Insane: New York Times Deletes This Word From Their Coronavirus Map To Stay PC

(Liberty Bell) – Is anyone sick of this garbage?

While the nation battles the coronavirus outbreak within our borders, all the privileged, PC-obsessed pundits in the mainstream media seem to care about is picking apart semantics and creating false narratives of racism that seem to impact no one.

All week, they’ve been beating the drum that President Donald Trump is “racist” for calling the COVID-19 virus the “Chinese virus.”

The virus is from China, by the way. That’s where it originated. That’s literally the only reason for calling it this. It’s true, and accurate, and there’s no denying it.

Now, the New York Times has deleted the word “Wuhan” from its coronavirus tracking map. Imagine the lives they’re saving by doing so! Wait…

Summit Times reports:

Trump has repeatedly referred to the outbreak as the ‘Chinese virus’ in an effort to have Beijing take responsibility given that their cover-up of the outbreak in its early months is what rapidly accelerated the current global pandemic.

The media responded, in some instances by directly amplifying Chinese state propaganda, by accusing Trump of “racism” for using the geographically accurate term.

Now the New York Times has erased the word ‘Wuhan’ from its online coronavirus tracking map in a bid to hide the source of the virus.

“The Times also altered the name of its map in its February 2 article on the virus, as discovered by independent journalist Jeryl Bier,” National File’s Patrick Howley notes.

Perhaps even more outrageously, over at Wikipedia, the editors are frantically trying to change the name of the 1918 Spanish flu article to remove the word “Spanish” even though everyone knows it was called the Spanish flu. And has been for over 100 years!

Summit News notes: “By removing the word ‘Spanish’, editors obviously hope they can convince the public that naming viral outbreaks after the region in which they originated is not normal, even though it has been virtually since records began.”


  1. well if you run out of toilet paper you can use the new york times. that’s about all it’s good for anyway. you would think with everything that going on in the world that they would have better things to report. i never seem so many stupid people reporting the news and wanting to change history. it’s history you morons. the spanish flu has been called that for 100 years and will always be known by that no matter what you change the name too. the chinese virus came from wuhan and no matter what you try to call it it will not change the facts. stick to bad reporting and leave history alone.

  2. Did any of you people have the German measles? I remember a fellow whole used the news papers to clean the windows and it did darn good job.

    • i’m waiting for the day when trump offers the media to a luncheon after a press conference and the food is all Chinese with real can’t speak english, Chinese chefs.

    • You Are 100% Spot On !!! That Is Exactly What Is WRONG With Our Young Generation Growing Up Now , No True History To Teach Them The True Way It Was/Happened And WHY And The REAL Outcome Of It !!!

  3. You know what? All of this mudslinging sounds like politics. We need to all work together to get through this pandemic. A country divided cannot stand.
    We are all in this together so let’s try to get through it together! That means newspapers too!

  4. Same people who still read the NYT vote for Schumer, voted for Hillary, thinks it’s ok to have a baby be born healthy, keep it comfortable while deciding if the mother and abortion doctor should still kill it. Same people who think Biden looks Presidential, same people who hate Trump now and call him a racist but thought he wasn’t before he became President. The same people who thought Russian collusion was real but thought nothing of Obama and Hillary selling them one-fifth of our uranium reserves for profit. Same people who didn’t weren’t concerned about Obama giving Russians ok to give the uranium they got to the Iranians and $5 Billion along with it. Same people who believe Bill sent Hillary over 33,000 love infused text messages. Same people who voted for AOC more on looks than brains. (Isn’t that Obvious?)

    • I’d Put It To VERY GOOD Use , As Toilet Paper , Cause Whats Written On It Is Already Got CRAP In It !!!

  5. Ah Hell with it Flush all the MSM Journalists down the Toilet with the rest of the Feces. They are Destroying what Made America Great in the 1st Place.

  6. Call it what it is, THE CHINA VIRUS, and the DEMOCRATS VIRUS is going to make it look like just a cold, because the Democrats have and will kill more than all other Virus’s together.. Vote TRUMP 2020 and Republican Forever.

  7. Kungfu virus, kungflu, Ching Chong flu, chinass virass, they’ll bone ya pneumonia for free, stir fry virus? (Say that 5 times fast in chinese)😱😂 That better?

  8. I think “Chinese Restaurants” are racist. And I better not hear any Lib say they love “Mexican Food.” And I hope they don’t spill the coffee made with the help of their “French Press,” on their “Italian Designer Clothes.”

    Please, you pea brained, tyrannical, Free Speech denying, unborn child hating Libs!

  9. If the comments are any definitive indicator, some people apparently have a real hard on for The NY Times and most likely any other MSM newspapers!

    • Well, if you can’t print the truth as it is, just what is it you’re printing? I hope that those that are still sleeping soon wake up.

    • Really???what was your first clue? The NYT is not fit to wrap your garbage in. I dropped my subscription to this crap paper over 20 years ago and haven’t missed it at all!

  10. I pray for the day when some of these lunatics can put the political banter aside and focus on America. There’s a reason we are the greatest nation on earth. We provide liberties not available most anywhere else. Ask someone in Venezuela what would happen to a person who vilifies Maduro in public the way these mental midgets trash our president who, by the way, does what he does out of love for country, something these morons sorely lack. They should all go spend a week in Moscow or Beijing or better yet, Pyongyang. Go there and talk smack about Kim Jong-un and see what happens. Think of that innocent student, Otto Warmbier, who did nothing but take a souvenir poster. So ungrateful…

  11. What are we going to call someone from France, Italy,Germany, Africa or any place else if it is racist to use the name from where they are from. Which is strange when different groups want to be called Spanish american ( Hispanic ) Africa American or Chinese American. Is that racist to.

  12. The NYT & the MSM enjoy jumping over ant hills and running smack into mountains. They’re no longer relevant, forfeited all credibility and are now relegated as a source of entertainment for the left.

    • Nope. Go buy something small and furry and line their cage with it. Smells like 💩
      New York Slimes

    • Nope. With the poopy paper shortage, the New York Times has become relevant. Can’t find an old Sears or Montgomery Ward Catalog, anymore. Be careful not to plug up your toilet.

  13. The New York times and it’s like is now only fit to— 1 use as toilet paper if you run out. 2 use to help start a fire. 2 use as insulation. 4 line a cat litter box. Anyone else have additional suggestions let’s add them here.

    • Little furry critter cage liner.
      Window cleaner.
      Soaks up spills of all kinds.
      Whatever you use it for just don’t read the New York Slimes, always and forever behind the times

    • It would ruin your fish. You see, The New York times infuses shit into their paper pulp as a filler.

    • When I was a teen, we used newspaper at the car wash at which I worked one summer to clean windows. Something in the ink of the black and white pages actually helped the window cleaning agent to do a spotless and streak free job. Not the color ink as it ran, but the black ink really worked. I use it to this day with the Windex on car and home glass. Have any NYT you want to get rid of? Drop them at your local car wash if you don’t feel like recycling.


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