It’s Official: The Deep State Framed General Michael Flynn

(Liberty Bell) – It all started with General Michael Flynn.

The president’s one-time National Security Adviser was framed by the Deep State who in turn used the fraudulent charges to set up President Donald Trump.

Yesterday, Breitbart News reported:

A multifaceted “criminal conspiracy” to destroy former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was launched by persons across the national security state apparatus to prevent audits of intelligence agencies’ operations, said Lee Smith, author of The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History, in a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Rick Manning.

The very astute Col. Tony Shaffer agreed:

Last week, Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, released her filing to the court, which is highly damaging to the key Deep State players who worked to frame Flynn.

It’s clear that, as requested by Powell, Flynn’s case must be dismissed based on the crimes committed in the course of the Deep State set-up.

Internet sleuth Techno Fog was the first to release and analyze the document:

As Powell describes, the 302 was altered:

Powell also notes in a footnote that former DNI Chief James Clapper was linked to the illegal leak of General Flynn phone call with the Russian Kislyak, as noted in a separate post:

Powell notes that the government’s case against Flynn is “so fundamentally unfair as to be shocking to the universal sense of justice” on page 26.

Powell also charges that the government is still in possession of the original 302s that the FBI agents prepared in the course of their illegal interrogation of Flynn in the White House.

The FBI’s system does not lose these documents, and couldn’t, unless someone tampered with them.

At the end of the day, however, the Deep State does not want to supply these documents because it would exonerate Flynn…and implicate the Deep State in the process.

The Gateway Pundit notes:

The Deep State set up General Flynn in a fraudulent crime and then turned around and used this action to set up President Trump.

As we reported on August 3rd, in less than a month after the Mueller Special Counsel was created, the Mueller gang was already working on their obstruction efforts against the President. Our further review indicated that the Comey memos were the key to the Mueller obstruction trap per Representative Nunes and they likely were edited by Comey.

One of the memo’s, the one that some believe kicked off the Trump obstruction sham investigation, was the President’s discussion with crooked Comey on February 14, 2017. In this discussion per Comey, the President told Comey that Flynn didn’t do anything wrong and suggested Comey “see your way clear to letting this go” –

When the President met with James Comey, both Flynn and Trump were completely unaware of the actions that would lead to the frame-up of the General. They did not believe he had committed any kind of crime, and were unaware that he’d been found innocent of any criminal activity in his call to the Russian diplomat before Trump’s inauguration, as the FBI memo noted.

To this day, the memo has not been provided to General Flynn.

At the same time, Comey was spying on President Trump and recording their interactions in his memos.

“The Deep State set up General Flynn and then used this illegal spying effort and fraudulent crime to attempt to remove President Trump from office. These people are treasonous and should be dealt with accordingly,” the Gateway Pundit concluded.


  1. Thank GOD for Sidney Powell! We knew all along that someone FRAMED Gen. Flynn. He has lost everything, home, bank money, furnishings and etc, etc. Follow the string all the way back. COngratulations to General Flynn.


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