Is The Left Planning To Use Coronavirus To Enable Voter Fraud?

(Liberty Bell) – Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, has accused the Democratic National Committee of exploiting the coronavirus outbreak with their call to expand voting by mail.

This is a perfectly reasonable charge, considering the DNC is well-known for promoting any tactics that help unverified voters flood the system in their favor such as combating voter ID laws and supporting voting among illegal aliens.

Fitton declared on Twitter that the left is “using pretext of the Coronavirus outbreak to push unsecure ‘vote by mail’ free for all, no voter ID anywhere for 2020 elections.”

Earlier this week, DNC Chairman Tom Perez urged the states to consider expanding vote-by-mail options to voters as well as absentee balloting and keeping longer polling station hours so that the remaining primary elections can continue amid the coronavirus outbreak, OANN reported.

On Tuesday night, former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in the key swing state of Florida against Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Sanders, who many said could kiss the Sunshine State goodbye after refusing to distance himself from previous praise he’s given to communist dictator Fidel Castro, from whose government hundreds of thousands of Cuban-Americans residing in the state fled over the decades.

WND notes:

In Florida, where Biden defeated Sanders 62% to 23%, nearly 700,000 Democrats had returned mail-in ballots by Wednesday morning, an increase of 27% increase from the 2016 Florida primary.

Just 500,000 Florida Democrats voted at polling stations on Election Day, a 40% decrease from 2016.

While speaking at CPAC earlier this month, Fitton noted that Judicial Watch has a “massive project” to force states and local jurisdictions to cleanse their voter rolls of unqualified voters.

Last year, JW conducted a study which found that 2.5 million extra names were on voter rolls across the nation, Fitton said.

He asked, “Why would the left so reflexively oppose clean election rolls, voter ID, citizenship verification for voting and promote dangerous practices like ballot harvesting?

“I think it’s because they want to be able to steal elections, when necessary,” he said.


  1. Bob, what you’re promoting is anarchy. These days, too many people, & local governments, take the law into their own hands, from making sanctuary cities, to releasing illegal aliens & not cooperating with ICE. The Democrats don’t care about this country or its citizens. They’re buying votes by promising freebies to everyone because they want power- reminds me of the old political promise, “a chicken in every pot”. President Trump was duly elected in a lawful election by the Citizens of the USA. You are talking about setting aside the will of the American people, of which You are one. We must protect the integrity of elections. If we don’t, ALL future elections could be in jeopardy. Instead of listening to the mainstream media, why don’t you do a little research yourself, & learn the truth. President Trump is the Best President we have had since Reagan. He took over a mess from Obama, who like a typical Democrat, tried to undermine all the traits which make our country exceptional. If we don’t re-elect President Trump, we could descend into socialism & corruption.

  2. this message is for the democrat Bob , do you know who sold uranium to the Russians , do you know who released pow’s while the war was still going on , do you know who traded 5 high ranking enemy pow’s plus a bunch of money for one American traitor , do you know who helped our enemy overthrow the Libyan government . Do you know why Ambassador Stevens died and who was at the helm and whose email server provided all the information for our enemies to know when to attack the Consulate to get Ambassador Stevens and do you know who gave Iran billions of dollars let introduce you to Obama and Clinton now what were you saying about traitor ?

  3. YES. YES YES. THEY ARE…. the demorats will use every trick in the book to steal VOTES. they will collect names from grave yards and ILLEGAL ALIENS will be voting all over the country. They must be watch and NOT TRUSTED with anything.

  4. Bob, I don’t know who you have been talking to or where you get your information from, but President Trump has been the most wonderful President. We are very fortunate to have him! He truly cares about this country, and I doubt you have ever met him before, let alone sat down with him to discuss his goals for the United States. So, you don’t know that he is a traitor. I’m also certain you have never met any journalists to know to trust them. Most of us haven’t. How do you know they are being honest and trustworthy?! I doubt many of them have ever had a conversation with Mr. Trump and his family, and without prejudice.

    • Are you one sick woman or has the President grabbed your privates and you liked it??? He doesn’t have a clue as to what he is doing. He is a liar and a Fake president. Let’s get him out of the White House ASAP!

  5. Yes the Left will use the pandemic for Voter Fraud ND WILL use the Dead to do it!!!! anything to put Socialism into effect in our Country, Come November 3rd get out and
    Vote RED!!! (Remove Every Democrat) (Commie) TRUMP 2020 or DIE!!!

  6. Even though ?I am recognized by the person working at the polling place ( a neighbor), I absolutely make sure my personal identity is recognized from my voter registration card and my driver’s license with a picture ID. There is no reason that anyone should be allowed to vote, if their citizenship is questioned.

  7. The bottom line is that Democrats will do anything they have to do, whether ethical or unethical, legal or illegal, felony or misdemeanor, in order to steal the Presidential and/or Congressional Elections, this year or any other year! Their objective is the same that it has always been: the acquisition and retention of political power to the detriment of any other political party, regardless of beneficent intent! This cannot be the case! This MUST NOT BE the case! NO VOTER ID (WHICH IN AND OF ITSELF SERVES AS PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP)? NO VOTE! To turn a blind eye to the criminal acts and intentions of the Democrats as regards the issues of election fraud and voter fraud would constitute criminal neglect on the part of otherwise legitimate election officials so inclined, and would seriously undermine the perceived validity of US elections in the eyes of the people and of the world!

  8. Michael. If you want to vote you need ID . If you want food stamps you need ID . If you want Medicare or Medicaid you need ID . If you want to fly from your local airport you need ID. If you want to get a job you need ID . If you want or go to school you need ID . PERIOD !!!!!!! no ID no vote !!!!

  9. Felons that paid their debt cannot vote, yet illegal immigrants, may with felonies, can vote without issue. This is bullsh!t America!

  10. Why do they go to the trouble and expense of early voting for two weeks
    Prior to an election if they are having vote by mail.
    Vote by mail only appears to get activated when an election is called and then vote by mail ballots miraculously appear and get run and change the election Result after date it was called.
    Enough already!

  11. I present my ID at the precinct than name spell w/c expedites referencing the voter rolls.
    Voter ID is essential for election integrity yet the Dems & their appointed liberal courts have successfully managed to block this licit reasonable process. They win the large urban votes every time with over ballots than are registered in some if not many areas, proved dead/illegal/felons/paid multiple voters, lately alleged door-to-door ballot harvesting of seniors & unverified mail-in votes.
    IDs are presented for food stamps, to cash a check, at airport check-ins, various others. Incredulous, absurd, unconscionable that this election fraud has been ongoing. Vigilance.

  12. The Dems will stop at nothing to steal an election. They want everyone, people who moved years ago, dead people, illegal aliens, jailed criminals, fraudulent voters voting multiple times, no voter ID, no citizenship checks, nothing to prevent absolutely anyone, citizen or not, from voting. How many times have they insisted that illegals be given the vote? It’s constant and illegal, and they don’t care, as long as they win, by any means possible. It needs to stop. We desperately need voter ID voted into law in every state. And the Electoral College needs to stay exactly where it is. If the Dems succeed in removing it, every national election in the future will be decided by California and New York, if you live elsewhere, your vote will mean nothing. That’s why the Founders put it in the Constitution in the first place.

  13. My home town….the workers at the voting places had a list of all registered voters in that district. You voted in your own district.. When you came in to vote, they crossed off your name after you show your ID..

  14. This voting cycle, more than any other, will be subject to fraud voting by the left. They are not even trying to hide what they will do to get power to tyranticly force communism on America. That is exactly what democratic socialism is. Look at the countries with socialized medicine now. The death toll in those countries is higher than here.

  15. They will use anything they can find to steal the votes from Trump. You know it and I know it. The Republicans will just bend over.

    • When it comes to protecting our country from Traitor Trump, the worst traitor America has ever seen since Benedict Arnold, sometimes you have to say screw the rules in order to do what’s right and do what needs to be done.

  16. these democraps will stop at nothing try to win in 2020. without an id and ballots by mail every dead person, their dog, cat and every illegal would cast a vote and of course vote democrap. these people have no morals or standards all they are are liars, thieves and corrupt. trump 2020.

  17. Short answer, hell yes they are! This was almost made to order for them. Voter fraud was planned the day after Killeary lost, this is just one more Avenue they can use.

  18. The Democrats are looking to beat Republicans no matter what. If they have to get illegal votes to do it, they will. They have no shame and will use illegal votes, but if Republicans did that then they’d raise hell about it. I trust Democrats as far as I can throw my car.

  19. Funny, back many years ago I voted for the first time. In my home rural township. The township chairman and both of the ladies passing out the ballots knew me personally. They still asked for ID. This was in northern Wisconsin. I’ve been asked for ID in every election since. So, don’t try to claim this is something cooked up to deny anyone the right to vote. Could it be that the Democrats are just looking to find more ways to cheat the vote. They are already experts on getting the grave yard vote.


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