Joe Biden’s Campaign Silent On Rambling Speech Which Included Heinous Racist Term

(Liberty Bell) – You may recall that recently, a clip of Joe Biden from 2017 was released in which the elderly career politician rambled seemingly incoherently about his leg hair, young black children, and “roaches.”

Taken out of context, the clip seemed to indicate extreme dementia, which would most certainly not be the first indication as such from the gaffe-prone Biden.

However, taken in context, the reference to “roaches” also makes no sense.

As Breitbart News asserts, it’s possible that he was using a grievously offensive racial slur, one that would no doubt cause a week-long meltdown in the media were it to come out of the lips of even the most insignificant Republican politician.

Here’s the backstory:

The speech in question, during which he also told his infamous “Corn Pop” story, happened at the renaming of a community pool in Wilmington, Delaware in 2017 where Biden worked as a teenager.

“By the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it get[s] hot,” Biden said, his closeness to several local black children making the whole story even more awkward and creepy. “I got a lot, I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun, and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it.”

“So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap,” the former vice president told the audience in Delaware. “And I loved kids jumping on my lap.”

Breitbart notes:

Biden’s use of the term “roaches” without any context when talking about his tenure as a lifeguard was met with confusion on social media. Some openly wondered if the stream of words uttered made sense to even the former vice president himself.

A review of the event’s full camera footage by Breitbart News provided no help in clearing up the mystery. There are no instances in which either Biden or the other speakers attending the renaming ceremony made mention of “roaches” or any topic that would explain the former vice president’s mentioning of the term. Similarly, Biden’s campaign was unwilling to elaborate on what he meant when reached for comment.

Without proper explanation, many were left to speculate the use of the term was an allusion to the racial and economic makeup of the community frequenting the pool. Some, like the prominent conservative activist and commentator Larry Elder, went further by claiming Biden was calling the children “jumping on my lap” roaches.

The implication was not helped by Biden, who noted at the outset of the ceremony he initially sought the lifeguard position because it presented an opportunity to meet African Americans.

“I was a kid from suburbia,” Biden said when describing his motivations. “I wanted to get more involved. I realized, I lived in a neighborhood where I’d turn on the television, and I’d see and listen to Dr. [Martin Luther] King and others, but I didn’t know any black people, no I really didn’t. … So, I wanted to work here.”

The pool today, much like in Biden’s youth, is located in a historically black neighborhood on Wilmington’s east side. In 2010, the two census tracts surrounding the pool had a population that was 87.3 percent black. More than 75 percent of the families who reported having children under the age of 18 were living below the poverty level. Likewise, more than 61 percent of individuals over the age of 18 in the area were living below the poverty threshold.

Complicating the picture is the fact that poverty is often associated with pest infestation, with the poor, themselves, at times being labeled parasites that feed off the public dole. Given the makeup of the community in which the pool is located, it is easy to understand why Biden’s comments could be interpreted negatively.

The Racial Slur Database, an online website working to combat racism by educating on the etymology of denigrating language, characterizes “roach” as an offensive term used against African Americans. A 2017 paper published by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, denotes the term derives from the tragic history of slavery. European ships carrying enslaved Africans were the first to bring cockroaches to North America—a result of the often cramped, filthy, and inhumane conditions blacks were subject to below deck. The introduction of an invasive species, like the cockroach, alongside slavery in North America gave rise to unfair racial connections.

Was Biden in reality not rambling quite as incoherently as we originally suspected, but foolishly, or perhaps even shamelessly, using a sick term to describe the African-American people he seemed to fetishize?

And where is his campaign to clarify what on earth he meant by the bizarre rantings?


  1. i was about to concur with Mr Waddell, on his first comment regarding the crooked DNC and its illegitimate and unlawful attempts to take down our lawfully elected President and disenfranchise 63 million voters. Then I read his second comment which saddens me, as he shows his contempt for all our black citizens, but mostly those in government, and public entities, ie, radio/tv broadcasting,etc. Senator Scott(Rep.SC), Larry Elder( broadcasting personality), local tv personalities in my Florida viewing area, etc., just to name a small selectin who put the lie to your bias, Mr Waddell. I agree that many black people in government and in the self-seeking news, are nasty, hateful , prevaricating , diatribing , blowhards, but black people are not alone in this. We have many mealy-mouthed white people, in government, in the public eye, who do the exact same thing , except carry more weight, because they ARE white. Race has nothing to do with how much common sense and decency you are brought up with, and taught. KAGA~!!

  2. Joe Biden needs to just RETIRE before he is sent to prison for CORRUPTION. He’s not “all there” as his elevator does NOT go all the way to the TOP, if at all. If this is ALL that the DEMOCRATS have as their “star”, then this will SURELY be an easy win for POTUS (REELECT) Trump. The U.S. citizen want RESULTS, not RHETORIC from TALKING HEADS. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. I look at it this way, we can speculate, wonder, imagine, guess, believe, or anything else we wish. But when it comes down to the truth, about everything, God is the only one that knows what has been, what is, & what will be, so what we need to do is pray, have faith, & know that he is in control. God Bless America

  4. Quid Pro Quo Joe…. A creep, a corrupt politician and one who appears to be suffering from arrogant ignorance. Man, he’s the total libtard package!

    • He has been on the verge of SOMETIMERS for some time!
      It is not alzheimer’s since it is only SOMETHIME ! HE IS A CREEPY, SICK MENTAL MIDGET ! Unfortunately, the mental midgets that vote for him are just as creepy and they see nothing wrong with the old boy!
      He is a scary dude!

  5. There is much more to reveal how BIG a hypocrite ‘Cracker’ Joe is. Any Republican making this comment made by Biden would have been run out of Washington on a rail, just shortly after being tarred and feathered: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    • If I remember correctly, he said that he learned about roaches. Perhaps the blacks taught him all there is to know about roaches and they had a party. He conveniently left that part out. LOL

  6. Why does everyone not call Joe Biden’s problem like it is ……..He has dementia…….
    do we want him for a president???

    • Cathy you are right on this, Biden acts just like my uncle who I thought the world of and had to watch him wade into dementia, it was so very sad. Saying all kind of things about things thathappened when he was younger and also doing things like Biden, smelling women’s hair, feeling of their hair telling things that were not true, but he thought they were. Biden looks and acts like my uncle did on his way to full blown dementia. Sad but true I too believe the man has dementia, I also think that many of the other democrats are either in stage 1, or they are all just simple minded or just plain nuts.

    • Exactly — I can’t believe they gave him the green light to run for PRESIDENT !!!
      Joe didn’t do shit when he was VP – with OBAMA!!!! what good is he going to do ABOVE WHAT TRUMP HAS DONE !??????? Absolutely NOTHING — yes HE IS A BIGOT — RACIST— and a PERVERT !!!!! Who know’s WHAT ELSE HE DOES !!! I don’t WANT HIM AS MY PRESIDENT — And you can BET HE WOULD JUST BE A PUPPET FOR THE DNC — DEEP STATE ANYWAY !!!

    • Democrats don’t care and especially the entrenched bureaucrats of the federal government. What a great option for them, elect someone who won’t rock their world.

  7. Biden is a dumbasss old bastard with shit for brains. It’s amazing that he can even tie his shoes in the morning. Oh, but since he’s an old faggot, he probably wears loofers.

  8. Just a FYI:
    The civil war was not about slavery as such…. It was about the Demorats vs the Republivans. And we are heading towards a second un civil war at this rate. Evidently they did not learn the first time.

    • Primarily it was about the Federal gov’t’s intrusion into, and suppression of, states rights! Slavery was entirely a “back burner” issue on both sides, and emancipation was more a not-undesirable “side effect” rather than an intended consequence of the conflict.

    • It may have to come to that, as the Republicans, and Conservatives can only be civil for so long. We just can’t let the Libotards run wild and change the entire world.

      AND IT WONT BE PRETTY EITHER !!!!! That’s why we have been PREPARING for when —> SHTF!!!!!!

  9. Vanessa, Who’s the ignorant one? I was talking about the coming I.G. Report, and the DNC roaches that will be trying to leave! Do you always run you pleasure-palace, so recklessly before you think?

  10. The fact that the DNC Political leaders, allow an un-elected, billionaire, to rule their party, is just another example of why they are so bad for America, because they are anti-America! No one knows Hitlers actions as well as Soros, he was there, turning his fellow Jews in to the Nazis, then robbing their homes!
    Hitler used the media to brainwash the weak-minded, German Citizens, and it’s working now on half this Country, every vile, and hateful, DNC voter! If you lay with dogs, you get fleas!

    • The German citizens of the ’20s and ’30s were not “weak minded”, what they were is frustrated & angry over WW I, and it’s outcome, especially the heavily burdensome reparations taxes, especially with the Advent of the great Depression in ’29, which impacted them quite heavily.
      It was the propaganda of lies, and the abuse of their own children who were brainwashed in the schools, much as leftists are today doing to children around the world today, but their children were also taught to spy on their elders including their own parents, grandparents, and neighbors, and to report on any violation of party protocols, which reports often resulted in torture and/or imprisonment of any so reported, so PC and fear held most silent, rather than speaking out against what was happening. Further, many of their clergy were advocating non-resistance, whether out of fear or a misguided belief it would pass in time, without too much damage, at least in the early years of the Nazi regime. Hitler also used “mob mentality”, via those big rallies, both to entice cooperation by grandiose promises, and peer pressure to keep silent. By the time most understood what he was really doing, it was too late and far too deadly, for most to offer much in the way of resistance.
      Most Americans below the age of ’50 are far more “weak minded” today, than were the German people, and they had stronger interpersonal and community relationships than today’s Americans as well. That they were so easily subdued is much more a mystery than the same in today’s Americans!

  11. Vanessa Harris, right back at ya slick! No, I’m not a KKK member, that is ridiculously over-played, almost as much as the race card, your people use every time they have no answer!
    Read your comment to me, is it not telling of you? African American, 30 years old, Chicago, racist, Ayers Left-wing-radical, night classes?

    • Yes, and HRC, Obama, Holder, Rice, Jarrett, Kerry, Schiff, Mad Max, Nadler, Pelosi, to name a few, are definitely showing theirs!

  12. A day of reckoning is coming! Check the airports! Check the train stations! Check the shipping docks! Check to see where the roaches are hiding!
    The United States of America, the home of the brave, the land of the free! A Country some say was founded on the word of God! It’s true that our Founders were believers, “In God We Trust” on our coinage, however, I wonder what God thought of the U.S. Cavalry murdering innocent women, and children, and elderly, when they attacked the American Indians who were here before us, who did nothing wrong? The ones who lived through the attacks were marched into a fenced in compound and told to stay there!

    ABORTION-Dr. Managed, murder on your lunch break! I wonder what God thinks of Abortion? Jesus said,
    “Suffer the little children to come unto me, what you do to the least of these, will be done unto you!”
    That sums it up!
    Democrats want to claim that they take their Oath Of Office seriously! Nancy Pelosi is one of the greatest of all time, liars! It is impossible, to defend the Constitution, at the same time you want to confiscate guns from law abiding Citizen-taxpayers, who haven’t committed a crime!
    The Vegas Massacre-Who really did that horrific act? Why? It wasn’t a RAP or HIP-HOP crowd, it was a Republican-presumed, Country Music concert!
    The softball practice field shooting, the gunman stopped to ask if it was the Republicans or the democrats practicing, he wanted to make sure he had the right team!
    Down through history, the leaders of the free world have done many horrific things in the name of progress, CIA studies on LSD using human beings as lab rats! Is it so far fetched to think that many of these shootings were done in the name of progress?

  13. George Soros and Democrats want a blathering and controllable President for this country. Cause that is who they are pushing for. And IDIOTS will follow.

  14. Yes the speeches and debates of the Democrats are a real comedy. I have to say though that they’re a kind of comedy that gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.

  15. The DNC wants to impeach a natural born Citizen who won the Presidential Election, fair and square!
    The DNC cheated to win, and still managed to lose! That’s pretty stupid! In fact, there are a list of acts that were perpetrated by the DNC to put one of their criminals in the White House!
    1) Harvard has Obama listed as Kenya Born and Indonesia Raised! How many times have you heard, this phrase? “A Harvard study shows?” Yes, we hear it all the time! The DNC knowingly supported a foreign born Obama become POTUS!
    2) HRC, and BHO, with the support of the DNC, rigged their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election! Bernie Sanders won the nomination! HRC, did not win the DNC nomination! They stole the nomination from Bernie!
    In any other situation in America, any other race, contest, spelling bee, the cheater would have been disqualified and publicly, shamed! Not so in the DNC! Just another day in that rat infested cess pool. After cheating, HRC still lost to President Trump, and there wasn’t hardly a ripple in the pool from DNC voters! However, the scorn by the crooked politicians who did the dirty deed, is to this very day way more than a ripple! These no good liars are angry because they know they cheated, and still got beat, they have egg all over their faces, and they want revenge! Oh, if that was the only rotten thing they did it would be bad!
    3) Barrack Hussein Obama, sent teams of Lawyers to Israel, our most beloved ally, to interfere with their election! Peep?
    4) The DNC went out of the Country to purchase a known fake dossier to from a British-Spy, to trick a FISA Court Judge into giving them a warrant to spy on an American Citizen, and his family, the Trumps! Peep?
    5) The Russian Collusion Coup Attempt, once again the top thinkers in the losing party DNC, had a notion, maybe we can lie to the American People again, and make them so angry that they demand Trump be removed from office? They failed again! Peep?
    6) Well, that didn’t work! Hey, I’ve got it, we all know how corrupt Ukraine is, and Joe, and his son, are raking in millions, why don’t we use what Joe, and his son, are doing as an example to blame Trump for wrong doing? Why not, nothing else we’ve tried has worked!

  16. I would just love to see Uncle Joe debate Crooked Hillary. What would come out of their mouths would make for some really good comedy. I’m not sure which one has the most destroyed brain cells.

  17. The DNC, has been a thorn in the foot of America from the start! Imagine if there had never been a DNC, the United States would not be in debt! The welfare, and food stamps, and the entities that handle these payouts have been fraudulently mismanaged for decades! At one point African American Congressional Leaders were getting these benefits, and may be getting them now! They give these benefits to family members who don’t qualify to receive them, to friends as well.
    This notion of allowing descendants of slavery to participate in our government is astonishing, because they hate America, and they hate white people! I can’t really blame them, but they should not be allowed to be in political offices! A politician should govern without bias, and that is an impossible task for people whose ancestors were slaves! Is that such a far fetched a notion?

    • Robert, u are an idiot, your views reflect yr ethnicity, age, political associations, the kind of social clubs u are a part of (ie, KKK, etc). GOD help your ignorance, but the info. about how “roaches” arrived in North America was helpful, if true.

  18. Typical Democrat, what you take in, must come out at some point in time! “You’ve just gotta let Joe, be Joe!”


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