Judge Jeanine Slams Christopher Wray, Accuses Him Of Being Part Of The Deep State. Here’s Why.

(Liberty Bell) – Christopher Wray, the current leader of the FBI, doesn’t appear to have been much of a change from the former administration.

And now he’s being called out for it by one of the top conservative pundits in the country.

Judge Jeanine Pirro shoots from the hip when it comes to pointing out corruption in Washington DC, and now she’s gotten Wray in her crosshairs.

As the evidence continues to pile up against the Deep State agents who attempted to orchestrate a coup against a duly elected American president, Wray has simply sat on his hands.

This week, Pirro appeared on her fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity’s program where she eviscerated the turncoat FBI director.

“Well, Sean I have to tell you, you’re actually too good to him when you say he’s basically taking his time,” she declared.

“He’s not taking his time, he is resisting. He is no different than the people he is trying to cover for. Sean, I’ve said this before on my show, Christopher Wray is part of the deep state,” she continued.

“He is connected to them. He has no sense of urgency because he doesn’t want this stuff to come out. When the Inspector General’s report came out and there were 17 errors by the FBI his response was all you know we’ll do better. Hogwash! Nobody was fired. Nobody got rolled out of that agency when he was head of it,” she stated.

Rep. Jim Jordan followed up by noting that Wray was defending the criminals in the FBI when the inspector general reported that 29 FISA applications had problems.


Featured image credit: Michael Vadon – flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/33282744535



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