John Solomon Drops Bombshell On Biden Crime Family…This Is Huge

(Liberty Bell) – Former New York City mayor and personal attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, joined Laura Ingraham back in September after the announcement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that the Democrats were opening an impeachment inquiry into the president.

We’ve seen the fruition of this inquiry this week, as the Democrats solidify their claims that the president’s conversation with the Ukranian president about the Biden crime family was somehow criminal.

Without evidence, mind you.

At the time, Rudy said of the Democrats, “They have walked into a trap.”

He knew what he was talking about.

“I have the records of $3 million payments laundered to Biden’s son,” he explained. “I have the records. I have the dates. It went from Ukraine, to Latvia to Cyprus, Cyprus to him. That’s called evidence of guilty knowledge… He got $1.5 billion from China! $1.5 Billion!… They bought the Vice President of the United States!”

He went on to explain the role he played in the Ukranian investigation.

“They’re not going to intimidate me! I never realized the depth of the corruption! I never knew the depth of this corruption. It’s massive, it’s shocking. And if I played a role in getting that out I did a service to my country and I’m proud of it. And everything I did was legal and defensible,” he explained.

So, that was back in September. Fast-forward to today, when John Solomon is reporting that the former Soviet state of Latvia flagged a series of “suspicious” payments to Hunter Biden coming out of Ukraine.

Giuliani reported previously on how criminal organizations funnel money from Ukraine through Latvia and Cyprus and then back into US bank accounts.

From John Solomon Reports:

As the U.S. presidential race began roaring to life in 2016, authorities in the former Soviet republic of Latvia flagged a series of “ suspicious” financial transactions to Hunter Biden and other colleagues at a Ukrainian natural gas company and sought Kiev’s help investigating, according to documents and interviews.

The Feb. 18, 2016 alert to Ukraine came from the Latvian prosecutorial agency responsible for investigating money laundering, and it specifically questioned whether Vice President Joe Biden’s younger son and three other officials at Burisma Holdings were the potential beneficiaries of suspect funds.

“The Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity … is currently investigating suspicious activity of Burisma Holdings Limited,” the Latvian agency also known as the FIU wrote Ukraine’s financial authorities.

The memo was released to me by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed by the Latvian embassy to the United States.


  1. Bahahaha Beth Adams… You truly are superior to stupidity! Do your own research. Quit being gullible to what the news papers and news media (which CCP owns) and don’t use google either CCP owns it too! Oh but I guess you would know that if you actually took the time to use your own brain and do your own research! Quit putting other people down because your stupid and lazy!

  2. Time for Barr, the AG, to stop the passing of time! He needs to immediately bring this case, prosecute the Bidens, and DESTROY THE DEMOCRATS! Pelosi would be destroyed and everyone would know impeachment was a SHAM! Election over!

  3. The President should pass a executive order that
    this impeachment sham is nullified and void after withholding articles from the Senate

  4. Why do you want the Supreme Court involved? Historically and Constitutionally they play no roll other than the Chief Justice is called upon to preside over the Senate trial.

  5. What the demon-crats did yesterday was unconstitutional as there was no crime. Believe that when the time is right, Trump will take it to the Supreme Court which will rule it null and void as articles of impeachment. I THINK Nancy is aware of this and playing games with sending it over to the Senate. When and if she does, Mitch should entertain a motion to table the articles of impeachment.
    Because you don’t want to rile up the demon-crat base, you hold this up until after the elections, then take it to the Supremes. By this time, we should have a republican majority in the house and articles of impeachment deemed as unconstitutional..

  6. If this is the BEST that the Democrats HAVE, this should be an EASY win (YAY!) for POTUS (soon to be REELECT) Trump 2020. The Democrats gambled (BADLY) and lost HORRIBLY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Trump definitely needs to be re-elected along with every conservative running for the congress all the democrats need to be voted out of office and then maybe they can work on the real problem in this country the colleges they need to be defunded and shut down they are nothing more the democratic indoctrination organizations, there are 2 college graduates in my family now I know the were not born stupid but it is obvious they are now educated stupid and there are thousands of these idiots out there, the democrat party and the colleges are the biggest threat to this nation.

  8. Nancy says, ” no one is above the law.” If that would be only true, we would have to build more prisons or have to expand GITMO to house all the crooked democrats.
    We all know who would answer “I” if the director of Gitmo held roll call.
    There is no secret as to who the criminals are, but sadly, they will all skate.
    Equal justice under the law no longer exists. Innocent until proven guilty is a myth.
    That applies only to the wealthy and the “connected” individuals not to the everyday, hard working patriot who loves America and worships the Constitution and the bill of rights.

  9. Obama could be investigated for the Pearson Education Government fraud where his administration gave, English Freedom firm, Pearson received 310 million and utilize Core Curriculum, which makes American children less competitive than other countries and less learned lessons than in 1900. Obama received 65 million dollar book deal from Pearson and neither copies printed or sold ever had a chance of recouping this pay for play book deal! Of course, The Obama knew everything ! And approve this behavior and now endorses the Weather Doomsayers as he buys 11 million dollar “beachfront” mansion in Martha Vineyards! Vote Vote for everyone/everything than can help make America great again, but also participate in what Curriculum is taught to American children! Time has come today! Go Conservatives Go!

  10. if everyone agrees and what I just read, we all want to see JUSTICE PREVAIL. Let’s
    bomb the Democratic House and voice our displeasure with this witch hunt and invalid impeachment that is a disgrace to our country YOU VOTE IMPEACHMENT???
    WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT OF OFFICE – COME 2020. Real American Patriots want a good, clean government representation – not the corrupt which hunt of the Democratic Party CITIZENS – UNITED AND LET THE OBAMA CLONES KNOW WHAT THE PDEOPLE DEMAND!

    • The Obama clones (clowns) know and are counting on each voter registered as a democrat will vote the party line thereby switching off their common sense in favor of partisan politics.

    • Why give them an ultimatum? They are all communist bastards in the Democrats now, so just vote every damned one of them out of office. End their communist agenda and try them for treason. USAF veteran here

    • New York just passed a law so illegals can obtain drivers licenses…. thousands are lined up to get them.

      Illegal voting much?

      People are calling for ID’s to vote… New York supplies them so they can.

      Who’s next ? California ? Seattle? Florida? Let me guess, every high electoral state?

      Democrats aren’t very bright are they ?

  11. The rats are scurrying in the daylight! Every one of these self-enriching, newly minted, government employee millionaire politicians should have their money ‘followed!’ That “impeach 45, impeach 45″ multiple mansion owning whack, Maxine Watters, is a definite candidate for ‘Following The Money!”

  12. Every one of these folks are speaking true facts,you will read it in the papers, see it own t.v.Every place you go from the rest room to the news room it is the topic that comes up.Clean out the swamp and put these persons deserves where they deserve.

  13. Take a look at The Clinton Family Foundation. The largest donations came from Ukraine. There are a large number of U.S. officials making money from that country and why they are so worried.

  14. Time to wipe out the American Hating democrats. Vote for Trump and the Republican’s, as an independent I will be voting TRUMP. The Biden’s, Obama’s, Schummer, Gillibran, Pelosie’s, Shiff all belong in prison for life.

  15. I’m glade the American people see the corruption in the Democrats party. They may not go to Jail. Now it’s time, the American people will show the Democrats they won’t get away with Screwing, Steeling , and Lying to the American people. We may not be able to put them in Jail, but we sure the HELL can vote them out of office throughout United State of America. Judgment day is coming for sure.
    Let’s stand together with our Great President Donald Trump and help him clean up the swamp. God Bless Donald Trump, our service people and The United State of America. Get out and Vote

    • Don’t be too sure they won’t go to prison! Look at Manafort. It can happen , in the right hands. With enough determination, THEY WILL GO TO PRISON! It’s in the law — PERSISTENCE!
      VOTE RED!!!


  17. And let’s not forget the Democratic Party is encouraging ILLEGAL ALIEN
    Immigration in violation of our Federal immigration laws by encouraging the whole 3rd world to come to our nation with no limits of requirements .

    They want to give these illegals the vote, in state tuition for free, Medicaid ad nauseum all on the American tax paying citizens nipple!! Think on that !
    Rome fell after a millennium due to corruption how much longer do we have : the American citizen?

    Yep. All so they can have one party rule. The Democrats want to abandon the electoral College system, get rid of the Ist amendment with 0rwellian thought laws ‘ hate speech’ and of course deny the 2nd Amendment even though every criminal can obtain a firearm illegally. Think about that!

    The Democrats are truly playing with Fire.


  18. When will the Republican Party finally stand with a solid BACKBONE and put an end to all of the INJUSTICE being done by the EVIL DEMON RATS?? If they only talk about ACCOUNTABILITY WITH NO ACTION BEING TAKEN, NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED! Since all of these EVIL DEMON RATS, such as obama, clinton crime family, biden crime family, kerry crime family, holder, lynch, comey, rice, mccabe, struct, l. page, brennan, clapper, along with the DIMWIT DEMONS IN CONGRESS should be PUNISHED FOR TREASON= DESTRUCTION OF OUR GOVERNMENT. Of course, the demon rats were so preoccupied to “bowing to their leader”, they can’t do MULTI-TASKING. How many times did obama VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION WITH HIS RIDICULOUS EXECUTIVE ACTIONS AND GOING AROUND CONGRESS, ALONG WITH THE BLATANT LIES THAT AMERICANS WERE FED ON A DAILY BASIS??
    If the demon rats have principals, values, MORALS, why was he ever not BROUGHT UP FOR, AT LEAST, IMPEACHMENT, EVEN THOUGH HE IS A FRAUD FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Should HAVE NEVER SET FOOT in the WH!!!
    PRESIDENT TRUMP= 2020!!!!

    • obama never was anything but a Manchurian Candidate whose master plan was to undermine the USA. He is a true traitor. Someone must come up with a plan to take him out of existence.

    • I’ve been watching the house floor debate all morning and the one continuous thread every Democrat uses ad nauseam is that impeachment is not partisan. Bull! If what they say is true not Schiffs truth but normal citizen’s truth then watch the outcome of the final vote. I bet it will split along partisan lines. So just keep on wishing it’s not partisan as Speaker Pelosi says it should be… serious, transparent and bipartisan. 3 strikes you’re out in America Nancy. And if the voters in the people’s democratic republic of California would onlywake up and come to their senses you’d have to work for a living. Oh I forgot you’re independently wealthy and haven’t worked a day in your adult life.

    • Yep, abuse of power and ubstruction of Congress. One needs look no further than Obama bragging that he had a pen and a phone and wasn’t afraid to use it.

  19. The dems can’t be trusted with anything or about anything. To them the end justifies the means. All of this info/evidence that Rudy has gathered MUST get into the hands of AG Durham and AG Bar immediately!!! If those two men, after careful checking don’t follow up we are in real deep shit!!! There has to be a price to pay for all of the illegal activities of the “deep state” players!!!

    • Now is the time to support AG Durham, AG Barr, and Guiliani to go after schiff, nadler, and pelosi with professional power and determination. For the sake of our nation and our future, these three crooked, corrupt, and traitorous operators must be brought to justice. Prison time is in their future.

    • I, and millions of American Patriots are anxiously waiting for Durham and Barr to take note of the corruption highlighted by these reports and further investigate and prosecute. I say that with caution, the deep state is alive and frustrated and will try to get to Durham and Barr to soften the evidence and provide an avenue to escape their faith. Beware of the deep state.

  20. Obama as well as the Clintons who are experts on corruption along with their sycophants well placed in the Media ( Fake news) knew and orchestrated this with John Brennan and others as have the corrupt former FBI head Comey looking like Pinocchio now with his lame defense of the illegal wiretapping on American citizens

    Your either a Democrat or an American . And since the fifth column has infiltrated the Democrats I’m not one of them just a liberty loving American!

  21. I’m no man living in the country that I love dearly I have had the best of it all because I lived in the best of times but let me tell you what the Democratic party is doing today makes me feel unamerican makes me feel like we do we owe a debt of service to the people account on our country you keep going the way you are with the Democratic situation all hell let’s go to break loose

  22. Everyone seems to believe that this pay to play is a new phenomenon! It’s not!
    I think we would all be appalled at the number of American politicians and government officials that have been bought off.
    We trusted them to do the right thing and did we ever misplace that trust!!
    That’s why I believe in term limits. Maximum of 12 years served in any elected position(s). Same for federal judges. No lifetime appointments

    • Of course, you’re right…this is certainly not the first time someone in power has used that influence to benefit a family member. This time is just so “in our faces”, it’s tougher to ignore or justify. That, and the fact that they’re using the EXACT same thing that Biden is guilty of to unseat the man we elected to be our President. That’s the tipping point.

  23. The Democratic Party has left the America that we have loved behind. Their new party is the Isaiah 5:20 party, and Job 3:12 party. It is shameful to witness such blatant hatred.

    • But Speaker Pelosi made it abundantly clear as a Catholic she doesnt hate anybody. And she never lies either just ask her!

  24. Mr Trump 2020.I will vote for him,he got my vote.I born in Peru and I been reading how must of the presidents in that country (Peru) are all Criminals we don`t want another Peru in this Beautiful Country.Mr.Trump.for 2020.

  25. All this because Hellary wasn’t elected. Had she been elected none of this corruption would have been exposed, it would have been covered up and business as usual for the Evil Demon Crats. The biggest tragedy would be if no one is held accountable and not put in jail for treason, because the Demon Crats definitely tried to over turn an election using government personnel. Starting with the egotistical Comey, then Hellery, Ombumerang, Strzok, Page, Biden, Schiff, and whom ever else was involved. Trump 2020. Let him finish cleaning out the SWAMP

    • You are right that is why they are grasping at straws and tearing up our Constitution, making the rules as they go because they have proof of ZERO!

  26. The entire democrat party is a criminal enterprise. The impeachment is blatantly phoney and they don’t care that we know it! Unless, and until, this entire corrupt organization is indicted, incarcerated and/or hung for treason, there will be no justice in America. And America without justice is just another 3rd world country! Are we there yet!? We know Sessions was a bust, Graham hasn’t investigated crap, Horowitz tried to cover up for the DOJ & the FBI, the corrupted Roberts and his FISA courts are tools of the “deep state”, trying to finally cover their corrupt participation in the coup d’etat, and Barr & Durham are making noises but even the lowest of the low hanging fruit, Hillary, is still walking among us! We ven now know Mueller, like Horowitz, walked on eggshells trying to cover up the deep state’s crimes and give the socialist democrats a free pass to go after Trump! So where’s the justice in America today. I still say “We are being played!”

    • AMEN BROTHER, these feckless, worthless, piss-poor excuses of human beings have no right to walk our America. The only reason they are trying to impeach the President is so they can continue to reap their ill gotten gains. They will pay!!

    • We are being played by all of the Democrats to save their own hide, however just like Hillary got away with her emails while SOS and wasn’t found guilty or prosecuted, all the investigations just seem to cost taxpayers many millions with no penalties to the corrupt individuals! Term limits need to apply to politicians and if the president only gets 8 years then elected others should only get 4, or at most 8 and their terms should be staggered so they work under 2 presidential terms. Further, no pay while on vacation and pay ENDS when their term ends as well as they MUST pay for their Health plans and NO RAISES UNLESS SOCIAL SECURITY recipients get one of the SAME percentage!

  27. All this is true, and it will be miraculous is even one serves time. Fast forward to 2020 … illegals are being issued driver”s licences in NY & NJ. Why? Not to hold vehicle insurance in case of accidents. They’re being registered as Democrats to tip the vote. That’s all they’ve got left to beat Trump is further corruption.

    • Simple solution to illegal aliens. Shoot the arseholes dead as they try to cross our southern border illegally. That will stop them from coming here.

  28. Dem corruption and hypocrisy is stunning! And now I can’t believe Dems are giving driver’s licenses to illegals! All the more reason we need to vote them out. Talk to your family, friends and co-workers to vote TRUMP 2020! Republican Congress and Senate 2020!

  29. There is one word that is branded into these peoples minds is greed!!! I pray that the good will somehow help we the citizens of the United States of America can relay a message to these greedy people hat we have right to send them home thru the ballot box.

  30. Vote Red before we’re dead!!!
    I switched parties after a lifetime of supporting Democrats 2 years ago after watching this party turn their backs on Americans! This party is doomed and, “We the People” will take back our country with our laws and our love of our country and most important God! Thank you President Trump!

    • God has nothing to do with trump family they are all greedy criminals. Indictments waiting for them when they are out of the white house. You must not know how to to research facts. The trumps have been scum since birth.

  31. I wish Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe would read this. He keeps saying, as well as his corrupt wife that Hunter (in hiding) is an upstanding kid. That’s laughable. They also keep saying he has never been accused of any crime. Well, Creepy Uncle Joe, here you go. How much LOUDER and CLEARER must the evidence be? GUILTY!

    • Hunter never accused of a crime? How about being kicked out of the US Navy for drug offenses? Driving a car containing drug paraphernalia? Denying paternity until DNA proved otherwise and then claiming to be broke. Taking money from a foreign government for work he was unqualified to do and in fact was for buying influence of his VP father. BTW, where is Hunter hiding?

    • Biden family is the epitome of contempt for righteous behavior. It’s time that the entire family be arrested, tried and convicted of their crimes and be thrown in prison for the rest of their stinking lives. Any Democrat that justifies such evil is as bad as the crime family itself.

    • Let’s not forget the little weasel sleeping with his dead brothers wife!!!
      You talk about a twisted family??!!
      Sounds like the Clintons doesn’t it?

  32. Rudy is the man! He knows how to fight corruption and he will nail them. President Trump has been right in EVERYTHING he has told the American people. Why they don’t put the Obama’s, Biden’s, Clinton’s, Shiff, Nadler, Comey, McCabe, Brennan and others in jail is simply not just for the American people. Any one of us would be in jail by now but not the Deep State and Swamp. President Trump, Guilliani, Republicans and Conservatives are getting closer and closer and that is why the Demoncrats want a distraction of Impeachment. Americans won’t buy this BUT WE MUST GET OUT TO VOTE for Trump and GOP. We can’t let Demoncrats continue to think their abuse of power, obstruction, coup attempts and more is acceptable. They MUST GO. I’m afaid we are heading towards another civil war if this continues. May God Bless the USA and its People and TRUE LEADERS!


    • Trump family are all scum. Indictments waiting for tRump’s fat lazy ass when he is removed from the white house.

  33. Where the hell is there any chance of getting justice when everybody involved from top to bottom appears to involved in the deep state.

  34. I know the wheels of justice turn very slowly, so lets back up and catch old Hillary. I think she would be a starting point if any accountable law breaking justice can be served. ( Remember she has TOP SECRET violations hanging over head.) So lets bring her trial and get her behind bars, then start going after the other rats running around in the swamp.

    • We need to start at the tip of the iceberg. OVOMIT.
      Who’s going to really check these driver’s licenses in the states that gave to ILLEGAL ALIENS? We need voter ID & paper ballots. There has already been 4 million illegal voters purged from the registry. How many of them voted dem? I’d say all. Several dems were arrested that voted several times and the idiots bragged about it. Dems are called DIMWITS for a reason. They aren’t the brightest stars in the sky.

    • If she cared one iota for that criminal sleepy creepy crazy hair sniffing Joe she’d have him drop out of the presidential race. He’s got a few screws loose for sure. He has hairy legs. Who cares. He likes kids to sit on his lap. Hmm sounds like a pedophile to me. He has lied and plagiarized. Is this what people want to run (ruin) our country? Make America RED. Vote demonRATS out. He calls an 83 year old voter fat and challenges him to pushups. He gets mad and yells. He was a token for OVOMIT. Someone OVOMIT could tell what to do and sleepy creepy crazy hair sniffing Joe jumped. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

  35. I don’t know how or what the public will have to do but it will be up to the public to get actively involved. The people in government will never punish their own. The Deep State has proven just who controls the U.S.A.

  36. But President Trump is being impeached by the Democratic controlled House.
    There are at least 3 cases of Biden using his office inappropriately helping out son Hunter; Ukraine and China BUT also obtaining a commission in the Navy Reserve although he did not meet the requirements; owing to his age and prior drug use. Then the idiot used cocaine after he got the extra legal sweetheart deal and flunked regular testing and got tossed out.
    That may sound insignificant to you BUT I am a Navy Officer and I earned my commission

  37. So many of them have been stealing for so long they think its okay. Its past time to rid our congress of these criminals. Term limits for all, that would be a great start!

    • Address term limits cautiously. We have them in Michigan and all it accomplished is the political class is always running for the next office and leaving all the decisions to the lobbyists who used to be elected representatives.

    • Re NoLib’s concern. Term limits need to include other elected office: for example, I could see limiting Senators to three terms, but only two if he/she has served in the House. House members would be limited to, say five terms, but if he/she previously served in the Senate, three. You could even reduce term limits further for prior service in a State legislature.

  38. Can only hope and pray that they get convicted – -seems they have been “Above the Law” for decades – put Pelosi right up there with Biden, Hilary and Obama. WHY can’t they be investigated ?? Trump is taking the brunt of their corruption. It took Trump and some of his good allies to dig some of this corruption up but he is the one that has to take the fall – – – – until maybe someone keeps digging and exposing the crimes committed.

    • Wow you are the low IQ that trump caters to. Trump and his filthy family are the corrupt slim. Indictments waiting for trump when his lazy corrupt fat ass is removed from the white house 1-20-21. The Be Best not a Lady Melinda goes back to her porn job.

  39. Bet not one of them ever see the inside of a jail cell let along Gitmo. We just don’t have the people with the guts to put them there these days. As I tweeted to P. Trump, if G. Washington was President, he would have already taken them out and strung them up and got on his horse and rode back to the White House and went back to work, if he even got off his horse. This bunch of so called law makers and AG and special council just won’t make it happen. The best we can do is embarrass them.
    Trump would make it happen but he can’t do it or he would. If a person can vote Demorat, then they will go for anything.

  40. Obama, bidens, Clinton’s, pelosi and every one of their buddy’s need to be in prison. They all know of each other corruption against the US and it’s people. They didnt get to be millionaires from working for us, they never do, except by lying and treason. They are a disgrace and scum.


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