Larry C. Johnson Pens New Piece Saying ‘It’s Way Past Time For Proper Perspective On Corona Virus.’ Here’s What He Had To Say About It

(Liberty Bell) – Without a doubt, the coronavirus outbreak that has spread across the entire globe, including thousands of cases now popping up all over America, has caused all sorts of damage and panic. There’s plenty of pictures all over social media of folks snatching up food and toilet paper, hoarding massive amounts of these products and preventing other folks from having the things they need to live.

People are super concerned that contracting this virus is an automatic death sentence, when in reality, that’s not actually the case. Most of the folks who contract the disease end up recovering without much in the way of problems.

One of the government’s main reactions to this whole circus has been to shut down businesses and force people to go on mandatory lockdowns. The federal government hasn’t ordered any of this, but most states have and it’s destroying everything. People are out of work and are losing their livelihoods, making it almost impossible for those in low-income families to pay their rent and other bills.

Larry C. Johnson recently penned a piece for Gateway Pundit calling for people to get some perspective about this whole situation and to stop freaking out.

Via Gateway Pundit:

The facts of this virus do not justify the shutdown of the global economy. It is ridiculous. Let us just look at some very basic numbers. These are not my numbers.

The world population is approaching 7.8 BILLION as of 10:30 am on 23 March 2020 (7,772,832,940 and rising). There have been 168,000 babies born today around the world as of 10:31 am. That number also increasing by the minute. That means about 270 new human beings per minute are entering the world.

In one hour there are 16,000 new births around the world. And how many have died from the Corona virus since the first of January? 15,328 (from John Hopkins as of 10:40 am). That works out to roughly 8 deaths per hour globally. Catch my drift? If someone you love and care for dies of Corona virus it is a sad, tragic loss. I get it. But the reality of Mother Nature is that life is far more potent than death.

The idiot, irresponsible media would have you believe that there is corona virus lurking behind every bush and blade of grass. No one is safe as they wildly clang their media alarm bell. But when considered as a percentage of the global population, the number who have tested positive is .00004 % (in other words, 4/10,000 of a percent). That number barely registers.

The mainstream media has been taking a lot of hits from folks all across the political spectrum for their feverish coverage of this situation. Let’s face it, the main reason the media is covering this is to generate fear and panic in order to keep folks obsessive and tuned into the news 24-7. Oh, and to manufacture some sort of crisis they can blame President Trump for and hopefully getting him ousted from office in the November election. These people are relentless in their pursuit of destruction for the current administration.

As Johnson points out, some hospitals are indeed experiencing an overload, but that’s far from the norm.

Why is India not being brought to its knees by a tidal wave of corona virus? They do not seem to understand the concept of social distancing:

Right now, according to the data published by John Hopkins (and updated everyday), about 23,000 new cases are being diagnosed every day. Of those, the death rate for those who have tested positive is 4%. In other words, out of every 100 people who test positive, four die. Sad if you are among the four, but you would play those odds in a casino and come away loaded with cash.

I am not saying the virus is not real. I am not saying it should be ignored. But I am saying that the fear being manifested in so-called “developed” countries is unwarranted and fueled in large part by a mouth breathing, irresponsible media intent on scaring the hell out of viewers.

India is a very tightly jammed country, so it’s not really surprising to see that this disease is running rampant in their country. Also, as Johnson has noted above, social distancing, which is a critical aspect of fighting this virus, is not something the people of India seem to grasp very well. If they would put this into practice the number of cases would likely drop.

If the media was doing actual reporting, we would know how many hospitals are overwhelmed and unable to handle other patients. We would know what percentage of people who test positive are admitted to the hospital. We would know what percentage of people admitted to the hospital go into intensive care.

And what about testing? The media obsession with testing is but another symptom of the insanity that has gripped the media propaganda maelstrom. Unless you have symptoms, testing for corona virus is a complete waste of resources and your time. More importantly, it gives you a false sense of security. If you are tested today at 6 pm and then have contact with other people you can still be infected. A test is not a vaccine. It does not immunize you.

It is past time that we focus on reason and facts, not fear.

While the coronavirus is definitely a very big deal, there’s no need to panic and snatch up every roll of toilet paper every time you hit the grocery store. The panic buying absolutely needs to stop. People need to quit hoarding the stuff like it’s some sort of commodity or currency. It’s literally just to wipe your butt with.

On top of that, it’s probably a good idea to disconnect from the news for awhile each day and live your life, even if its in self-isolation or lockdown. Just have fun with your family and friends. Do some projects you’ve always wanted to get done. Get away from the insanity for a bit.

We will survive this.



  1. In 2019 there were 16,214 murders and 38,800 deaths from car accidents in the United States.In 2009 We had the Swine influenza.In the US there was an estimate of 22 million infected.with 4,000 deaths. from April of 2009 to April 2010 there were 60.8 million cases, 224,304 hospitalized with 12,469 in US. World wide there was between 151,700 and 575,400 deaths.there was no panic buying and no shutdown.More facts from 2017 to 2018 there 61,000 deaths to the flue virus. 2018 to 2019 there were 34,000 deaths to the flue virus and Oct 2019 to Feb 2020 12,000 have died and that number could reach 30,000 according to the CDC. But it is to early to tell and that is the flue not COVID-19. This happens every year. Lets put it perspective and stop this Media, Political Hysteria. Lets get or lives back and stop the panic.

  2. The media has really got the people frightened out of their minds. If this virus is so bad, why not worry about the flu the same. After all the flu infects and kills more people in the USA every year.I think it is all a ruse. Tank the economy and then the media and all the left radicals can blame Trump: viola, Trump loses in November to a wacky Democrat who will destroy our country and the USA becomes another third world country. We will eventually become a socialist country. Come on people don’t fall the leftist’s media exaggerations. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LONG MAY SHE LIVE !!!

  3. It doesn’t take a CIA Agent to figure out whats going on here, Unfortunately too many people are too lazy to listen, read and THINK for themselves about the “News?” they are being spoonfed by the propaganda wing of the liberal socialist party, ( there is nothing Democratic about this party anymore ).Not only the media but the liberal agenda that is being taught in our Public Schools and Universities has influenced a very large percentage of our younger generations, their teaching of our past history, that has been distorted by the their hatred of the Constitution, and other aspects of our basis of FREEDOMS !!! They would like nothing better than to take all our freedoms away

  4. Very sensible article that accurately describes the situation. I too believe the Communist China Government has deliberately set this virus loose on the world and more specifically the USA, because they sent hundreds of Chinese people over here after the outbreak, not to mention that there is a bio-lab in Wuhan, where the virus originated. The liberals would sacrifice our Country to gain the upper hand here, so sick and traitorous of them. Their news media is just as bad.

  5. Isn’t this Corona virus great, just one more chance to blame Trump and try to destroy
    him. One positive out of all this is giving us all a chance to see that’s all the Dems care
    about, the country be damned.

  6. It’s not funny, but my first thought was, how many babies have been aborted since this panic was induced? The National Guard has been called up in several states to take over policing duties. Are they all Democrat run states? Could this have been done so the police would be freed up to confiscate guns? I trust a Democrat as much as I do a Chinese Communist. Just look what they did to the relief bill. Airplane emissions, Union bargaining, pieces of the Green New Deal, all put in the Corona virus relief bill by the Democrats. They’re dedicated to taking care of citizens, aren’t they? If you get the virus, you can die happy knowing airplanes are making a little bit less pollution. Thanks Dems!

  7. A voice of sanity in an ocean tidal wave of hype, mania, hysteria, fear & paranoia.
    The world is afflicted yearly with varieties of flu that kill 57 k globally, other infections, diseases that are eventually contained, effectively treated & self-limited thankfully.
    Cynicism aside but the hard sad facts are the 120 million worldwide deaths yearly, in the US 2+ million annually & 7500 daily-the natural cycle of life to death. As above stated there are more births than deceased, by far. Precaution & vigilance are warranted but over-reaction to the point of detrimental near insanity not. Rather common sense & prudence must prevail as POTUS is employing & this outbreak should pass soonest.

    7 .

  8. Media is full of liberal idiots hell bent on destroying America and our President !!! They could care less about Americans only to drive their socialist BS agenda. I do not watch ANY main stream shows or media and never will. Sick of the lies and their BS !!😡

  9. No worse than the common flu but the media and the kommiecrats and the international left have weaponized their pal the Coronavirus to get rid of Trump and his economy. Nothing else has worked for them as well as their pal the Coronavirus.

  10. Precisely. However, the Chinese should be charged for allowing this to happen. I have a bad feeling this was not a normal virus but, one that their government manufactured.

  11. Although this article my sound harsh, the reality is that there is no true way to put it to make you feel good or safe. THAT IS LIFE! It never really easy and it definitely is not fair. We ALL wish that COVID-19 was never here but unfortunately it is. Lives will be lost and that will be unfortunate. But we have to move forward. I agree with how we have needed to slow the spread. I think that we needed to keep it to some degree “contained”. But assessment need to be done at some point and we have to move on. We ALL need to stand together. We are AMERICANS. That’s what we do.
    You my friend are a true reporter. You are giving facts, drawing support from those facts, and putting it out there for the public to draw its own conclusions.
    Let’s stop being negative. Stop putting self interest fist. Make serious, sound and RATIONAL decisions. Put AMERICA FIRST this time and lead the way for the future of the human race.

  12. BRAVO , BRAVO !!! Now If You Could Only Get The LYING , P.O.S. Media To Put This Out There , It Would Give People A Small Sense Of Less Fear ,But , NOOO They Won’t !!!


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