Judge Joe Brown Eviscerates ‘Racist’ Joe Biden And ‘Corrupt Witch’ Kamala Harris In Epic Interview

(Liberty Bell) – In a brand new viral interview that was conducted on the “Kwame Brown Bust Life” podcast last Friday, former TV personality Judge Joe Brown dropped the hammer on both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

To say this man did not hold back would be an understatement.

According to Infowars, Brown prefaced his brutal takedown of our president and vice president by noting that though he has nothing personal against Donald Trump, he made it clear he did not vote for him, saying, “I did not vote for that damn fool they had running against him, that racist dog I heard in 1972 when I was doing an intern thing at a DC think tank.”

Brown then went on to detail watching Biden speak at an event with a group of known racist politicians, like Sen. Robert Byrd, who was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan.

“They were talking about Joe Biden,” Brown said, speaking about the other politicians. “The speech he gave, I mean I was really offended. I heard it right outside the state capitol building in Dover… He said, ‘Negro children are like roaches. If they’re allowed to integrate the schools, they will infest them and they will never be gotten out.’”

Brown then went on to describe the Biden speech that he witnessed, stating, “He said negroes were animals and they turn the streets into jungles and he and Senator Eastland had a plan where they could put all these negro animals in zoos.”

Why aren’t the Democrats being held to their own standards on this issue? This is not a mild inappropriate joke. What Biden said in this speech, if Brown is telling the truth, is flatout racism. And yet, the left will ignore this and pretend like it never happened.

Brown then went on a full out rampage against Vice President Kamala Harris, kicking things off by calling her “CumQueenLa Emhoff.”

“Brown elaborated, explaining to Kwame Browne that Kamala Harris chose not to adopt the last name of her husband, Douglas Emhoff,” Infowars reported.

“She’s got two Jewish children she adopted, married a Jewish husband whose got an interesting reputation,” Judge Brown went on to say.

“She’s a witch and she is a corrupt witch. She’s been corrupt her whole life and she [messed] her way to the top. They used to detail this witch in the LA Times with her sexual escapades. She fucked damn near everybody trying to get up. She used to be frat hoe when she was at Howard. And she ain’t Black,” he said.

And Brown is not assaulting a person that he has no experience with. He actually met Kamala’s father down in Jamaica. He knows what he’s talking about.

“I was the guest… sat at the Governor General’s table and he was a professor. And he represents as a Hindu Brahman, he admittedly has some Irish in him, alright?” Brown told of the encounter.

“The person that Kamala Harris is saying is her black great-grandmother is in fact — according to daddy in an article he wrote, which is now been cleaned up in the online edition of that magazine — was a Hindu house servant, not a Black woman. So, her mother is listed on her birth certificate as Caucasian, even though she’s dark, but she’s a Hindu Brahman Tamil caste,” he went on to say.

Later on in the interview, Brown once again brought up Harris’s sexual transgressions as they are documented in the Los Angeles Times, saying, “When she went to law school, Willie Brown…that was his mistress.”

“Judge Brown also laughed about a political cartoon depicting Kamala and Mayor Willie Brown engaging in intercourse before detailing more of her sexual encounters that allegedly helped her climb to the top of American politics,” the Infowars report continued.

This man is telling people the inconvenient truth that they have tried burying their heads in the sand to avoid. All of this is about the hypocrisy and double standards of the Democratic Party who has decided to overlook the corruption of both Biden and Harris as long as the two of them push their agenda forward.

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  1. My apology in between the paragraph I wrote down the comment some of the words are misspelled because of the microphone again I apologize I’m reading as I’m talking right now to make sure that the paragraph in the microphone doesn’t misspell what I’m talking about a pronouncing my words again it’s the microphone not myself God bless you all I mean at my heart who’s behind us a screen that you call the Wizard of Oz known as the weather is very sore tomorrow yes that Muslim fucking monkey yesRemember the scene inThe Wizard of Oz Toto the dog open the card and saw the wizard work in the puppet well that’s it Barry so Toro known as Barack Obama is controlling Biden Lisa rice is also one of the puppets and all the other henchmen called Nancy Pelosi matter fact I haven’t heard from you for a couple days I want of the military tribunal once again saying her House arrest expired or she violated his probation supposedly what they have her on call that ankle monitor that’s what’s going on I stink operation the story I hear is that Donald John Trump is still the acting president is what I’ve been told by the good sources instead of his bullshit media on TV now is the Cartoon Network that’s what’s going on now I’m going to read this paragraph before I send it submit it again if any words are misspelled it is the microphone I’m talking very slowly If I talk the way I want to talk that’s why the microphone fucks up my voice on the microphone God bless

  2. I give a lot of respect and complements to Judge Joe Brown for exposing these corrupt people what Joe Brown said is the truth about these people know what is going on is that there are good people that are aware of these corrupt people and God Jesus Christ is watching this Horrific Crimes that is taking place what Judge Joe Brown said is the truth is Harris is a fucking which one evil witch in this fella is a evil warlock impersonator the military is in charge to make sure that we’re not harmed from these horrific people that are committing his walk rhymes putting people out of business permanently because this coronavirus I call it is a scam Demic that’s victimizing people does great reset is designed for us to own nothing and somebody American people are too fucking blind to see it and I said Judge Joe Brown you are in my prayers I love you very much for what you doing my name is Michael Fager and I agree hundred percent what you said you’re a Gifted and talented and knowledgeable man God bless you God bless info wars as well my love and prayers go to Roger Stone’s wife help her heal with the cancer God bless you all and especially Judge Joe Brown I would love to meet them in person I got a case that happened years ago in a couple years ago qualified immunity discriminating me twice because of that piece of shit Barry so Toro the pastor law called qualified immunity I pray that all mighty God puts that piece of shit and a pirate squad that Muslim lucky motherfucker


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