Joe Biden’s Bizarre Appearance At Philly Food Bank Sets Off Social Media Speculation

(Liberty Bell) – After four years of relentless attacks and insults towards President Trump from the mainstream media, the era of Dear Leader Joe Biden is now upon us.

Over the course of his entire term, the rabid leftwing media couldn’t ever muster up a single positive thing to say about President Trump, despite all the good he did for America. Now they are pathetically fawning over Joe Biden and it’s absolutely nauseating.

How dare the media claim they are not biased. Their biases are obvious and blatant and incredibly dangerous.

It doesn’t seem to matter what Joe Biden does or says, the media gushes over him and his number two, Kamala Harris, who was undoubtedly chosen for her gender and skin color.

Proving just how crooked they are, the media praised Biden after he made an appearance in Philadelphia on Martin Luther King Jr. Day for a photo-op at a South Philly food bank known as Philabundance.

The only problem is, Biden’s appearance was anything but presidential. As a matter of fact, it was anything but ordinary.

The media truly is no longer home to journalists. Left-wing media outlets are officially state-run propaganda pushers.

Joe Biden showed up wearing a dark-colored hat, dark sunglasses, and a large dark face mask. His entire face was literally completely obscured behind his bizarre disguise.

Biden, who also wore plastic gloves, was joined by his wife Jill Biden, daughter Ashley Biden, and granddaughter Finnegan Biden.

The Biden family assisted an assembly line in the food bank parking area to help fill 150 boxes with fresh fruit and non-perishables, as reported by NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Joe and Jill Biden reportedly left messages on a chalkboard for the food-bank staff. Biden, in typical fashion, borrowed his words from yet another. This time from his former boss Barack Obama. He wrote, “Thank you for giving people in need the most valuable thing that can be given. HOPE.”

But how can anyone be sure that the man behind the mask, the hate, and the glasses was actually Joe Biden? Of course, the media didn’t dare speculate over Dear Leader Biden’s appearance but social media users wasted no time pointing out just how unusual and suspect his get-up was.

One user reminded us of the claims that Melania Trump was using a body double early on in President Trump’s term and then asked, “That’s going to happen, right?”

Don’t count on it.

The media certainly isn’t going to start off Joe Biden’s administration by being critical of him. Heaven forbid.

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  1. Whatever he does to look like he’s helping the common man or women or child is hollow in the face of his executive orders on immigration and energy. China is is certainly laughing at him and the USA ,Where being made fools of. How embarrassing ! Thanks Joe. You should have listened to friends with your best interests in mind and not run for president . The worst is yet to come.


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