Joe Biden Just Got An Endorsement That Undermines Everything He’s Said About Not Banning Fracking

(Liberty Bell) – Everyone’s favorite pint-sized climate hysteric, Greta Thunberg, is no moderate when it comes to climate change.

She’s been quite clear that her vision for a better future involves dramatic, wide-sweeping big government changes to nations around the globe that many critics argue would leave the world in poverty.

And she just endorsed Joe Biden.

Biden, for his part, has flip-flopped on many climate issues as well as flat-out lied during last week’s debates that his climate policy is modeled after the Green New Deal, the radical proposal straight from the mind of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that outlines a future in which the American energy sector would be completely dismantled.

“I never engage in party politics. But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that,” Thunberg tweeted. “From a climate perspective it’s very far from enough and many of you of course supported other candidates. But, I mean…you know…damn! Just get organized and get everyone to vote #Biden.”

Well, there you have it.

If Biden’s climate policy has received the stamp of approval from little Miss Thunberg, you’d better believe it’s going to be anything but moderate.

Take note, coal miners and oil workers!

The Hill notes:

Biden’s stance on fossil fuels and fracking has come up at both the first presidential debate and the vice presidential debate as the Trump campaign tries to use it to paint Biden as too liberal.

Yet Biden’s climate change plan doesn’t get rid of fracking or fossil fuels, something he’s said repeatedly. It does, however, bar any new oil drilling leases on public lands.


  1. Democrats like biden have lied for years with what they told Americans they promised to do! They do nothing of what they promise! President Trump is the first president in decades that did what he promised and could have done more if the house had not gone democratic! If we win the house and senate this time, so much more will get done! paul ryan was the problem the first two years of the Presidents first term! He would not bring bills up to vote on, he held them and would NOT vote on them! He pretended to be republican but really was a rino. VOTE REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY ON NOV 3, 2020 AND SAVE AMERICA’S FREEDOMS AND SEE THINGS GET DONE FOR ALL AMERICANS!!

  2. When Biden says he will not ban fracking just look at who has been chosen to be apart of a Biden Administration! What Biden is saying now is a LIE just to get elected

  3. “I never engage in politics”, except that I do–Greta. Mind your own business-what you endorse means nothing-you aren’t a citizen, you can’t vote-so who cares?

  4. Greta Thunberg is a foreigner, not a U.S. citizen. She’s no different than all the Canadian hollywooders who seem to think their opinion should count.
    She’s OCD and the victim of child abuse, raised by weirdo parents who took advantage of her.


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