Liberal Hack Comes After Trump For Using ‘Chinese Virus’ Phrase; He Completely Destroys Her In One Sentence

(Liberty Bell) – President Trump has been delivering daily briefings during press conferences on the status of our nation’s fight against the coronavirus outbreak that is sweeping the country and leaving a path of misery and death in its wake, proving he’s exactly the kind of leader we need right now.

While all of this has been going on, the country of China, where this horrid virus originated, has been doing their best to pass the buck and avoid taking responsibility for the havoc that has been wrought on the world by pointing the finger for everything at the United States.

Due to this, Trump has been calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus,” which has not at all been sitting well with liberal PC police, especially in the media who have tried to pass the president off as racist for using the term.

That’s not all they’ve tried to attack him over. In fact, a reporter tried to slam him for not being more prepared for the outbreak with tests and other needed supplies, noting he had himself said he saw the pandemic coming.

Trump obliterated her.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Kristen Welker: You did say that this was a pandemic, that it was coming. So why was the United States not prepared with more testing and supplies?

President Trump: We were very prepared. And the only thing we weren’t prepared for was the media. The media has not treated it fairly. I’ll tell you how prepared I was. I called for a ban from people coming in from China long before anybody thought it was… In fact it was your network. I believe they called me a racist because I did that. It was made the people in the room they called me racist and other words because I did that because I went so early. So when you say we weren’t prepared had I let these tens of thousands of people come in from China a day we would have had something right now that would have been, that you wouldn’t have even recognized compared to where we are… So when you say I wasn’t prepared, I was the first one to do the ban. Now the countries are following what I did. But the media doesn’t acknowledge that. They know it’s true but they don’t want to right about it.


That’s definitely going to leave a mark. A big one. You’d think by now the media would realize that going toe-to-toe with Trump, especially with information that’s not accurate or that’s essentially nothing more than an attack on his presidency. The president is a counterpuncher, which means he waits for someone else to swing first then he swings back, and typically, his blows are much more powerful.

Like in this instance.

The mainstream media has not at all been shy about taking the coronavirus outbreak and politicizing it, hoping it wil help them defeat the president in the November election. It’s the whole “don’t let a crisis go to waste” principle in action.

It’s shameful to say the least. Hopefully, the media will drop that and focus on keeping people informed without spoon feeding them a worldview.



  1. I am very proud of all the accomplishments our President Trump has done. He and Vice President Pence are doing a spectacular job. They are true patriots and love our country and people. They want to see everyone get well from this Chinese virus. And to help others from not getting it. Stay strong our President and Vice President we want and need you to be re-elected. Trump/Pence 2020 Keeping America Strong.

  2. The Left Liberals are invested in China! They make big deals with the communist party. They park businesses over there and look the other way! Labor is cheap in China! Now we the American worker get to pay the price once again! The liberals are trying to cover up their evil deeds! Does anyone remember how bad the NBA jumped on the newbie coach for making the comments about China? It got so bad China boycotted anything NBA. No what needs to be done is we need ti seriously stop trading with China. They’re too big a risk! They don’t have our best interests in mind.

    • Most of the media outlets have pertuated and spread fear and anxiety by exagerating and constantly hyping the pandemic;Thereby causing more panic which is gross negligence.

    • MR BOB, you must be a Bill & Hillary & Barrack & Company & the liberal left squad of Demon-rat Socialist, BOB will you please move to China where you will feel right at home in Communism welfare & take all you snowflakes democrats with you.

    • Hoy Bobbie boy,
      That all you got to say on your limited vocabulary & empty parroted nonsense talks without citing any facts, data for civil, sane discourse? POTUS has been aggressively tackling this contagion since Jan., swiftly assembled a competent task force of experts & in international cooperation may have found fast cures with an old time anti-malarial drug Choroquine, Zithromax (Erythromycin), anti-viral Remdecivir, plasma from recovered patients & fast-tracking a Covid-19 vaccine. Smarten up, guy. Rational.

    • Bob, obviously your spelling sucks so let me help you.
      The word is spelled L I A R S not L I E S as in:
      Guess that’s another 15+ Liars to add to the Trump Liar counter…… I’m sure your name is somewhere near the top…….

  3. Love our president, who has a set on him, that doesn’t shrink in the face of the enemy. And yes, the media is an enemy of the country. No longer do they report the news, no, they make things up to make someone look as good or as bad as they feel people should think about them. Gone are the days of true journalism. Such a shame. But they would do great in a communist or socialist country.

    • AGREE with you, Ginger, whole-heartedly!!! Thankful that this President is in ‘Leadership’ at this time!!! 🙂

  4. I’m glad the lies are being exposed for what they are it’s about time the American people see the truth and see the light

    Socialism and freedom do not mix just like night and day to have one you must give up the other

  5. Thank God we have Donald Trump for our president in these troubled times. He has been doing a great job in protecting our people from this horrible Corona (Chinese) virus. He is doing so much to help people and businesses suffering from the financial burdens. In my opinion, that is because he is a businessman – not a politician !!! He knows what to do. Keep safe, President Trump. We support you.

    • This does make one think that God placed Donald Trump in the White House so that someone with some sense could deal with this crisis!

    • And yet that “downstate Mayor” in NY has the gall to say aloud that the President hasn’t lifted a finger to help. HUH

  6. Stupid people say stupid things and then get mad when anyone especially the person they hate the most set the record straight.

    • The President is doing what he is supposed to! If all these news reporters would concentrate on this pandemic instead of always blaming President Trump we could move forward! If he wants to call it the Chinese virus he can! When the Spanish virus existed in 1918 no one said then when politicians spoke of it being racist! It is what is is and came from China. So he is calling it as it is!

  7. President Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to our nation in decades! He is trying to clean the swamp and the shady ass liberal leftists are scared as hell.

  8. Love the way Trump fires back at the despicable comments media and libs make. These guys look like such fools—which they are. If liberals would listen and read they would see how all this hatred is so destructive but liberals only want to hear their own views they won’t even consider anything else.

  9. Wonder if the media would believe it if we pointed out that they (the media) are spreading the “CHINESE” virus? Posit we let Sleepy Joe give us stats on the virus, once he puts his famous gun violence [150M killed by guns] twist on it, half of the U.S. will be dead by yesterday.

  10. Go, Trump!!! We need you in the White House. I can’t think of anyone that would have performed as well as you have, not withstanding all the guff you’ve received. Keep up the good work.

  11. Keep going mr president!!!! We will get through this yet!! Don’t take any guff from the stupid media!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. MAMA SHORTY !!!


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