It’s Official: Deep State Narrative On Russia Now Completely Undermined

(Liberty Bell) – While the mainstream media has largely abandoned the narrative they helped create during the first two years of the Trump administration and beyond that Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election, their lies have been systematically dismantled piece by piece.

The Clinton-Obama Deep State apparatus left a long paper trail of lies, from the Stzok-Page texts to leaked or missing FBI or DOJ documents revealing that the departments fully knew the Steele dossier, on which the false narrative were based.

Now, the false narrative has been dealt another blow, as Fox News reports:

In a striking and unexpected abandonment of a once-heralded prosecution initiated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Justice Department moved Monday to drop charges against two Russian companies that were accused of funding a social media meme campaign to further their “strategic goal to sow discord in the U.S. political system, including the 2016 presidential election.”

Late Monday, with jury selection in the case set to begin in just two weeks, a federal judge granted the DOJ’s motion to kill the prosecution for several counts of conspiring to defraud U.S. agencies tasked with combating election interference. The government acknowledged the Russian companies were never likely to actually face punishment anyway and cited possible national security risks with going forward to trial.

Concord Management and Consulting LLC and Concord Catering were among three companies and 13 individuals charged in February 2018 by Mueller. Their alleged criminal effort included social media postings and campaigns aimed at dividing American public opinion and sowing discord in the electorate, officials said, although no impact on voters was ever demonstrated.

Concord was the sole defendant to appear before Washington’s federal court and contest the allegations out of the 13 Russian individuals and three Russian companies.

The 37-page indictment from the Mueller team said that the actions prosecutors had detailed went back to 2014.

Later, Fox notes, Mueller brought separate charges in the summer of 2018 against other entities which related to the DNC email hacks.

“Before a pandemic, there was a time when we were relentlessly told to fear Russian social media accounts,” journalist Aaron Mate wrote on Twitter on Monday. “Their juvenile memes not only elected Trump, but also ‘sowed chaos.’ When Mueller indicted 13 Russians over it, he was hailed as a hero. Well, DOJ just dropped the case.”

The indictment had originally been fawned over by all the usual characters.

“For me, personally, hearing these charges and hearing what they were charging these Russians for — it was the first time that I felt like finally, finally, for the first time since we realized all this was happened, finally, it feels like someone is defending us,” MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said, apparently blinking back tears.


  1. Seems to prove that STUPIDITY is an inherited condition! Daddy and mommy were once demorats so I have to be one also! Because if I opened my eyes and actually saw the truth I’d have to commit some awful cleansing act to either make myself stick to my idiocy or actually have to think! Horrible decision to have to make!

  2. The republicunt party continues to show its true crooked colors. For the sake of our very country, VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!!!

    • Bob,
      Are you a Russian bot, or a Leftist troll?
      “Vote Blue no matter who” is as empty and vapid as OJ’s famous glove-donning “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit.”

      Vote Open Borders during COVID-10? Insane.
      Vote for 51 genders in the face of the science of XX and XY? Stupid.
      Vote for free healthcare for illegal aliens (ie, people who broke the law to get into our country) when healthcare is insufficient to handle the upcoming needs of Americans? Nonsense — a “national suicide pact” (another Democrat talking point: America must be brought down to every other Third World country to be “fair”)

      Vote for wind-powered aircraft and solar-powered battleships? Eliminating cows? Crazy Talk.
      For late-term abortion of viable babies, and infanticide for survivors of abortion? Cold blooded murder.
      For lovers of the World and haters of America? Treason.
      For the anti-Godsters and Death Cultists? Demonic.
      Not on your life, Bob. Trump, Pence, and the Freedom Caucus all the way. For the sake of our Republic. For the sake of our future.

  3. There are enough criminals, traitors and other dimocrites that could fill a cruise ship within our government. We have known for years that there were many corrupt individuals in our government, but did not realize that the swamp was so large and full of treasonous people.

  4. Robert is quite apparently a MORON – like Adam Schiff. He ACTUALLY says that Trump has to prove his innocence! Really! And then Robert uses an analogy of a robber who is accused of robbing you and the Police say they know this person did it but there wasn’t enough evidence to take him to court? What kind of hogwash is that. If you don’t have enough evidence to take something to court then the “robber” is innocent. Are you some sort of idiot where, if I accuse you of robbing me, but I don’t have the evidence, you are automatically guilty anyway because someone says they know its you? You can’t be serious! No one can be that stupid. Do you hear me Robert? Are you that dumb and a partisan hack that you believe the stupid statement you are making? I guess you are one of the Liberals who desperately wanted to try and pin something, anything on Justice Kavanaugh to prohibit him from being confirmed Robert, look in the mirror and repeat “I am a political hack”! You adhere to the principal that in the USA a person is considered guilty until they prove themselves innocent. After 12 years as an assistant DA in one of this countries 4 largest cities, you, with your analogy, would have never even made it to court. Robert – you need many years of deep therapy!

  5. Are the Democratic Party good for this country and will anyone who is involved with this farce ever going to be prosecuted for their treason actions against the president. Or is it true that they are above the law and screw everyone and country just look at what the Democrats are running for president Joe Biden with all the allegations of corruption in the Ukraine and is Hunter and who knows who else is involved and the Democratic voters are still not convinced to the corruption just give them free everything Promise in the world and give nothing

  6. Can the Mueller team be prosecuted for embezzlement or another crime associated with running a scam investigation to pay lawyers 40 or so million taxpayer dollars?

  7. The demonrats are doing it again siding with communist China who has repeatedly lied about the wuhan virus as being American made oh and by President Trump I am so fed up get a back bone people we need heavier sanctions agains China they want to destroy America and they got all the lefty radicals to help them Vote out every demonrats at election time for all the bad they’ve done since before 2016 it’s time the people put those responsible in prison starting with their beloved Obama and the lying cheating murderous Clinton just to get started everyone who worked the White House before 2016 they all need to be held accountable impeach pelosi,schifty schiff, waters, nadler swale rtfs all the demonrats. This is your wake up call America!!

    • The Virus actually came from Kiev and was financed by a rouge energy company called Barista run by someone Named Hunter who also financed the Netflix movie with a guy named barry which showed the killing of Rush Limbaugh and the DEPLORABLES.

    • Exactly, Marta! Why do you think Quid Pro Joe was called by China and other countries and begged to join the presidential race? They love the fact that Democrats will sell out America for cash with which to line their pockets.

  8. Now the first thing that is incorrect is that no one said Trump did anything with the Russians it was his campaign which was accused and that was proven that the Campaign had over 100 physical contacts with Russian Intelligence agents, during the campaign. Now the second thing is that the Mueller investigation was prohibited from investigating any thing which would bring charges against a sitting President of this USA. I do think anyone not blinded by their loyalty sees what actually happened, when they read the actual report, which said in detail it did not clear Trump in any way, that he was not exonerated by the investigation,, now in any persons eyes, when you are not proven innocent it just means that there was a lot of evidence against you but not enough for a guilty verdict. Now say someone robbed you and the police investigated and said they knew the person was guilty of robbing you, but there was not enough evidence to take them to court, how would you feel, and this happens all the time in our society, including murders or rapes.
    Now according to the law everyone is guilty until found guilty in a court of law, now how would you like this law if someone committed a crime against you, and the law enforcement refused to press charges.

  9. All Fake News. Trump is a God Send on e dry level. And the DemonRats or as some may Democrat’s are doing everything they can to destroy him and The American people in the process. This virus is bullshit. It’s a manufactured disease to destroy Trump and America. Stand up people. Wake UP!!!!

    • I agree 100% with you that President Trump was God sent. I also believe this virus was ‘intentional’ – bio warfare I believe it’s called. We have witnessed the Dems/Libs attempting to take down our country and our President for almost 4 years now. So far nothing has worked for them. We are now nearing an election that ‘they’ KNOW they’ll lose and will try ‘ANYTHING’ to keep President Trump from winning a second term. I believe it’s time to hold ALL OF THEM accountable. Start arresting those who obstruct justice and those who incite violence for starters – then we can go from there.


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