Impact Of Trump’s Middle East Peace Deals Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing!

(Liberty Bell) – There have been a lot of reasons for folks who love liberty and freedom to rejoice about a number of policies that President Donald Trump has enacted. After all, he did the unthinkable for a politician and actually kept his word and fulfilled many of the promises he made during his first presidential campaign.

That is almost unheard of in politics these days. Actions like this won him even more supporters than he had when he took the seat in the Oval Office and became our commander-in-chief. And while his record in improving the economy and handling the coronavirus pandemic has been simply superb, what he’s managed to do with foreign policy in the Middle East is nothing short of a miracle.

So far, the president has helped to broker deals between Morocco, Bahrain, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates and the nation of Israel. This is a feat that was previously deemed impossible by former presidents and many other politicians in the government.

According to WND, there’s a new development arising as a result of the Trump administration deciding to completely abandon any notion of appeasing Palestinians and pushing for Arab peace agreements regardless of the opposition from Palestinian factions.

The Middle East Media Research Institute is now reporting that due to these historic peace deals, Palestinian officials are wanting to restart negotiations with Israel and even renew security and civilian coordination. Folks, this is a huge deal. No one believed anything like this was possible before. It’s mind-blowing. Truly.

Along with this, Palestinians have now ceased attacks on the Arab nations that have normalized relations with Israel.

“MEMRI said the PA’s opposition to negotiations with Israel produced a ‘deep political and economic crisis’ that led to the suspension of American aid, the termination of the Oslo Accords and all ties with Israel. Funding has been so tight the PA’s employees have not been getting full pay,” WND’s report says.

“The Arab media, and especially the Palestinian media, directed harsh criticism at the PA, accusing it of lacking political vision and of taking a hardline stance that is ineffective and undermines the wellbeing of its citizens. It appears that the election of Biden provided the PA with a way out of the crisis and an opportunity to renew the contacts with Israel,” MEMRI said.

MEMRI stated that the “renewal of the civilian coordination with Israel enabled the PA to receive the tax revenues collected by Israel on its behalf, and for the time being Israel has apparently stopped deducting from these revenues the cost of the stipends paid by the PA to terrorists and their families. At the same time, the PA is seeking a way to continue paying these stipends while avoiding Israeli and American sanctions. So far, it seems to be eying administrative measures aimed at disguising the payments and deceiving Israel and the West, who oppose them.”

“In statements on November 4, 2020, one day after the election, PA President Mahmoud ‘Abbas and Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh stressed the Palestinian leadership’s willingness to renew negotiations based on international law and under the auspices of the UN,” the report revealed.

Not long after this, PA Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki stated, “the state of Palestine is willing to renew its contacts with the new U.S. administration, based on the initial contacts that have been recently made with it, and based on the stated position of the president- and vice president-elect.”

President Trump has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in helping to make these deals happen. This definitely tells you how historic all of this really is.

This is why our country needs Trump’s leadership. Any man who can make these sort of deals a reality is worthy of the White House. It’s a shame that there are people out there who hate this man for reasons they cannot even articulate. He’s done nothing but help rebuild our nation and usher in peace in the Middle East. Why hate someone just because the news and celebrities tell you to?

Here’s to hoping this peace lasts and folks in this part of the world no longer have to worry about violent conflicts in their part of the world.

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  1. President Trump has been the best president during my 82 year lifetime. He has accomplished more in 4 years than any other president before him. Most Americans want him to finish his 8 year term that we gave him in 2016. Why should we allow the do-nothing demorats to steel his well deserved second term and ruin America ?

  2. They hate him most of all because he has demonstrated what a non-politician can do and because it exposes the self-serving and feckless political class of both parties, but primarily the EVIL Democrats.


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