been opposed to Trump’s economic nationalist agenda since the 2015 GOP presidential primary when they unsuccessfully attempted to stop him.

These folks have made this election personal. It’s clear they, on an individual level, hate Trump and are willing to damage the country in order to exact their vengeance upon him for some perceived slight they feel he has made against them.

It’s easy for folks with no backbone to sell out their core values, but for the rest of us, it’s a betrayal that will not ever be forgotten.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/16686838312

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/08/31/jeb-bush-consultants-work-help-biden-florida/


  1. Jeb Bush just kissed his ass goodbye as a Republican politician, for he’ll never be able to run for any public office as a Republicans, they just won’t support him after this treachery against conservative Republican policies, which if you support Biden/Harris, you’re supporting their policies and agendas.

    Jeb Bush can now change political party affiliation, but that won’t do him any good either, as his ass is now cooked, because the Democrats won’t trust him because of his past history as a conservative Republican politician, and they’ll always remember that he turned traitor against his live long affiliations, and therefore can’t be trusted to stay loyal to the Democrat Party either.

  2. McCain was a hotshot pilot, nearly destroyed a ship by showing off on a takeoff, killing almost 200 men. No punishment because his father had been a Commodore or whatever.
    Trump should declare an Executive Order to open up the entire country. All the Dems and Leftist Governors/Mayors would have to go along or be seen by the voters for what they really are! No Goodniks who would rather sacrifice the USA just to make Trump look bad and not get elected. People are suffering financially and emotionally. Kids NEED to get back to school to continue developing socially, emotionally, and scholastically. The unions are stopping them and don’t want the schools opened! Trump needs to open it all up and we elderly can continue to protect ourselves with cautionarry measures.

    • Hi Jackie. No one hates McCain more than I do. But you do your reputation a disservice making exaggerated or incorrect claims. Site sources if you think it’s right. Leave the lying to the lefties and try to be correct.

  3. President Trump has done more for America in 3.7 years than obama, the racist and hater of Americs, did in 8 years! The facts are there read them in the records! obama doubled our debt during his reign and yes our debt is much higher now because of the pandemic and democrats holding up things to get their way! The Republicans caved the first round and gave in so Americans could get much needed help but that increased the deficit by 3 trillion more dollars and now the Republicans are not caving which I applaud them for! The democrats want trillions more for things that have nothing to do with the pandemic! mccain is not a war hero, just ask the men that served with him! He received that status because of his father and grandfather, not for any heroism!
    These rinos have investments in China and do not want to lose the millions they are making from the cheap stuff we are being forced to buy from China because they made rules and regulations here so manufacturers here could not make those things! President Trump is bringing back these businesses to America by abolishing the senseless regulations obama put in! The anti-American bushes, romney, mccain, their staff consultants, radical left liberal democrats, msm, celebrities, etc. have gone along in trying to destroy America and make it a third world country with freedoms gone!! VOTE REPUBLICAN 2020 AND SAVE AMERICA FROM SOCIALISM/GLOBALISM/COMMUNISM/MARXISM!!

  4. Don’t know President Trump personally but I have seen what he has done for those like me who are just average everyday Americans who DON’T want to be part of a Socialist country! The Democrats used “government funded abortion and Welfare to keep their control over the Black community when they lost slavery. Does anyone not believe that’s exactly what the Dems and the RINOs what to do with all of America? Wake up !!

  5. Good, jeb is a total loser so he won’t be much help. Anyway the democrats have as much chance of winning Florida as I do becoming a nfl Quarterback!

    • Yup, and a whiner too. He thought it was in the bag, and the “dynasty” would continue. Baby Bush is a spoiled little mind. Note the word dynasty has NASTY in it. He is, and the other whiners who have joined him. Like McCain, Hilary and Romney, sore losers, sour grapes.

  6. Why are RINOs such as Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, et. al., permitted to continue to even EXIST considering the fact that they are such contemptible, treacherous scoundrels? If the people of Florida or any other State are gullible enough to listen to the RINO rant, our days as a free country may well be numbered! One significant trait common among all RINOs is that they are, for the most part, sore losers in previous elections in which the outcome was supposedly (to them, anyway) a sure thing in their favor! The country is MUCH better off as a result of their losses!

  7. If you cannot stand the heat get out off the kitchen. Suck it up you lost. Trump is doing a great job guiding our country through all the troubling times.

  8. It sickens me when so-called RINO’s try to go after President Trump when Trump is the best thing for America. A vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is a vote for corruption and lawlessness.

  9. Since when are modern republicans and trump conservatives and fiscally responsible. The deficit has increased beyond anybody expectations or concerns. I suppose you think that my senator John McCain, who was a war hero was rino. Stop covering for this complete disaster. The party of Eisenhower and Reagan is gone and as Lindsey Graham said, if trump is elected then it’s our own fault

    • McCain was a MF’in RINO, and he is not a hero. So, WTF is your point? Your party is quick to place the blame on POTUS when they opposed him every step of the way….HTF you expect a president to do his job. It is amazing how he has accomplished so many of his promises without help from the DO NOTHING socialist/communist Dems….and this is only his first term!!! The negro and that clown 🤡 Biden don’t have nothing to show for for 8 MF’in yrs. Your hate is on the wrong man. Jesus to Trump, “before you, they hated me first “


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