Limbaugh: The “Titans Of Tech” Who Now Run The Country

(Liberty Bell) – Last week, Congress officially certified Joe Biden as the President-elect of the November 3rd, 2020, election.

I probably don’t need to tell you this has been fiercely—and even now violently—contested by supporters of President Donald Trump (although, to be fair, the vast majority of his supporters and he himself have denounced what took place on January 6th and we all know at least a few BLM/Antifa types were there in disguise).

Nonetheless, few avenues remain through which Trump and his team may manage to prevent Biden from being inaugurated next week.

It has been at this juncture—Biden’s official status as President-elect in the face of widespread allegations of fraud and public distrust of the legitimacy of his election victory—that Big Tech has stepped up to utterly shut down and destroy anyone who disagrees with the narrative.

Now that they’re sure their man will be in the White House, Silicon Valley information technology giants have slammed down the hammer on both President Trump himself and millions of his supporters online, destroying Parler, one of the only significant competitors to progressive-run Twitter.

Things are about to get real—and we’re about to see who really holds the power of the narrative in their hands.

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh explained on his program Monday that it is these “titans” who are really running our nation at the end of the day.

Congress has handed over the power to these technocrats.

“The titans of tech run the world,” he said Sunday on his nationally syndicated program.

“The titans of tech are running the United States. The titans of tech are running the United States government because the United States government is made up of people who would rather, uh, get good search results or get really fine campaign donations.”

He pointed to the several incidents in which CEOs such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey have testified before Congress about their monopoly on the flow of information and their ability to discriminate against certain individuals for censorship and deplatforming.

“Every couple of months for the past five years the titans of tech — ‘titans of tech’ — like Rasputin Jack and all of these girlie boys that run these tech outfits will be called up to Congress. Members of various House and Senate committees were gonna get real tough on these dudes!” he recalled.

“They were gonna get real demanding, gonna threaten them with Section 230 removal, gonna threaten them with all kinds of horror if they don’t get it right, if they don’t stop messing around, if they don’t stop ‘stoopin’ around in their stupid tweeting and their infiltrating and all this. They were threatened left and right, the titans of tech every couple of months for five years,” he continued.

This all resulted in naught, he continued, and he’s absolutely right.

All that Zuck and Dorsey have ever been expected to do is answer a series of questions from various members of Senate or House committees and create fodder for headlines.

Meanwhile, the proper legislation needed to check the power of these firms—something that enjoyed rare bipartisan support amid an unprecedented era of division in our nation, by the way—failed to come to fruition.

“The titans of tech would smugly leave wherever they were. They would either leave the Capitol if it was in the four years previous for this past year or they would leave their basement/media room and go back to wherever they hang out,” Limbaugh continued.

“After having appeared remotely, they’d go back to the little offices where anybody can wear what they want, drink endless supplies of Red Bull, play on the company-provided video games/ping-pong tables, and face no recrimination whatsoever,” Limbaugh said.

He went on to declare that Congress “never” did anything to check the power of Big Tech.

The reason, he asked?

They were simply afraid.

“Scared to death. No. You know what those sessions really were? Those hearings were opportunities for our elected officials to relinquish their authority and power, their authority and power to regulate in exchange for something. You know what? It was so cheap. The titans of tech got off so easy.”

He then explained that all the tech giants had to do was dole out their millions to campaigns and butter up the Capitol Hill politicians eager to make it another term.

There’s a clear paper trail of the kind of financial weight that is being thrown around here when it comes to influencing members of Congress in favor of Silicon Valley heavy-hitters.

“And even more importantly, all the titans of tech had to do was promise members of Congress great search results! You put the name Congressman X Murgatroyd so-and-so and the search results would come back, and this is the greatest congressman there’s ever been. That congressman would gladly pay for that by not punishing the titans of tech,” he explained.

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  1. Everyone should contact their internet service providers and demand that they block Twitter and Face Book. They only exist because we allow them to exist. We have way more power than they do. Stop using them and insist your service provider block them for violating your right to free speech. They need us to make money. We can bring them to their knees.

  2. what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul ? ( matt: NIV). this should be uppermost in anyone’s mind. Read your history of all the ones that sought power at any cost.

  3. Right on Rush! You have the guts and courage to tell it like it is and you always have!!! I wish we had more like you….unafraid to stand and tell it like it is. I remember the night when you received the wonderful recognition from
    President Trump
    Last January and I also remember when Nancy Pelosi sat in the Speakers seat and ripped up the copy of President Trump’s speech in front of everyone. She showed her spiteful
    Old true colors that night and it has only gotten worse. She is the one who should be impeached! I would vote yes to such a proposal if it ever was presented!!!

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