Judge Is Refusing To Dismiss Flynn’s Case; His Attorneys Instantly Go On The Attack

(Liberty Bell) – The story of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn just continues to take more twists and turns, most of them frustrating for anyone who realizes this man was set up by the Deep State in order to help Democrats take down Donald Trump.

After recently finding out the Department of Justice was going to dismiss his case, no doubt feeling massive relief and justification, now Flynn will have to endure more nonsense thanks to a judge refusing to dismiss the case so that outside parties can weigh in on it.

D.C. District Judge Emmet Sullivan put out the order on Tuesday, stating that he will soon be accepting “amicus curiae,” or “friend of the court” submissions, in the case. He had previously refused to hear amicus briefs in the case.

As you might imagine, none of this is sitting very well with Flynn’s attorneys.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

“Given the current posture of this case, the court anticipates that individuals and organizations will seek leave of the Court to file amicus curiae briefs,” Sullivan said in the order, adding that he will “enter a Scheduling Order governing the submission of any” such briefs at “the appropriate time.”

In effect, the judge is refusing to dismiss the case after federal prosecutors moved to withdraw its charges and Flynn has withdrawn his guilty plea — Sullivan had already accepted Flynn’s initial plea. On Tuesday, Flynn’s legal team moved to have the case dismissed “immediately.”

Instead, Sullivan will accept recommendations on whether he should dismiss the case from people and groups not involved in the case.

“This travesty of justice has already consumed three or more years of an innocent man’s life — and that of his entire family,” Flynn’s attorneys wrote. “No further delay should be tolerated or any further expense caused to him and his defense. This Court should enter the order proposed by the government immediately.”

Flynn’s attorneys absolutely have a point here. The documents being released by DNI Richard Grenell have shown without a shadow of a doubt there was a plot against Flynn by the FBI to take him down so they could begin working on Trump. It’s clear. No need for a debate on the matter.

Now, instead of just accepting this revelation and moving forward, allowing folks to begin looking into holding those individuals involved in this scheme accountable for their actions, Flynn and his loved ones are going to once more be put through the ringer. It’s absurd.

The team also noted that “this Court has consistently — on twenty-four (24) previous occasions — summarily refused to permit any third party to inject themselves or their views into this case.”

The defense attorneys said in a filing Tuesday a sealed amicus brief has already been submitted by a left-wing group known as the “Watergate Prosecutors,” urging Sullivan not to toss out Flynn’s guilty plea despite the Justice Department’s request, Fox News reported.

“No rule allows the filing, and the self-proclaimed collection of ‘Watergate Prosecutors’ has no cognizable special interest, Flynn’s attorneys said. “Separation of powers forecloses their appearance here. Only the Department of Justice and the defense can be heard. Accordingly, the Watergate Prosecutors’ attempted filing itself should not be registered on the docket, and any attempt by the group or any individual to make a filing in this case must be denied—as all others have been.”

Flynn’s team then went on to argue that third parties shouldn’t be allowed to “usurp” the role that is meant to be held by the federal prosecutor.

“It is no accident that amicus briefs are excluded in criminal cases,” they wrote. “A criminal case is a dispute between the United States and a criminal defendant. There is no place for third parties to meddle in the dispute, and certainly not to usurp the role of the government’s counsel. For the Court to allow another to stand in the place of the government would be a violation of the separation of powers.”

Michael Cernovich, a conservative independent journalist stated on Twitter that he would be filing an ethics complaint against Sullivan.

It’s absolutely unacceptable for Flynn to be treated this way after the evidence has been released to the public that shows he was a victim of a Deep State plot. What we need to be focusing on right now is removing the individuals working within the government against the president and his agenda, holding them accountable for their treasonous actions, and ensuring that Trump is surrounded by good people he can trust.

We are past the time for being gentle on the left. If it’s a political battle they want, then that’s what they will get. Unfortunately for them, what’s done in the dark is always brought into the light. Truth always conquers the lie.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/05/13/judge-refuses-to-dismiss-flynns-case-yet-solicits-3rd-party-input-attorneys-fire-back-immediately-920211


  1. The Supreme Court or the President or AG Barr, someone needs to step in and shut this
    Leftist flunky down and remove him from the bench for improper behavior and subversive activity and judicial bias. He should not be allowed to be a member of the court. He has sold out and become corrupted.

  2. you’re all a bunch of idiot bobble heads like Pence in back of Trump big brave trump mr bone spurs coward and all you followers whats in it for you? huh? the man is going down with all his cronies in November when the democrats take over the senate and the presidency and puppet faced McConnell gets flushed with the rest of the old cronies from the 18th century and the new wing of women and liberals will rule the country back to normalcy

    • Who cares what you communist ass wipes think about “We The People” of faith
      you think the communist party will win your as crazy as Pelosi & the rest of the swamp rats.

  3. Hey Nazi Larry Hall, do you approve of Russia helping Trump win and Trump asking for help from them, even at his rallies. Also, he tried to lift sanctions off Putin and Russia after all that.

    • BALDERDASH!! Russia interference in the 2016 election was never pro Trump, no indeed, the Russians always knew Hillary could be bought off just like the Uranium 1 deal where she got $145 million for her efforts.

  4. So it becomes obvious that the only type of “justice” the DemonRats will allow is best known as “Kangaroo Court.” Except for themselves, of course.

  5. The judge has been told by Obama not to drop the Flynn case and Obama has been told by the leaders of the deep state to do everything he can to stop the dismissal of the case against Flynn. Those leaders are the money people and the ones that want to have a new world order to control the masses. Obama gets rewarded by these people by becoming president and then leaves office and becomes rich because of his Netflix deal, book deals and speaking engagements. Follow the money to get to the truth.

  6. Great news we just found out about 2 new deep state judges. They just outed themselves which gives the people the opportunity to investigate them for corruption. Follow the money and you will find the truth.

  7. Remember the old ad: ‘When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen. . .’ This disruption of American jurisprudence at the top federal levels is Trump listening to Putin. The goal is to diminish America in the world, orchestrated by Putin who rues our sanctions and his economy tanked due to the low price of oil, his only foreign exchange source. With increasing infections of covid19, his nation is slipping into obscurity and he wants our company, thanks to his puppet Trump. This judge and many other straight-thinkers are questioning why Trump told his Supreme Court to dump this case back on the Federal District judge, who thankfully is questioning why an ADMITTED (pled guilty twice) felon has his case dismissed. Be aware, America is going down under Trump for his personal, meaning Putin’s, reasons, not national Greatness as he campaigns.

    • It’s amazing how you Democrats are trying to sell the lie that a right-wing president is aligned with a left-wing government. We have Obama’s comments on a hot mike when he was telling Putin he could do more for him after the Election and Hillary bragging about how he (Putin) took her into his inner sanctum. You just can’t sell this crap to the American people. Yes, General Flynn did plead guilty to crimes he didn’t commit because he was threatened with damage to his family if he didn’t. There are many people in prison for crimes they didn’t commit because they plead guilty to avoid further persecution when the judicial system made it clear to them that they would lose, without regard to their innocence. If the left gets back in power we can expect to see much more of these left-wing tactics that have come to be expected under tyrannical rule.

  8. Sullivan is just another demonrat darky with a grudge. He is in league with the perpetrators trying to unseat a duly elected President. He wants SO desperately to ‘get’ at least SOMEONE in Trump’s orbit.
    He accused Flynn of being a traitor, and pre-convicted him in social media; and has been disparaging of him since he walked into his courtroom.
    Odd, he allowed one of Obama’s cases to be dismissed under Eric Holder, when the prosecutors dropped the case.
    The law does not allow him to go forward, as is. So, he draws up his own charges of Perjury. Flynn was convicted of lying by the FBI, a process crime; not perjury in court after swearing in. Sullivan thinks lying about a lie before court starts is perjury.
    He is up for re-election in November. Watch the DC dummycrats re-elect him . . .

    • Obamagate started when Obama’s cabal started looking into Flynn well before Russiagate started. Flynn was about to blow the whistle on Obama and Hitlery in their Bengasi and ISIS and Iran shenanigans. You know, “Never had a scandal” in the Obama Whitehouse (demons aren’t guilty until their caught).
      When Obama couldn’t get rid of Flynn before Trump took over, he ‘warned’ Trump that Flynn was one of two things to look out for.
      Almost all the evidence is in, so it’s going to be an interesting summer . . .

  9. Stop this nonsense, please! This is worse than living in a banana republic with an ignorant and arrogant president.

    • Another Kool Aid drinking communist, you wanna see arrogant look at Barrack “Hussein ” Obama and Hillary “Robem” Clinton. There are your models for Arrogance, liers, traitors and thieves.

    • Where were you when the demonrats charade the Russian collusion hoax? Where were you when shifty Schiff lied on camera about the Ukraine phone call? You’re a hypocrite and a double standard!

  10. We need to have Flynn’s attorney create a Go Fund Me page to solicit resources to help and support Flynn. This political hack calling herself a judge needs to understand the fact that you shouldn’t be sentenced when your accuser has withdrawn the allegation and given the fact that the evidence was rigged from the beginning causing him to admit he lied, there is no real case but for the fact that the Deep State set up his confession in the first place

    • You should not have to create a GoFundMe page for Flynn. Hold Obama, Comey, Brennan, Strzok, and others responsible for ruining Flynn’s career by indicting and convicting these corrupted officials. Make them pay for their crimes with restitution by withholding their pensions to pay for Flynn’s legal fees and loss of income.

  11. Not only is Judge Sullivan a congenital, pathological prevaricator and Marxist (the terms being mutually INclusive), he is also an authoritarian HYPOCRITE! His removal from the bench therefore becomes obligatory, and his departure should be arranged and accomplished IMMEDIATELY!

    • This judge needs to be looked at as a possible participant in the charade against General Flynn. He has no basis to dismiss this case nor to invite participants. Let’s move on and investigate the whole lot involved beginning with Barak Obama and Mr. Comey. This judge needs to be added to the list. I am ready for transparency. I think we should start by asking our former president to inform the citizens of this country why he secretly tried to give monies to our enemies.


  13. Our country is becoming a HELL HOLE with all the bickering and fighting going on between political parties, the biased media and American citizens. Even with a murderous virus released killing thousands of people we still can’t stop the ranting and raging and be at peace with each other. Disgusting!

  14. Judge Sullivan’s actions are an insult and assault not on POTUS and his agenda, but on the Constitution and justice itself. This travesty and its perpetrator should be dealt with accordingly to the fullest extent possible.

  15. You are a sucker and you are blind. Even when the proof is laid out, you refuse to open your eyes. Typical for y’all

  16. Flynn is an effing traitor like Trump. The government had many crimes that they had Flynn for and also for his son. He plea bargained, pleaded twice to lying to the FBI for a lesser sentence and got his son off the hook. Then this arrogant thug apologized in court for his actions. Barr, the other traitor did Trump’s bidding of course to get Flynn off the charges. I don’t think it is about just friendship of Trump and Flynn, there is a whole lot of corruption between them and Russia that both are hiding, money laundering of Trump’s condos, bank transfers to the Deutsche bank, much of this was in the Mueller report but Mueller is old, a Republican and his attitude was a President couldn’t be indicted while President. Check out the video of Jill Stein and general Flynn dining with Putin and getting rewards. It is on Youtube.

    • I guess you have never heard of the 4th amendment that protects you, too.
      It’s part of the Bill of Rights and is meant to prevent exactly what James Comey and Mr. Obama have done. Innocent until proven guilty is not an affectation..why did 39 people in the Obama Administration spied on General Flynn without a warrant.

    • Robert, go suck on your schiff binky and curl up in your Pelosi blanket. You CLEARLY have zero knowledge of what a traitor is and know nothing in general. Meddling kids should stay out of adult business.

    • Hey justicefortrump, do you not see what your liberal lying democrats did for justice. They broke the law. They set up Mr Flynn while all along gunning for trump. They have the evidence in black & white, now that the truth is coming out, to include your boys getting caught, you can’t stand it, and you surely can’t be fair about whats happening now. Just hang in there lefty and you will see the traitorous cri.es they committed just to derail an elected President and has family, staff, whatever they had to do to get their power back. There is much more coming, except this time, FACTS will come out. You people just can’t stand the truth or the facts. Sit back and watch what happens.


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