It’s Happened: Here’s What The “Dixie Chicks” Have Changed Their Name To

(Liberty Bell) – It has been suspected for some time now that the Dixie Chicks, an unapologetically leftist band, would soon succumb to the anti-Confederate outrage mob.

And succumb they have.

Despite being known as the “Dixie Chicks” for decades (many years of which they’ve been rather obscure), they’re changing their name.

Precisely what they’re changing it to is the funny part.

Ready for it…it’s “The Chicks.”

No, really.

Pitchfork reports:

The band revealed the change with the branding for its new song “March March.” The Chicks have also amended the cover of their comeback album Gaslighter to reflect the new name. In addition, the band’s social media pages and website now refer to the trio as the Chicks.

The outlet reached out to the band and a representative provided the following statement:

A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes out to “The Chicks” of NZ for their gracious gesture in allowing us to share their name. We are honored to co-exist together in the world with these exceptionally talented sisters. Chicks Rock!

Last week, writer Jeremy Helligar penned an op-ed for Variety which cast a harsh light on the band’s name.

The term “Dixie” has long been associated with the South and Southern culture and comes from the Mason-Dixon line, which once separated the Union from the Confederacy.

Helligar pointed out the recent controversy surrounding the band Landy Antebellum’s name change to Lady A, which attracted quite a bit of press attention.

He wrote, “The Dixie Chicks don’t need to change their name to get that kind of publicity, but their silence has been deafening. This is a discussion we need to have, and they should be a part of it.”


  1. You’re done!! Just break up and go your separate ways….your lead singer is an Idiot so who needs any of you!!!

  2. Well, now I actually get to see some Blonde chicks live up to all those jokes depicting Blondes as stupid. Smart Blonde woman should hunt down the chicks (whores) and shave their heads.

    • You don’t deserve to live in this great country with your sick comment. Go away, dogs are way better than you, even hyenas.

  3. They haven’t been relevant since before Bush was in office. So nice publicity stunt. They should have changed their name long ago because there ain’t nothin Dixie about them!

  4. Hay! Just SING, THEN SHUTUP, THEN GO AWAY. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR P0LITICAL B.S., You are not that smart on politics.

  5. Hay!!Just SHUT THE SPUCK UP….DO THE ONLY THING YOU ARE HALF GOOD AT: SING AND GO AWAY! JamesdeanFisher,copywriter/songwriter


  6. Ignorance is driving the whole “Social Justice” movement. They don’t understand half of what they fight against.

  7. Appropriate. They have been laying eggs for a long time, and I doubt they will be playing many venues south of the Mason Dixon line.

  8. Money is what it is all about, they fear DIXIE what a bunch of foolish females. Could just be they will loose their shirts. Stupid this is all crazy over one Black criminal what a example for for our children. Would of been different if it would of been someone who deserved this type of recognition. Now the whole country goes nuts by paid for criminal protestors who only want violence and looting of the American Citizens. These are not protestors but evil rioting criminals. So Dixie Chicks now want to give up part of what made them stars well I hope your stars disappear. Americans need to stand up against these Anti American crazies…

    • I wonder if the Stupid Blonde Chicks are going to donate any money to that 22 year old black woman’s funeral who was shot dead by a protester in Davenport, Iowa, because she didn’t want to join the riot.

  9. They could have changed their group name from “Dixie Chicks” to “Yankee C*nts” and it wouldn’t have made a particle of difference to anyone with any common sense (Conservatives, in other words)!

  10. Y’all ‘might’ wanna check into the original Mason-Dixon Line instead of just stating that it was the border between the north and south. Then again, what with common core ‘education’ who really cares about historical accuracy.
    As to the ‘chicks’ who really cares about them, just another group of ‘entertainers’ who ‘think’ that makes their opinion more important than the rest of us mere mortals.

  11. WHO cares WHAT the “Dixie Chicks” call themselves, or say, or think, or protest?!!!! Why don’t these people just do what they make money doing, and stay out of politics!! You know, you DUMB chicks, half of your paying audience doesn’t agree with your political views! But I know you just can’t help your narcissistic selves; you think you are that important to our society, and we all are just waiting for your next move to “change the world”! NOT!!!


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