Liar: Sen. Lindsey Graham Gives The Deep State A Complete Free Pass

(Liberty Bell) – It finally seems to be the case that, all along, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wanted the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee to bury the Democrats and Deep State crimes.

What else do his actions say?

On May 1st, 2019, Graham promised there would be investigations into how the Mueller probe started.

He made this promise during testimony by US Attorney General Bill Barr before the Senate.

As the months went by, it became clear he had blatantly lied.

He has had nearly a year to call hearings for all the extensive crimes that we know were committed during Obama’s tenure and at the hands of the Deep State during President Trump’s time in office, but he did nothing.

Zip, nada, zilch, squat.


As The Gateway Pundit often notes:

Lindsey Graham has scheduled NO COMMITTEE HEARINGS on the Deep State, FBI, CIA and has called no witnesses in to discuss Spygate, or the Ukrainian scandals including Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mueller, Stefan Halper, George Papadopoulos, John Brennan, James Comey, Chris Wray, etc.

Lindsey Graham has no intention of confronting the latest criminal coup against this great American president.

In November Lindsey Graham told Sean Hannity he will call in corrupt liar Adam Schiff to testify before the US Senate.

This Sunday, Sen. Graham told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that he will end the impeachment process “as soon as possible.”

Graham refuses to investigate Schiff or Ukraine, and seems to be well on his way to instead hiding the evidence of corruption from the American public!

TGP reveals:

Lindsey says he may not call ANY WITNESSES to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Lindsey Graham is going to give the Democrats a pass.

Lindsey is going to give the anti-Trump CIA ‘whistleblower” a pass.

Lindsey Graham is going to give the Biden Crime Family a pass.

Lindsey Graham is a serial liar.


  1. Iam so ashamed to say I was once a democrat now. the democrats of today are not the decent hard working(for the people)of yesterday. They are DEMOCRATS, +=they are—-D-DEMOCRATS, E-EVIL-M-MEAN, O-OBSTRUCTIVE, C=CONTROL++has ruined AMERICAS trust. thank god we have a “WONDERFUL” ++ president like DONALD J. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS!

  2. Makes you wonder what sort of favor they have done for him. He is obviously not to be trusted. it also looks like he is trying to hide something.

  3. It is all a if you tell on me I will tell on you. They are all guilty of selling us out so they can make big money. They all need to leave.Clinton said if she went down so would the rest of the swamp.

  4. President Trump is a very wise man. He keeps his friends close, and his enemies even closer. Those he consults with are also the highest of Intel, and this plan has been in the making for many, many years. Already H. W. Bush has been executed as well as John McCain. George Bush has also agreed to the same, when the time is right. Just because we don’t hear about all that is taking place, it’s still happening. Perhaps, L. Graham is being set up. I mean I don’t know for sure, but it is a possibility. Corruptions across the board run so very deep not only in America, but the world. It’s a huge assignment. A friend put it this way, We are watching a scripted movie play out. Relax, and enjoy it. If you can help our president, do so. The rats will be removed in a timely matter. Thanks, and God Bless America and God bless each of you.

  5. Note: Not so fast Mr. Graham. We soldiers/cops practice two proven defensive tactics. 1. The best defense is a good offense! 2. Defense is always a 360 degrees proposition or as they say in South Carolina, “Up/down and all around! Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    TO: President Trump, Americans
    cc: All on the Left and/or on the Fence

    Mr. President, my fellow Americans, let’s all thank Mrs. Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and all of those players in the Congress, the bureaucracy, the media, etc… who have participated in what I will simply refer to as a ‘Resistance Movement’. They have validated without a reasonable doubt not only the 12 lessons learned (see below) that I introduced to the citizens of my community in 1989 after 26 years as a military officer and into my third year as their police chief, but the four I have added since President Trump’s election. Also, their actions have started an avalanche of information revealing a level of corruption matching or exceeding what most of us old cops came to know over 30 years ago (see next paragraph). I personally cannot wait to watch the difference styles of dancing we are bound to see from those trying to manage damage control!

    The lessons learned were to be the preface of a yet to be published book titled: Rape, Pillage, Plunder; America, You’ve Been Had! To date the book has not been published due to the large amount of still classified information therein. I will reveal that the book discusses the results of a Senate requested investigation as to the actual relationships between the governments of the United States, Panama, China, Russia, other nations, certain international banking organizations, and the international drug trade/money laundering ring operating in/around the Panama Canal. The investigation was requested to address concerns of senators regarding issues related to turning control of the Panama Canal over to the government of Panama. For your information; in addition to the names of several officials in the Carter Administration, one first term senator (J. Biden) and one state attorney general (W. Clinton) made it on to the list of individual subjects.

    Please, asking for your tolerance for one final comment from an old retired cop. The events surrounding and/or occurring within the parameters the so-called Special Prosecutor (Mueller) Investigation of Russian/Trump collusion/obstruction of justice in/around the 2016 National elections were by no stretch of any DOJ and/or other federal government statutes/laws/regulations/SOP’s/etc… an investigation. It was crystal clear that all of the activities before, during, and after the Mueller affair were/are a collection of grossly screwed up attempts to maintain the power of the long established oligarchy and distract from learning the real facts surrounding the 2016 election and post election efforts to negate the 2016 presidential elections.

    A Soldier/Cop’s Lessons Learned

    1-3. Omitted out of concern for those with sensitivity issues.

    4. The American people are the most effectively lied to people in modern times thanks primarily to the American political class, the American bureaucracy, the American media, and American academia.

    5. Arrogance coupled with ignorance equals stupidity.

    6. The greatest threats to the American people are the corrupt and/or incompetent politicians/bureaucrats/academicians found at every level of government/academia, and the majority of the American so-called media.

    7. Most of the politicians/bureaucrats/academicians I have encountered during my years as a soldier/cop I most kindly refer to as; self-serving, witless, cowards.

    8-11. Omitted out of concern for those with sensitivity issues.

    12. There are only two primary requirements to be a career soldier and/or cop in America. One must be smart enough to do the work and dumb enough to take the job.

    13. American soldiers and police officers must in addition to mastering all of their professionally mandated tasks, learn to accomplish the same with at least one arm tied behind their backs and their vision impaired 50% or more. (Added 2019)

    14. After carefully watching the whole of the political class since Donald J. Trump walked down that escalator in Trump Tower to date, I can say without reservation that most of the group will sell their souls and our bodies just to remain in power. (Added 2019)

    15. Want to see what the United States of America will look like if the left takes control of the government? Take your pick, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the complete package; California. (Added 2019)

    16. If the so-called resistance movement continues unchecked a number of able veterans are going to be presented with a challenge/decision. Are the American people worth another drop of our sweat and/or our blood? (Added 2019)

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    • Love your comment sure would like to see the ones you omitted. As a veteran myself I have been almost ashamed of what the men and women before me had she’s their blood for. This is what we put our lives at risk for? Alas guess if the time comes to pick up a weapon and stand with Trump I would be first in line!!!

  6. Graham has no balls whatsoever,,,,,he is a mouth that roars like a lion and continually allows his lion mouth to overload his chihuahua ass,,,,,he never intended any action against any member of the Washington elite left leaning socialist cowards,,,,,I pray this doesn’t continue until it creates a civil war in this country,,,,,if so,,,,to quote Pelosi,,,,,”there will be blood in the streets and if there is collateral damage,,,so be it”,,,,,,,they need to realize that a lot of that blood will be in the streets of D.C.,,,,,Graham will have a hard time being re-elected

    • Unfortunately, it’s not “fake news”. I have no idea whether its true or not, but Lindsey Graham has been implicated in the money laundering corruption that took place in the Ukraine. It’s not only Democrats that are guilty of nefarious actions.

  7. I hope Senator Graham isn’t what you say, I pray he does as he said he would. I like him but if what you are saying is fact vote him out. I really thought he would do the right thing for the people

  8. graham is a judas. i never did quite trust him. he speaks out of both sides of his mouth hopefully he trips on his own tongue. i hope the other rhinos will speak up and change the direction this train wreck is going in.

  9. I’ve said this for 6 years….Graham is NOTHING more than a Bogus , fake representative of conservatism!!!!! Always has been! Anyone that is or was a political friend of john mcain IS a FRAUD and liar!!! Mcconnell is nothing better if he goes along with this farce and totally fiasco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m not happy with Graham either , so far he is all smoke and no fire. He has had lots of opportunities to do investigations he said he would do but never carried through on.
    On the impeachment front however I think a quick 51 vote dismissal of the fraud charges are a huge win for Trump and a embarrassment for Democrats.
    However after the dismissal Graham can then do his investigation of any and all these impeachment jokesters under oath ! There really is no place for Graham to hide anymore most of us want to see the lying, dishonest Dems burn!

  11. It’s sad that we have gotten to the point we cannot trust anyone in Congress or any state governors, mayors, sheriffs etc” I think they need to take out needing money to run for office because more people on this page would do a better job than what we have. And much higher set of morals and standards without a doubt. Not everyone liked Obama but you didn’t see us acting like children in the sandbox who had to share the toys but that is what we have in Washington now. Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country and has shown us that we can have it better and he is cleaning up the swamp. Never before did I see how it is acceptable for a 14 year old boy get beat up so bad he has been hospitalized for wearing a MEGA hat to school. Stupid people need to get over it and move on these things need to stop. Those older kids need to thank God it was not my son because the law may not be doing anything but I would. And that is out of character for me but enough is enough no more sitting by time for more action.

    • These awful verbal and physical attacks on anybody who disagrees with a liberal, has to stop. This has been encouraged by some of the radical Democrats. Maxine Waters comes to mind. This corrupt woman should have been removed from congress long ago.
      Descent and discussion is the American way, not attack and destroy. We have come to the point, where anything that displeases the liberals results in verbal attacks, and death threats. These corrupt liberals should be investigated and arrested. Freedom of speech does not included death threats to silence any dissenting opinion.

    • I think the ONLY way to stop the corruption and AH’s being elected is to have Congresspersons and Senators receive only a stipend to reimburse their actual and documented expenses rather than a salary. There are no poor people in either the House or the Senate. So why should they receive a paycheck for screwing the American people? For the vast majority of them, they would be paid what they are worth – absolutely nothing!

  12. He’s setting them to take a huge fall. Don’t judge him yet. WATCH President Trump and Graham and Goudy go after the Deep State.


    • Graham is as much a RINO as McCain was….and McConnell, et ux. are! We are FULLY unable to believe one single word that slides (like greased monkey crap) out of any and all of their mouths!

  14. Ya being to think that there are some rep that are tied to to the money dose he have kids making money off this too he needs to get going but he want to push it under the rug we need answer to all this how many gov worker are involed biden obama hillary made m money off us our tax how many more are there in dc that are not right that are part of this yes he needs to call al of them to tesafy

  15. It’s very sad that our great country has come to this. Draining the Swamp includes all, whether red or blue that are corrupt and we don’t know who that is unfortunately. The country is going downhill and the deep state includes republicans, don’t fool yourself.

  16. Graham may even be worse than his mentor McCain. He definitely learned well at McCain’s poison well teat.
    All talk and no action or follow through.
    A weasel, a worm, a snake in the grass, a slick and slimy POS, a back stabber, a double crosser, a pompous a$$ and a liar.
    He needs to be removed from not only this Chairmanship but all Committees.

    • You already know that its not going to happen because the vast majority of politicians are part and parcel of the ‘Deep State’. No one is willing to rustle any feathers for fear of jeopardizing their chances for positions on prime, posh, profitable posts on committees. A perfect reason (among countless others) for term limits!

  17. Like most politicians, you can not believe anything they say, you can only believe in what they do. Everyone in Washington DC is or has been corrupted at some point. It begins by one congress person, askjng another congress person to vote on a program, then something they need voted on, will have the support of the first congress person. It May’s seem innocent at first but this is how corruption starts. All of a sudden the Second congress person takes some money from a person who wants something else voted on, the bribe is in the form of a donation, so they get a pass from the other congress people. It is not like they are putting it in their pocket, to spend on something personal. It is just to help with the election, which puts the congress person ,known to these political groups as a person, that can purchased for a price. Then Foreign countries are seeing a person who can be bought is available, for a monetary payment. Monies from foreign sources are difficult to trace, the foreign countries do this as a way of doing business. They need something so pay the people, that can help you get this. This is what our Congress and Senate have become, a paid resource for foreign governments or the political hacks trying to get bills passed, through our government. It is a shame our people we have elected, are so easily purchased by foreign governments or political hacks who are only looking out for companies, not the people of this once great christian country. It is a shame when someone comes into this environment, while the only thing these Congress people and Senators do is try to get rid of them, for not playing the game of politics. That means they will only vote for what is right and good for the people and for the country. These leeches, should be chastised and thrown out of our Congress and Senate, never to dishonor our country again.

  18. I think Senator Graham is neck deep in this Ukrainian/Burisma money laundering. As far as I’m concerned he is a liability in this scandal and needs to hand the reins over.

  19. If Graham determines what witnesses are and are not called for a Senate impeachment trial than he is no better than the Democrats in the House. He will have denied due process, just as they did.

    In a trial, the prosecution gets to call their witnesses and the defense gets to call their witnesses. Restrictions on witnesses or evidence have to have cause such as irrelevance or some other subversion of justice, and that is typically done by a judge. In my understanding, Justice Roberts will essentially take on that role. It would make no sense for Graham or anyone in the Senate to take on that role, as it would be the equivalent of a jurior determining what evidence the prosecution or defense gets to present to the jury as a whole and that is ludicrous.

    I for one would welcome a proper trial. Make the House Judiciary Committee present their case. Make them follow established trial rules. 90% of what was said in the House investigation would be disallowed as hearsay. Let the President provide a robust defense, something they were not allowed in the House.

  20. I hope that graham has a repub. primary opponent in the 2020 primary here in South Carolina. If graham slithers in to another 6 year term we will be stuck in rino country in a big way. He will continue to work with his entrenched demo counter parts on the Senate Judiciary Comm. to undermine the pro gun 2nd Amendment people as he was doing before the Trump Impeachment bs put a halt to his John Msshame trained sneaky tatics. He was working with other Comm. members fiendstein, harris, booker, war hero blumenthal, + that Hawaiian whack job hiroshemo? to sell us out on the “red flag” and other anti – gun demo written proposals. Mcconnall should remove him from the Chairmanship of that Judiciary Comm. now if he wants our support for his re-election bid. We dont need Graham for another 6 years. We need a trustworthy conservative to represent South Carolina in Wash., DC., not rino Graham!

  21. I do not know what is in Sen. Graham’s mind or what his end game could be, but, I think there should be a term limit on all of the politicans, govement workers, the department heads even the cops and cooks. No one could serve or work for us in washington for more than 8 years. And then they should not be able to work in any state, city or county govement ever again.

  22. Jim: i think What you said makes a lot of sense. One of two things should happen in the Senate. Either the Senators should refuse outright to give this sham impeachment any credence by refusing to even entertain the notion of a trial or else it should be a full-scale hearing with President Trump having every opportunity to clear his name. After all the Democrats and “fly-by” media have falsely convicted Trump since even before the 2016 election. With that being the case surely they can spare a few days for Trump and his lawyers to set the record straight and out the false witnesses. Either no go or all out show. No measley efforts at just trying to look good or hurry it through. Sure there is business to conduct but the Dems have held up the will of the people for three plus years so we are willing to let Trump have a few days.

  23. Ever occur to you the district of criminals runs deep on both sides? If one politician can get caught up in corrupt foreign dealings, then they all can. Just beause one corrupt politician is running for president, shouldn’t mean they get a free pass to be corrupt. Oops, did that just open a couple eyes? Clean the WHOLE swamp Mr. President!!!

  24. What does the deep state have on Graham if he does not do anything? The Democrats will criticize the Republican if they do not do a complete hearing before Justice John Roberts Schiff has lied many times before the Congress and nothing can be done. If Schiff lies under oath as a witness, then he can be prosecuted for perjury. Put all of the crooks before the Senate Judiciary Committee and if it is not done; it is past time to vote Graham out of office along with McConnell.

    • I agree with you, Samuel. The only thing I would like to interject here is, I don’t see Schiff actually lying about anything as he knows, full well, the potential consequences of such false statements. What I do see him doing, however, is repeatedly falling back on the 5th amendment after each and every question that is posed to him.

      Peace out, Bro!


    • I disagree. If we get a good one, they are gone. I suggest part time like before and I urge everyone to learn how public officials bonds/oaths work. 3 valid claims against there bond and they can never hold public office again. Kinda like car insurance. Too many claims, un-insurable. We the people, the 4th and most powerful branch of government can take care of all political corruption if they act instead of complain. Call and ask where to find their bonds and watch or listen to the nervousness reactions you get.

  25. GRAHAM is a BOLD FACE CRAP PUSHER from both sides of a QUESTION! He spouts a good reason but does not complete it. TRUMP WANTS AN HEARING to nail PELOSI SCHITT AND NADLER who have been interfering with his running the country BACK TO IT’S GOODNESS AGAIN! Graham does not want to upset his good relations with the DEEP STATE CROWNEES so there you have the full reason for his PHONY ACTS!

  26. This is why, after being a Republican since I was able to vote for Ronald Reagan at 18, I switched my party affiliation to independent. I feel more like a Libertarian now. Reagan would be ashamed to see what has become of his party. With the exception of a rare few they just stand by and hold their noses while the Democrats break every rule. I know they do not like Trump either, but he is the People’s President. If they don’t have his back they might find themselves out of a job too.

    • Agree, I was a Kennedy Democrat that became a Reagan Republican, after Reagan, None after I had any use for until Trump, why, he had nothing to gain. Everything he said on Oprah back in 87, when ALL the Dems. Loved him, he’s doing now for us. He is the People’s President , and it’s a shame the Brain Dead don’t know it yet.

  27. Graham did wonderful standing up for Kavanaugh and putting Dems in their place. I also saw Graham bring to the forefront FBI corruption during Senate FISA hearing. And I believe Graham will be there for us again during Impeachment Hearing and Durham Investigation Hearing. Need to have patience. I am convinced Graham is one of our good guys

    • Once you win a sale, like, say, if you were a car salesman, you don’t keep selling the car after the buyer has said he will buy it. You just get the signature on the paper. You don’t keep saying, “and here is how the transmission shifts into lower gear, or how the engine noise is “not too loud”, etc. Or else they have a new reason to not sign…

      As long as the Senate concludes the impeachment nightmare quickly, all of these other things are within the statute of limitations. One chunk at a time. As they say in the Middle East, “Shwarma, shwarma”, or “little by little”.

      Don’t let the perfect be enemy of the good.

  28. Lindsey Graham has been talking the talk like all professional politicians.Talk talk talk and do nothing.
    I am so against the so called squad but at least they tell it like they see it.
    God help this country.We are only surviving because we elected a non politician president who understands the needs of people and dosen’t have his hands out like to many of our politicians

  29. I believe there are many skeletons hiding in virtually all closets that can become known which may be shutting him down. This is certainly not the Lindsey Graham that was puffing his chest out on the big three fox shows. However Tucker and Hannity will continue to call him on the carpet for it. It’s the end of any confidence in his word

  30. I have to deal with Graham because he is my home state Senator. He has been lying to his Constiuents here for the last six years , he ran on getting us the name and the info about Benghazi , he lied, he then said he was going to find out about what started the Mueller report, about the Steel DOSIER more lies . Everyone time I wrote to this guy , I would get a form letter have stacks of them in my file , he lied again and again. Even at Town Hall Meetings he wouldn’t answer any questions from me or others in the room about his voting record . His statement was check with my staff , they will get your the answers . Even when the townhall was over I would go up to ask him questions and I was told to leave my name with his staff and they would get back to me , well they never did. The Senator Graham is a fraud , even more of a fraud when he was Senator McCains best friend . They both lied before the vote in the Senate about Obama Care being repealed both said they would vot to repeal together they lied once again. His constant affirmations about how he was involved with Desert Storm , he wasn’t what he did being in the Airfoce reserve was make up wills for the soldiers who went into combat. Plus he was promoted in the Airforce to Lt Colonel for doing nothing to earn that promotion , other than being a Senator for the State of SC. He is a fraud and we already have thousands of signatures to make sure he doesn’t win reelection in 2020 , we have already written to President Trump to not help him getting elected again to Senator of SC.

  31. he had said on national TV…that if the “whistleblower”doesn’t testify then, impeachment will be “dead on arrival ” at senate’s door! so, now what? he further said , he doesn’t have plans to subpoena schiff’s phone records as desired by his fellow republicans in congress ….since Schiff has been freely going into NUnes’s etc., phone records, himself!

    • Schiff, son-in-law of George Soros has committed Treason. He must be investigated! So should Nadler and Pelosi plus many others. For one thing they are all Pedophiles. I guess it will just take time for all of this to come out.

  32. As long as Barr is going to be AGGRESSIVE in his pursuit of the enormous number of crimes committed by the Democratic Party quick toss of the impeachment absurdity from the Senate is the better route.. I suspect a promise has been made and as long as the truth is exposed I have no problem with a quick Senate toss out. Another long on TV hearing fiasco will made voters sick of the GOP as well. Let Barr do it.

    • Tom:
      I did not see your comment before I wrote mine. I agree with you that there is no purpose for letting the vengeance feeling right now dominate one’s judgement. No revenge—justice is a later step, after the election. “Shwarma!”.

  33. Careful Lindsey, your real loyalties are showing! Sounds like a thinly veiled attempt to get reelected to me. Another one who thinks we’re all too stupid to see through it.

  34. It’s becoming obvious that Senator Graham pushed for chairmanship because he has something to hide and maybe the article about Graham and McCain taking kick-backs from foreign aid to Ukraine has merit. Digging into the deep state will expose himself. If this isn’t true, he needs to get his butt in gear and start fulfilling his promises. His failure to take action will undermine the GOP and weaken the party beyond repair.

    • Never trust a politician that you have beaten, he will stab you in the back. IE, John McCain, Romney, and Lindsey Graham!

  35. Graham – you should be ashamed of yourself!!! Democrats will continue to break the laws and do as they please!! If you don’t hold everyone of them responsible For their past infractions they will get steadily worse in the future! They already feel they are above the laws and the Constitution. Are you Republican or Democrat??? Your silence and not bringing all of them including the deep state and every person attached to this scam to justice makes our future more insecure as a nation. Remember they have been planning this witch hunt of our President from before he was elected and all of these lies and setups have been part of their workings to get the Presidency back to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party was defeated – grow up and get over it and start bringing our country back together as a WORKING UNIT AND DO THE JOB YOU WERE HIRED FOR! You cannot give them free reign to do this again. What about all the illegal stunts they’ve done and lied about while continuing to do new and more illegal stunts????!!!!! If they were regular citizens they’d be arrested, tried, and thrown in jail forever!!! There should be no special reprieves because they are part of Congress, FBI or other government agencies! We must show that we don’t stand for broken laws, etc no matter who they are!!!
    Do your job that we hired you for!


  37. I’ve heard this same thing a while back about not calling a single Hearing, I’m hoping it was wrong but I dunno, in His Defense calling witness’s legitimize’s the Dems. impeachment, would appear that doing this could be taken as defending Trump cause He’s guilty, Just a point to think about-I too would love to see these crooked bastards questioned, I be even happier to hear Durham indict’s them!

  38. Maybe he and his friends are involved in corruption and he is helping to
    keep their actions concealed from the voters and courts.

  39. Is he a republican or is he a true Democrat? Sure makes you wonder what’s wrong with the Dems getting a taste of their own medicine? They have surely dished out enough of their own.


  41. While not totally surprised I am none the less very disappointed in Lindsey Graham. He made promises and obviously has no intention of keeping those promises. He’s channeling his good friend, now deceased, John McCain. Shame on you Senator Graham. If you knew you wouldn’t be doing any investigating, you should have said so long ago.


    • I had hopes Lindsey Graham was going to stand up and be counted. He was sounding quite good for the last 2 or 3 weeks. guess not.

  42. We all know, deep down inside, what it’s going to take to right this ship! Like most other countries at present… it will take “We The People, in mass, to take out each and every corrupt politician, currently holding office! We must be willing to walk the walk! If not… we lose our Republic! If not… this corruption will continue! Then we must pass legislation to implement term limits on anyone who runs for political office🇺🇸

  43. The time has arrived for supporters to start calling their GOP Senators and demand that at a minimum the GOP majority files a detailed, lengthy Motion for Dismissal on legal grounds and for the Chief Justice serving as Judge of the Senate hearing to rule. If the Chief Justice rules against Dismissal then we should demand a full trial with extensive examination/cross examination of all relevant witnesses.

    • I think we even though we are not dem supporters to call the dems including those on the committee and tell them we will not vote for any dems even locally. That is what I am going to do.

  44. The issue might be he was told to allow Prosecutor Durham to finish his investigation & he has supposedly told the IG that his investigation was not adequate. So before the Sissy media starts hitting on The Senator, wait for the Prosecutor.

    • You have that right, and don’t be surprised about Sen.Tim Scott from Sout56h Carolina. As soon as he was settled in DC, apparently Bro Lindsey got him hooked up with his friends in DC. Sen. Scott soon began singing the same old songs as Lindsey.

  45. Time to go. All talk, zero action. Republicans have always been weak. Enter Donald Trump, finally a Republican with balls. Other Republicans should follow suit and give it back to the liar POS Democrats America better wake up and take notice, our Great Nation is under attack and will be changed forever

    • I think the better description is ruined for ever. I have said that the USA will probably never recover from the damage that Obama did and this is an extension of what he wanted.

  46. GET RID OF HIM, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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