Justin Timberlake Urges Fans To Donate To Bail Out Rioters. Ted Cruz Makes Suggestion That Makes Timberlake Look Like A Fool.

(Liberty Bell) – Justin Timberlake, like many prominent voices are doing right now, has been encouraging his fans to donate to an organization which is providing bail money for those arrested during the nationwide “protests” which have come in reaction to the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Let’s be clear. There are lawful protests, and there are riots. One is not the other. But a disturbing amount of leftists seem unable to distinguish between lawful, peaceful protesters and those who are looting and destroying private businesses.

Do we really believe it’s the law-abiding protesters who are getting arrested, or the criminal rioters?

Texas Senator Ted Truz (R-TX) took issue with Timberlake’s misguided sense of charity, however, and delivered him a tactful yet brutal owning on Twitter over the weekend.

“Justin, how about giving your millions to a fund to help the African-American and Hispanic small businesses that are being burned & looted, rather than a fund to bail out the spoiled (often white) ANTIFA terrorists who are destroying minority communities?” Cruz wrote in response to a tweet from Timberlake which had encouraged his fans to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Any genuine supporter of the First Amendment would never, for a moment, take issue with anyone who peacefully and lawfully assembles for the sake of their cause. For example, while many conservatives adamantly disagreed with the premise of the infamous 2017 Women’s March, not one hot take advocated for revoking their permit to hold their march.

We took issue with their causes.

However, the attendants of the Women’s March were not burning down buildings, looting, or committing other acts of vandalism or violence.

The mainstream media has insisted on calling the events that have unfolded in dozens of major cities across the US as “protests,” but protests end where someone else’s private property begins.

As both President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr have made clear, many of the agitators involved in the protests-turned-riots are associated with far-left Antifa, which Trump has now officially designated as a terrorist group.

Countless videos circulating social media show the extent of this gruesome violence, from assault on police officers and civilians to the complete destruction of small businesses to vandalism of national monuments.

Both rioters and law enforcement officers alike have now been killed in the clashes, and many more severely wounded.

How is this “justice”?

Former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent, author and conservative commentator Dan Bongino also called Timberlake out, posting a sickening video of a group of “protesters” beating a woman outside of a Rochester business with lumber.

“Is @jtimberlake going to bail them out?” he asked.

Breitbart notes, however that “Nonetheless, Timberlake is not alone in his endeavors as several celebrities — including actor Steve Carell and singer Harry Styles — donate to the cause, bailing out protesters who are wreaking havoc and sowing civil discord across America.”

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/28485131595


  1. They would rather fan the riots with greater hatred, it is their hope that Trump will handle it so poorly that he will lose 2020.
    Otherwise, these celebrities don’t give a rats ass about the common man nor the minority man.

  2. Wanting to do good during a pandemic and during the backlash of the murder of George Floyd. Mr. Timberlake has a good heart but his direction to provide relief is a lot askewed. There is a world of difference between peaceful protesters and Antifa and other left wing radical groups whose soul purpose is to loot, vandalize, rob, destroy, maim and kill innocent black and white American citizens. Law-abiding men and women do not break the law and they do not destroy businesses, steal its inventory, beat innocent people or burn down businesses. The ones who do this kind of malevolent behavior are the radical agitators. These are the thugs and criminals that get arrested by the police. These are the pieces of ca-ca that should be thrown in jail and taken off the streets for a long period of time. The immediate bailing out of these criminals is ludicrous and stupid. The officials are giving them permission to go back on the streets and continue their criminal behavior. If Mr. Timberlake cannot understand the difference between these two types of groups, he should save his money so he can initiate excellent psychotherapy for himself. If he does not see a difference, then he is a true sociopath who truly needs professional help. If Mr. Timberlake wants to put his money to a good use, let him donate to the African American communities who have had their stores burned to the ground, have had their inventories looted, have had their livelihoods taken away from them and their families. These are the innocent people that Justin’s money can help. All he has to do is OPEN HIS EYES and LOOK AROUND.

  3. I’m so ashamed now because I’m from Justin neck of the woods, believe me when I say thats not the feelings of most of the people in the Memphis area. Justin has been around Hollywood way to much!

  4. You don’t bail out criminals. These are not peaceful protestors, they are violent looting, killing, maiming criminals. They were organized by the deep state and Soros to cause racial divide in our country so that they can take over and bring in New World Order. See if you get to post your opinion then….

  5. The night before a protest was scheduled to occur in my County the State Police found a truck filled with bricks parked behind our Mall. The type of bricks protesters have been using to throw @ our police officers! The truck was confiscated! I hope they find out who owns the truck and who funded it!

  6. Pelosi and Schumer wrote in their statement today, “Across our country, Americans are protesting for an end to the pattern of racial injustice and brutality we saw most recently in the murder of George Floyd.” Here’s what too many Democrats don’t realize. Obama has also issued statement today simply highlighting the shortcomings of the Democratic Party. The areas where there is the most black violence include Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, and other large cities. Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the DNC have focused so heavily on identity politics, and it has spilled out onto the streets. The cities where the violence is occurring is where Democrats have been ruling for decades and the Officers committing these horrific / deadly arrest acts all work for Democratic Governors, Mayors and Democratic Appointed Police Chiefs! Conclusion: It’s time for voters of all Colors to wake-up!

  7. Here is the picture: Public pays own money to see “entertainer;” who does not give his own money but keeps public’s money; tells public to contribute public money to “mob” mentality vandals to release them; so they can cause more distruction; which eventually will cause the public to clean up the mess and rebuild with public’s money; so the “entertainer” can flap their mouth at other people’s expense, literally . Are we that gullible?

  8. First, a comment for Bob, who hates our legally elected President and obviously doesn’t understand that what President Trump IS doing is to uphold ALL of the amendments. It’s not his fault that idiots like you are missing the brain cells needed to understand the great strides Trump has made in returning our country to prosperity for all who are willing to work hard and support this country by voting for conservatives instead of the brain-dead, addle-minded liberals who can’t understand good government. They can’t figure out what to do to help, so they constantly lie, obfuscate, accuse, and try to impeach the best president we’ve had since Reagan,

    Next, I just want to tell those idiots who burned down building, defaced edifices, and looted stores, etc., you don’t realize that most of the people who lost out on that destruction were people struggling to get by by making a living instead of going on welfare…they don’t have time or the energy to protest, so why did the idiots destroy those lives by their actions? Crowd mentality is what caused riots and looting throughout history, and it’s only getting worse. Soon, they will come for you as the next line of attack and you’ll lose big time.

    Just in case you haven’t learned the lesson, I want you to realize that God made people of all colors, sizes, intellects, languages in the beginning of time because He loved us and wanted us to get along. Then came the Tower of Babel and He caused the people to speak different languages according to their race so that they would stop their arrogance toward others. People then began to gather with folks who looked like them and spoke like them and moved away from people they didn’t understand or appreciate, causing great confusion. Sadly, we haven’t gotten any smarter, but we should have learned that lesson long ago. “Different” is neither better nor worse, but there is a lesson in tolerance to be learned. Good manners, good will, and love for others is the cure. I don’t suppose today’s “Idiots” understand that, but they can always learn, even if they have only a few brain cells left.

    • Great strides, like record unemployment (40 million and counting), 100,000 dead and 1.7 million more sick Americans who WILL die from the Coronavirus that Traitor Trump let into our country, the worst economy since the Great Depression, and now he’s sending the US military to kill his own people for making their voices heard, all for a fake photo op. If those are great strides to you, then it is not me who hates America.

  9. Justin…you lost us as a fan for supporting low life hoods, thugs, whatever you want to call em…they should be arrested and YOU condone them acting like ANIMALS! FU Justin!

    • Irreparable property damage, looting, violence, riots, deaths and the destruction of our country in the name of George Floyd because Black lives matter. Apparently White lives do not matter in this racist diatribe from the Left.

  10. I’m with you Gary. Retired military, but still competitive 3 gun shooter. A vigilante militia needs to be formed to deal with these riots. A well trained 10 man squad would easily stop anyone one of these riots. Unfortunately, we’d be the ones arrested and jailed. Things are upside down, FUBAR.

  11. Those black women filmed themselves spray painting their property “black owned” and then had to watch it burned down; what would Justin and his spoiled ilk do when they come to burn his(their) property? After all at least two looters in L.A. when interviewed said they were just there for the money, “not really” Floyd. When you beget violence under the false charade of peace and benevolence and “feeling” for the oppressed, never fear, the violence will find you, and no amount of cake, ice cream, or wine will save your sorry derriere.

  12. Oh sorry did you mean the idiot celebrities? They’re too arrogant, narcissistic and self absorbed and most of the time too stupid to listen to anyone except to their voices. Probably high as a kite as well. Timberlake, did he even finish highschool? Just caught publicly cheating on his wife.

    • Yeah. What happened to that policy. Also how about Americans Against Celebrities
      And we start boycotting their movies, records, and shows. Let’s see what they can do with no money coming in. BRW it’s our money they are donating from our purchases

    • Here is the picture: Public pays own money to see “entertainer;” who does not give his own money but keeps public’s money; tells public to contribute public money to “mob” mentality vandals to release them; so they can cause more distruction; which eventually will cause the public to clean up the mess and rebuild with public’s money; so the “entertainer” can flap their mouth at other people’s expense, literally .

  13. To Bob, POTUS is not silencing the First Amendment he is stopping the riots. When you destroy a home or business you have now committed a crime and loose coverage of the First. We the Patriots support all Amendments we DON’T support crime or trying to hide behind an Amendment to go out and commit a crime. So I say raise Trump up, pray to GOD for him and this Nation as well as the family of the murdered man. They need prayer not violence.

    • I hope the President dispatches the military to quell this idiotic looting. This is not a protest. This is plain anarchy. No more Mr. Nice President, we won Afganistán and we can’t protect Washington D.C.? I really don’t care about the blue states, they had this coming, them and their flower power, PC attitudes and disrespect of our laws.

    • I hope our fraud-in-chief crawls back into his bunker and kills himself just he did in his previous life as Adolf Hitler.

  14. Proves that singers and “actors” should stick to what they know best -making up things and pretending … they don’t know the real struggle to make a living, sacrifice to pay for a home or children’s education … and they want to pay bail for thugs who are trying to yank that from hard-working Americans … remember them and don’t contribute a cent of your hard-earned dollars to them – they don’t know how to properly use it …

  15. The rioters should be prosecuted, jailed til Nov. elections. I’d venture they’re the paid illicit multiple dead voters of past that mocks our sacrosanct electoral laws.

    • Celebrities are nothing but paid loud mouths. Go to China and see where you’ll end up, hypocrites, empty heads.

  16. Justin Timberlake and other celebreties supporting CRIMINALS and their CRIMINAL ACTS OF VIOLENCE… Wait until it’s THEIR lives and livelihoods that are threatened by these oportunistic thugs.

    Yeah, we’ll see if my daughters are ever going to listen to his music or see his concerts again.

    My second amendment rights protect our first amendment rights…

  17. Now that these organizations are domestic terror groups these celebs need to be arrested for funding them. Also, Biden’s crew is using campaign funds to help the rioters. Also against the law. But these individuals (celebs ) are above the law just like the Clintons and other dems.
    There is a justice system for the royals and one for the surfs like the rest of us. We see it everyday.

    • Don’t buy their music, don’t go to see their movies, hit them hard in the pocket. They are hipocaps that live in gated homes and are guarded by arm guards are idiots.

    • Well are you surprised? Biden blackmailed a country, Ukraine to fire their Attorney General in turn for America’s economic aid, isn’t that a thuggish move? Then told Burisma to hire his drug addicted son and the company pay him $50,000.00 a month and he does not even show up for work. Nice gig.

    • Lena, Traitor Trump blackmailed Ukraine to make up dirt on soon-to-be President Biden in turn for the military aid that Congress had already approved. And he got impeached for it. So who’s the corrupt one here?

  18. ANTIFA is underwritten financially by George Soros, so they have an unlimited supply of $$$ with which to stir up an unlimited amount of destruction and misery! If Soros were “removed”, as it were, they would all have to retreat to mommy’s and daddy’s basements, take up their video games
    and resume their otherwise useless, parasitic lives on some other Schtick!

    • And now by Biden and the celebrities. And all the antifa have to do is loot and destroy America.

    • There is no “Soros”, you delusional nut job. Stop listening to BS conspiracy theories from Fox News and rejoin planet earth.

  19. Traitor Trump will not silence our first amendment!! Keep fighting the good war against our corrupt government and our illegitimate Russian puppet-in-chief! DOWN WITH TRUMP!!!!

    • Get a grip and put down the commie Kool-Aid. You have revealed yourself as absolutely clueless and a useful idiot to boot.

    • What is wrong with you Bob???? You have no idea what life is about! I pray one day you will wake up!

    • Bob, consider cutting your strings and think for yourself. Your spamming does nothing. Of course, it’s obvious that your desire is just to fecal disturb but it’s blatantly obvious. Sorry, you failed.

    • Bob,
      When you say keep fighting does that mean, shooting and hurting police officers, arson, looting, defacing public and private properties and beating up people? Because that is what these “freedom” rioters are doing. How Antifa rioter of you! How very criminal of you.

    • Lena, some people deserve to be beaten to death. Traitor Trump, the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler who sent the National Guard to kill his own people and the republikkkans who support him especially.

  20. As on older but fit Army Paratrooper. I’m sickened by what these maggots are able to inflict on defenseless citizens !!!
    A Citizens Militia consisting of former military personnel, retired police officers, & enraged American Patriots to stomp out this threat to our good citizens & beautiful country. is needed at this time !!!! This Citizen Army for the greater good would inflict the type of swift justice required in such a situation!
    It would hunt down the financial sources for these predators, seize their wealth to pay victims hurt by these groups. Fund the Citizens Militia with there wealth while charging them with treason against America!! Who’s with me?

    • I said the same thing on Twitter and Parler, but I didn’t include enraged civilians due to lack of training and control. There would still have to be R.O.E. But the difference would be we could escalate our offense/defense according to how they come at us. I fully agree not their wallets as well, take their mansions and sell them or donate them to veterans for housing.


    • RKing: You NEED to contact someone from Our Trump Administration to pass this superb suggestion along! Superb Idea!!!!

      God Bless America!! 🇱🇷♥️👍😊🙏🏼

  21. Many celebrities have restaurants and other businesses that they own. Would they feel the same way if one of there places was burned and looted. I think not.

  22. This is a terrible thing to do in bailing out
    The protesters . So that they can destroy more innocent business. I wander how
    Timberlake would feel if they destroy something of his. I wander how fast he will bail them out then. They need to pay for what they have done. George Floyd would never of acted like this.

  23. I hope these sweet freedom looters, arsonists and mobs find their way to the cluster of celebrities homes to thank them personally. When they get to their homes I hope they show them the same contempt that they have been doing all over the nation. Starting with Taylor Swift, on to Timberlake, Teigen , etc. etc.

    • BINGO! Like ESPN writer ,Chris Palmer, tweeting how great the burning was UNTIL the rioters showed up at his gated community. He then calls them animals and is HAPPY that security called the POLICE! Look it up. Leftist hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    • Oh sure the reasonable arsons, looters and mobs are going to stop and say “ wait, wait, she’s urging us to not break the law.” You are being sarcastic?


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