Judge Drops Hammer On State For Plan That Allowed Ballots Without Postmark — They Were Illegal!

(Liberty Bell) – The Virginia Board of Elections rule that allowed officials to go ahead and count ballots that arrived without having a postmark up to a total of three days after the election took place was an illegal move according to the ruling of a state judge.

As we all know, there is still, two months later, much controversy surrounding the 2020 presidential election. There are a ton of cases of voter fraud that are out there waiting to be investigated, though it seems that judges and courts are very hesitant to get on the ball and actually look into what happened.

This is what makes this judge’s ruling such a huge deal. We finally have some forward movement toward looking at cases of potential fraud and examining rule changes that were made during the election that should never have been made.

According to WND, Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge has ruled that the state’s late mail in ballot law was in violation of state statute and has now banned that rule in future Virginia elections, as stated by an announcement made by the Public Interest Legal Foundation. The PILF actually filed a lawsuit against the state’s board of elections back in October on behalf of Thomas Ree, a Frederick County, Virginia election official.

“This is a big win for the Rule of Law,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams wrote in the recently released statement. “This consent decree gives Mr. Reed everything he requested – a permanent ban on accepting ballots without postmarks after Election Day and is a loss for the Virginia bureaucrats who said ballots could come in without these protections.”

The board of elections brought the rule up during a meeting that was held back on August 4. Guidance was then sent to election officials all across the state on August 13 informing them of the change. On Oct. 28, Eldridge blocked the law due to the lawsuit that had been filed by the PILF.

Thus, the state of Virginia was prevented from being able to count any ballots that came in late without a postmark.

“Mr. Reed has a straightforward request. Follow the law,” Adams said.

Following the law has become such a shocking and novel concept these days, hasn’t it? Especially if you’re a Democrat. All Democrats want is to win and force their vision on the American people. They do not care about our republic. And no, they do not care about your liberty. Winning is the goal. Any means that achieves that goal is acceptable to them.

Eldridge went on to rule that the existing Virginia state law prohibited ballots without postmarks from being counted. The existing law states, “any absentee ballot returned to the general registrar after the closing of the polls on election day but before noon on the third day after the election and postmarked on or before the date of the election shall be counted.”

This is a huge victory for the rule of law and for the integrity of our election system.

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  1. “According to WND, Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge has ruled that the state’s late mail in ballot law was in violation of state statute and has now banned that rule in future Virginia elections, as stated by an announcement made by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.”

    This is bad writing / conceptualization.

    “banned that rule” should be “ENFORCED the Law against accepting illegal ballots in the future” or “banned ALL FUTURE ILLEGAL BALLOTS”.

    It was not a “rule”, it was a CORRUPT PRACTICE; actually it was not really a “practice” either for it was only done in this election, and a “practice” is something that is habitual over time—since accepting those invalid ballots was in violation of the law, call it what it was: A CRIME. It should be “and has now banned that CRIMINAL behavior in future Virginia elections”. The ruling itself is a bit daft, as if something is actually illegal and violates the law, there is no need to “ban” that behavior in the future, the law bans it; what needs to be done is arrest those who were guilty of violating that law, which is a FEDERAL CRIME.

    The correct intention is properly expressed in the article farther down:

    “a permanent ban on accepting ballots without postmarks after Election Day and is a loss for the Virginia bureaucrats who said ballots could come in without these protections.”
    Robert / sacredtruthministries.com

  2. Nothing suggests that the votes were not good votes honestly made, it is clear that this is not a problem of fraud but a problem of administration and the Post Office.

    “After listening to arguments Wednesday in Frederick Circuit Court, Judge William Warner Eldridge IV ruled that absentee ballots without postmarks will not be counted if the barcode does not indicate whether the ballot was mailed by Election Day. He ruled that if the postmark on a ballot is illegible, the ballot can still be counted if the voter signed the ballot by Election Day.”

    • that is myopic and ignoring the clear pattern of fraud. Why were there only such ballots for Biden? Why no late, large bundles of nonpost stamped ballots for Trump. You see what you want to. It is not a post office error. The post office does not “forget” to post stamp THOUSANDS of FEDERAL ballots. You also ignore the fact that ballots were sent out to people that did not request them, that dead people voted, that unregistered people voted, that far more people voted than were on register of legal voters, that some people voted twice, that voter ID was not required, and a slew of other things that point to clear voter fraud on a massive scale, and actual testimony of those witnessing or committing the crimes.

    • [follow up to my previous comment]
      THAT is actually the fingerprint of the crime. It was a “tight race”—according to the “official version”. Therefore, there should have been EQUAL AMOUNT of “non-post-stamped, 3-day late ballots” for both Biden AND Trump. Even if 90% of America voted for Biden, there should have been 10% nonpost-stamped, late ballots for Trump. The fact that it was “one-sided” is the finger print of the CRIME. Only one side was committing vote fraud.

  3. President Trump and the voters kept asking the Swing States to do ballot Audits and Josh Shapiro, Raffensperger and the other Secretary’s of States kept acting like they didn’t understand English and just kept doing recounts of the same fraudulent votes and never did do an audit to make sure the votes were legal. That’s what Ted Crews was asking for on January 6th that got everybody so pissed off that there still calling for removing him. If they would have agreed to an Audit, I’d be the first to say Biden won. As it stands, I think every Democrat in DC , and all of the people responsible for the election in the swing states are criminals and traitors against the Country and should be jailed. I think Trump should be re-instated as President for a 6 year Term to make up for the 2 years that he was having to fight Pelosi and the other goldbrickers off instead of doing what he needed to do.

  4. R Philipson – Since when is ignorance of the law a valid excuse. And to think that the system would catch the multiple vote crime is just a joke.

    • These votes were invalidated because the post office had not post marked them, ignorance of the law has nothing to do with it. Yes, multiple voting without proper signatures would be picked up. Study the process and understand how rigorous it is.

  5. He ruled that the method was bad not that the votes were bad. People voted in accordance with the permitted system, the post office failed to post mark them, but delivered them on time.
    As for the gentleman who claims to have received several mail in ballots if he had tried to vote with all of them he would have been found out by the system and been guilty of a criminal offence. It would be helpful if your readers learnt a little about how the system works.

    • Look man, I don’t need to know what procedures weren’t followed or that there was or wasn’t a problem with the machines to know that this election was stolen. The people at the rallies, the excitement in the chatter every where I went, Biden’s comments such as “They’ll find out when I’m elected” , and “if you don’t like it vote for the other guy“(he couldn’t remember Trumps name), the less than 1000 people that tuned in for his Thanksgiving address. The fact that that confused old man didn’t have a chance of legally winning the election were everywhere. There was Major , third world style Fraud!

  6. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. I received at least TWO, maybe three or four (lost count after a while) mail-in ballots in my mailbox. I did not request any of them, but went to my polling place, an elementary school, and voted in person. Have not formally made a complaint about this, but am seriously considering doing so so perhaps, next election, the snake-in-the=grass people who did this will NOT repeat it. I just tossed them – wish now I had not as they were evidence.

  7. Too little, too late.
    Too bad for America that Chief Justice John Roberts LACKED THE COURAGE required to perform his Constitutional Duty to hear the election fraud cases brought. He was “TOO AFRAID” of the riots liberals would unleash on American cities, again, lacking the courage to DO HIS JOB.
    SCOTUS needs TERM LIMITS, too!

    • Justice Roberts has turned out to be a coward & more liberal than conservative, which means he died not follow the Constitution as written. What a disappointment he is. However, how any conservative can say he is a a constitutionalist when they keep upholding abortion is beyond me. 9 justices who would keep the murder of babies in the womb as a legal practice. We are all doomed when these 9 are too cowardly to abolish the murder of an unborn human being. They will have to answer to a higher authority one day, and I fervently pray there will be no absolution for any person who performs, has one, or deems abortion legal.

    • That fact is plain as the nose on one’s face to all but the Dems who couldn’t have won this last election otherwise. Am all for any and all initiatives to prevent this from happening in the next election and all future elections. As my comment mentioned, I live in Virginia, received at least two, possibly more mail-in ballots that I DID NOT REQUEST! Tells ya’ something!

  8. I don’t even agree with mail in ballots that is where your cheating and Democrat fraud came in. They changed the ballots and put people names on them and didn’t even check to see if they were even legal to vote that is another thing why were these names not checked out to see if they were legal to vote. As many as Illegal people we have in our country did they even check them out for legal no they might have paid them to not look at the ballot or did these people send them in with votes on them or where they blanked then marked when they got to the poles.


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