Liberty University President Slams New York Times Over This Insane Fake News Report

(Liberty Bell) – The mainstream media in America are nothing more than sensationalizing propagandists and the New York Times leads them all in the reporting of fake news. If a news story doesn’t make President Trump look bad, the New York Times can fix that. They’ve been fixing stories since President Trump announced he was running for President and they’ve become the best in the biz.

Full of wanna-be journalists, the New York Times fails to accurately report current events time and time again and their recent report on a supposed coronavirus outbreak at Liberty University in Virginia, is no exception.

The Times wrote that nearly a dozen students were showing symptoms of the coronavirus after returning to campus from spring break. Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., was having none of it as he took to social media to set the record straight.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Falwell called the New York Times “complete liars” on Twitter, tweeting that readers can “never believe anything” written about the private Christian university.

“@LibertyU is being supportive and embracing its responsibility to care for students instead of running away and pushing the COVID problem off on others,” Mr. Falwell tweeted Sunday after the Times article was published. “LU is blessed that we have no cases on campus but is committed to providing proper care regardless of what happens!”

Mr. Falwell made the decision to move residential classes online while students were on spring break, following a week of criticism and questions. But residential students living in on campus dorms were given the option to return to campus if they desired.

The New York Times report cited Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Jr., a physician in charge of Liberty’s health center, as saying a dozen Liberty students were sick with symptoms of the coronavirus and that school officials “have lost the ability to corral this thing.”

But Liberty University, in its own statement Sunday, said the article was “sensationalized” and deserved the label “fake news.” The statement said the numbers Dr. Eppes had given the paper were for students who had been tested or were in self-isolation.

One student did test positive for the coronavirus, Mr. Falwell said, but it was a student living off-campus who never left Lynchburg.

The university also acknowledged that four residential students returning from the New York City metropolitan area after spring break were asked to self-quarantine in the annex, an old hotel located off campus. Two of the students agreed to self-quarantine and the other two decided to return home, according to the university statement.

Three other students, who were in close contact with the four from Manhattan, were also asked to quarantine.

“This was precautionary and not based on any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 among the seven,” the university statement said. “The health professionals did not recommend these asymptomatic students be tested and they were not.”

It sure would appear that Liberty University acted appropriately and cautiously with their students and took the right action to ensure the virus would not spread. Nonetheless, mainstream media outlets only seem to be interested in making “bad guys” out of anyone who dare support President Trump.

The Washington Times adds:

Mr. Falwell, who has accused the media of overplaying the virus crisis in part to harm President Trump politically, told CNN last week that of the more than 7,000 students living residentially on Liberty’s campus, 1,900 students returned initially, about 1,000 of which were international students with nowhere else to go.

About 800 students left campus last week, dropping the number of students currently on campus to about 1,000. On Friday, the university offered a $1,000 credit toward the fall semester for students who opted not to return to their campus housing.

Other college campuses around the country are following similar protocol but Falwell has been outspoken in his support for President Trump and his accusations against the media, therefore, he’s being made out to be irresponsible, reckless, and incompetent.

No wonder people don’t trust the news anymore.


  1. All I can say is that if the toilet paper shortage continues, many of us in the New York area might be forced to renew our subscription to the New York Times. At least then it would be good for something.

  2. God sending a message to those trying to take Him out of this nation. “One nation under God!” Liberals following Obama’s vision that this nation is “no longer a Christian nation.” God trying to get their attention but they aren’t getting the message! All I can say is God help them! I pray that God continues to bless this nation despite their efforts!

  3. Liberal media should be quarantined in a wood chipper .. they are ruining our great country !!! As a matter of fact all you stupid liberals ass jokes should jump into a wood chipper so we could all have a good day !!!

  4. Fake news has been over kill for years. Any one sane won’t listens to it anymore. I just turn it off. The era of this trash is near it’s end. Thank God!

  5. When I check on the Truthfulness of Liberty Bell, via Media bias. it came back as being questionable. In other words, what they are sending you is bull manure. The NY Times factual reporting has been rated as high. Thanks but no thanks, I will believe the NY TIMES over the real fake news Liberty Bell.

    • Well now you’ve gone and done it, opened your piehole and EXPOSED your IDIOCY to the ENTIRE world, what a dumbass! GFY!

    • Your a sick person, and that’s what’s wrong in this country. Were in the crisis of our lives and you sick people are enjoying it because of your hate for our President. Why dont you all move to Venezuela and take Bernie as your leader. We won’t bother you and you better not bother us.

  6. The New York Times has fallen to (at the most) a third rate Rag not ever to be
    It sure would appear that Liberty University acted appropriately and cautiously with their students and took the right action to ensure the virus would not spread. Nonetheless, mainstream media outlets only seem to be interested in making “bad guys” out of anyone who dare support President Trump.

    The Washington Times adds:

  7. Look at the N.Y. Times own Coronavirus web page. Just look at the tables and drill down. Don’t read the BS. It clearly shows that NY and N.J. (read that as the NYC metro area) are the only really bad places in the country. Next up, no surprise, are Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, and New Orleans, but these are a mile behind the NYC area in a 1 and 1/8 mile horse race. Even Chiraq is reasonably controlled compared to NY. Overcrowding, filthy public transport, high rise “projects”. Detroit and New Orleans, well, we don’t even have to go any farther. The rest of the country pretty much under control, even California and Florida, with LA and Miami being the main messes. Why is none of this surprising? Cordon off these urban cesspools and leave the rest of us alone.

  8. NYT’ false reporting on this as well as other issues is tantamount to “shouting fire in a crowded room” which is exempt from freedom of speech rights protection. I too think libel charges are warranted

    • Really, they are rated high on their truthfulness, while the Liberty Bell is rate as being questionable on their truthfulness.

  9. Listen to POTUS and his designates…you may not agree with them, but at least you got it from them. Don’t allow leftist bobble-head morons to preach their destructive agenda as an analysis of his words. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND.

  10. Such liberal scumbags that place should be shut down !!!! Useless news lead by morons that have to lie and deceive the public to shove their bullshit agenda !! Everyone knows it ….just as bad as CNN the mother of fake news …go lie some idiots it’s what you do best !!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏻

  11. The National Inquirer has more credibility with their stories about being abducted by aliens that the NY Slimes or the Wash Compost.

  12. Trust the news? the New York Times? I’d just as soon trust the Pearland Journal and it is just an echo chamber for the liberal rag, the Houston Chronicle!

    • I don’t listen to any of the mainstream news outlets because all they spew out is lot of garbage and nonsense. Too bad they didn’t learn anything in journalism class and wasted all their time,energy and money.

  13. Same old extreme liberal biased fake news, which is not really news at all but rather made up negative garbage. So sick and tired of the MSM and all of their cohorts.


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