Leaked Audio Out Of Detroit Exposes What Is Really Going To Go Down At The Ballot Box On Election Day

(Liberty Bell) – Election Day is just around the corner and despite the Democrats insistence that mail-in voting is completely safe we have seen time and time again around the country that it is anything but. The obvious solution would be to just go vote in person on November 3rd, right? Maybe not.

Undercover audio has surfaced out of Detroit, Michigan, from an anonymous source who recorded what she was being told during an election work training session. What she caught on record is shocking. The instructions being given to poll workers is enough to convince us that the entire election process might be completely rigged against us this year.

If Joe Biden wins November 3rd it will not be legitimate and America could be facing a situation akin to what has been going on in Venezuela for years now. Things are going to get ugly, folks.

The hidden audio tape was posted on YouTube and exposes election workers being trained to try and kick out poll watchers and make sure they back their tables up against walls so that poll watchers can’t go behind them to see what they are up to because of the 6-foot social distancing rule.

“They have to wear a mask, and they have to stay six feet. That’s important because if you don’t have six feet, they can’t come back there,” the crooked instructor tells the group. She then proceeds to explain that a person standing six feet away from the ballots cannot accurately see what is going on and therefore can’t verify any signatures, “Unless they got really good vision or they brought their binoculars.”

Why is it a problem for them to see what’s going on? Oh, that’s right, because that’s the only way Joe Biden is going to win.

The instructor then goes on to tell the group that the thing the poll watchers will want to check out are the absentee ballots. Luckily, she has a solution to that little problem: just call the police.

If a poll worker feels as though a poll watcher is giving them a hard time, they can just dial 911, “If they make a scene, get ’em up out of there. Call the police on ’em.”

The video then cuts away to an image of Michigan Compiled Laws 168.733, which specifically states that “The board of election inspectors shall provide space for the challengers within the polling place that enables the challengers to observe the election procedure and each person applying to vote.” Section (4) of the law specifies “A person shall not threaten or intimidate a challenger while performing an activity allowed under subsection.“

The training session just gets worse and worse. The next topic explained to the poll workers is what they should with a challenged ballot. A challenged ballot is one that is provided to an individual who claims that they are registered to vote but whose eligibility or registration status cannot be confirmed when they show up to vote.

The instructor tells the group to just go ahead and stick those ballots right into the tabulator, which is the machine that actually counts the votes. When they stick a challenged ballot into the tabulator it will count the vote as if it is not challenged. This also renders the challenged ballot unchallengeable because once in the machine it becomes anonymous and untraceable. Challenged ballots are supposed to go into the challenged que, not the tabulator.

Michigan residents are able to register to vote through election day so that means that someone could vote early or by mail in a nearby state then show up in Michigan on the day of the election and register and vote there using a challenged ballot. If poll workers are just popping these ballots right into the tabulator no one would ever know, their fraudulent votes would be counted, and our entire election process compromised.

The video continues on and we can hear the trainer explaining that essentially anyone can access the master list of voters in Michigan and can therefore show up at any polling place and give a name that matches one on the master list and they’ll be permitted to vote.

The instructor continues on to explain what happens when someone claims they did not vote by mail but the system shows that they did. Apparently, that voter will just be given a provisional ballot and that ballot will eventually find its way into the garbage. The voter will think they cast their vote, which they could have been attempting to double vote or they may not have been, but their ballot will end up in the trash.

The scariest part of it all is that the workers are teenagers and they hold the power to count someone’s vote or chuck it in the trash. Literally, any ballot could be put into the tabulator or put into the garbage and voters would never know.

If you live in Michigan and are going to vote in person, request to see the poll workers physically put your ballot in the tabulator. Sure sounds like anything goes in Michigan.

Buckle up, folks. The days and weeks following this election are sure to be a wild ride.

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  1. Michigan is screwed up if this “recording” is real. I work at the polls for election day and NO teenagers are allowed to work. I don’t even know any teenagers that want to work at the polls. In order to work, you need to be a registered voter in the parish you are working in. I’ve been doing this for 38 years and never needed to fill out a challenge to a voter. There are less than 2000 registered voters in my precinct and every precinct here is about that size so most people know each other that come in and vote. We have NO access to absentee ballots. Those are counted by parish paid employees of the clerk of courts and registrar of voters offices.
    Each candidate can have one poll watcher that can sit near us to listen as we call out the names to sign them in. I’m amazed at how backwards some other states are at the election process.

    • Also in order to vote you need to register 30 days before the election and swear an oath that you are not registered elsewhere. Our registrar has been going after fraudulent voters for many years now but it doesn’t make the news for some reason. Two poll workers went to jail about 3 years ago for stupidity they did while at the polls.

  2. The only voter fraud is being done by Republicans, fake ballot boxes, changing voters’ voting sites without notifying them, or moving them 30 or 50 miles away instead of their neighborhood, their dirty tricks are endless, including their white supremacist army guarding polling stations with weapons in open carry states, sending emails and putting up signs saying voting has been cancelled or days changed, cutting voting days, and hours, not accepting drivers’ licenses as enough to vote but allowing gun registration and hunting permits as fine, the list goes on, and each year it gets worse. It started with Nixon and the GOP operatives are vicious. Read about the late Lee Atwater and Roger Stone’s dirty tricks.

    • I live in Florida where they require a photo I’d I don’t think we have a problem but I could be wrong. These states that don’t require identification are just wrong. They say requiring an id is voter suppression but it just keeps everything above board

  3. Democrat is the Traitorous, Criminal party. do you think Michael Bloomberg would’ve sent $60 million to Florida to pay felons fines so that they could vote if he thought even one was going to vote republican?I personally think he’s racist and wrong in his assumption. Just because you committed a crime doesn’t mean you intend on being a life long criminal also known as Democrat

  4. The real issue is to make sure the left judges don’t steal the election for the Democrats. We already are seeing the Dems going to jail as if fraud is their mission in life. Most of this is because of how crooked they are and the real culprits are Hillary and Obama!


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