Joe Biden Issues Very Dark COVID-19 Warning — This Is Creepy

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden has nothing to offer the country besides doom and gloom. Even if the coronavirus magically goes away, it won’t matter if Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20. America will be headed for the worst of times.

And Joe Biden wants to make sure Americans aren’t setting the bar too high. Even he knows he is sure to be an abject failure as the next President of the United States.

On Tuesday, Biden appeared on stage in Wilmington, Delaware to give the country one of his trademark uplifting messages. He warned that America’s darkest days concerning the coronavirus weren’t behind us but rather ahead of us.

How inspiring.

Of course, with Biden at the helm he is certainly right. America’s darkest days will surely be ahead of us.

The coronavirus crisis went from being a two-week ordeal to “flatten the curve” to becoming the “new normal.” Americans don’t want anymore lockdowns. We don’t want to live under any more measures, mandates, and decrees.

Americans are tired of overreaching Democratic “leaders” and all of their absurd and nonsensical rules.

Anyone who was out and about in the weeks before Christmas knows just how utterly silly and ridiculous it was for restaurants in some states to be ordered to be closed while malls, shopping centers, and big box stores were allowed to remain open and partake in the seasonal spike in profit.

We see the double standards and the hypocrisy and we’re tired of being told that our lives need to revolve around fear of the coronavirus, especially when it’s so obvious those making up the rules don’t have much fear or reverence for the virus themselves.

It’s even more frustrating when we can clearly see that either lockdowns don’t seem to work at all or the numbers are being purposefully inflated to keep us convinced we need to obey.

Joe Biden has been a supporter of a possible national lockdown and a nationwide mask mandate. So, when Biden warns that our darkest days are ahead of us, it isn’t exactly the kind of news Americans want to hear.

Biden is already attempting to be the “anti-Trump” and his grim warning was what he called being “straight” with the American people, something Trump-haters have hilariously claimed the President has not been.

In Biden’s straight-shooting speech he all but made President Trump look as if he’s been doing absolutely nothing this past year.

Biden said we have “no time to waste in taking the steps we need to turn this crisis around.” Steps like what? What exactly does Biden plan to do that President Trump hasn’t already done?

As a matter of fact, there is less that Biden even has the potential to do now that two vaccines have been developed and made available to the public under President Trump’s administration.

The only thing Biden has in his corner, which is no small thing, is the sycophant media outlets that essentially hold the key to ending the “crisis.” The vaccine isn’t the end of the virus, the mainstream media’s narrative is and only Biden has the power to influence that.

Joe Biden is a fraud, through and through. He has nothing substantial to offer the American people and certainly nothing that the majority of the American people actually want.

He will cater to the radical far-left. He knows it, we know it, and even his support base, which primarily consists of the fawning crooked media, know it.

If Biden manages to usurp the presidency, America’s darkest days are surely ahead of us, not because of the coronavirus, but because Joe Biden and the Democrats are the real virus infecting and ruining our country.

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  1. What does Creepy Uncle Joe have in his agenda to begin with, gun confiscation and he said he plans to go to China. He wants to see what Xi Jinping wants him to do.

  2. If Trump looses the White House to Biden we only have one remedy left to save America. Do exactly what the fringe Left and Right want .BURN the system down.

  3. I do not understand why, on God’s Green Earth, that anyone would vote for him. He obviously has lost it (that is, if he ever had it). A 2 year old baby would have had more old fashioned “gumption” than he has. The Dems are very short in every way this go around!

  4. Biden is not going to president because God has anointed Donald J Trump to be our president. Just sit back and watch what God has planned to bring on the Victory!!! A victory by God and not by the hands of man. Praise God!!!!!

    • Given the demonic leadership of our elected officials, is it any small wonder that our nation is failing on so many fronts. Gone are the glory days when nations could and would look to our nation for world direction and leadership.
      President Trump has made a valiant and successful attempt to turn our country around that quite often fell on an unappreciative national populace. The unique feature of President Trump was that he made election promises that he actually kept. The unfortunate fact was that his administration staffing were for the most part bold face Judases!
      If you doubt the truth of my comments, just take a hard look at what the Democrats are offering as their plan for America’s future. Doom and gloom Biden has “NO” plans, Nothing, less then nothing, is his vision of what he has to offer in leadership. If our country is indeed in its final days of glory, you can be assured that on it’s burial head stone it will carry the Biden administration signature.

  5. I for one am hoping that if Biden takes the presidency the 80 million or more Americans who voted against him will revolt in a way not seen in American history! This will be the only way to help curb the outrageous agenda the Dems have in store for our country.


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