Internet Goes Gaga Over Kamala’s Socks As She Cackles Over Inappropriate Impeachment Joke

(Liberty Bell) – The second impeachment charade against President Trump was shockingly far more egregious than the first. At least during the first there were hearings where evidence was presented and discussed and eyewitnesses testified (the fact that it was all bogus is irrelevant right now).

The second go round, however, took place start to finish in around 7 hours.

There was no evidence given that President Trump incited any attempted insurrection. No witnesses could testify because it didn’t happen. All the Democrats had was their personal hatred and vendetta against President Trump and with a majority in the House, that’s all they needed.

House Democrats have made a complete mockery of the Constitution and of the checks and balances that the Founding Founders incorporated into the government structure. They reduced the very serious impeachment process to nothing more than a political weapon and proved just how completely uninterested and unconcerned with “unity” they really are.

Don’t expect Democrats to understand the gravity of their actions, however. Perhaps nobody is less concerned about the damage done to the country than the next vice president herself.

Kamala Harris made headlines, making leftist sycophants swoon, over a pair of socks she was wearing while she maniacally cackled at a really distasteful joke told by her niece.

In a TikTok video, Meena Harris is seen giving her Aunt Kamala a gift of peach-flavored mints in a jar while saying, “Auntie. I got you a gift. Im-peach-mints.”

Kamala Harris burst out into her trademark cackle, completely disregarding the fact that the joke wasn’t funny at all and the second impeachment of President Trump was the most divisive thing her party has done yet.

She laughed heartily at the joke that mocked our Constitution, our President, and the 75 million Americans who voted for him. This is who is going to be serving in the position of Vice President of the United States.

Even Nancy Pelosi herself knew better than to celebrate as the House impeached President Trump the first time around.

Naturally, the leftist media had no problem with the joke whatsoever or Harris’ response to it.

As a matter of fact, the most important thing to the clueless Generation Z’ers were the blue and white socks Harris was wearing. There is an entire generation of Americans who have absolutely no reverence or respect for the Constitution and if their response to Meena Harris’ joke and Kamala Harris’ socks doesn’t prove it, nothing does.

Kamala’s socks had the message, “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE” on them. Leftists don’t care about the Constitution because they’re too focused on divisive and intolerant identity politics.

The entire voter base who voted for Biden and Harris have no clue what policies they actually ran on or their plans once they’re inaugurated but one thing they do know is that they really like her socks.

Is it any wonder America is so screwed?

Copyright 2021.


  1. They are pushing her socks because they cannot push her intellect for she’s a dope. We need to start sending out this new sign of Biden and Harris I thought up and here it is….” Biden will spread the wealth ,while Harris spreads her legs!”

  2. Why has nobody asked why she is wearing
    “gender specific” socks that say “The future is female”? I thought that she was with the movement to rid the country of gender labels such as his, hers, she, him, male, female and use terms like it, they, our, them, etc.
    Nothing but hypocrites!

    • Good one! But there probably isn’t room on all her socks for all the stupid pronouns for all the mentally insane clowns out there. Besides they don’t even know all of them and their the people who push this shit, lol!


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