Kayleigh McEnany Schools Press Pool Yet Again, Gives Them Homework Assignment For Holiday Weekend

(Liberty Bell) – Kayleigh McEnany hasn’t been the White House Press Secretary for very long, but she’s already wiping the floor with members of the press pool.

Now, she’s practically doing their job for them.

As the mainstream media complex continues to willfully ignore the explosive revelations into the origins of the investigation into General Michael Flynn, McEnany came armed to a recent briefing with a list of items that any journalist worth their salt should be looking into.

Now, as press secretary, McEnany is usually the one answering questions. But considering the sad state of today’s free press, she apparently thought it was time that they were asked some important questions themselves.

“I laid out a series of questions that any good journalist would want to answer about why people were unmasked … and I just wanted to follow up with you guys on that. Did anyone take it upon themselves to pose any questions about Michael Flynn and unmasking the President Obama spokesperson?” she explained during Friday’s White House briefing.

Do you think she got any answers?

Class was officially in session.

“Okay, so I would like to lay out a series of questions and perhaps if I write them out in a slide format, maybe we’re visual learners and you guys will follow up with journalistic curiosity,” McEnany continued.

She wasn’t kidding.

Here were her questions, and the corresponding slides.

“So number one, why did the Obama administration use opposition research funded by a political organization and filled with foreign dirt to surveil members of the Trump campaign?”

“Number two, why was Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn unmasked — not by the intel community entirely, but by Obama’s chief of staff, by the former vice president, Joe Biden, by Susan Rice, by the treasury secretary?

“I mean, this is extraordinary. And you know, if it were political appointees in the Trump administration, I can guarantee you I’d have questions in my inbox right now, but apparently Obama’s spokesperson does not.”

Next up: “Why was Flynn’s identity leaked in a criminal act? It is a criminal act to leak the identity of Michael Flynn to the press, but it happened. Where are the questions to Obama’s spokesperson? Because my team would be running around this building should this have happened under the Trump administration.”

“Why did the DOJ, Sally Yates, learn about the unmasking from President Obama? So much for going by the book as Susan Rice said three times. Thou doth protest too much, Susan Rice.”

And number five: “And then finally, question number five, why did James Clapper, John Brennan, Samantha Power and Susan Rice privately admit under oath they had no evidence of collusion while saying the opposite publicly?”

We can only hope these questions will haunt members of the press as they try to enjoy the beach this weekend!


  1. There is definitely a deep state behind closed doors meeting going on right now to try to figure out how the press will get out of this one and try to score a point. Slap em again Kayleigh!


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