Kansas Town Introduces Insane Measure To Enforce COVID Rules

(Liberty Bell) – The coronavirus continues to plague America with absurd rules and restrictions. While much of America is still forced to don the mask every time they enter any kind of business there is far less that the government can do to control what we do in a personal and private lives … or so we thought.

The lengths that lawmakers are willing to go in order to ensure all of their constituents bow down to their authority is alarming. If you just wear the mask in public so you can buy groceries but never wear one in your private life that might soon come to an end, especially if you’re a student at the University of Kansas. Students at the University could face a $500 fine or serve jail time should they violate social distancing rules decreed by the Lawrence city commission.

Now, large group gatherings will be a municipal offense and this includes hosting a private house party as this could endanger public health.

Newswars has more:

Since the University of Kansas has offered students the choice of returning to campus, the number of house parties has risen in the city, resulting in a growing concern from local residents. Citizens had also questioned why local officials had not implemented measures to resolve the social distancing by students, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

“There are vulnerable people in our community that are relying on us to do what we can to ensure their safety during this pandemic, and that is what we need to do,” Commissioner Stuart Boley said.

The ordinance is not too much different from K.S.A. 21-6204, a state law pertaining to relation to public nuisance, City Attorney Toni Wheeler told the commissioner, according to the article. Police can enforce health orders but cannot issue fines until the ordinance is officially implemented.

Some students at the university are not pleased with the city’s new ordinance, citing the low percentage of COVID-19 deaths and saying that it would infringe on their First Amendment and 14th Amendment rights.

“I personally do not believe that police should be enforcing health mandates,” Izabella Borowiak-Miller, president of Kansas’ TPUSA chapter told Campus Reform. “It is not against the law to gather nor not wear a mask, yet we are threatened by fines and jail time. This was not the mandate for Ebola or for the flu.  It is interesting how they are mandating these orders for all gatherings and yet people are still allowed to protest because when you protest, COVID does not exist and you cannot catch COVID when you are protesting.”

Borowiak-Miller noted that while the increase in house parties may have played a role in the city’s decision, the ordinance will impact many other public gatherings such as religious gatherings and fears that the right to worship could be infringed upon.

Lawrence Mayor Jennifer Ananda was the only one not to vote in favor of the new ordinance saying she didn’t think it was the right solution but not for the reasons you may think. She simply feels the university should deal with violations to public health rules rather than the police.

“We are going to be judicious about how we do this,” Interim Police Chief Anthony Brixius said, “We are going to be fair and reasonable and give every opportunity for compliance, and it is not our intent to go around handing out citations or arresting people.  But we do have that element if we need to make sure that the community is safe.”

Now the police in Lawrence, Kansas have been tasked with keeping the community safe from a virus with a 98%+ survival rate. How soon before the police where you live are tasked with the same?


    • All this stupidity will go away after the election. Hopefully the blue state draconian communist dictator wannabes will disappear too.

  1. After lock down and mask rule what will the democrats push next to see how long people will abide by it. Each little item we allow ourselves to cow tow too will just get us closer to a take over by democrats turning our America into a socialist/ communist nation and losing all our freedoms.

  2. Scam of the century all about government control. All we would like is the truth. The CDC use to be credible now they are just deep staters. I will never believe anything they ever say again I imagine about 30,000 died from this flu and the rest was pneumonia the number killer of the elderly and now the death rate of pneumonia has fallen over 87% very strange. Follow the money

  3. Yes Covid is real. But so is all the other strains of the Flu. With the actual death rate for Covid being as low or lower than the flu and the rate of infection just slightly higher, one has to wonder why all the extraordinary restrictions. Seems like an overreaction to a virus that’s been hijacked by politics.

    • It’s an election year, and they took advantage of it because there are too many dummycrats in the nation.
      The CDC has all the numbers, if anyone cares to look.
      They did this to us for absolutely no reason, because they needed ammo against Trump.
      The death-rate is within acceptable margins to the typical Flu season.
      Wish we were Sweden now?

  4. “We are going to be judicious about how we do this”? That means uneven enforcement. The only way to have laws is to enforce them without exception across the boards. That way, if a law is unreasonable or against the public good, overall, it will not be tolerated. Beware laws that apply to one and not another! That is the way to totalitarianism and dictatorship. Better to apply an unreasonable law to the “imporant” people and the powerful as well, not just the people who don’t matter.


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