Joe Biden Set To Relaunch This Disturbing Obama Plan To Overhaul Police Departments

(Liberty Bell) – The radical left loudly screams “defund the police” in the streets while the establishment left quickly shushes them and feigns distaste for this plan for the mere fact that it repels low-information moderate voters.

Whatever the “snappy slogan” as former President Barack Obama has characterized “defund the police” to be, their ultimate goal is the same: weakening police forces and local control of law enforcement while empowering criminals.

Get ready for the Obama administration 2.0 if no one manages to overturn this fraudulent election.

WND notes that while Obama “established many precedents while he was in the White House for eight years, including that he had his Department of Justice place more police departments under federal control than any previous administration, ever.”

Presumed President-elect Joe Biden has confirmed that he intends to do the very same.

City Journal recently published an analysis that noted that at a time when the Trump administration had been trying to relieve local departments of some of the more onerous requirements, Obama had prolifically created “binding agreements” that ultimately cost local police departments “millions of dollars to implement and take dozens of officers off the street to fill out reams of paperwork within rigid deadlines.”

The Department of Justice, under Obama’s watch, consistently demanded “collaborative reform” from police departments. If this was not met with compliance, departments would then be subject to “the onerous consent-decree process.”

Fox News has now reported that Biden is planning to use a DOJ under his leadership to “crack down on police departments allegedly engaged in ‘systemic misconduct.'”

Biden’s campaign has confirmed that he plans to “expand” DOJ operations that relate to local law enforcement departments and agencies.

WND explains, “During the Obama administration, the process routinely was used against police departments based on statistics regarding the race of those arrested. The flaw was that the assessment was compared to the population, not to the crime rates of the different components of the population.”

“Biden’s plan note that the Obama administration used both ‘pattern or practice’ investigations and consent decrees to address claims of misconduct in places like Ferguson, Missouri – which was engulfed in riots and violence after the death at the hands of a police officer, ruled a justified shooting, of Michael Brown in 2014,” they add.

Do you see why the establishment Dems can afford to downplay calls to defund the police?

They’ve already got a solid plan in place to institutionalize their radical race-based ideology within local police departments.

No one agrees that police officers who discriminate on the basis of race should go unpunished—conversely, I think the vast majority of Americans should agree that police officers who show discrimination of any kind in the way they conduct their policing should be made an example of.

However, policies like this do more to restrict police departments and tie the hands of well-intentioned officers who understand far more about enforcing the law than white-collared bureaucrats and academics who assume racism exists behind every badge.

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  1. Right Resnik ….. these scum bags all belong in Jail , not our White House including that co&*((*c Sucke*()’. Obama ….. remember his girl friend Sinclair?

  2. “Look at Joe Biden straight in the face on 11-24-2020 when he brags about the “Fraud Organization which WE put together” and ask yourself is this the “Individual” that you would trust looking out for your “Family and Our Country?! “Then, look at the cabinet choices with their record for their loyalty to Our Country”?! “GITMO will welcome their service cleaning “Shit Houses” and running laps”! Quote me!


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