Jim Jordan Destroys Jerry Nadler After He Claimed That Antifa Is “Imaginary”

(Liberty Bell) – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler just got a very crude wakeup call from Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan when Nadler had the audacity to dismiss the violent terrorist group Antifa as “imaginary.”

Jordan, the Committee’s ranking Republican, wasted no time setting him straight.

“They couldn’t utter the phrase ‘black lives matter’ and could barely the subject of police reform,” Nadler said during debate for a Democrat-sponsored police reform bill, the Media Research Center reported.

“Instead, [Republicans’] amendments — I’ve given you about half of them just listed here — were errant nonsense, off-topic, dealing with imaginary things like antifa and completely negating the entire purpose of the bill.”

Jordan took Nadler to task.

“I can’t believe the chairman of the Judiciary Committee would utter such a statement on the House floor,” he said.

“They’re not imaginary. They’re real.”

Jordan described the vicious assault suffered by Andy Ngo, a reporter who was attacked by an Antifa mob at a Portland protest, and that President Donald Trump has dismissed the anarchist group as a domestic terrorist organization.

“They are far from imaginary,” Jordan said. “And there are people from every major city in this country who know that, and yet the chair of the Judiciary Committee just made that statement. That is scary!”

The Western Journal notes:

The domestic terror label is certainly well-deserved.

A write-up in The Washington Times earlier this month explained the violent, anarchistic group’s battle plan in detail: “What makes the shadowy group unique is its willingness to use of violence, what antifa organizers and sympathizers call ‘direct’ action in support of the Marxist-Leninist agenda. That often involves setting fires, looting, throwing bricks and bottles at police, and in one case the apparent use of a milkshake laced with quick-dry cement in attacking an opponent in the face.”

Even as the “direct” action supported by antifa has become widespread in recent weeks, Nadler still wants to dismiss the group as “imaginary.”

What planet is he living on?

Apparently, he’s not living on the same planet where the son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, the top law enforcement official in that state, has pledged support to antifa.

And he’s not living on the same planet where undercover video captured by Project Veritas showed a member of Portland’s antifa group talking to a journalist posing as an antifa recruit about “destroying your enemy” and urging him to “practice things like an eye gouge” because “it takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes.”


  1. What a surprise. The democrats are calling the riots peaceful demonstrations, The downtown Seattle take over complete with shootings a block party, the toppling of statues freedom of speech, they are not concerned with the the increase in murders and other crimes since wanting to defund the police departments, That releasing criminals and not arresting others because of COVID is a great Idea, and it is more important to fund abortions and many of their other socialist programs and spend tax payer money and time trying to remove Trump from office.So why the surprise that Nadler would say Antifa is imaginary.

  2. Sick of these commie american haters. If a conservative shows hate they stop his free speech. If a commie shows his racist hate it is headline news. When this tide turns, we the people, need to prosecute the media for insurrection against the usa.

  3. Jerry Nadler resides in the world of la la land along with his other sauce sippin’ cohorts. How on earth do these people get elected?

  4. Dear Members of Our Family America: “Every one involved in the FISA Insurance Plan to remove the sitting President should be in GTMO”! “At present”, “All Positive Law is Null and Void in these United States and “Justice” has been purchased by “BIG Money” that was financed by the “DNC and fostered by Hillary Rodham Clinton” and her band of Insurrectionists! “The Facts govern the Truth”! Uncle Joe should be in GTMO with all of the Tyranny Gang!

  5. It would make sense that now is the time to arrest Nadler for his money laundering schemes and his known pedophilia tendencies, just like his co- conspirators in Congress. We are sick and tired of this charade of imaginary crime narratives against Trump and conservative supporters, who know the playbook for these scum politicians, whose whole purpose of existence now is to resist any sanity in our government for passing bills that address our serious issues and end exposure of their crimes. Police protect. There are bad cops. Look at the FBI criminals surrounding Obama! All bad cops at the top now gone! You make reforms. You stop radical Soros supported antifa groups from coming in and destroying property, looting stores, killing innocent victims and seriously attacking people who want America back! We had a functioning system for reform, and we still do. But when these a**holes usurp their power and obstruct constructive progress, they have to go! Term limits for these old geezers. Lobbyists contributions controlled and foreign influence rooted out and held to justice. We don’t want George Orwell’s 1984! We don’t want socialism or communism to replace our government. You want it so bad, move to China!! Get the hell out of America! You are NEVER welcome and you sick politicians who love to lie and malign will meet their doom soon, very soon!

  6. Dems are being supported by every subversive group you can imagine. They need to be completely eliminated from politics as they are no longer humane or reasonable.

  7. Nadler makes as much sense as Biden. They are mentally distributed men who don’t deserve to be on our payroll and most likely should be in prison. Vote straight Republican in November if you want to keep America on the right path. Nadler should be proposing freezing the assists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to repay the owners of the business they destroyed and pay for public property they destroyed. His logic is moronic.

  8. Nadler is and old fool pushing to destroy our country. ANTIFA is now having the Islamic Muslim Brother Hood join up with them in Minneapolis, Minnesota to do way with the police and law so that they can insert Sarah Law in Minnesota, Get the picture here. Another question why are Democrats not against destroying our history? Well it is because the history they are destroying is their history, they are the ones who owned SLAVES not the Republicans of the 1800’s, they are the ones who said that the Black folks were not to learn how to read or write, they are the ones who did not want Blacks educated or be able to think for themselves. Democrats from the 1800’s to the mid 1960’s would not allow any Republican Civil rights legislation or laws to pass. They voted against every piece of civil rights legislation ever to be put forth to Congress until Johnston seen the hand writing on the wall that he needed to somehow keep Blacks surpressed while not making it obvious and creating welfare as never seen before. Black Americans have been fooled and tricked into thinking democrats are for them when the Democrats are the ones that would not allow them to vote, did not want the black man educated, they created the KKK and the Skin Heads White Power. Yes the Democrats created these groups not the Republicans. Our educational system was hijacked by left wing liberals now for decades changing our American History books and course’s to fit their lies. They did not want Black Americans to be mentioned in our US History just those few they figured had to be do to their contributions to our country that could not be over looked. They did not want the US History to tell the truth about Black Americans even when I was in school we did not get the full truth. So Nadler and his evil democrats are no good for nothings and to say ANTIFA does not exist is the most stupid statement this piece of work could ever say since he is a part of them behind the scenes along with good old lady Pelosi and scum of earth Schumer.

  9. The Best Republican congressman Jim Jordan,
    I live in ohio i will vote for again,
    Racist porpaganda creepy Nader is nothing But career Liar 👎🤥🐄cowards for Dem,

    • Demorats of Congress‼️ They’re EVIL, vindictive, conniving, they’re being paid by Soro’s, Obama and the likes of corrupt, crooked dealings, lying, their money comes from wealthy donors, Globalist and people who pay their way! There are a lot of ‘unsuspecting’ people who won’t divulge their identity! Beware of the New World Order and Bildeberg group! But as a Christian I’m not into any of that…BUT A FACT I DO KNOW IS TRUE…GOD IS IN CONTROL! The Bible states His true words, GOD knows you, your heart and put you here for a reason…..prayer is a powerful tool!!
      “I AM the way AND the truth AND the
      EXCEPT THROUGH ME.” John 14:6

  10. Mr Nadler should retire he no longer works for the people but rather the party, shame on him; he wastes the time and money of the American Citizens with nonsense and truly should be ashamed of himself!

  11. ANTIFA and BLM are the ‘Browns Shirts’ of the Democratic Party. If you do not understand their purpose then open your history books and read about Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s. VERY specific purpose.

  12. Send ANTIFA to the Nadler house to welcome them home sometime. It will happen because these people eat their own.

  13. The best way to destroy the Blob (Nadler) is to some kind of very cold substance against him. Use anhydrous ammonia. It’s temp. is around 40 degrees below zero.

    • Naaaah. That’d be a warm bath to him. We’d need to use something more toward ‘absolute 0’ or at least -300 degrees. Then…if he could open his big mouth it’d fall off.

  14. I believe they should investigate all of the past democratic wins and see how much cheating went on and falsifying of votes and replace with the real people who won. We have a democratic communist party in our government who are totally anti God, and who are anti anyone for God. They are taking money from Communist countries and communists within our country. They are anarchists as well. May God have mercy on our country one nation under God once again.

  15. Jerrold Nadler and Al Sharpton has two things in common. They both were obese and both Democrats and they both lost weight. But Sharpton had the intellect to buy suits that fit him. Nadler is just one of the Dems in Congress who act like they don’t live in the real world. We need to drain the DC swamp!

  16. The problem is, the people keep voting in these commie pinkos, and then the rest of us have to suffer along with the idiots who vote them in. When are we going to get smart and vote them out?

  17. Jerry “No Nads” Nadler has NEVER made a whole helluva lot of sense on ANY issue! If he in fact holds (or claims to hold) a law degree, he must have found it in a box of Cracker Jacks! That is the only possible explanation for his congressional buffoonery! Antifa is “imaginary?” I wish to God it was! The country would be SOOOO much better off without it!

    • He might have found it in a box of cracker Jack’s, but I guarantee that he stole the box! He probably even miss spelled his own name while writing it in the blank space.

  18. In the case of nadler, if waddles like a little commie duck, that makes it a little commie duck and it should be made into pate for antifa and blm.


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