Kathy Griffin Apologized For Her Photo Of Severed Trump Head In 2017. She Just Re-Shared It.

(Liberty Bell) – In 2017, Kathy Griffin accidentally gave away just how violent and hateful the Democrats really are.

She posted a now-infamous photo of herself to Twitter holding a fake, bloody, head of President Donald Trump.

Like some sort of weird, macabre jihadi.

The photo sparked widespread backlash and received criticism from many of Griffin’s ideological cohorts.

Most likely because, at least back then, they were still pretending that they didn’t in fact also want Trump dead.

She was forced to apologize, something which she later retracted after finding that she was still a largely disliked, D-list comedian even after doing so.

Well, she’s really fully reversed her repentance now.

In apparent disgust at President Donald Trump’s declared victory in the still-contested 2020 general election Tuesday evening, Griffin re-shared the controversial photo.

It came just minutes after Trump gave a speech from the White House in which he accused the Democrats of stealing the election and preventing votes from being counted which would push him over the 270 electoral points needed to win the general.

As of this writing it had been shared nearly 12K times and garnered over 54K times.

Like I said…they’re not even hiding the violence and hate anymore.

This is the party of violent riots, of screaming at strangers in public, of rigging elections, of mimicking jihadis when you don’t like the POTUS.

They absolutely can’t win this election, or we’re going to see a lot less fake blood and a lot more real blood.

Featured image credit: @kathygriffin

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  1. We should thank Twitter for showing us what they allow. Now Steve Bannon’s account should be reinstated so he can show severed bloody heads of the left’s hero Dr Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Obviously pictures are allowed, just not words.

  2. One thing I know if the democrats screw the president over it will be the end of the dems they will never win another election because we the people will never forget

  3. She is acting like a child that is mean to another child!! Grow up and act your age if thats possible. You are not a good example for anyone not even your dem party.

  4. Twitter only sensors conservatives and FB also. If all conservatives would delete both accounts it would hit them in the pocketbook and they would rethink their actions. Haven’t you figured out that the Demonrats honestly believe they are God. Rules for thee but not for we.

  5. Just a “BED BUG”, they come out at Night, in the DARK , too suck blood from their victims, and then “Scramble back into the DARK”, what a gross example of a living being !

  6. Hollywood is secular & hate Themselves & America. Trump voters are of God & love themselves, the unborn, one another & America. I know what side I’m on & it’s certainly not that of this disgusting socialist party.

  7. I never realized how really unattractive she is and it has nothing to do with what she did. I was never a fan of hers anyway so what she does does not bother me but I have a feeling it will always bother her


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