“It Wasn’t The Wind, Folks!” Don Trump Jr. Is Having A Blast Responding To Biden’s Stair Fall

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, President Joe Biden’s unfortunate fall on the stairs of Air Force One set the internet on fire, and it has far from recovered as of this writing.

The memes have been endless after the president, as he tried to run up the stairs to board the presidential aircraft, stumbled, then stumbled again, struggling to recover himself, before finally making it all the rest of the way up.

The White House has blamed it on the wind and insisted that POTUS is fine and “did not even need” medical attention after the slip, which has done nothing to quiet loud suspicions that his advanced age and cognitive state make it unlikely he’s up for running the country—on his own, that is.

“It’s very windy outside,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre insisted on Friday. “He is doing 100 percent fine. He’s doing great.”

No, that doesn’t sound desperate at all!

In fact, as many netizens pointed out, this made it sound more like he’s so frail even a bit of wind can send him toppling over.

“They’re going with ‘he’s so old he falls over with a stiff breeze’?” Twitchy asked snarkily.

The social media-savvy son of former President Donald Trump jumped on the occasion.

He shared a tweet which showed his father hitting a golf ball spliced with a clip of Biden’s embarrassing tumble which added a golf ball appearing to hit the latter’s head at the moment he first tripped.

Hilariously, The Hill thought it was actually necessary to note that the clip was itself edited, as if any adult human with two brain cells to rub together couldn’t figure out it was a meme video spoof.

“I remember the press bashing Trump for touching the rail once. Biden falls repeatedly but I’m sure he’s the picture of health. No wonder all our enemies are pouncing simultaneously and mocking him publicly,” Don Trump Jr. wrote on Friday, bringing a more sobering angle to the absurdity that is the Biden presidency.

Former POTUS Trump, meanwhile, took the incident in which he had descended a slippery ramp in dress shoes and turned it into a hilarious bit at one of his iconic campaign rallies.

I also don’t remember anyone in his camp frantically insisting that he was “100 percent” and “fine” and “did not even need” medical attention, do you?

As you can imagine, while the mainstream media is ignoring Biden’s fall, the internet has taken it and from it produced some serious meme gold:

Video: Tucker Reacts To Biden’s Public Fall Up Air Force One Stairs

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  1. Biden tripped because he was too much in a hurry to light another candle thanking God for the pandemic that got him elected in the 1st place. Kamala is licking her chops that she will be President sooner then later and 2nd Gentleman George is looking forward to moving from the Vice Presidents mansion to the White House because the young female interns are better looking. Maybe he can invite Bill Clinton over to teach him the ropes

  2. Change Air Force One to a DB Cooper style plane. Strap China Joe to a mechanics dolly (made in China of course) to launch him up and down the rear ramp. Dr. Traci could instruct him it it’s a face up or face down day on the dolly.


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