Liar, Liar: Biden Promised Voters He’d Crack Down On Certain Industries; Here’s What He’s Done Instead

(Liberty Bell) – You’d think after endless lies from Democratic Party politicians over the many, many decades the party has been in existence, folks would have a hard time believing the words that come out of their mouths, but for whatever reason, left-wing voters still buy what they’re selling.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who the media has called the winner of the presidential election, despite the fact there hasn’t been any certification of the vote and there are pending lawsuits and recounts still going on, is apparently hard at work filling up his “administration” with individuals who are big players in industries he promised to crack down on.

Like folks from the oil and pharmaceutical industries for example.

He actually campaigned on being tough on these particular sectors of the business world, yet here is, getting cozy in bed with them by bringing lobbyists on board as part of his team.

According to the Daily Wire, four individuals who are to be included as part of his White House staff — should the left manage to steal the election successfully — are working for some big names in various industries.

Let’s take a look at Ronald Klain, who Biden has selected by Joe Biden to be his chief of staff. Klain actually worked for Biden back during his days as a senator, and also worked as a former chief of staff to former Vice President Al Gore.

Klain has also worked as a lobbyist and along with a team of individuals who represented drugmaker imClone when the company faced a congressional inquiry into the life-or-death consequences of its selective offering ‘compassionate use’ of drugs that had not yet been approved.” according to the folks at Fox News.

He’s also been a Wall Street executive, currently occupying the executive vice president position at a venture capital firm called Revolution.

Biden also picked Steve Ricchetti as his White House Counselor. Ricchetti was one of the major players in helping President Bill Clinton get a trade agreement with China that resulted in millions of American manufacturing jobs going bye-bye.

He also owned a lobbying firm with his brother and worked with a number of pharmaceutical companies.

There’s actually a lengthy list of these individuals out there who all have ties to either Big Pharma, Wall Street banks, or Big Tech companies.

In other words, this guy isn’t planning on cracking down on anyone or anything, especially when there’s money to be made by dolling out political favors. Lots of these companies and individuals likely donated to Biden’s campaign. Now he’s scratching their backs in return.

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  1. It is a delight to see that he is appointing good folks who normally you would like. What’s your complaint, that he’s just like Trump?

    • LOL.. the idiot isn’t a pimple on Trumps ass. Name one accomplishment of the idiots 47 years in politics. What’s the R stand for? Retarded?

  2. Biden’s record shows he is for sale. Anyone one who pays will be safe !!!!! He ranges from outright fraud to selling out America doe the gain of his family and his own pocket. Also he has proven he can not be trusted with information that requires security clearance !!!


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