Look What Shameless Democrats Are Doing In DC While Telling The Rest Of Us To “Stay Home”

(Liberty Bell) – Residents in states like Illinois, California, and New York are being told they better not dare to have friends and family over to their private houses over the holidays. It’s too dangerous. COVID is still lurking and while you invite family into your personal space, you might also be inviting the COVID.

You no longer get to decide what kinds of risks you are willing to take, the government will do that for you now. If you break the rules, you just might find the gestapo inviting themselves over for the holidays too.

With Democratic Overlords flexing their authoritarian muscles all across America just in time for the holidays, it should go without saying that the latest in Draconian lockdown orders only apply to you, not them.

While they expect you to spend your holidays “together alone,” Democrats will be doing what they do best: whatever the hell they want.

Don’t you dare invite Nana over for Thanksgiving! Meanwhile, Speaker of the House, for now anyway, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been planning a large indoor dinner at the Capitol Building for all of the new members of the House.

The dinner was planned for Friday night and while we aren’t allowed to gather at bars or restaurants, that certainly isn’t stopping Democrats from kicking off their weekend right.

While the GOP is also hosting a dinner, it really is quite different considering they have been the party to support opening the economy and allowing individual Americans to make their own decisions in regards to health safety.

The Democrats are just straight-up hypocrites and the worst part is, they don’t care.

NBC News reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell posted a photo of the decked out Capitol Building venue prior to the dinner with comments made by Pelosi. Caldwell claimed that Pelosi told her it’s “safe.”

Democrats simply just saying something is really all liberals need to believe it and tell all their friends. Pelosi also, apparently, told Caldwell that “it’s very spaced” and that there is “enhanced ventilation and the Capitol physician signed off.”

So, then if family doctors sign off on Thanksgiving Day plans for private households, will that be enough to satisfy the gestapo and the power-hungry, tyrannical governors? Doubtful.

(Not to get too distracted here but do you suppose it’s totally awkward attending an event like this and observing absurd measures to “stop the spread” while literally every single person in attendance knows that it’s all complete and utter bulls***?)

As if to rub the fact that they are privileged and above all the rest of us in our faces, House Democrats brazenly tweeted a message urging Americans to stay home.

“We are in this together. Protect yourself and loved ones. Continue to #StayAtHome, practice social distancing and #WearAMask.”

We’re in this together? Oh, is that right? So, I can go out and grab drinks with friends tonight? No, no I cannot and neither can millions of other Americans who are living under absurd lockdowns that require bars and restaurants to prohibit seating at the bar, or close by 10 pm, or not sell alcohol unless accompanied by a meal.

It’s a complete sham and very reminiscent of the ruling class depicted in The Hunger Games. What’s next if Joe Biden is actually inaugurated? That’s most definitely a scary thought.

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  1. I’m confused – how can Pelosi be holding a party for new Democratic members when there AREN’T ANY?! She should be holding a farewell dinner for how poorly they did, while the GOP party will be packed!

  2. New Democrat House members notwithstanding, DOUBLE STANDARD HYPOCRISY has long since been STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE within the Democrat Party! The latest untried, untested, and only recently elected Democrats can reasonably be expected to be no improvement over their veteran counterparts! Then, also, a colllective Messiah complex can be a truly dangerous thing which may require a rather drastic attitude adjustment! Speaking only for myself, I can’t say that I would want to be on the receiving end of that! Whatever it takes!

  3. Quite the extravaganza for the few new members. Is this paid for from the donors war chest or is this on the taxpayer’s dime?

  4. Over the next two weeks we the people need to push hard on officials Local, State and Federal to go full McCarthyism in the Senate and to reopen the House of Representatives then drag both Soros and Koch in front of it followed by a seemingly endless parade of communists ,communist sympathizers and other subversives and when we meet resistance and we will meet resistance because the powers that be got the suckers to vote and plan to dump us to the wayside like they always do it’s time for recall elections on officials Local , State and Federal. We went through Hell this year and just as 2019 was worse then 2018 and 2020 was worse then 2019 , 2021 will be worse then 2020 unless we shut this down hard. Gray Davis tried to play California like the nation got played this year and California kicked Davis through the goal post and out the stadium in a recall election. The nation got played this year but the powers that be had to spend a massive amount of money, resources, time and people to do it and they can’t do it again so soon . So it’s time for punishment instead of waiting around for what hits us next.


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