Jesse Watters: Biden’s Lax Border Rules Create Opening For China’s ‘Drug Warfare’ Against America

(Liberty Bell) – Fox News host Jesse Watters put President Joe Biden on full blast for undoing the tough border enforcement policies that former President Donald Trump had put in place during his time in the Oval Office, stating two purposes the new administration’s policies have, and both of them are rather nefarious.

According to BizPacReview, Waters said that these lax immigration policies are geared toward turning Texas from a red state to a blue state and to allow China to have a means of undermining our national security through “drug warfare.”

There’s little doubt in my mind that the left is trying to turn Texas blue. What better way to do that than to allow a constant flow of illegals into the country, transform them into lifetime Democrat voters through the promise of free stuff — with taxpayers picking up the check of course — and doing away with voter ID laws? It’s sickening, but this is just how much they hate this country.

Watters explained his points during his opening monologue on Saturday, noting how over the last free decades, unlimited immigration involving a large portion of Hispanic immigrants ended up transforming California from a red state to what he referred to as a “deep blue” state, pointing out that the Lone Star State is currently undergoing the same kind of radical transformation.

The Fox News host then went on to discuss that ever since former President Ronald Reagan’s 27-point victory in Texas, Republican presidents have won the state with shrinking margins. In 2016, former President Donald Trump won Texas by 9 points. However, in the 2020 election, he only won it by 5 points.

“Under five [points], that’s the danger zone. Then Texas is a toss-up,” Watters said as he posted up a graphic that showed Texas joining traditionally blue states, which would give Democrats a 257-electoral vote advantage in presidential elections. That’s a terrifying thought, isn’t it? You know the actual residents in the state are not becoming Democrat. This is clearly due to illegal immigration.

Speaking on the notion of China and a drug war against America, Watters noted that Mexico’s drug cartels have formed some sort of alliance with China in which they provide extremely powerful ingredients to manufacture fentanyl for export into our country. The cartels reportedly then use illegal alien smuggling as a distraction so that they can get these dangerous substances into the country unnoticed.

“The cartels and the Chinese have formed an alliance,” Watters added. “Here’s the breakdown: China is shipping chemicals to the cartels in Mexico. The cartels run labs with Chinese equipment that manufacture the chemicals into fentanyl, an opioid 50 times more potent than heroin, 100 times more powerful than morphine.”

“The cartels exploit the migrant flows as cover and shoot product right through the lax border into Texas,” he continued. “Once the fentanyl is distributed, the Chinese wash the money. The Communists launder the drug money for the cartels through casinos, counterfeiting, and even real estate — China’s even scooping up Texas ranch land near the border.”

Watters then explained that while the bottom line for the cartels is just money, the Chinese have a more sinister result in mind. According to the Fox News host, China is using “drug warfare,” which is a strategy that has been used for a long time in the Communist country. He used the example of industrial towns being gutted by Chinese trade policy and addiction to fentanyl to paint a picture of what drug warfare looks like.

The host said that 50 million citizens OD on this substance every year. Millions of others are addicted to it. Biden, he said, might be trying to open things up so he gets Texas, but we might end up losing the whole country to China in the process.

This is precisely why we need someone who is a strong leader who will listen to the folks he appoints around him to help come up with immigration policy that benefits our national security instead of destroying it. Biden is proving over and over that he is incompetent and not fit for duty as the president.

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  1. All true, read the interview from a drug cartel member near culliacan Mexico. Talks about the chemicals coming from China to make the heroine with fentanyl but since the China virus the cartel is using Americans to smuggle the drugs because the border is closed to Mexicans driving to America. Now with Biden president business should be easier because they don’t care who comes across the border. Here’s hoping most of the drugs go to Oregon which has become the new Narco State in America with their new drug laws. Does anyone really care if Andy Tifa members overdose?


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