Judge In Michael Flynn Case Will Not Give Up…So His Legal Team Is Hitting Back

(Liberty Bell) – The Deep State absolutely can’t stand that General Michael Flynn has slipped through their fingers.

Flynn, who was the first victim of the ruthless Deep State assault on President Donald Trump’s administration, has been locked in a legal battle for years that just won’t end, even with the full support of the Justice Administration and increasing evidence that the FBI had no business investigating him in the first place.

On Monday, Flynn’s legal team filed court documents opposing the request by the judge overseeing his case that a full panel of judges be allowed to hear briefings and arguments on a pending motion to dismiss the case against the former national security adviser, Just the News reports.

The judge in question, Clinton-appointed Emmet Sullivan, made the request on July 9 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

This came after a three-judge panel ruled in June that the federal courts need to accept the request from Attorney General Bill Barr to drop the Justice Department case.

Sullivan has been fighting this tooth and nail.

“No federal circuit has countenanced rehearing of a mandamus on petition by a district judge,” Flynn’s legal team argued in the 29-page request filed in the same federal appeals court.

“Judge Sullivan has no cognizable interest in the case. Rehearing should be denied because the panel properly applied the longstanding use of mandamus to which General Flynn is clearly entitled.”

Previously, Flynn had agreed to plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with a Russian ambassador during the transition period between the 2016 election and President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

However, following the release of previously classified documents that suggest the FBI mishandled the case, the decorated retired Army lieutenant general withdrew his plea.

He also fired his former legal team and hired a new one, who has been fighting fiercly for the full corruption of the federal case against their client to be revealed and his name to be cleared.


    • You want talk about racist there it is towards whites and they never talk about that. I would like them to point out that there is racism and has bern for hundreds years toward whites as well.

  1. Take that idiot judge to the ethic review board and relieve him of his position. this will never happen, as he is a democrat and a member of the deep state. That is why he was assigned that case. He knew it was a bogus case to start and he is a bogus judge. he was appointed by a crooked president “Bill Clinton”

  2. Now when Sullivan is in the drivers seat, the DOJ turned it over to the court and they cannot take it back, once the President wants to defend his friends.
    Now we will see what the full court panel has to say when they convene, and if done like they normally they will hear the case and make a decision. The reasoning being that the DOJ gave no sound reasoning for dismissing the case, which is required in any case dismissal, Barr knew that when he filed for the dismissal.

    • Prosecution lied and held back information, that alone is reason for dismissal. With all the evidence brought to light even you should understand the truth. So are you fine with the way the FBI drained this family financially and threatened is son, is this the FBI you want investigating YOU.

    • Really you kidding me! They so went about this falsely accused Flynn and talk this crap when Obama pardoned several people and all the crooked crap the Clintons as well. I can’t believe you say defend his friends when all shit Hillary, Obama, Bill, Clapped, Paige, Pelosi and Schumer list goes on there crooked shit. Oh wait then there is the Biden’s that we should pull his sons taxes on millions he received. Oh wait and list goes on

  3. So now Judge Sullivan is insisting on being the prosecutor too? Are the federal appeal court’s Judges going to allow this? Are we now setting a new precedent in US law? Are the Judges on the federal appeal courts benches going to set a new precedent in US law? How much longer are the federal appeal court Judges going to allow this injustice to go on?

  4. It is time to start the paper work to have him removed and also to remove his law license.
    Everytime he opens his mouth he tells everyone he is a fool.

  5. A Clinton appointed Judge? You can bet he was seriously vetted by those in power at the time to and was certified to have the credentials expected…..to rule on cases according to the “deep state” program which supports globalism, elitism, totalitarianism for the general population; and a repressive “ruling class” that would be composed of Bolshevik hypocrites, 20th and 21st Century Democrats; Soros criminal elements; economic, political and social Parasites; along with other reprehensible goons who want to spread as much misery on others as possible. The so-called anti-Fascists who despise Trump are part of this insidious plan and will do anything criminal or without any sense of justice whatsoever to achieve their totalitarian goals!

  6. The judge is flirting with a serious cap-busting. If he persists, I’m reasonably sure that someone will be delighted to accommodate him!

  7. Sullivan is JAN (just another nygger) working for the traitor Soros. Easy targets, especially on a snowy morning. Karma. It’s coming. The silence when you hold your breath half out is zen.

  8. General Flynn was literally BLACKMAILED by Wiessman and company during that investigation!!! Robert Mueller is ultimately responsible for that. This judge is in effect stating that thT crime was OK. Further stating that the collision by Gen Flynn’s first legal team with these prosecutors to withhold exculpatory evidence from him was perfectly OK. That is patently absurd!!! This judge has proven that he is extremely bias throughout the entire case. By refusing to abide by the higher court’s ruling he is showing that he is both a stubborn deep stater and incompetent!!! HE NEEDS TO GO!!!

  9. This biased fraud needs to be removed from the bench and his credentials voided.
    He is not a legitimate judge but just a Leftist pawn. He has no business sitting in
    judgment of anyone. He does not work according to our constitution but on the
    demands of our Radical Left. He should never sit on any judicial bench ever again.

  10. The enemy is focused. The RINOs are our-of-focus. The law is clear, so have to hope that the rule-of-law prevails.

  11. Lived through lots of govt chaos in my 76 years – but today’s is the worst. It’s all because Hillary Clinton was not elected and the Democrats will not respect Pres Trump during his term. This makes me even more determined to pray and work for his re-election. Seems like they would understand that the deplorables are not stupid and play the political games on their terms. That means the polls do not get reality answers – just like last time.

  12. Emmet Sullivan is a disgraceful communist like Obama who hate General Flynn,they should both be jailed for TREASON!!

  13. Gen Flynn was railroaded. His name cleared. Emmet sullivan should be investigated for maybe some questionable leanings, Sorso would be a good start.

  14. If there is anything that even comes close to legal ignorance it would be the case Missouri where the Prosecutor (another Soros funded operative) is persecuting the couple that were defending their home by displaying force, not using it, against a mob that was trespassing illegally on their property. People understand, that if you vote for a Marxist, otherwise known as a Dumbacrat, you are voting for the destruction of this great country. If you have kids, or grandkids, would you rather they lived in a country like America, or Venezuela? If you said Venezuela, please move there and leave the rest of us to the lives we want to live and share with our children. “Give me Liberty or give me Death” is no longer just an abstract concept. At least not for me.

    • First sentence was supposed to read “close to this level of legal ignorance”. Fingers still not keeping up with my mind.


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