Just How Many People Think Democrats Stole The Election? New Poll Reveals Shocking Numbers

(Liberty Bell) – With the 2020 presidential election still being the talk of the town as President Trump continues to press states for recounts and files lawsuits in order to get instances of alleged voter fraud investigated, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of American citizens have strong opinions on this particular topic.

After all, voting is how we get our voices heard on a national scale. It’s how we as a nation determine who is going to run the show and what direction our country is going to go.

According to Breitbart, a new poll that’s been released says that nearly 47 percent of Americans feel this election is being stolen from President Trump by Democrats who are willing to stoop to any low in order to ensure they get the White House.

The poll, conducted by Rasmussen, asked 1,000 voters “How likely it is that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure Biden would win?”

Only 50 percent of those polled believed it wasn’t likely at all, while 47 percent said it was likely that voter fraud had been perpetrated.

The poll revealed that 41 percent said it’s not likely at all, while 9 percent said not very likely. Another 11 percent said voter fraud was somewhat likely, while 36 percent said it was very likely.

In summary, there’s a whole lot of folks out there who have been keeping up with the news and have heard of all the affidavits being signed by eyewitnesses to shady practices being carried out by Democrats at polling stations and have come to the conclusion that shenanigans has definitely taken place.

Another perspective you can take on this, as noted by Nolte in his Breitbart report, is that only 41 percent of the individuals polled are certain that this election isn’t being stolen from the president.

A whopping 75 percent of Republicans say it’s likely being stolen while 61 percent say it’s somewhat likely. That’s a lot, folks.

And it’s not just Republicans that think there’s something fishy going on here. A staggering 30 percent of Democrats polled believe it is very or somewhat likely the election is being stolen.

Now, keep in mind, there’s still 69 percent of Democrats who think Biden won fair and square.

When asked whether or not Trump should go ahead and just concede, 61 percent polled said yes, compared to 33 percent who said no.

Regardless of where you fall, the point that needs to be made is that the future of our nation is at stake here, which requires that we investigate every single instance of voter fraud. If it is found that the election is being stolen, then someone needs to be held accountable for it and made an example out of.

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  1. Maybe somebody should set these liberal fools down and explain to them that even though they “got even” with the Trump supporters, THEY will also have to live under the Communism that they have so ignorantly voted into office !!! Liberals are the most ignorant people on earth, they will gladly cut off their nose just to spite their face !!! ENJOY YOUR COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT, YOU ASKED FOR IT !!!! We don’t want to hear a word out of you idiots when you are left standing in the soup lines that Joe and his Ho plan to bring on us all !!!

    • Amen they should be the first to stand in the soup lines. Feed they stale bread and water and see how they like it.

  2. Moxie knows nothing, birtherism are the lies that Trump used to assault Obama, his family and all of America’s citizens. It also helped propel him to rise as the insulter-in-Chief and lead candidate who won the nomination insulting all his rivals. He won the election with massive Russian help with fake accounts on Facebook, Reddit, Youtube etc. that put up ads lying about Clinton, praising Trump and even Stein. He had help again from Putin and GOP operatives but so many people detest Trump they came out to vote to kick his ass to the curb where lawsuits are waiting for him.

  3. George Soros is at the bottom of virtually all of this voter corruption on the part of the Communist Democrap Party! His U. S. citizenship should be revoked and he should be shipped back to Hungary where, I understand, a felony warrant is still open for his arrest! It might even behoove him to do this on his own before someone puts a .308″ hole in his head!

    • He was thrown out of his country & more. If he set foot inside of those countries, he will be arrested . Soo why this traitor has not been arrested on America soil?

  4. Amen brother you hit the nail right on with one swing………………these idiots don’t know what they are trying to vote in office yes they are brainwashed……….the only thing these idiots don’t care that they will hurt us the people not TRUMP. …..these are paid puppets LIKE THE SENILE CROOKED PUPPET BIDEN who with these idiots that they don’t care about AMERICA……………I agree 1000% they should move to a socialist country with all DEMOCRAPS, MEDIA, TALK SHOW HOST, HOLLYWOODIES THE 4 SQUAD MEMBERS WHOM ALREADY LIVED IN THAT ENVIRONMENT and leave with them where they can show them what they are wanting here in our COUNTRY THAT they LEFT I ask why did they LEAVE if its so good……….We do not want THAT SHIT IN OUR COUNTRY …………………….THANK YOU

  5. The kind of turn out of people at the Trump rallies is a measure of the support he gets from people. Compare that to the turn out of people to a Biden “rally,” is a joke. Lets compare that to a musical entertainer. If entertainer “A” had a turn out of “fans” like Trump, and entertainer “B” had a turn out of “fans” like Biden, who do you think would sell more records? Same goes for voting.

  6. Democrats will STEAL anything in general that isn’t nailed down, and almost ANY ELECTION that they can’t win honestly and legitimately through the ballot box! How long it’s been that way is argumentative, but facts are facts! The more important the office is which is up for election, the greater the efforts on the part of the Democrats to steal it! I would NEVER trust a Democrat any farther than I could throw one!

  7. To concede a glaringly fraudulent election to a cardboard cutout, propped-up by the Globalists to run interference for Harris would be irresponsible, hypocritical and unconstitutional. There must be prosecution. The highest court needs to overturn this election. Only when we count every legal vote, expose the computer treason and seek justice and truth can we say the collective will of the American people has truly been served.

  8. Justice for trump will be when he exposes the voter fraud and corruption that the democrats have inflicted on this election….they knew they could never win this election legally so they fixed it, used every crooked, illegal thing they could think of to win….unsolicited mail ballots…voting machines with software you can hack and change the votes….bags of ballots brought into polling places in the middle of the night….the American people aren’t as stupid as the elite Dems think they are…it will all be exposed ….just like the Illegal Obama spying on the Trump campaign Was exposed….you are the one that needs to open your eyes and your Mind and see the truth about the corruption within your democrat party…and let’s not forget the violence they use to intimidate and hurt innocent Americans….sick, and evil…

  9. When a candidate can’t draw flies to a rally and has no message yet supposedly wins in key swing states it lends itself to outright fraud. The democrats had to roll Bread Line Bernie in two national elections just to get lame candidates on the ballot. If I was the leader of other countries, I wouldn’t enter in to any deals with these fine upstanding thieves.

  10. The only ones trying to steal the elections are the Republicans, why else did they pick off every toss up congressional seat. Also, why did the mobster, incompetent punk Trump get many millions of votes than last time. He worked with Putin to fix the one like in 2016. There are so many people who hate him because of his monstrous greed, horrible insults and corruption people wanted to get his fat ass out, the sooner the better. Now he is trying to overturn everything, the chaos President.

    • P.S. How could you cultists respect him, he is a NYC con artist who blew all his daddy’s money and has been running scams since like his Trump U, birtherism, the Army staying at his resorts and his calling POW’s and the dead losers and suckers. You all need to be deprogrammed or take your Christianity seriously.

    • You are an idiot. Open your eyes and quit listening to the media. Biden will ruin this country. If you want socialism please move to one. I worked hard all of life not to give my social security to some illegals . Payoff this student debt when these kids are all brain washed. China will own us. I can’t believe you are this stupid!!

    • Justicefortrump, I’m sure you think that your comments are smart and snappy. That somehow trolling a conservative news site makes you even more special than the participation trophies I’m sure you received throughout your childhood. You are ignorant or brainwashed, and you represent exactly what government schools have strived to produce for the last couple of decades. Why don’t you spend the time I’m sure it takes for you to come up with these snappy comments, and truly educate yourself. Stop with the “only feelings matter” crap and open your eyes to the fact that a large majority of Americans were better off during President Trump’s first term. My God, be a free thinker instead of just another sheep.

    • Hahahaha

      Derangement syndrome

      Do you work for one of the Russian misinformation campaigns

      There is no such thing as birtherism!!

      That proves your are out of your mind.

      Article 2 states no one but a natural born citizen can be commander and chief.

      We had a country with 1/3rd holding sworn loyalty to the King, duh. Another 1/3rd unsworn indifferents. So it was a bit important to know who was in command.

      article 2 has never been ratified. The 14th amendnent does not grant NB citizenship. I have read the arguments by John Bingham who addressed it as being excluded during the legislation.

      The best definition for NB is born of citizen parents having loyalty to know other sovereign.

      The oft quoted Ark decision was a different case because ruled as under the jurisdiction of the US government. That means the Arks were here legally under treaty with the emporer of China.

      Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Obama, Kommie are not qualified. None have citizens for parents at birth. Where you are bormn means nothing. The Polk registry dated sep1st 61 lists Ann Dunham residence in Seatttleb zhe did not live in Hawaii. Her UWash records show her in class Aug 19 61. Hawaii COLB likely a fraud.

      The only reason Trump is qualified only because is his Scottish mother naturalized before he was born.

      Want the truth look up John Jay letter to Washington July 1787 where he urged the use if NB as a pdorection against the usurping of military power.

      Want more truth read the histirian who eas on the conventuon John Ramsey. He explains it beautifully. Source of language is law of Nations by Vatel.

      Birther is so politically incorrect and demostrates intellectual bigotry

      You might as well call some one a spick.


    • You ask “why else did they pick off every tossup congressional seat”. Because in the contested districts the demoncrats didn’t set the “vote adjusting” ratio high enough for the RED landslide, and they didn’t have preparations for enough down-voted unlawful ballots to feed into the counting machines to save those house seats. Their prep was to transfer about 5% of the RED votes to the BLUE columns, but that wasn’t enough to overcome the 60% RED voting in many districts.


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