Liberal Media Astonished At New Hampshire Trump Rally Crowd…But Check Out How It Compares To Dem Debate!

(Liberty Bell) – On Monday night, President Donald Trump held a massive campaign rally in New Hampshire ahead of the state’s closely-watched presidential primary elections.

As usual, it was a very, very well-attended affair, with overflow crowds upon overflow crowds–literally.

The media, as usual, struggled on how to report the obviously telling size of the rally in the midst of a truly pathetic group of contenders vying for the spot on the ticket opposite POTUS in November.

Liberal reporter Jonathan Karl of ABC News was in attendance at the rally, and spoke to the high energy and enthusiasm of the crowd, something which can be seen at every Trump rally but was particularly noteworthy on Monday evening.

“Trump supporters are as fired up as I have ever seen them,” Jon Karl said.

He then compared the rally to an event that had taken place in the very same venue just two evenings prior.

The Democratic debates.

And the comparison was not favorable.

“This rally is in an arena that I was at just two nights ago — Saturday night at an event that included ALL of the major Democrat candidates and we have a bigger crowd by far just for Donald Trump than we had on Saturday for all of the Democrats,” he explained.

Indeed, across the nation, many Americans seemed to not even notice that the debates were even scheduled. After all, it was the end of an explosive news week that was packed with wins on the part of Trump and his supporters.

Karl touched on this as he continued:

“Trump supporters are very energized — you got the impeachment acquittal, good news on the economy and Democrats coming out of Iowa seem to be in disarray…and by the way, Trump’s approval rating has hit its highest level ever,” he said.

On Sunday, Karl told George Stephanopoulos that the Democrat party does not appear to be energized, which is quite a statement of the obvious.

The Gateway Pundit notes:

The Democrats held a fundraiser in New Hampshire Saturday night and there were empty seats in the arena.

This is the same arena in Manchester that President Trump packed to the brim tonight with cheering supporters and many more in the overflow — even the overflow had an overflow!

Bad news for Dems, but what else did you expect? In 2016, it was comical to compare the crowds at Hillary rallies to those of Trump’s.

Featured image credit: Epoch Times –[email protected]/30291415197


  1. All Hail the Orange One! Its unbelievable for these worshippers to come and hear the same old stories, quotes, and lies; and they love it! Its like a rock concert for them more than a political rally. He lied and tried to cover up his illegal deeds, its proven, and yet the GOP senators being afraid of the Orange One cower down to do what he tells them to do. I have to give him credit as a good politician that has found what it is that will make his minions worship him and believe every lie he tells (“Mexico is paying for the wall which is going up as we speak,” a perfect phone call (for extortian yes), and on and on. While the economy seems to be going fine, the debt will catch up to us. This is another one of his “Promises Made, Promises Kept” slogans where he would end the deficit in 8 years. Instead, he has made Obama look like a spend thrift! The country needs a REAL Republican in office who tells the truth and is against high deficits!


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