LOL: Guess What Elizabeth Warren Did When She Was Caught Taking A Private Jet

(Liberty Bell) – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was recently caught taking the walk of shame, not only from the Iowa caucuses but to them, coming off a carbon-spewing private jet.

This is embarrassing.

Warren, a vocal proponent of the comical Green New Deal was caught on camera deboarding a private jet before she caught notice of a camera pointed her way.

She then seemingly deliberately hid behind her staffer, tucking away right out of view behind the aide.

To be fair, Warren may contest that she deliberately hid behind her staffer out of shame she felt for being a two-faced hypocrite that demands the government control every aspect of our lives including the way we travel because the experts all agree that carbon is the worst thing ever. And that might be true since Warren has heretofore never shown the ability to feel shame for lying to the public.

But Warren does seem to know that private air travel is a sin evidenced by her weak attempts to distance herself and her campaign from private jets as reported:

“What specific steps have you taken in your campaign to ensure that your campaign’s environmental impact is limited as possible?” a listener asked.

Host Laura Knoy pointed out that Tom Steyer (D) recently told NHPR that he is only flying commercial, adding, “there’s a huge carbon footprint of a private jet, so that’s the sacrifice he said he was willing to make. How about you?”

“So I’ve mostly been flying commercial,” Warren said, explaining that her campaign has been trying to look at “other ways” to reduce its carbon footprint.

“It’s everything from the kind of car we drive and down to, do we purchase offsets? Can we make that work as a way to try to reduce the footprint,” she said, failing to elaborate if her campaign’s proposals have come to fruition.

Of course, the Green New Deal Warren supports won’t allow you to negotiate with the state when and how you will reduce your carbon footprint, while still squeezing in a little private jet trip here and there.

Warren and her communist colleagues in the Democratic party don’t really hate planes, they hate you and I and our doing well and living free.

If they were actually dumb enough to believe these policies they wouldn’t be traitors, but a reasonable person cannot repeatedly listen to these hypocrites demand that we live at a third world standard to save the planet while they simultaneously burn twice the amount of carbon they tell us will put their beachside mansions underwater before the end of Trump’s second term.


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  2. Every one of these lying, thieving, hypocrites (Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, Clinton, Warren, Kerry, Obama, Tlaib, AOC, Ilhan, etc.) should be in jail!! If left to me their trials would resemble those held in Salem, MA. several hundred years ago….the only difference is those men and women tried in Salem were INNOCENT!!!! These people get nothing from me but my utter contempt!!!

  3. I seriously think Warren is transgender – I believe she’s swinging- no woman can look like a man more than that Wo man . Btw if you haven’t seen that lame ass video with her trying to look/act like she’s just one the guys DRINKING A BEER….OMG – it is HILARIOUS 😂 and PATHETIC !!!

  4. Wasn’t she the one who asked “Why would anybody want a President who lies constantly”?, referring to Donald Trump. Liawatha speak with forked tongue

  5. You can never trust a Democrat the true isn’t in them just look around you little Al Gore has made millions from his lies about this carbon foot print bull shit I have read any proof yet this crap is real and they haven’t either

    • Mouse,
      And you never will. Think about it. Animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants in turn absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The point here is plants absorb carbon they need it to survive. So an atmosphere high in carbon will make plants/vegetation thrive….. higher air borne carbon means larger more productive farm yields. think about it…….OOPS I just destroyed poor little Greta’s whole argument……

  6. Searching back into human prehistory whenever sacrifice was deemed necessary, be it for floods or droughts or good weather for planting or harvesting, the elite rulers are not the ones that suffer the sacrifice. That is, until the peasants realize that this sacrifice thing is a lot of crap, doesn’t do anything to the weather and is entirely at their expense not the rulers. Then, sometimes, there is a sacrifice to get rid of those rulers.

    • This typical democrat communist party member sort of does She is saying “do as I say not as I do”. They all do it. After Al Gore invented the internet, according to him, he went on his own private war on the environment. He owns multiple gigantic homes in sensitive locations, flies all over the world in private jets, and lives like a king on the money he made telling all the lies democrats are famous for. I fear it will take a very uncivil war to drain the swamp and clean up the government Deep State.

  7. They’re all a bunch of phony baloneys. Every last Democrat. “It’s ok for me but not for thee” elitist mentality. They jump on whatever is “trendy” to try to win votes, but then act an entirely different way when in private.

    I see through them like cheap see-through lingerie. And what is underneath ain’t pretty.

  8. Caught in the act!! It’s amazing how politicians like Warren believe the American People are nothing more then a collective of buffoons and idiots. You know, little people. At least Al Gore said that he should be allowed to leave a larger carbon footprint, because he’s important. With that train of thought, what are we?

  9. To prove she at least believes in staying Green a little, she can after she gets up to about twenty thousand feet cut the engines OFF. Then I will believe she cared a little bit, then I would say one down and a lot more to go.Open the gates to HELL.

  10. Warren is simply a product of the system… as long as we elect faces suitable for tv… and we don’t care about policies, we’ll get the likes of Warren, Obama, etc. Nice looking people that hope we don’t listen to what they actually propose for our nation. We either listen or we wake up socialist in a few more years.

  11. I have said and still say the demos want everyone to live by the standard set, but it does not apply to them. They have made it and are the ruling class. Look at any country that is socialist and you will see the ruling class live a very easy life while the average person struggles to get by.

    • Shades of Al Gore; preaching to us about making sacrifices “for the environment” while he lives high on the hog using ten times as much carbon type energy.

  12. Sounds like the “last meal” for congressman Schiff as his career job is over and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy! What a jerk he is.

  13. Hypocracy in action. They have no shame at their lies, but they do prefer not to get caught in them. Warren’s very act of hiding proves she knows the difference. It also proves she does not really believe that the Green Deal is valid and that climate change is a non-priority to her—except, of course, as a popular platform by which to gain followers.

    • Warren, even more so than most of the POS socialists, is a habitual hypocrite/habitual liar. In short, she is another vile, dispicable liberal, who like Hillary and the rest, will simply lie and cheat in order get votes.

  14. In recognition of his selfless and mindless devotion to upholding his version of the United States Constitution, and his single-minded perseverance and application of the high moral and cultural standards of that great State of Californica, it is with immense and chest-swelling pride that the owners, patrons, and punters of Dingleberry’s Restaurant of South Central San Francisco dedicate their latest culinary extravaganza to Representative Adam Schiff(D-CA):
    “The Shiftless Shiffburger”
    2 large Babbage lettuce leaves
    1 heathy left-of-center slice of beefsteak tomato
    Stone-ground yellow mustard
    Crushed red pepper flakes.
    Place one lettuce leaf, curly side up, on a suitable paper serving plate.
    Distastefully arrange the tomato slice on the curly leaf.
    Liberally apply a thick layer of yellow mustard to the tomato slice.
    Spoon on a heavy helping of flakes.
    Top with the remaining lettuce leaf, curly side down.
    Press all together and wrap in a recycled paper towel.

    [You might ask, “Where’s the Beef?” And as we all know, there never was any.]


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