LOL: Here’s How Real Latinos Reacted To Pete Buttigieg’s Fumbling Attempt At Speaking Spanish

(Liberty Bell) – On Thursday night, former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg tried to get a town hall event with Latino voters started by brandishing his Spanish language skills.

It didn’t go very well.

The 30-something homosexual began in Spanish by saying “Thanks for inviting us to speak…” then got all tongue-tied.

He was forced to resort to his native tongue, English, in which he finished by saying “…this evening.”

He had also stumbled painfully over the Spanish pronunciation of “intiviting,” invitarnos, instead pronouncing it inventarnos,” meaning “inventing.”

The crowd in North Las Vegas erupted in laughter at his poor pronuciation, to which Buttigeig replied by blaming his faux pas on a lack of sleep from being on the campaign trail.

“Not quite sleeping enough but delighted to be with you,” he said.

Buttigieg was speaking to the League of United Latin American Citizens Presidential Town Hall to discuss his campaign, and presumably how he’s going to help Latinos.

Ahead of the important Nevada caucuses, Buttigieg has been brushing up his Spanish to appeal to the state’s prominent Latino voting block.

After winning in Iowa, Buttigieg told local immigrants that had been brought to the country as children that they belonged in the United States.

“We celebrate your belonging in this country and, yes, this country is your country too,” he said in Spanish.

Mayor Pete may not have a strong mastery of the Spanish language, but he is a big fan of radical open-borders policies.

We can only imagine the kind of insecure, free-for-all our borders would become were he elected to the White House.


  1. And mayor Pete made a fool of himself again. Sorry, but if I was going to speak to any ethnic group and wasn’t at least functional, if not proficient in the language, I would have to apologize and explain that I didn’t want to insult them, nor embarrass myself by speaking their language poorly.
    My paternal grandparents came from Norway, My maternal grandmother was Scots. Both languages were spoken at home. But all understood it was in their best interest to learn to speak English. As well as to make an effort to become part of the greater community around them. So why wouldn’t the Hispanic community come to the same conclusion?
    If you’re going to come here, shouldn’t you become a part of, rather than remain apart from the rest of society?

    • There was an old man in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that became a citizen after living here for 25 years.

      He had to have his granddaughter TRANSLATE for him!!

      He was already here for TWENTY FIVE EFFING YEARS, yet learned NO English!!

      You should NOT be able to become a U. S. Citizen, if you can’t speak at least a FUNCTIONAL amount of English!!

  2. Before you decide one way or the other on Butthead please do yourself a favor. Check his work history just before he got into the Navy via a program that is notorious for getting individuals with questionable alliances into the Navy for very specific purposes (i.e. take a close look at H. Biden even though he even managed to blow a blow proof appointment). In short folks, Butthead is just another player for the world’s feudal lords! Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo
      True. Tried to fake his way through. An interpreter would have been huge – instead he’s a laughing stock with a husband. You go girl !!!!!! You got my vote. NOT.

  3. Little Petey, what a silly little jerk, thinks he can play with the Big Boys, I don’t think soooo! He might get a boo boo if he tries to play a real man’s game. Go home to mommy and get a hug, you will feel better. And while you are recuperating think about this, you will never be able to beat ” the Man”, Donald J. Trump, my President and nither will any of the crazy dem-o-goofs. Keep Our Country The Greatest, never vote democratic ever again…

  4. I can’t believe these cult followers excited for November. You need more than 45 per cent to win. However the Russians or Saudis or Israel’s help out which he will take! I can’t wait for real Republicans to take over and some integrity and decency back in the GOP!

  5. I have read little Sarah’s comments and I find her rantings of a fool so people plz know you can’t win an argument with a fool they don’t understand logic so just let her live in her little bubble lol

  6. My goodness thank god not too many ignorant democRats like Sarah are responding here.Get sick and tired of those liars.Can’t wait for November.And see all those democRats with their HITS😂😂😂

    • No kidding. She’s likely in a corner coloring with a pacifier in her mouth to calm down. Those little tykes get triggered so easily.

  7. I am sick and tired of Democrats defining Trump supporters as Troglodytes and idiots.

    We are very much aware of Trump’s character defects and faults. But he is NOT a globalist Leftist.

    Tens of thousands of of physicians will be voting for Donald Trump because they are sick and tired of excessive Democrat’s regulations. These are not naive voters.

    As Democrats who detest Trump, I would give you some advice: “Instead of demonizing Donald Trump, get your POLITICAL PARTY to provide candidates like Harry Truman or Henry Jackson (whom you never heard of) to run for Presidency.

    Give Americans some DECENT candidates. Do that FIRST. In that glaring absence, vote for Donald Trump.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • The first thing the Dems need to do is get in touch with reality!!! Then use actual facts to support your position rather than feelings!!!

  8. Why would Buttigieg even try to speak Spanish in a rally. Most of the Mexican/Americans can’t speak Spanish in the first place. English in our first language.

    • I can speak a little Spanish. It is grammatically poor, but understandable.

      I use it in Spanish speaking countries to “get along” and “manage.”

      Under no circumstances would I masquerade as a Spanish speaker. I enjoy the language, but in order to get better I need some 8 months to a year in instruction and immersion.

      Not pretending.

      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  9. No Mar!! No one asked that because there are so many different cultures here that don’t want to be part of the American culture. Like for example: the Chinese culture. Have you been to Chinatown in NY? You barely can find someone to speak English. They speak, eat and behave like they are still in China. It’s just an example….. 🙂

    • If they don’t want to be part of our culture they shouldn’t be in our country. They should move to a place of their own culture. It’s really quite simple. Assimilate or don’t come.

    • Sarah, great example. Thank you! You just described the people who should go home. I’m sure that if an employee where you work refused to assimilate, to work as a team member and kept causing issues on the job, you would fire them. The “accepting and tolerant people” are the least accepting and tolerant, unless they follow your rules. Hippocrates and liars, cry babies and whiners. Liberals.

    • That’s the problem no one is assimilate to the American way which is English. Heck they used to not even let you in if someone in your family wasn’t proficient in English

    • Funny… It was NOT that way 50 or 60 yrs ago, when I visited often. Must be y’all’s “diversity” practices, and importing illegals has done that!

    • Calm down little sarah. Go put on a diaper and get in your ‘little space’. Pelosi and Schiff are there waiting to play with you. You can play a game together like house, or impeach. Of course you will always loose, but it’s just pretend. Don’t get triggered.

  10. Nancy already destroyed Dems confidence in winning 2020.
    Dems are disgusted and disappointed.
    Only Trump derangement syndrome will get them to the poles.
    Even with pole fixing, immigrant votes, voters multiply voting, fake votes, and dead votes…last round failed. Last election was in reality a landslide if the above factors were to be corrected to zero.
    Now that the democrat party has shown Americans its true identity as the communist party: expect more turnout for the constitutionalist party. This is America vs anti-America.
    40-50 years of indoctrination for children in communist ideation. The beauty? Tax paying Americans paid the communists to indoctrinate their next generation.
    The hope is they have miscalculated their “coming out” revealing the true agenda.
    It would seem that Millinials have significantly taken the bait. All the “free” stuff seems acceptable to them in exchange for their freedoms. The cage seems comfortable. Thinking, working, innovating, succeeding or failing on ones own is simply too painful. They seem to prefer cradle to grave subservience.
    The miscalculation rests in the minds of independents. If they recognize the true assault on freedom, they may act and vote.
    That only gets four years. Correction of this cancer would take as many years as it took to grow.

    • Our fault as parents. Too many participation trophies and too much worrying about hurting their self esteem if they did get told they wildly exceeded expectations

  11. Pedrito es maricon. No es necesario decir mas. I can still read and write Spanish from my high school days although can’t speak it too well anymore. Don’t know how to put the accent marks in on an iPhone for those who are purists.

    • Sarah needs to follow the Chinese/Russian/Ukrainian connections and in whose hands that money has greased!
      BloomerBoy (Bloomberg)
      Wasserman Schultz
      All getting Rich at the expense of ALL citizens. That includes you Sarah!
      The facts are there to find and are undeniable. So educate yourself Dear Sarah. Please educate yourself!!!

  12. Trump couldn’t even spell SPANISH! At least Pete attempts to respect Hispanics, instead of demonizing them all as rapists and murderers!

    • He demonized only those who illegally invaded our country. Immigrants coming into our country following US laws and assimilating into our culture have all been met with open arms.

    • Anotherbiker4trump….. “invade our country”… let me remind you that your ancestors are the only ones that “invade” this country. They were all illegal.

    • Has anyone asked themselves why they have been the first and ONLY group of people to come here and REFUSE to assimilate? There was no need for anyone to pander to people from any other part of the world because they came here to be part of America. And whether it was written or not by the founders, this was an English speaking country until then.

      No one has ever been forced to come to the USA but only one group has come here and refused to become a part of our culture.

    • Calm down Sarah. It’s ok. Go to “gun free” zone where it is “safe” and calm down. Dont forget your blanket with Hillary’s face printed on it.

    • Sarah, you have the GOP and the dems mixed up – for lying, you only have to do your homework. The dems have been lying constantly for the last 3 years about Trump. All their lies have been exposed. The list doesn’t end. Not saying that both sides don’t lie, but the Pinocchio award goes to the dems. As to Trump’s intelligence, look up his IQ, it’s rather high. His tweets don’t reflect it unfortunately. However, if you look at what he’s done instead of what he says, you would have your eyes opened. Our country is so much better off right now except for the divide between the liberals and conservatives and that keeps getting worse. It’s not going to change, 1/2 this country will continue to be pissed off until all the school age kids have been brain washed to accept communism as our form of government and hopefully before that can happen we will have a civil war and settle this dispute once and for all.

    • You call that respect by destroying there language. And yes PRESIDENT Trump did say that about MS13 YOU IDIOT SPREAD YOUR BROWN SNOWFLAKE CRAP SOMEWHERE ELSE

    • Liberal parrots! Just repeat what they hear. Never go back and review the WHOLE picture. They love Rapists (Bill Clinton) and Anti-Constitutionalists ( Obama) anti-Semites (Obama; AOC; Ilan Omar; and almost all Coastal Dems)
      Anti-Christian (No need to list here. We ALL know who THEY are!)

  13. Not to change the subject, but…
    This is the priceless ancient bubonic plague (yersinia pestis) preventive & remedy. It was called “The 4 Thieves.” Works even on the worst & most deadly superbugs when all drugs & other methods fail, as they always do. You will need this if you are going to SanFrancisco, LA or DC, DOA, ETC.
    Health is a do-it-yourself LIFETIME PROJECT not a government crony medical monopoly scam. 
    Is it coronavirus or 5G or both? Who cares! 
    Biowarfare virus containing HIV OUT OF CHINA? So What!
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    Think IODINE (black walnut hull tincture, seafoods).
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    Drug care is not health care. Vaccines do not bring health. Medical monopoly is no better than any monopoly. US emergency medicine is important, but is not about health. Big Science requires Big Money & that means Big Corruption.
    Weston A. Price Foundation (.org). 
    Our emergency care system is excellent. But emergency care is not health care. Drug care is not healthcare. Vaccines don’t bring health.
    Calling drug care health care is simply doubletalk. Like calling a pig’s ear a silk purse. It is a crony capitalist monopoly leftist ploy.

  14. No different than when horrible Hillary tried to speak to black Americans in Mississippi during the 2008 campaign. It was funny to listen to her made a complete idiot out of herself. Buttpuke wanting open borders? I recently saw a video where a young Hispanic woman was talking at a Trump rally AGAINST open borders because an illegal immigrant killed her grandmother. Shows how stupid the dummycrats really are. Way beyond out of touch.

    • Correct, Sarah…simply stated…no limit to stupidity! Why so many trumpers choose to have their HITS (Head In The Sand), is beyond logic or belief!

    • Oh Sarah, it’s “another” not “an other” and don’t forget to use a comma after the recipient’s name.

    • Sarah. Ignorance and hatred is rooted in liberal Democrats. Michael Savage wrote a book on this subject matter in which he calls liberalism a mental disease, which apparently fits you perfectly.

  15. Trump doesn’t have to try to speak Spanish to the Hispanics…he provides opportunities and jobs for them…lowers their taxes and makes a safer environment…deports the illegal bad guys…with the truth and non of the Democrat lies and bullshit.

    • If I was speaking another language beside english I would be insulted if a politician tried to speak to me this way. It is pure butt kissing, hoping to secure your vote simply by doing this. How stupid do these politician’s think we are!

  16. Why is the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party so dedicated in promoting and encouraging illegal crimes. The illegals and the progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party insult and degrade every Legal immigrant past and present. How dare them insult and degrade my parents and grandparents and all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They were fleeing real persecution from the axis power in Europe before WWII started. They came here for opportunity for their families not hand outs or freebies. They had to have a sponsor, a job, a place to live or they were not allowed into our country. They experienced racism from the English and German Americans. The Government did not help them in any way. No health care, no food stamps and no language assistance. Why are the illegals given everything when they broke our immigration laws. TV and all phone prompts are in Spanish, WHY? This outright racism by the progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party. What about all the other languages and how are the illegals ever going to learn English. In some of the public schools in our country, Spanish language is a required subject to take.
    This is racism at its highest and it is promoted by the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party and the Illegals. It has nothing to do with where people are coming from because we are all immigrants. It’s about the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party using them to promote and encourage hate and racism for political power. They have done this since they lost the civil war. Using minorities for their political gain and it’s getting much much worse.

    • Because everything the communist democrats do is aimed at breaking down everything that holds the country together! Total control is their goal and as much dilution of the culture as they can work in will help with that!

    • You are so correct. I came to this country legally from Europe and I too had to prove that I was financially self supporting and not hoping to get financial help from this country before I was granted a visa to come here.
      Whatever the Democrats touch turn to s…..t.

  17. Did Mayor Alfred E. use Ebonics when addressing blacks?? He wants to fit in so bad. He really needs to let the Latinos know they are now Americans and that English is OUR native language. What a hypocrite. Texas Irishman Beto tried the same road, but ended up getting lost.

  18. These morons encourage illegal aliens for the sole intention of culling votes either now (which again would be illegal with the proposed green card) or down the road when somehow they are all granted citizenship.
    When I immigrated 45 years ago I was obliged to go through a litany of checks in my educational qualifications and more importantly my medical history. On my flight to JFK I had to physically carry my x-ray showing that I had no disease or infection. What the state of y the illegals coming in through the southern border is, I do not know but I don’t see them carrying x-rays,
    Without borders there is no country. No other nation on earth allows unchecked immigration. Why should we be the suckers?

  19. This is all we need, a Homo as President, This is the wrong direction for the USA. I hope the Hispanica can see threw this immoral man


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