LOL: Schumer’s Promise For Senate Impeachment Trial Will Crack You Up…Yeah, Right, Chuck!

(Liberty Bell) – Now here’s a good laugh.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) declared independence Tuesday that he was completely capable of being an “impartial juror” because he apparently believes that Americans are absolute idiots who haven’t listened to a word the Democrats have said about Trump for the last three years.

That’s just rich!

Schumer made the lofty statement while being asked by a reporter if he and his fellow Democrats would be able to live up to the absurd legal standards they’ve set for the Republicans.

Schumer, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), and other Democrats had accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other Republicans of being overly partisan (hahahahahahaha) and violating their duty to act as impartial jurors in the eventual trial of President Donald Trump in the Senate.

The House of Representatives is voting on impeachment on Wednesday.

The Democrats and their cohorts in the media have claimed that the Republicans have already determined Trump to be innocent—as anyone with half a brain would do, since we are aware that the Democrats have no evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offense.

Somehow, the Democrats can accuse the GOP of having already made their minds when they’ve clear all made their minds up as well!

How long have we heard members of their caucus swear up and down Trump is guilty as sin?

Schumer insisted that McConnell allow new witnesses to be called into the Senate’s hearing, accusing the Republicans of a “cover-up” if they refuse (oh, the old fallback).

Here is the interaction between Schumer and a reporter at a presser on Tuesday:

Reporter: Can you legitimately look people in the eye and say that you are impartial?

Schumer: I am —

Reporter: Have you made up your mind that the president is guilty?

Schumer: — I am withholding any final decision until we hear all the evidence. And one of the reasons that we want these witnesses and documents is so that we can hear the full, full length and breadth of what happened.

Breitbart notes:

Schumer opposes calling Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, who held a seat from 2014 until April 2019 on the board of the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, while his father was in charge of Ukraine policy.

Meanwhile, McConnell shot down Schumer’s pathetic demands in a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) hinted in a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday morning that the Senate will move to dismiss the pending articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump after opening arguments in the expected trial.

McConnell was reacting to a proposal by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Monday that the Senate call four additional, in-person witnesses that were not called, or not available, during the House inquiry, led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

But McConnell dismissed that suggestion out of hand, arguing that Schumer was trying to make “Chairman Schiff’s sloppy work more persuasive.”

McConnell accused Schumer of going straight to the news media with his proposals rather than speaking to him in person, as Senate leaders had done in the past.

He also noted that Schumer had misquoted the Constitution. The Democrat leader had claimed the Constitution gave the Senate “sole Power of Impeachment,” whereas Article I, Section 3 actually states, “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

“We don’t create impeachments over here … we judge them,” he declared.


  1. “Schrumer” Schumer is competent at one thing only he can talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. As with that of his fellow acolytes in Congress, Schumer’s mouth is located in the same place just south of his navel, and anything emanating from there brings forth odorous content!

    Senator Schumer should receive a review of how Chairman “Shifty” Schiff conducted that comedy impeachment show in the congress. Schumer would learn that he will have NO input or say as to how the Senate trial is to proceed.

  2. It’s time for AMERICA to eliminate the two party system, and Elect individuals
    to represent all Americans. When I applied for jobs, I was never asked if I
    was A Democomie or a Republican, just if I was qualified for the job. It is time for term limits and end all Lobbying of our elected.

  3. As I follow the impeachment. I thought of what a good comedy series it would make. certainly one of the most expensive……….Grampa


  5. Special Note for Crying Chuck, one of the highest ranking pissants working for the feudal lords of the old oligarchy. Thanks Chucky. Your incompetence is only equaled by your level of corruption.

    TO: Americans with IQ above 45.
    cc: President Trump & politicians

    Nearly every anti-Trump action you have witnessed since word hit the street that one D.J. Trump was considering running for President has but one primary purpose. That purpose is to preserve the power/status of the oligarchy that has ruled this nation for most of the 20th and well into the 21st centuries. Since D.J. Trump started clearly outlining and implementing his primary objective of returning power to the American people, the oligarchy and all of their little pissants have gone into panic mode. Everything they have done to date is primarily designed to hide their true level of corruption and retain their place in the oligarchy. It’s just that simple!

    Suspect if the old oligarchy and their all their little pissants don’t start accepting the role of elections in our politics, Americans with any sense of individual worth/responsibility may have a decision to make. Much like the same decision many veterans have had to face time and time again just since 9-11. That decision is, “When do I pick up a weapon and stand a post?”

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    • The impeachment fiasco, as conducted by House Democrats, fully qualifies as the largest Hate Crime perpetrated on American citizens thus far in this century. Who will investigate this crime and how will the guilty be punished?

  6. Even deranged New Yorkers must now fully understand the depth and breadth of Sen. Chuck “you” Schumer’s immoral, unethical, zero character, total lack of credibility, LYING, deceitful, disgraceful, outrageous behavior. The man is DESPICABLE!

    • Keep this under your hat, it’s dangerous information. When Chuckie Schumer’s mother was pregnant with him she had a terrible illness and nearly died, but the doctors pulled her through. Turns out she had an impacted bowel movement that had to be surgically removed, causing her to lose the baby. The stress was so great she lost the baby while the doctors were removing the BM, and subsequently lost her mind. She was so despondent, the only thing the doctors could do to save her was convince her the BM was actually her new son Chuckie. It was a desperate chance they took, but it worked. To this day, Chuckie is still alive and has the mental illness and fake suntan to prove it, while his mother is convinced he’s the Second Coming. In a way that’s true, at birth he was delivered into a toilet, but the doctors convinced his mom he was stillborn, then resurrected. Don’t pay any attention to the name on this post, he was kidnapped and used as a convenient dupe, and will expire in four- three- two- one, deep breath, he’s gone.

  7. Chuck, with no charges of a crime; there’s no reason not to dismiss when it gets to the Senate! Your blathering about witnesses and a “fair trial” are unfounded, just as your impeachment attempt! It’s catching up to you Chuck, but you really knew the day was coming when Trump won didn’t you? Now Chuck, you need to know that we understand that your hate is really for us who voted for and support draining the swamp. We have a burning disgust with you and your cabal which as pillaged the nation for too long!

    • The concept of a “fair trial” is supposed to be so the defendant gets a far trial. Not the people bringing the charges. If they do not have all their ducks in a row before bringing the charges, that’s just to bad. As OJ Simpson if that is not so.


    • You are so.right its been.nothing but hate slander false accusations they need to be prosecuted under the treason law
      Someone needs to say that’s it yall have abused your chair you have lied made us false charges and never let the investigation to include the republican party .

    • Al Green,Maxine Watters,Sheila Jackson Lee, all democrats of color that hate Trump supporters with a vengeance. I wonder why they have such deep hatred of white Americans. Maybe six months to a year in a muslim or islamic country would improve Lee & Watters outlook on people. Maybe not but I sure would like to see the results. I’m afraid Green is just a lost cause. He’s from Texas,and I’m ashamed of that because he is always mad at the world like the other two.

  9. This whole impeachment thing is a s**t show. So not a fair trial. All Dems want is power and greed. They need to stop being such cry babies and sore losers. Time to clean house on them. Nothing but a bunch of hypocritical babies.

    • I, a tax paying voter and citizen of the U.S. DEMAND Pelosi and Schiff be tried for TREASON because that is exactly what they did. The forefathers took Treason VERY seriously, as should we. And the Dems are guilty of it, so those who lead them need to be tried for Treason under the laws put in place by the founders of this great nation.
      Talk about High Crimes!
      How do we get this going? And NOW!

  10. Too many old democrats are pushed and deluded by the vultures, especially the 4 squats, who will, when the impeachment fails, will call for Pelosi to step down. When she is out they will put one of their socialist/communist members in charge. Pelosi would have spotted this fake alliance in her prime, but got old and lazy. She, like so many democrats, cannot see the consequences of their actions. They do not see beyond the moment.

  11. Yes Sir! Mr. Schumer! We’ve noticed how Unbiased you have been, Ever since President Trump was elected you Democrats have done everything in your power to take him out, including death threats and lies about his family, his business dealings and The Russia Hoax, You have done nothing in a Bi-partisan way, to support anything this President has accomplished for this nation. In fact you have gone out of your way to work against our country. Every thing President Trump has accomplished for our nation was resisted by the Democrats. Even this illegal immigrant situation. You Dems used to be for stopping it including Yourself, Pelosi,The Clintons and Obama but as soon as you saw it as an opportunity to bring illegals in to vote Democrat, you changed your tunes. You are as crooked as a snake.

    • Well stated. It is absolutely laughable, and makes me want to throw up to hear these Democrats talk about wanting a fair trial, when they used the most disgusting, dishonest and illegal tactics during the impeachment hearings. They are such HYPOCRITS!

    • You are not totally correct in your statement. Democrats also lie in their writing whether it be in a bill or social media. They are total liars and wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the second anus between their ears. In other words they spew pop from both ends. LMAO.

  12. Delusionalcrats are 100% partisan. Period! Who can’t see that. Even the blind can see it. American hating POS’s. November 2020, impeach the dems, everyone on the ballot.

  13. Democrats are bullies. They do what they want, to impeach, period. The Bidens started the corrupted dealing in Ukraine under Obama and they should be investigated. The impeachment is basically to kill the messenger, Trump.

  14. Lets start watering the Tree of Liberty; starting with pelosi and schiff. All of the Demonrats should be lined up against a wall and SHOT.

  15. This ragged unconstitutional impeachment is not about those phony charges they made up. It’s deeper than that. It’s about our religious freedom. When he campaigned he said he was going to bring back saying Merry Christmas. Judge Neil Gorsuch said that on FOX & the left went nuts. They want to stamp out religion, guns, free speech and the list goes on. These people are evil. They have committed treason against the American people & this country. I say put them on trial & build 229 gallows!

    • You forgot to add the corrupt senate and personnel from the Deep State in the agencies. It would probably add up to between 450 and 500 criminals, but I am sure the executions could take place in groups. Anyone else want to volunteer to put the nooses around their necks or trip the floor?

  16. Schumer’s accusation that the Republicans cannot be impartial is a ploy intended to allow him to argue during the next election cycle, after the impeachment is voted down, that the trial in the Senate was “not fair,” and that Trump is not worthy of being re-elected. In other words, when you know you are going to lose, you have to make it seem like winning.

  17. The true facts are: Trump is innocent until proven guilty in court, in this case Senate. The House inquiry did not prove or actually find him guilty. Their job was to find evidence to show enough cause to send to trial (tried in Senate). The Republican position of Trump’s innocence is in keeping with the law of the land. The Democrat position of Trump’s guilt is NOT legal, justified, nor proven!

    • Absolutely unproven!!!!! According to the Dumbocrats, he is guilty until proven innocent. Wake up America!!

  18. You might not want to print my comments. However I am an American citizen that has been through many , many elections. I have never seen anyone trying to control an upcoming election & or past elections more than the Dems & we all know who they are.We as true Americans have seen what our president has done in 3 short years. Come on America! Stand-up & be counted. God Bless America!

    • You have stated what I have felt for years. These people are truly seditious and deserve to be executed. The brainwashed members left in the remnants of the democratic party should begin being rounded up and made to swear an oath to the US constitution to abide by its rules and forced to take civics and government classes.

    • Could you imagine if we had other Presidents like Trump,that put America first. Where could our country be if that were the case. Politicians doing what they promised. What a novel idea!!

  19. well it looks like President Trump gets to complete his last campaign promise of 2016 by the end of his first term??? He gets drain the swamp of the Democrat rat cellar in 2020 as I appears all of the democrats elected in red slots will be replace and then should gain enough seats to hold a super majority in the senate and destroy the Houses grip by pelosi as she will be punished deeply in 2020???? I hope though that she is left in office to reap the rewards of her failures as they slap her ass daily in office??????

  20. Schumer is a joke. The Democrats have been are still making royal fools of themselves. The more stupid they act the more Americans turn on them. I
    think that Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Nadler and most of the Democrats
    are digging a very deep hole for themselves. I want to see all of the Democrats and
    Republicans participating in this sham against the President removed from office
    by the voters. People kick them all to the curb.

    • When Pelosi sees that the Democrats are losing the Majority she will resign from Congress and jump ship. Does anybody really believe that she is going to stick around as Minority Leader after this Fiasco. Of course, the Democrats who fell on their swords for her will be out of a job. Pelosi is worth over 30 million dollars. She is not going to suffer the least bit. All three Branches which are the House, Senate and Oval office are co-equals according to the U.S, Constitution. All Presidents have always had Executive Privilege. If there is an issue between equal Branches then according to the U.S. Constitution then they are required to go to the Courts to resolve it. The Democrats did not go to the Courts to try and resolve Trump not allowing his close advisors to testify in the House. When the Democrats decided to impeach Trump without resolving it in the Courts they set themselves up as a Superior Branch which is Unconstitutional. It is the Democrats that Abused Power. Either the Democrats that voted for Impeachment are unaware of the U.S. Constitution or they don’t care about it. Either way they should not be in Congress as they swore under Oath to defend the U,S Constitution. It is that Simple. . Anybody that doesn’t believe this is also guilty of trying to destroy this Country.

  21. Schumer is a worthless maggot like the rest of his rotten rat pack,all scumbags that are destroying America.I demand they get on their knees {something they like to do}and shine President Trumps shoes.


  22. It makes any intelligent individual question precisely “How many barrels of raw Moscow sewage do LIBERALS ingest daily?”. Obviously the number of barrels is astronomic, considering that each time a LIBERAL opens his mouth, nothing but Communist shit falls out.

    • No one with two brain cells would believe anything slimy Schumer has to say and we certainly wouldn’t buy anything from him. He is just another corrupt lying piece of human excrement. He’s got nerve. He expects the Senate to give them some part of the control in the trial, plus he calls them partisan. I guess, considering how partisan the phony impeachment articles are, he must know a little bit about being partisan. The Senate should give the House, what the House gave them. Absolutely, NOTHING. Tell Schumer, and the rest of the treasonous liberals to go pack sand. This man thinks Americans are stupid. All of the impeachment party should take a good hard look in the mirror.

  23. schemer and Nancy have been using the press but i tell you what president trump
    needs to do is fire the press at the white-house and hire fox news press in there
    place that will get Reid of the crooked media when Durham get’s done of
    the investigation there’s going to be a lot of people exposed of wrong doing
    the DOJ are crooked people they do not care for the people martin Luther king
    wasn’t democrat he was republican history tell’s it the reason i say that
    is he told the truth and look what happen to him a democrat killed him read
    about history president Kennedy told the truth and look what happen to him
    trump is standing for our country and for the people stand beside him
    and keep holding him up if you wan’t more money in your pockets vote for
    him in 2020 Joe bi don and the other Democrats they are not telling you the
    truth they just want your votes they make it sonds good to the people
    but underneath they are lieng i love history it will till you the truth of what
    is happening around you the lord in his word he said think on these things
    what so ever is honest/ what so ever is true /and what so ever is just think on those

  24. I keep asking myself “why are the Dems so angry?”
    They are on one side of the coin, with their venom and anger–
    The other side reeks with FEAR! Fear of losing control, fear from being exposed
    of corruption; Trump has a reputation of going after their corruption (i.e. Ukraine)
    Trump is not perfect and can ‘clean up his act’ by not shouting, no criticism of anyone,
    “By your works ye shall be judged” and he is miles ahead on that score !!!!

  25. I smell VICTORY for 2020. The swamp is getting drained , the rats are getting desperate. They’re being sucked in. The Democrats are bad losers, now they’re wanting to run the senate. Eat your heart out DEM’s, not going to happen !

  26. Schumer “The Scrumer” is so crooked his eyes are permanently crossed. What part of he doesn’t get to ask for, much less demand, any concessions in the coming Senate trial does he NOT understand? He only needs to review how that shyster “Shifty” Schiff ran that impeachment ‘circus’ in the house for a reminder of how “payback is a b”(rhymes with itch)!

  27. Schumer has realized now what he should have seen all a long. Schiff and Nadler’s committees have given him a sandwich with ZERO filling. He would be left trying to “fix it” for those two dummies. That is not the role of the Senate. I get a real charge out of his effort to dictate terms and rules fro. The minority to the MAJORITY in this matter which should come before the Senate. If the House Intel committee or the Judiciary committee had followed protocol when disagreements arose on subpoenas it may have had a different outcome ie the whole mess would have been shoved down their throats or, just maybe maybe they might have built a stronger case. Unfortunately for them they screwed up and hastily pressed forward. Now they are stuck with the mess! I don’t believe that Pelosi can bluff Mitch McConnell. I believe that this time the Republican Senators, even Senators Murkowski, Romney, Collins can see that this impeachment is wrong. I hope that for once the jerk never Trumpers like the losers that formed the little PAC the other day just shut the hell up and let the process play out. But they won’t. They claim to be conservative republicans but they’re not. They are all closet progressives who want a dem house so are and president. A pox on all their houses!!!

    • It wasn’t a sandwich with zero filling. Its a foot-long s**t sandwich, And not a glass of water anywhere to wash it down with!!

    • You got that right. They should all be certified insane and locked up in a mental hospital. A bunch of sickos.

  28. REMEMBER what this criminal said on TV with a threatening smile that Trump better not take on the ‘Intelligence Part of our Government’. I remember it exquisitely because I KNEW at that moment with no question that meant HE is part of the felonies committed against Trump and the people of this Country. He MUSTbe investigated.

    • Hysterical that Schumer and Durbin two of the biggest Democrat Partisan Hacks in the Senate want things to be impartial, is unbelievable…these two hacks have never had a single thought that wasn’t dictated to them by the Democrat Party platform. Period.
      What a bunch of lies these two can spin with straight faces. Pathetic.

    • Like Tom I thought the same thing. Either Schumer is part of the criminal intelligence community or he knew the plans for a coup by these rouges in advance.

  29. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide.


    • Susan, you first need a conscience to feel shame. The democRATs have none. By the way, don’t shout, I’m not blind you know.

  31. Thought Amy (who I don’t find to be funny) was supposed to be the comedian in the family. Looks like Uncle Schmuckie just outdid her, which doesn’t take much, of course.


  32. all these attacks on president Trump and his voter are “HATE CRIMES” and ” HATE SPEECH”. WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING CHARGED AS SUCH????

    • Why doesn’t anybody see fit to blame the people who keep re-electing Schumer , Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler time and time again to Office? Why do people keep supporting the Main stream Media with their subscriptions when they can get all their information for free on the Internet? Pelosi told all the Democrat candidates not to mention Impeachment in the Midterm elections. People elected these Democrats when they swore to work with Donald Trump and not to vote for Pelosi as Speaker yet the people voted them in even though you had People such as Maxine Waters who was constantly crying ?Impeach 45″ and Antifa beating up Trump supporters etc. These people after being elected then ignored the people and violated the U.S Constitution by allowing the House to claim Superiority over the Oval Office when the U.S. Constitution mandates the House, Senate and Oval Office as “EQUAL” and not resolving it in the Courts. I don’t know which is Worse” The Democrats or the people who voted them into office. They are all destroying this Country. Shame on You.

  33. We love trump hes working for us the dems are done the answer is vote the red wave is here an now an building everyday more an more dems are truning they to have had it we the pepole are the gov not them they are trying to steal it from you vote to take back our gov to stay free

    • Amen! Vote RED!

      After all, they would destroy us if possible – we committed the unpardonable sin: We voted against them!

  34. Randy, you hit the nail right on the head.
    What you said has not been in the news, not even Fox. I was waiting to hear this all day.
    The democrats made their rules, now it’s time for the Republicans to make theirs.
    My guess is that this trial will not be on any of the major TV channels.

  35. Maybe some of the house members should be brought up to trial and see how much they were paid or what they are promised if they voted yea. This would put the demo party up for treason without a trial for they admitted that they were bribed.

    • I watched some of the pitiful show on tv last nite and wonder where all of these democrats crawled out from?
      BOY oh BOY, some of these women are so old I believe they should have stayed in the Old Folks home, and some where so ugly they probley booger a haunted house during Halloween..Oh yea That crook Maxine “the nut case” Waters was a screaming bangie,she really needs to be in a padded cage. Where do these people come from?? Oh yea, they are all democrats that explains everything!!! MAGA

  36. The speaker of the house,Adam shift,the fat slob Namler[ whatever his name is],and the punk himself Schumer along with Obama and his wife need to be charged with treason and publicly hanged or shot. Their crimes are paramount.

    • That would be a good start but just a start to really drain the DC swamp. The democommies have done a great job of exposing what they really are to a whole new
      mass of American citizens. Every word out of their mouths is a lie and every action they take is to pervert another portion of our society.

    • Dave,
      Couldn’t agree more on that. The foreign interference was with the DNC & that phony dossier & FISA report. It’s amazing to see what power can do to a human being. It’s turned that whole party into monsters. They don’t deserve to be called human. They have completely forgot what they were elected for. Vote them out America!

  37. I believe that a trial would be great to have witnessses that prove the ones that the house used did nothing but lie and commit treason and then put them in jail. As for the whistleblower, Schniff in my thoughts, cannot be identified for he will be shot on the spot for treason. This can be done with a trial that would only last for 1 day for the questions would be pre written and the answers are already known.

    • I am hoping and praying the Durham and Huber bring forth the indictments of the top leaders of the coup attempts and then start releasing the (credible) US Attorneys to start pulling at the strings of the rest of the Deep State for trials and convictions. For those convicted of sedition (high crime) they should merit execution. For the rest they should be sent to Gitmo, even if we have to enlarge the facility, to remain in isolation. Only then will the Deep State be destroyed along with the socialist/communist/democrat party. SHOW NO MERCY!! Please vote Republican in 2020 so that President Trump has the opportunity to complete his promises plus and our Republic can be saved.

  38. Schumer is a wonderful man–to his family. To the rest of us, he is another hack and professional swamp creature. He represents a state with a scumbag governor, a scumbag mayor of his city and him who keeps getting elected by people too dumb to know better. He will always be a member of the minority party along with the house. New Yorkers are the dumbest folks in our country. He is a high and mighty Jew who has attacked the best friend Israel has ever had and loves Obama the muslim. Something is wrong here and it is them.

  39. Yeah right UPCHUCK! . . . Anything you say. Just go HOME. You are about as USEFUL as a Dog Schiff turd on a dessert plate . . . YOURS. Your little ESCAPADE just sank in the harbor with the Dog Schiff turd. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Shoe dirt-Schumer smells like he stepped on Dog Schaffer’s turd. He asks for McConell and Republicans to make the Senate trial honest and fair. I’d say, yes, honest and fair and even non-partisan, just like the way the democrats treated my President (That’s what they claim. As if we’re stupid. Demon rats!!!

  40. This from the guy who supports anti-semanticists who defend and support Islamic terrorism and killing Jews. I don’t listen to leftist idiots especially traitorous ones.

  41. Chuck you are a joke if we had impeachment for all the crooked Dems we would be having Impeachment for the next 5 years. What about all the BS you did to the President for the last three years. Most of your super party should have been impeached or in jail. Lying is the norm for your Party. Don’t accomplish anything except waste 3 years. You have no respect for the American people.
    I don’t know how you could be such an outright corrupt party. To you it is a normal process.
    Do you sleep well at night.

  42. If Schumer had his way, there wouldn’t be a fair trial, just a vote to remove the POTUS from office. He doesn’t want any of the witnesses that may actually have substantive things regarding the abuse of power by any democrats called. That would reflect badly on them which is why in the House they didn’t let the Republicans call get any of their witnesses called. Fair Trial? not likely. I would say that if Pelosi doesn’t send the “articles of impeachment” over to the Senate. The Senate should either simply ignore them or declare them null and void.

    • That is the weird point, until the House sends the formal Articles of Impeachment to the Senate the Senate cannot by law do anything with or about them. That Shummer is demanding specifics about the trial prior to the articles being sent is a ridiculous farce.
      McConnell is perfectly correct in not agreeing to any concessions or boundaries until he has received the formal documents for the Senate to act on and setup the trail. There is no trail or setting up bases for a trail until the articles are delivered. Up to that point the entire show the House put on is meaningless, yes he was impeached but nothing can be done with or about the impeachment until the Senate has the trial based on those articles.
      I stated to family and friends 2 years ago, this impeachment the Democrats have been calling for since day one will not happen until the next election is underway as a means to shadow real issues for our country and hide their true platform. The last seats they won were all based on getting Trump out of office not local or state or national issues their office is there to address.

  43. My guess is that Pelosi will hold off on sending the articles to the Senate until after the 2020 elections. Her deluded plan is hoping the democrats will gain a majority in the Senate thus ensuring a guilty verdict. They already know Trump will win in 2020, but they hope to remove him even when he wins. In actuality, after this farce of an impeachment is going to cost the democrats the House, and an even smaller minority in the Senate. It is time for the democrat party to just fade into history.

    • I don’t believe she has the power to do that. Maybe I’m wrong but saw that opinion somewhere just recently.

  44. This so called whistleblower should be the only person called. I think either sh–t helped him/her write the complaint or he wrote it himself and paid this IDIOT to submit it for him. Either way that would be TREASON on his part.

  45. This is rich. These demorat idiots (wait, that’s redundant) want a FAIR trial now??? Where was the fairness in the Schiff show? President Trump received no due process, we were denied witnesses, and we were gaveled down when we asked a question that didn’t fit their narrative. It was a total kangaroo court. They think Americans are idiots and will forget what they did.

    Is anyone else sick of them accusing us of what they are doing?

    • Nothing new. Been sick of it for a decade or more. Finally the republicans, conservatives and even independents are too. Time we did something about it imo.

  46. Schumer is a putz! He and Nancy have hogged the press for years detailing their assertion of the President’s impending impeachment. And now he states that he can be impartial? Did he recently visit the State of California to refill his flask with their Kool-Aid? And what about the so called ‘whistle blower’ in all of this?


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