Jake Tapper Just Got Owned For Whining That Trump Shared ‘Mean Tweets’ About Him — He’s So Pathetic!

(Liberty Bell) – CNN’s Jake Tapper just learned the hard way that when you whine like a little child about people sharing “mean” tweets about you, the Internet is going to take you to the woodshed, pull the horseshoe out of your backside, and then beat you over the proverbial head with it.

It’s not much of a shock to see Tapper throw a crying fit like a kindergartner, given the vast majority of left-wing news anchors this day and age are extreme beta males who simply cannot stand to be criticized under any circumstances. But to be fair, CNN is the one who usually picks the fight with President Trump and comes to regret it later.

Yet, they just keep right on doing it.

According to BizPacReview, Tapper got roasted pretty hard after he started boohooing about Trump sharing tweets he deemed to be “mean” from hardcore conservative radio host Mark Levin.

“Helter Stelter, Fake Tapper, et al, have forever destroyed their reputations. CNN has been fully exposed by Project Veritas and the daily insane rants of their on-air Democrat [sic],” Levin posted on Twitter, referencing Tapper’s network colleague Brian Stelter.

“The American people are suffering through the deadliest month of the pandemic and the president is RTing mean tweets about me,” Tapper responded. “Nice work everyone.”

Other users on the social media platform put Tapper on blast for his whiny comments. Keep in mind, the same fellow complaining about how mean these tweets are is the one who referred to Trump’s kids as “spawn,” and responded to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s departure from the administration with the childish, “bye, Felicia.”

None of this probably would’ve happened had Tapper not took shots at Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, calling her a serial liar. You know, when you throw a punch at someone, it shouldn’t be a surprise when they decide to defend themselves and throw one back.

Tapper, making an appearance on Brian Stelter’s program, “Reliable Sources,” said that he no longer books certain officials from the Trump administration because he says there’s “no value” to doing so.

He then went on to say that people from the Trump administration “tell lies the way most people breathe,” and then went on to say that McEnany “tells lies all the time.”

This is rich coming from CNN, the fake news champions.

McEnany’s response to Tapper’s comments is perfection.

CNN denied the existence of the whole China-Biden business dealings, which they obviously knew was a bad attempt at trying to suppress the story in order to help Joe Biden win the election, because we now know that Hunter Biden is being investigated for these shady deals right now.

And yet, Tapper wants to toss around the term “liar” in reference to the Trump administration? Talk about hypocrisy.

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  1. Reminds me of a very well known yet seldom used adages,” If you can’t take the heat,stay out of the kitchen ,” Don’t let your mouth write checks your butt can’t cash!,and “If you can’t run with the big dogs,stay on the porch”. Personally,I think Jerry Jake is nothing but a whiny,sniveling, very obnoxious bully who is fast approaching the point where he his butt is going to have to cash the check his dumb-ass mouth wrote! That is an ass-whupping I’d pay to see!!!😂😂😂😏😏


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