Lindsey Graham Prophesies Doom And Gloom For The GOP If They Don’t Dump Impeachment Effort

(Liberty Bell) – Sen. Lindsey Graham is once again defending former President Donald Trump by stating that the current impeachment effort against him, which was launched by House Democrats after the Capitol Hill riot, is totally unconstitutional. He also warned Republicans that if they abandon Trump and take up the impeachment battle against him, they risk causing the Republican Party to “crack up.”

According to BizPacReview, the South Carolina senator sat down with Fox News hosts Martha MacCallum and Brett Baier on the day of Biden’s inauguration, and noted that he strongly disagrees with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that the former president was responsible for stirring up all the trouble at the Capitol.

“It looks like we’re going forward” with the impeachment, Graham stated during the interview. “We’re about to impeach a guy in Florida, okay? We’re about to impeach a man who is out of office, for the express purpose of making sure he can never run again.”

“I think it’s unconstitutional. I think it continues to divide the country. I think it puts a cloud over the presidency. It will open up Pandora’s box regarding the presidency itself,” the senator continued. “So I would like the Republican leadership to be more firm.”

Graham then went on to give McConnell some high praise for being a “good majority leader” who “was indispensable” to helping former President Trump get his judicial and Supreme Court nominees appointed to their positions, as well as helping him pass critical pieces of legislation.

“He’s a solid conservative but I am hoping that he will make an announcement soon saying that impeachment under these circumstances is unwise and unconstitutional,” Graham added.

“If this party is going to survive, we gotta realize that Donald Trump had a consequential presidency for conservatives, that he’s gonna be the strongest voice in the party. I realize that, and I appreciate that,” he said.

When asked by Baier if Graham believed that Trump was responsible for the riots on January 6th, he said no.

“But the people that broke into the Capitol are responsible for their actions. I’m not responsible. Trump’s not responsible,” Graham stated. “If you think President Trump committed a crime, he can be prosecuted. Impeachment is a political exercise that will further divide the country, and I think eventually destroy the presidency.”

Graham is right on the money. The individuals responsible for the riot are those who participated in it. It’s called personal responsibility. It’s not a real strong movement on the left just yet.

At the end of the day, the Republican Party would definitely be better off if they listened to Graham and stuck by Trump. Not because of the president himself necessarily but because he became the voice for an entire demographic of Americans who feel they are not being listened to by politicians in Washington.

If these folks trash on the former president, there’s a strong possibility they could lose an important part of the vote they will need to take back the House and Senate in two years. This is something we just can’t afford.

Video: Graham plans to argue impeachment is unconstitutional in Senate

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  1. The only crime committed is by the people doing the rioting . Trump ask for peace and was ignored. I would not vote for anyone that voted against Trump for impeachment. I think farther investigations would find someone or a group trying to get President Trump in trouble behind all this.

  2. This independent voted for President Trump, not a party. I definitely did not vote for the, let’s take turns leading to the same NWO agenda that we have had in Washington most pointedly since King George the first saluting the NWO. President Trump I firmly believe was ran by the Republican Party because they didn’t think he would win, little did they realize how well received he would be by the working citizens and least of all the true champion of the Republic and We the People that he is. The results of his leadership were unprecedented in their success despite absolutely nothing but resistance from the Good ol Boys of the swamp. The sleepers of the MWO that have infiltrated our highest positions were in an all or nothing position in the past election and they had no choice but to pull out all the stops, regardless of how blatant their efforts became. So too the absolute power they wield and the depths to which they have infiltrated and infected our government agencies even to the top Judicial and Law Enforcement level is now apparent no matter how much the mainstream media, which has become no more than “the ministry of propaganda and public enlightenment” may try to hide it.

  3. Graham is a RINO. He said the day of the RIOT by Antifa/ BLM and a few Trump supporters that he was done with Trump. He now realizes the people are still with Trump knowing this was a staged attack by the DNC. It is to late for all these POS. I think Graham and Cocaine Mitch just got Re-elected so let them serve their six year term and then it is time for both to go.

  4. “Let us be clear”! President has committed “NO” crime against the United States”! “This enactment is “Contempt prior to Investigation” and those who are fostering this “HUMBUG TRIAL” are “GUILTY Of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS” and belong in “GITMO”! “Here is the CRIME”! Quote to wit: “We have put together, I think, one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 10-24-2020 A.D.”! “The wrong MAN is being “CRUCIFIED” and all those involved will be dealt with by “THE ALMIGHTY” and be exposed as “ THE SONS and DAUGHTERS of “SATAN” as “THE EVIL ONES” against THE “CONSTITUTION”!

  5. We became Republicans because of Donald Trump- not quislings like Mitch McConnell. He is following Democratic Socialist talking points to go through with an illegal impeachment again at the peril of the Republican Party. He is Nancy’s chump!

  6. I also believe that Senator Graham is spot on. Nobody that wasn’t involved in the incursion into the White House believes it to be justified, including Donald Trump. However, just as Trump’s supporters are being hammered, it truly shows an insatiable hatred caused by the obvious spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome, for which a vaccine doesn’t exist!

  7. We need more voices such as Senator Graham’s, clearly and firmly characterizing the Democrats’ savage attack on President Trump as an unconstitutional, illegal, and illogical act driven by hatred and a desire for political vengeance.

    • Graham is a bottom feeding RINO. Nothing more. He pulls his finger out of his ass, licks it, sticks it in the wind to see which way the political winds are blowing.


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